Has Simeon Brown been secretly meeting with oil lobbyists because National’s transport policy helps oil companies not Kiwis!

Can they build it? No they can't!

Simeon Brown confirms EVs, hybrids to pay road user charges

Transport Minister Simeon Brown has confirmed the Government is ending the road user charges exemption for light electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

You know the only winners in National’s road, road, roads policy?

The oil companies.

By moving away from petrol charges to miles driven, National hand the petrol companies a huge win and when you consider the early signals of the vast crony capitalism National are about to embark upon…

…alongside an orgy of privatisation, Public Private Partnership scams, and removing foreign buyer bans, the question has to be asked, has Simeon met with any Consultants with the oil companies?

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We know the wealthy are pouring millions into ACT and National, have Oil consultants been whispering into Simeon’s ears?

Because his policy looks like it’s been paid for by the oil companies.

National have now killed off every means with which to reduce our emissions from EVs to slashing public transport to scrapping light rail to allowing Corporate Farmers to continue polluting for 5 years.

This hard right racist climate denying privatisation Government serves the interests of the rich and powerful and manipulated a Covid bitter electorate into handing them power.

Meanwhile the planet burns.

The oil companies have won. Again.


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  1. And how well did the last govt go in addressing climate change?
    Stopped NZ coal mining yet imported hundreds of millions of tons of coal from Indonesia!
    Yessss the left are the leaders in climate change.
    Now tell me again how much mining is involved (child Labour also) in getting the rare minerals and metals required for an electric car battery? (Or is that a ‘don’t look there’ question as it’s not happening in NZ but far away)

  2. Simeon Brown is a caveman in regard to his portfolio.
    Hellbent on entrenching and promoting last century’s failed and unsustainable petroleum technology, he seems to have an irrational hatred toward anything alternative or any technology that aims to mitigate the damage fossil fuels are doing to the planet and humanity.
    He’s one of the worst.

  3. It’s only the wealthy that could afford new EVs and qualify for the EV subsidy. Most Labour voters buy second hand petrol cars so it was a policy that didn’t help Labour’s own base. Unless they got the ‘feel good’ from knowing the rich on the otherside of town were saving the planet while keeping up with latest fashion.

  4. Yep, the Natzos serve Tobacco, Oil, second tier private health care (but the state will still do the hard stuff, the hips and knees and MRIs will be pushed to private), charter school for profit education (tax payers will fund that of course) and contracting out. They may sack thousands of PSA members, but many will be re-employed as private contractors!

    Bent out of shape kiwis–as well as traditional tory boomers–voted these arseholes in and it has to be dealt with by community organising and strong opposition all the way.

    The whole lot of them just look like a pack of crooks and imposters–not serious about running a country at all–just shovelling the loot upstairs and putting the boot into the bottom 50%.


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