Feral anti-vaxxers protest Jacinda’s wedding day


What sort of scumbag maggot would protest a wedding?

The Daily Mail…

Jacinda Ardern’s wedding day is picketed by anti-vax protestors

The ceremony comes almost a decade after their first date – and two years on from an earlier planned wedding which was scuttled by Covid-19.

However, hours before guests are due to arrive, a male protester holding a sign reading, ‘Lest we forget jab mandates’ was seen patrolling the outskirts of the lavish property.

Another protester was seen brandishing ‘death signs’ featuring photos of New Zealanders who supposedly died from vaccine side effects as a result of mandates.

A marked police car was seen driving up and down the country road on which the vineyard is located.

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Speaking to Daily Mail Australia from nearby Te Mata Peak, a local mum-of-three, who did not wish to be named, said she’s shocked there aren’t more protesters picketing the former PM’s wedding.

The feral antivaxxer cookers that NZ First are utterly beholden to now are the type of maggots to protest a wedding!

Feral Cookers are going to cook

One of the dangers of not de-escalating the dumb lives matter protest on Parliament Lawn was the metastasization of radicalism that has been fed by social Hate Algorithms as more and more kiwis get sucked down into conspiracy rabbit holes, conspiracy rabbit holes that are now fed by NZ First, Reality Check Radio and The Platform.

Look how they socialise…

…like a cult, because that is what the feral cooker antivaxx movement is, a cult with all the scientific rigour of Scientology.

Because these people are so extreme, they are socially ostracised and need to only bond with people who are also antivaxx cultists and it is this extremism that leads them to protests wedding FFS!

This is a hard right racist climate denying Government bound together by a shared glee to bash those their voters despise.

It is made this way because Luxon is so weak and David Seymour and Winston Peters are so powerful.

ACT and NZ First are rewarding the fringe elements of NZ Society with culture war revenge fantasies and we all have to pretend that’s normal.

We all have to pretend Qanon conspiracy theories as social policy is normal now.

The polarisation of NZ politics will become more pronounced as the Feral Antivaxx Cookers are given more raw meat policy from NZ First, especially with their grievance festival ‘investigation’ into Covid.

Protesting a wedding, that’s what the political right of NZ have denigrated us down to.

This is what we is now, this is the hateful thing we have become.


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    • Doesn’t it ultimately tell you all you need to know that it was “just one guy”?

      He could have made better use of his time by actually being employed rather than having these delusions. Say fruit picking.

      Also a massive insult to our war veterans who actually died for a cause. Perspective is everything.

    • Best wishes and happy thoughts to most deserving JKLA.
      The rise of anti vax, anti establishment, anti 5g, anti moonlanding, qanon, infowars, conspiracy thinking, is probably a direct result of, and reaction to, ever increasing govt surveillance of citizens. Knowing that faceless govt bureaucrats can listen to your cell phone conversations, or the conversations of anyone near your cell phone or fibre box, or track where your cell phone is, or spaceX satellites track where your cell phone is, or collect voice samples for cross referencing, and hold onto this information for eternity, is not a comforting feeling that promotes ones wellbeing in any way. It probably causes or increases paranoia, which leads to increased susceptibility to conspiracy thinking. Does the ends justify the means? Why is the govt hellbent on eavesdropping? Is it to increase law and order, or make society safer, because society isn’t getting any safer. This is obvious. Erik Blair could see it. A child could see it. Is the govt so paranoid about its own citizens, that it must increase surveillance of them at all costs, even if this increases paranoia and conspiracies? Some politicians even harnessing conspiracies, to increase their vote. If all the surveillance really is in the best interests of society and is properly morally correct, then have it out in the open, and not shrouded in secrecy. This isn’t wartime. Sure, if law and order is paramount, then have everyone submit fingerprints and dna at their local police station to help uphold law and order. Paranoia, secrecy, surveillance, govt eavesdropping, is an ongoing cancer to the health of society.
      You wouldn’t steal a car. You wouldn’t steal a handbag.
      You wouldn’t steal a television. You wouldn’t steal a movie.
      You wouldn’t leave your laptop camera pointed at yourself while in the loo.
      Stealing private communication is theft. (youtube.com/watch?v=3nSPkTbkcaI) is theft.

      • “Is the govt so paranoid about its own citizens, that it must increase surveillance of them at all costs”

        Yes it is, and I put this down to governments, certainly of the Western variety, enacting policy that serves their donors over the interests of their voters. The people are paying the price for corrupted policy. Governments know this hence their increasing surveillance/control over us all, starting with those that push back against their actions the most.

        Neoliberal economic policy is one of the best examples of donor-class policy that has served the wealthiest at the expense of everyone else. But as surveillance and control-censorship increases, we the people, should understand that policy, that benefits the privileged few at the expense of the many, is what is behind these increasing measures.

    • Brought what exactly? The privilege of witnessing repeatedly what amounts to juvenile, self obsessed tantrums from people who claim to possess both intellect, and common sense?…
      Of all the things That have lowered Kiwis in the estimation of the rest of the world, it’s this sort of self opinionated drivel being taken seriously by “mature adults”.
      I have friends back in Oz, and Europe, asking me what’s gone wrong with NZ. Have all the grownups all died or something?

  1. They’ve been living together for years, have one school age child. Not like it’s nineteen year old Princess Diana marrying some prince.

    • NZ don’t simply need rednecks promoting white nationalism every time they decide to open their foul mask. Remember what happened in Croatia?

    • What does eco socialist mean? Since when in hell should it be socialism to look after the environment/planet? How very Fox/Groundswell of you. We are proving daily how there is a lot of business sense in sustainability, and ignoring the fact that the current approach is unsustainable. Do you also argue that making it too expensive to even live in a city is just awesome capitalism do you? Completely ignoring the impact that has on SMEs who are looking to source employees. That’s the retarded thing about this coalition. Wage suppression on one hand and making living close to employment increasingly out of the question by helping their donors make tax free gains ( not that labour were any better). Stupid business groups cry about wage growth but completely ignore who is creating a lot of the upward pressure.

  2. Protesting mandates is one thing. Claiming lots of people have died from vaccine side effects ( I am assume these are Kiwis in the photos) is another, and they deserve every feral label that is thrown at them. Arguing freedom of choice is not the same as making shit up/lying.

    • You have seen the CARM reports? Of the many, many thousands of side-effects reported on this official site over half were made by vaccinations, doctors and other health professionals.

      • “….Of the many, many thousands of essentially harmless and inconsequential side-effects…”

        Rendering your claim to align it with reality.

      • For Christ’s sake, these are self-reported side-effects. Hardly scientific, given that we don’t really know if they are side-effects of the vaccine, or just some idiot who thinks they are. It’s exactly the same in the US, and exactly the same arguments I used by people like you, who are obviously scientifically illiterate.

    • To be accurate, there was at least one NZ case of a vaccine-related death, a young Dunedin plumber. This happened before the fact of a very rare side-effect of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) was widely appreciated, with young adult males the susceptible group; and if he had been properly advised, he could have sought probably life-saving treatment.
      Having made that point, I carry no flag for the anti-vaxxers, who seem mostly to be a local variant of the Trump rump, and myself now onto my fifth covid vaccination.

      • You have read all the CARM reports? Not just deaths in close proximity to having the Pfizer dose…but the thousands who had symptoms of potential vaccine induced myocarditis that were routinely dismissed by medical professionals. Until Bloomfield’ s letter of 15th December 2021 . AFTER it was concluded by the pathologist (and after his parents strongly demanded an autopsy) that Rory Nairn died from Pfizer vaccine myocarditis.
        You may recall that around about this time Ardern’s government pushed through legislation that would allow a Coroner with no medical training to declare a death to be from natural causes even without a full autopsy and investigation.
        Read Bloomfield’s letter. It speaks of the need for proper treatment to avoid potential heart damage.
        Another paper strongly advised h3art mon8toring of all young men having the Pfizer shot regardless of symptoms.
        What kind of society risks the health of its young by mandating a product that fails to prevent infection or lower viral load in the fully vaccinated in order to save the old people?

          • On no, here’s the man with the “it’s all about airports” when explaining global warming. An adverse reaction like soreness at the ejection site. In other words like a lot of other vaccinations.

        • Reliable evidence, please. Until I see something like that you’re basically quoting Voices for Freedom talking points.

        • What are you talking about ‘fails to prevent infection”? Up until Omicron the vaccine was highly effective at preventing infection for many months. Until we had a widely triple vaccinated population that was incredibly helpful in reducing the spread and therefore hospitalisation and death.

        • Have you seen the evidence that shows hundreds of millions were saved by the vaccine which is mirrored around the world.

          Have you seen the SMARS report… the top statement…

          “The likelihood of experiencing an adverse reaction to a medicine cannot be estimated from this database as there is no information on how many people have taken the medicine and the extent of under-reporting is not known.”

          Also Rosemary, you believe its okay to protest at a persons wedding?

          • Yes. They are a couple that have sought the limelight. They take the negative along with the positive.

            The ‘protest’ was quiet and dignified by most accounts. Photos of vaccine injured Kiwis doth not an insurrection make.

            • What a stupid comment. I guess you forgot she quit as PM and then dropped out of sight. Hardly ‘seeking’ the limelight.

              • To be fair to Rosemary LC, she was talking about the couple of protesters seeking the limelight. Clark has two TV shows and Jacinda was PM, hardly “seeking the limelight” when their careers demanded it.

                • They both chose careers that would place them squarely in the limelight.

                  Politician and TV personality.

                  • Difference in point ” seeking the limelight” and putting them in the limelight. You stand corrected.

                  • Maybe you should run for Parliament then Rosemary, you seem to have all the answers. And I’m still waiting on your evidence.

        • Up to and including 30 April 2022, a total of 160 deaths were reported to CARM after the administration of the Comirnaty vaccine. Following medical assessments by CARM and Medsafe it has been determined that:

          99 of these deaths are unlikely related to the COVID-19 vaccine
          48 deaths could not be assessed due to insufficient information
          10 cases are still under investigation.
          3 deaths were likely due to vaccine induced myocarditis (awaiting Coroner’s determination)

      • Let’s not forget after that myocarditis death they were supposed to advise patients. I got my first two jabs after that and they advised of absolutely nothing, let alone that I could die.

        • And you are here and alive to troll around to this day. Seems the vaccine worked, or judging by your comments maybe not, you have severe side effects?

          • I did not have the vaccine. I did get Omicron. I am still alive.
            Can we then assume that not getting the vaccine ‘works’ too?

            • Who are you talking to Rosemary? You will have to assume that everyone else here didn’t get vaccinated either. Otherwise we would be dead right?

            • Clearly you weren’t immuno compromised.
              Can we assume everyone else was the same.
              I was tripple vaxxed and never had it. I assume nothing because assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. But go ahead knock your socks off.

  3. These scum need to be prosecuted for slander for every lie they utter.

    It will break them, as well as shutting them up.

    Not doing so will ultimately result in civil unrest, as genuine citizens are obliged to take out the trash.

    • And what should happen to politicians that lie?

      “We still entirely expect that people who are vaccinated will still get COVID 19, it just means that they won’t get as sick and they won’t die.” J Ardern 20 April 2021

      • A perfectly reasonable statement from Ardern describing the general and principle justification for the vaccination programme based on the best current data. Of course it is also quoted without any source or context.
        Are you some sort of literalist or absolutist or something? You know, of type who hang on every word of the book of Genesis for example, those who are willfully unable to holistically examine weight of evidence, instead willing to go to war over semantics?

  4. This is Seymours & NZ First supporters funded by the elite that bankrolled their white nationalist agenda in the last election probably didn’t need to pay these lunatics.

    • And there were no brown people at the parliament protest Tipene?
      Just all white folk?
      Or were those brown folk the wrong kind of brown folk for you?

  5. Yeeeeeah, well..? Ok then. I think all protest is good protest whether you agree with it or not.
    On that note; you must watch this. Is exceptional work. Big Tech AI is manipulating us all at a level almost beyond comprehension.
    ‘The Social Dilemma’. I promise you, it will blow the fuck out of your mind.
    ” This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.”

    • I don’t agree that protesting outside a private citizens wedding is rightful. It’s stupid pinning the blame for whatever grevance you have on one individual who is no longer PM, and hasn’t been for a year. It’s just discriminatintory and wrong in every way.

  6. Serious when people gang up on someone who does something with reason or even unreason, that they don’t agree with – abortion clinics, allowing a relative who is very damaged to die etc. come to mind. They profess to be protesting on behalf of humanity and themselves, while denying the humanity of their target person. It is paradoxical but such people have trouble coping with contradictions.

    If it was an entity at fault, then that’s the target to take on; as the protesters in Wellington did. They did right, it wasn’t Jacinda that did wrong. Suggestion – go over to Ireland and demand the government pay for travel so Trev can be protested against over there. Now that would be a good lurk.

  7. What a pack of public self pleasurers…surely only dark nasty people would ever personally protest a wedding, or funeral for that matter.

  8. Tolerating these people and their crank views without calling them out every time they poke their heads out of their crevices is simply complicity.

  9. We really should do something about people who don’t think right. I’ve had an absolute gutsful of people who think differently from me.

  10. Apart from Muldoon, Ardern was the most divisive prime minister in living memory. The real surprise is the sole protester.

  11. What a bunch of losers. Those motorists were right, they DO need to get a life.
    They got what they wanted, she’s not PM anymore. Are they planning on spending the rest of their lives being miserable cranky blowhards? Most people have moved on except for a few diehard dropkicks. How would they feel if someone protested their wedding? No doubt we’d never hear the end of it, hypocritical pricks.

  12. That’s what CARM is there for. Have you read them all have you? Some can report a sore arm or other minor reactions as with any other medication. So another way of looking at it is there are thousands of adverse reactions that are nothing to do with vaccines or that particular vaccine. Why are there no conspiracy theories raised over those reports? No one is suggesting taking vaccines or any medication is completely without risk. That’s why datasheets list known side effects for the medication. Myocarditis being one.

  13. Chantelle Baker would shout ‘freedom’ during wartime when sirens sounded to warn people to take shelter during an air raid. She is that stupid. Society is interdependent and she has enjoyed exploiting public goods yet couldnt care less about others. The Anti Vaxx Conspiracy Theories were spread by foreign actors but a minority of thick and stupid Kiwis-many newcomers to Aotearoa – ingrates – who believed the rubbish spread via YouTube…

  14. And here you have hit the nail on the head. Vaccine mandates. This was a mistake and was so divisive. They did affect some people badly, who lost their jobs etc…People should have the personal right not to be discriminated against for not taking vaccines, whilst maintaing other health protocols such as mask wearing, social distancing, small gatherings, observing quarantine etc…especially as people still got covid even after taking the vaccines, so the reasoning didn’t hold up. This is probably the main reason things got so feral.

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