MEDIAWATCH: Misgendering and shoplifting allegations while NZ helps bomb America’s enemies


We are a petty people.

Misgendering and shoplifting allegations while the world burns…

US and UK carry out strikes against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen

The US and UK militaries launched strikes against multiple Houthi targets in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen on Thursday, marking a significant response after the Biden administration and its allies warned that the Iran-backed militant group would bear the consequences of repeated drone and missile attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea.

…the underfunded news rooms of NZ are desperately attempting to generate clickbait for their failing business models.

ZB Plus is NZME’s attempt to cash in on hate algorithms and promote far right content under. corporate banner. NZME recently met with The Platform to work out how to cash in on online hate,  and ZB Plus is that pus filled vehicle.

It’s like Fox News wearing jandals.

Their scoop of shoplifting allegations against Golriz is how the far right will manage to gain more traction in the mainstream media as most won’t touch stories on Reality Check Radio or The Platform, but ZB Plus will manage to inject their hate media straight into the mainstream via the Herald.

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Normally we could simply argue everyone is presumed innocent and that goes for Golriz, but thanks to the woke, allegation is all you need  to find someone guilty and cancelled these days, so in some ways, we’ve been hoisted by our own retard.

I think attacking Golriz with allegations that have yet to even be proven from a Right Wing attack platform designed to be a Right Wing attack platform while far more important issues are happening right now sums up the toxic petty bullshit whirlpool NZ Media has descended into.

There is a case of Genocide being heard against Israel right now and all NZ Media prefer to cover is shoplifting allegations and in Newshub’s case, ‘misgendering’ someone.

This is what we is now, this is what we’ve become.

America has claimed we were involved in this attack…

…let me get this straight, we are involved in attacking another nation yet the news media focus on shoplifting allegations and someone misgendered in a Briscoe’s store?

How come we can attack another nation as part of the rules based order yet have nothing to say on the genocide trial against Israel?

How is bombing Houthi’s part of the rule based order but condemning Israel for war crimes and ethnic cleansing at a Genocide trial isn’t?

We aren’t discussing that because of a shoplifting allegation.

This is the shit we is now. This is what we are.

A low horizon imagination people fixated on cow udders, rugby and undiagnosed alcoholism.


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  1. 100%
    Even Stuffed’s ‘investigative’ journalist Glenn McConnell is keen to get his reckons across in Act 1 of what is expected to be an award winning Kiwi drama.

    As far as I’m aware, parliament has not yet been sitting, and Goleiz is out of the country on holiday.

    Surprisingly, The Standard’s resident wardens Vinegar Tits from Wentworth, and The World’s best and cleverest IT professional, fresh from investigating his backend and raid problems, have both made some useful contributions here: .
    Surprising because Vinegar Tits is “not a particular fan of Golriz Ghahraman”, regarding her as “a bit of a loose unit” (unlike herself), and the World;s best IT professional appears to be angling for a new gig as a drama critic.
    I’ve yet to understand why “GG” has to do any bloody thing, at least until she is back in the room

  2. Fox News wearing jandals LOL.

    But I’m curious about these “hat algorithms”. Are they a bit like the Emperor’s New Clothes”?

  3. yes we have become a country of fuck wits in a very short time .People are being slaughtered in their homes in Gazza and we are worried about some one who may have or may not have shop lifted .Now we are being drawn into war in the middle east by the war mongers of the world who continue to poke the tiger so they can bomb and kill more people .If the USA and uk stopped supplying arms to the world there would be no wars They stoked the war in Ukraine and now want to walk away and start a massive war in the middle east .They should stop all weapons being supplied to Israel and give them a lesson on the holocost and how it felt for their parents and grand parents because what Israel is doing is the 21st century holocost .

    • So kids who are being molested by a teacher is wrong when they warn other kids in their classroom of such danger when kids are actually getting killed as a result of military action in another part of the world…..

  4. How come Judith Collins can tell us about our involvement in a war over the phone on the news??, is this going to be a new convention. Shouldn’t there have been a debate in parliament, how much holidays do these people need. So much for Luxon’s “busy work”, its all just a joke isn’t it and we are the butt of this joke of a government who are opening us up to war , didn’t take long did it.

  5. Stop it! Just stop the fuck it!
    “This is the shit we is now. This is what we are.” NO ! It isn’t ‘what we is’. It’s what you say we is but it isn’t who I am which means you must be more selective in your use of the language.
    SOME of us might be who you think we is so I’d like you to point out who they, in fact, is, who is that?
    We definitely are piss poorly informed by an all bought and paid for, once was, free to air news media.
    RNZ isn’t OUR media. TVNZ isn’t either, and they’ve been that way for the last forty years. Our msm was disabled by the crooks who bought us and who now enslave us albeit politely. But an absurdly mountainous mortgage is still a mortgage and the bigger the mortgage they tell us we must believe we owe the more control they have over us.
    The truly scary shit is that most of us have no idea just how imperilled we really are and for no justifiable reason other than of maintaining control over us. I think we’re at risk of losing what’s left of our country to Very Scary People.

  6. Fair points. But the shoplifting story, as uncomfortable as it is, deserves of our media’s attention. If it was an Act MP we’d be all about it. “Why did it take so long?” – “Why is it taking so long?” – “Faced with potentially catastrophic fall out WHY didn’t they cut their holiday short and get home and clear it all up?” – “What on earth is really going on when it takes WEEKS for The NZ Police to complete their ‘investigations’ into such a simple thing?!” I hope to goodness Golriz is being well cared for, I really do, but this is a story our media rightfully should pursue.

    • Skoll “ Weeks to investigate “ could be due to the alleged perp being unavailable for a police interview, and shoplifting not exactly being a high priority or extraditable offence.

      • Not according to the NZFirst tweet, shoplifters are going to be shot at dawn. In reality though someone needs to say something very soon otherwise the moronic media will have the cookers baiting the refugee and what a target a brown girl who doesn’t agree with Israel bombing Gaza and to add insult to injury she is a green MP. The sensible people amongst us will say “innocent until proven guilty” however the morons who voted for the coalition of chaotic clowns will have a field day, so best for her that she comes home quick smart and try to sort it

        • NOT MY GOVERNMENT With respect, I doubt the moronic media care two hoots about the alleged shoplifter’s political views, colour, values or gender. Like you say, they’re morons, but the Green and Labour politicians who fostered identity politics now have their chickens ( no owls) coming home to roost. The dumb dumb dumb media feeding this dreadfully divisive dynamic simply to sell their product and hang onto their jobs are the ones who should have been dispensed with, kindly, of course.

    • Hasn’t someone in Act got name suppression for something and didn’t Waititi tell us that in parliament not the media??

  7. New Zealand is in a military alliance with Five Eyes spying partners plus Israel. Once one understands that everything neatly falls into place ad to why we attack Yemen but support Israel.

  8. The people of New Zealand had nothing to do with the attacks, it is entirely on the government crazies. Yemen has the right to defend itself against these genocidal maniacs doesn’t it?

  9. People love misgendering trans people on here. In fact, most posters here belive them to be evil sodomites who should be string up from lampposts.

    • That’s just your narrative which is shame, insult, guilt and a need to be right. Away from your narrative is something called morals. That murder is still wrong.

    • Millsy don’t be silly. In one local supermarket, I struggle to tell the difference between some of the more flamboyant boys and girls on the checkout. Fortunately I don’t work there, or I could find myself in some ghastly contretemps, instead of merely buying avocados,kale,carrots, scallions, and suspect fishes.

  10. Wall-to-wall coverage of allegations against GG derived from social media sources (
    BTW, this is entirely reminiscent of the modus operandi of cowards like Slater from the days of Dirty Politics. Hasn’t taken them long to crank up the machine again has it…………

    And yet when social media sources revealed the Tim Jago financial and ‘other’ allegations, the reason for his abrupt resignation gets buried by ACT’s willing MSM helpers (

    Usual double standards by right wing f@ckwits who hope we don’t notice.

  11. New Zealand participated (and profited from) the genocidal siege and war waged upon the Yemeni’s ,,,, with minimal media coverage.

    Dirty politics mrk2 has the media arm/wing parroting the Nacts disinfo, about our Usa lackey response in getting involved in attacking Yemen ,,,,, again. ….. “Yemen’s Houthis have been targeting vessels in the Red Sea since November to show their support for Hamas amid the war with Israel.”

    Yemens position of stopping Israels mass slaughter terrorist bombing and deliberate starvation of the Palestinian people through Israels blockade does not get a mention…..

    Our participation in the attack against Yemen is the ultimate green light for Israels ongoing Genocide against Palestinians.

    IDF Is Using Hunger as a Weapon of War, Says Israeli Rights Group B’Tselem

  12. Ansar Allah–Houthis–are stepping up in solidarity with Palestinians being subjected to treatment of a captive population by the IDF butchers rarely seen since the WWII Warsaw Ghetto.

    So while this Red Sea action has got the usual suspects all riled up–including international shipping corporates…good on Houthis I say. The gutless EU and most Western Govt.s in fact won’t even deliver diplomatic rebukes to Israel and their US imperialist sponsors, let alone interventions to break the land and sea blockades on Gaza to deliver aid and get the water turned back on.

    It is shameful that the NZ Govt apparently supports further Bombing of Yemen for elements there daring to call out the ongoing Genocide in Gaza and Westbank.

    • No matter how they did it we are inextricably liked to an active war machine , it’s about time these politicians got back to work ( from all sides ) to explain their actions

  13. Yes!!! And today, while we edge our way further and further into dystopia Stuff thought it helpful to tell us that Jason Momoa lost his house – but he isn’t homeless! So don’t panic, and that Mataura finally has a sign – yay! William had a awkward catch up with Harry, Jacinda wedding. Awww I feel so fucking informed – tell us more!!!
    What the actual fuck? They call that news!? Bullshit.


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