The TDB Daily 12th January 2024 – Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Politics opinion daily reading list


Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Political opinion daily reading list

Because so much of the mainstream media is polluted by right wing free market ideologues pushing corporate interests:

TDB daily collates the best NZ Left Wing, Independent and Progressive Political Opinion and includes the best international voices.

This will never be behind a Paywall.


Gordon Campbell on Biden v Trump, and the Taiwan election

Newsroom – Grappling with the free speech purists

Waatea News – Govt allies play down smoking harm, back repeal

RNZ – More than ‘chicken feed’ needed to fix Wellington trains

TDB Recommends

NZ Herald – Denis O’Reilly: The Parole Amendment Bill will be an extremely tough Act to follow

The Daily Blog: Woke Left vs Class Left 2024


The Guardian – Human rights in decline globally as leaders fail to uphold laws, report warns

The Guardian – New Zealand Greens MP Golriz Ghahraman steps aside from portfolios after shoplifting claim

Haaretz – ‘Israeli Gov’t Is Intent on Destroying Palestinians in Gaza’: South Africa Presents Genocide Case at ICJ

The Washington Post – Immigration fear heats up Trump-Haley clash, dominates GOP ad spending

Jacobin – South Africa’s Genocide Case Is a Devastating Indictment of Israel’s War on Gaza

Caitlin Johnstone – Biden Is Everything People Feared Trump Would Be

Crikey – Julian Assange’s life at risk if final appeal fails, says lawyer



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