Smell Luxon’s fear of the Māori King

The game now is pretending this new hard right racist climate denying Government isn't hard right or racist or climate denying, and that repealing workers rights, renters rights and taking $555m from the poorest families is all very moderate and middle of the road.


Smell the fear reeking off Luxon over the backlash his racist anti-Māori agenda has set off…

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon is defending his decision not to attend Saturday’s nationwide hui, saying it isn’t a political event.

The open-invitation hui was called by Kiingi Tuheitia over fears of the coalition government’s plans for Māori.

At his party’s first caucus meeting of the year in Christchurch, Luxon confirmed he will be a no-show.

“It’s not actually a political event, per se, it’s actually not for politicians, we are not front and center in those conversations.

“It’s an opportunity for Māoridom to come together. I’m very supportive of it, I think it’s a good idea to be able to think about where is Māori going out to 2040 and beyond.

“I caught up with the Māori King earlier in the week, and I’ll catch up again, with him and other iwi leaders over the course of Waitangi.”

Meeting with Màori king

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Luxon insists he isn’t missing the hui because he’s worried about the reception he may receive.

“No, no…I’ve had a chance to have a really good engagement with the Māori King, which I did earlier in the week, I’ve had a chance to engage with several iwi leaders…since becoming Prime Minister, you know, I’ve met with many physically, privately, I’ve had conversations and phone calls with many as well.

“I will continue to do that. That’s how I’ve always operated. That’s what I’ll continue to do,” Luxon said.

…if you are an ACT or NZ First supporter, you will be horrified at how weak Luxon is being as he fawns and downplays the reasons the Hui was called.

Let’s be very very very honest about why the majority of Kiwis voted National.

They did so in the hope their house price would go up 10%, they sure as Christ weren’t buying into NZ First’s Culture War Revenge Fantasies or ACTs crazy desire to redefine the Treaty and take the country to the edge of a race war.

For cosmopolitan National voters, they probably speak the Reo and pride themselves on their tolerance, just as Luxon does, the over the top white Settler fantasies of rump right wing voters however disgust these cosmopolitan voters and Luxon is desperate to downplay the Hui or that this new hard right racist Government.

The game now is pretending this new hard right racist climate denying Government isn’t hard right or racist or climate denying, and that repealing workers rights, renters rights and taking $555m from the poorest families is all very moderate and middle of the road.

Luxon has every right to fear the backlash his new hard right racist climate denying Government is provoking.

Luxon has to keep the Settler Nation voters happy on his far right without spooking voters in the centre but by attempting to appease the Māori King, he’ll infuriate the Settlers ND look weak.

Rod Emerson nails it…


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  1. Let’s not get over excited, 10,000 turned up out of what 900,000 total maori population.
    Yes I’m sure he is scared lol

    More turn up to watch a sports game!

    • You’re Right – and I wouldn’t blame them. Spare time for some fun which is not to be found in constantly repetitive discussions and political meetings which lead to – Erewhon?

      Erewhon is, as anyone would tell you, a satirical novel about Victorian society. It’s the story of an unsuspecting narrator passing through the fictional realm of Erewhon, a dystopian land with various strange societal mores.
      Erewhon #1 – Goodreads › show › 516570.Erewhon

      What is the story of Erewhon?
      The novel follows the unnamed narrator, who, like Butler, has started a job at a sheep station in New Zealand. Wishing to find his fortune, the narrator decides to investigate the mountain ranges by the sheep station with the help of an Indigenous New Zealander named Chowbok.
      Erewhon Summary – SuperSummary › erewhon › sum

      Blimey we are famous – we are in a book. That was then, now we are in films. We must be good even if we are ‘strange’. So Maori turn up at meetings and put on a haka and listen to the address – Whaikorero and get us all enthralled with some Purakau; film it and put it on youtube or facebook or somewhere where people are looking. Make NZ/AO a star and for longer than 15 minute; we’re worth lots more here in the fascinating far South. Believe in us – not US!

  2. The Maori King doesn’t represent all Maori. Seven of the 20 ministers in the cabinet are Maori, so how can this be considered a racist government? Only people on the left label the government as racist.

    I’m hoping the government takes a flamethrower to the Treaty of Waitangi and removes it from all legislation!

  3. Love the cartoon, it’s brilliant.
    Luxon has basically snubbed the Māori King and thinks his normal platitudes will excuse this rudeness and pacify his political ‘mates’. He has also been arrogant enough to tell Māori what THEIR Hui was about.

  4. One if the reasons your Labour government was voted out of office was their unbalanced approach to our relationship with Maori.
    3 Waters was a prime example of them given power to unelected Maori.They are our equal not our better. Luxon will rise above this powerplay .

    • Actually, MMP Party Lists are also a form of ‘unelected’ representation. Does it provide qualified talented people in Parliament or party hacks?
      Given that just about every infrastructure system in our country is failing we need to start doing something differently. The co-governance provisions already in place have been largely beneficial, so why the objection to it. Māori culture has a lot to offer us and our environment if we are just brave enough to embrace it.
      Māori have a Treaty right to water. Selling 49% of the hydropower system triggered compensation for that. I would have thought co-governance was an ideal way to achieve that.
      The state of our water is a prime example of why we need to do something differently.

  5. Luxon is way out of his depth…

    Having been in politics for all of 5 minutes he is already the sage voice of experience and knowledge on all matters relating to the history of New Zealand, how parliament runs, the previous work ethic of the last government and how Covid should really have been managed.

    He’s clearly the wisest N.Z politician ever !! …and having a 1 hour lesson per week in te reo for a couple of months has really added to his deep profound knowledge of understanding about the many layers of cultural complexity that he will have to navigate.

    Unfortunately his speed- dating approach to life as a politician will soon get the speed -wobbles and hit a speed -bump when what he thinks he knows does not match with reality.

    Sorry, (but not sorry ), to anyone who voted for the coalition of clowns, but the intellectual fire power, the deep understanding grunt required, just ain’t there for Luxo and many others.

    Hubris, corporate buzz words and not so slick one-liners will only get you 5 km down the road of a marathon.

    Rest assured…. he will hit the wall way before he gets to the finishing line of the next election !!

    • Grant get over it Labour the worst government in our history lost.
      Luxon and the coalition are doing very well which is appreciated by the New Zealand people as reflected in recent polls.

        • Only the very gullible believe National are doing well. They have proven already how the party is and always will be the worst party in history. With supporters like Bob it’s hardly surprising . His very basic comments are proof of this.

    • So you wanted power to go to a grouping of 3 parties one lead by a leader wearing a cowboy hat and an angry Maori woman a party lead by a wimp who does not know why he lost power and another party lead by a male who is not liked or respected by the rest of the party and another angry Maori.
      All of them do not like older white men or our allies Australia and USA .
      I cannot see any joy for the average Kiwi from that grouping

      • The average kiwi won’t get any joy from this lot either, unless theg wanted lower minimum wage, increased public transport fees, higher water rates, less visibilty of who is paying tax and who isn’t, higher unemployment, less concern for the environment, higher immigration with less infrastructure….
        But we’ll wait and see…….

  6. I smell a broader, deeper and higher agenda here. Testing the strength and resolve of Maori is just the beginning of a slowly-slowly catchy-monkey agenda but who’s agenda is it?
    Luxon says
    “It’s not actually a political event, per se, it’s actually not for politicians, we are not front and centre in those conversations.”
    “…it’s actually not for politicians, we are not front and centre in those conversations.” Yes, it is, and yes you should be. What else are you PM for? Cupping the balls of billionaires? Sucking anything that has the smell of money on it?
    Luxon’s response is so absurd, so avoidant, so evasive and so not just his idea. If he were in control he would have gone to the Hui as a matter of respect in regards to being invited in a private capacity at the very least.
    By him not going to the Hui he’s drawn a line in the sand. This can only accelerate the animosity that’s becoming Art of War manoeuvres.
    Luxon’s an arrogant fool, he’s exactly what one needs to create friction where there was little if any perhaps to enter, gain control then dominate. AO/NZ Maori and non-Maori should glue each other together against what I believe is coming at us like a storm.
    Kia kaha Mates.

  7. “ Let’s be very very very honest about why the majority of Kiwis voted National.”

    Oppositions don’t get voted in – governments get voted out.

  8. As a former racist I will be joining the whanau to fuck Luxon and his two muppets dogs over as much as posable .Every one should read Doug Grahams book TRICK OR TREATY and then they will understand why the bros are fucking angry as they should be

  9. Finally, a reason to feel better. There are thousands of Māori, young and old, who are showing leadership and solidarity in the face of these attacks. I hope they will be supported by many pakeha who understand the madness of saying we should ‘rewrite the principles of the treaty’. Complete nonsense.
    Great cartoon and sums up Luxon’s pathetic, whiny attitude.
    The very people who caused the furor, couldn’t be bothered showing up. Speaks volumes about THEIR leadership qualities.

  10. A delicious dilemma indeed for Baldrick. The thing with Māori is that their birth rate is sitting at replacement level, unlike Pākehā and Tau Iwi at around 1.6%. So there are only going to be more Māori! take that Incel Dave.

    “Tangata Tiriti”–non Māori who recognise that if Māori do well so does everyone, are going to be supportive of a fightback against the 3 Amigos Govt.


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