More double standards – Imagine if a pro-Palestinian protestor had acted as hatefully as this pro-Israeli protestor


Man arrested following alleged assault at pro-Palestinian rally

A man has been arrested following an alleged assault at a pro-Palestinian rally in Auckland on Wednesday.

The incident occurred just before 5.30pm on Omahu Rd, in Greenlane.

A video posted to social media appears to show a man confronting a group of people at the rally.

A protester can be heard saying: “You’re killing f…ing children!”.

A man then replies: “We’ll kill all of them”.

He then notices the camera and appears to swing a pole at the protester, knocking the phone out of their hands.

Police said the man was arrested overnight.

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Every single pro-Palestinian protestor is tortured by Israeli apologists until they scream ‘I don’t support Hamas, and every protest chant is scrutinised for any means for the Israeli Embassy to manufacture a claim of antisemitism so could you imagine if a  pro-Palestinian protestor had acted as hatefully as this pro-Israeli protestor?

This maggot boasted of killing all Palestinian children, if any pro-Palestinian protestor had made such a hateful comment it would be on the front page of  every mainstream media news coverage with the Israeli Embassy bemoaning a rise in antisemitism.

The double standards in turning a blind eye to Israeli war crimes, ethnic cleansing and potential genocide is beyond belief in this country.


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  1. I have taken the time to listen to the South African lawyers at the International Court of Justice it is well worth listening to.

    After today’s rally at Brighton beach I will be listening to the Israelis justifying their genocide on the Palestinians.

    If in fact Moses and others are correct that there is a rise in anti-semitism I am not at all surprised. When the ‘leader’ of Israel says I am doing this – bombing innocents in Gaza – for all Jews then what would you expect.

    I do not support senti-semitisim, but I see it as no worse than what people of colour have suffered forever!

  2. Apartheid Israel is a colonial state and touts itself as the only democracy in the M.E which is meaningless in the context of things. Democracy’s are waning globally and nationalism has become more prominent in international discourse as we are witnessing around the world & here in NZ Aotearoa today.

    Nationalism was a significant feature in our country’s history during the mid 1800s and was instrumental in the NZ wars culminated in transferring 10s of millions of acres of Maori land who were the economic powerhouse of this country in the 1840s, 50s, 60s to the colonial power and its minion. The similar features of Israel & NZ Aotearoa colonization is that its roots are embroiled from british imperialism.

    It’s no wonder that we have had this bias media favouring apartheid Israel that has helped perpetrate the inhumane treatment of the indigenous palestinians. The European powers have ruled this planet for the last 400 years with familiar tactics and results that employed to this day which most indigenous & P.O.C are attesting too.

    Free Palestine

  3. That is the mentality of Pro-Israelis. They see the Palestinaians the same way the KKK saw blacks in the USA during the 1950’s.


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