Woke Left vs Class Left 2024


One of the biggest fights this year will be on the Left between the Class Left and the Woke Left.

Class Left is Broadchurch Politics focused on Economic Justice Rights and acknowledges the true demarcation of power in a liberal progressive capitalist democracy is the 1% richest plus their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us.

Woke Left is Pure Temple Politics focused on Social Justice Privileges using a blancmange of Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory to create an intersectionist roulette of victimhood where those with fringe voices are given priority representation because ‘feelings’.

In the Holy Trinity of Woke Dogma: All white people are irredeemable cross burning racists; B-E-L-I-E-V-E ALL women that A-L-L men are rapists; and anyone defending Free Speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans Community.

The Outrage Olympics played out by virtue signalling Identity Politics Activists drives voters into the arms of the Right.

Woke Left is a middle class purity competition that alienates voters from the Left with their cancel culture tactics and free speech strangling where as Class Left is focused on finding the common economic ground to materially lift peoples quality of life.

Woke Left exclude while crying inclusion where as Class Left use the 90% solidarity to tax the rich and upgrade our underfunded public systems.

The vanity of micro aggression narcissism and woke Lynch mobs doesn’t actually build our movement, it provides culture war ammunition to the fringes of the Political Right.

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The big ideological fight in 2024 will be inside the Left as Class Leftists attempt to rally counter strike policy to eclipse the toxic culture war ammunition the Woke Left are currently handing the right each year.

Economic Justice Universals are the way the Left wins back voters but it needs the policy to do that.

Here are some thoughts:

NZ Left:

The Woke and social media proxification 

After handing so much culture war ammunition to the Right, our woke middle class identity activists literally drove male voters into the arms of the political right. In woke Wellington world, ALL white men are irredeemable cross burning racists, B-E-L-I-E-V-E ALL women that ALL men are rapists and anyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the trans community. Turns out that identity politics mentality alienates rather than brings together. ‘Pure Trans Joy’ probably helped cost us the election.

It’s important for openly woke to leave Facebook and Twitter and go to bluesy or threads or Masterdoon, because those platforms are padded echo chambers and the woke can scream their herts out on platforms that don’t generate ‘proxification’.

Because social media is now so ubiquitous, everyone has seen flameouts and vicious knife fights on contentious issues in their timelines and that activist screaming you are a Transphobic, Racist, Sexist, Vaccine-peddling, Satanic pedophile is enough for you to personally hate and be hurt and align yourself against that activist regardless of policy.

It wasn’t Trump saying outrageous things that attracted angry reactionary white working class vote, it was the intense reaction by middle class woke activists to Trump whom they had been insulted by that made the election so febrile.

Voters cut their noses off to spite their face because it angered people they despised.

If we on the Left aren’t talking about material progress in people’s lives (because challenging the neoliberal economic hegemonic structure is hard) and instead focus on the navel gazing of middle class identity aesthetics, those suffering economic misery walk away from us.

While we are arguing over pronouns, they are trying to find ways to pay for the rent!

So the woke need to go to platforms that don’t matter and they need to generate anonymous handles on mainstream social media that just to send out facts which aren’t connected to their identity because they are so toxic people will hate anything that comes out of their mouths.



Craig Renney’s late entry as a critical voice to eviscerate National’s nonsense budget was urgent and necessary, which led us all to ask,  Where the fuck has this CTU been?

Since the passing of Helen Kelly the CTU has drifted without any real purpose or direction as woke identity politics seemed to become more important to the Wellington clique than you know, worker rights.

The breath of fresh air CTU Economist Craig Renney injected in the last month of the election with research that undermined the economic credibility of National’s deeply flawed tax policy was what the Left should have been doing for the last 3 years! The Left have walked away from economics and focused on the low hanging fruit of identity politics which only divides using pure temple politics rather than Broadchurch Solidarity. The common ground between people is their class, not their identity and Craig Renney is the blueprint for how the Left wins in 2026.

The CTU need to either form around Wagstaff, Ansell-Bridges or Renney as the ‘face’ of the CTU to lead the resistance against this far right racist Government, or they all appear as a united front, but they need to work out a clear leadership role now because you know, the Right are smashing us weekly right now and the CTU should, you know, probably be against that if they want to be politically relevant again.


The self serving Public Service is not our friend

The fundamental difference between Labour and National is that National MPs are all management psychopaths who excel at bullying others for results where as Labour wants to give everyone a cuddle at a hui with a vegan menu in Te Reo and side-order of pronouns.

The public service fear National, they don’t fear Labour and so when Labour pour billions into the Wellington Bureaucracy, they laugh and use it for more glass palaces.

The vast chunk of Labour/Green activists are placed and work within the Wellington Bureaucracy either with NGOs, Unions or State Agencies and their own sense of righteousness never allows them to consider if they are the baddies.

If we are to pour billions more into the Public Service, we must ensure these neoliberal managers don’t divert it for their own fiefdoms and pet projects.


MMP tactics and Ratana 2 

The shockwave of naked racism that emboldened so much race baiting this election highlights how the Right wil always use Māori as a political punching bag for votes.

As New Zealand faces the absurdity of a referendum to redefine the principles of the Treaty and is about to have the Māori Health Authority disbanded, the question for the Left is how to work together strategically and tactically to stop the Right from winning by race baiting.

I believe the answer lies in our existing MMP system and requires a new Rātana alliance.

The Rātana movement into politics in 1923 helped seal gains for Māori and Pakeha with Michael Savage in 1936.

Savage was gifted a potato, a broken gold watch, a pounamu hei-tiki, and a huia feather as symbols of the new alliance.

The potato represented loss of Māori land and means of sustenance, the broken watch represented the broken promises of the Treaty of Waitangi, and the pounamu represented the mana of the Māori people, if Savage was able to restore those 3, he would earn the right to wear the huia feather.

It is time for Labour to earn the right to wear that feather.

What was fascinating about the Māori electorates this election was how tactical Māori voters were, once again proving why they are one of the smartest tactical voters each and every election.

Overwhelmingly Māori in the Māori electorates voted Labour Party vote and Māori Patry candidate vote and this has generated the focus on the power of the MMP Overhang the Māori Electorates generate.

If there was a Rātana 2, the Labour Party and Māori Party could strategically work together and push a tactical voting plan that calls for voters in the Māori electorate to all give their candidate vote to the Māori Party candidate and their Party vote to Labour.

This would end up creating up to 7 overhang seats in the Parliament which would cement an enormous block that could (with support from the Greens) become an unbeatable tactic that would ensure victory.

If this new alliance could demand better material conditions for those on the socio-economic bottom, working class aspirations and Māori aspirations could combine to finally deliver the promise to Rātana made in 1936.

If Labour want to wear that huia feather, they must rethink their MMP tactics and strategy.


Appear on media outside echo bunkers 

The woke left have become so reliant on cancel culture to end the argument for them that they have lost the art of debate and have lost the ability to argue our case. That has led to echo chambers and left wingers incapable of winning people over.


Pure temple identity politics vs Broadchurch class politics 

The solution to the woke identity politics alienation and the cost of living crisis are universals.

Rather than die in ditches for tribal pure temple dogma, the Political Left actually have to make people’s lives materially better!

We look to the State to provide market regulation and a pooling of resources for the best outcome.

Universal provision of well funded public services scares the bejesus out of the Right and the neoliberal public service who prefer to manage contracts than actually do the mahi.

Universal provision of well funded social services is the harvest we all share in a democracy!

If we provide real ways to reduce peoples living costs we can get everyone to buy into the system because for the first time in their lives they see a State focused on reducing their costs not increasing them in an economic system that is rigged for the rich.

The Woke are great for organising mummy blogger free the nipple bike lane protests, not so good at challenging the neoliberal hegemonic structure.



Bernard Hickey has argued, “We could have gotten $200 billion in extra tax revenues if only there had been a fair tax system which meant that capital gains were taxed at the same rate as every other type of income.”

In a liberal progressive democracy, it doesn’t matter what role you play in the complex super structure of our society and economy.

It doesn’t matter of you are a garbage collector, a dr, a nurse, a drain layer, teacher or tradie – if you all stopped doing your jobs the system can’t work.

Everyone deserves to share the collective harvest of civil society with public services and policies focused on the public good enshrined in the intrinsic civil liberties each individual has.

Wealthy individuals who become mega rich thanks to the landscape generated by those values are required to pay more back into the system they have benefited from beyond the bare necessity of ruthless accountancy practices.

These rich pricks have designed the system for themselves, ‘you can’t tax unrealised capital gains’ the Right scream, like bullshit we can’t!

If it means the mega rich have to sell a mansion or two to pay the tax bill, so fucking be it!

The obligation of the Government is to regulate Capitalism so that we the people benefit from the competitive dynamics of competition!

The disgusting right myth is that NZ is an over taxed, over regulated economy when that is total bullshit!

Our top tax rate is the 39th highest in the world behind all the Scandinavian countries plus Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and South Africa!

Australia’s top tax rate is 47cents!

Our GST rate doesn’t even get us into the top 50 and our corporate tax rate is 40th while Government spending against GDP ranks 56th!

And we are voted easiest to do business by the World Bank!

Total hours spent at work per year (OECD):

Germany- 1330
Denmark- 1346
Japan- 1598
Australia- 1683
Canada- 1644
UK- 1367
New Zealand- 1739

I’m not looking for socialism here folks, just basic garden variety regulated capitalism!

There are 14 Billionaires in NZ + 3118 ultra-high net worth individuals, let’s start with them, then move onto the Banks, then the Property Speculators, the Climate Change polluters and big industry.

You should be angry, NZ Capitalism is a rigged trick for the rich and powerful. The real demarcation line of power in a western democracy is the 1% + their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us!

Do not allow their smears of ‘Envy’ dilute the righteous rage you should all be feeling!

There’s no point making workers pay more to rebuild our resilience, tax the rich!

-Sugar Tax

-Inheritance Tax

-Wealth Tax

-Financial Transactions Tax

-New top tax rate on people earning over $300 000 per year.

-Capital Gains Tax

-Windfall profit taxes

-First $10 000 tax free

Lift the tax yoke from the workers and the people and place it on the mega wealthy and have them pay their fair share for once!

The true demarcation off power in a liberal progressive democracy is the 1% wealthy + their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us.

This is the message Labour must master!


Policy! Policy! Policy!

How do we use the power of the State to universally subsidise the lives of the poorest in a way that is meaningful to them? Paying higher benefits is one way but the vile MSD finds ways to claw any of this increases back the way thy did with Labour’s last pitiful rise.

1: Feed every kid in NZ a free nutritious and healthy breakfast and lunch at every school using local product and school gardens with parents paid to come in and help.

2: 50 000 State Homes for life built using the best environmental and social architecture standards using the public works act to seize land and immediately start building satellite towns using upgraded public transport hubs.

3: Free public transport plus vast infrastructure upgrade for climate crisis.

4: Doubling welfare payments and student allowances minus any bullshit claw backs from MSD plus Living Wage universally adopted as minimum working wage.

5: GST off fresh fruit and vegetables and essentials like tampons, toilet paper, condoms, oral health plus a sugar tax and a State backed 3rd Supermarket chain.

6: Free Dental services for everyone through public health.

7: Debt cancellation – student loans, welfare overpayments, beneficiary debt, easier debt cancellation.

8: Taxation focused on corporations like financial transaction tax, Ghost House tax and first $10 000 is tax free.

9: Renter Rights – (rent freezes, end accomodation payments, long term tenancy arrangements) plus universal union membership.

10: Properly funded public broadcasting with TVNZ advert free and merged with RNZ alongside properly funded journalism through NZ on Air with more money for the Arts and Science. If you can’t have good public journalism, the right wing media will destroy these other 9 advances. 

11: Expand the capacity of the state, we don’t just need more teachers, we need more schools. We don’t just need more drs and nurses, we need more hospitals! We need a new Ministry of Green Works to build the adaptation required to survive climate change. 

Ones to watch:

Arena Williams, Efeso Collins, Steve Able, Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke, Barbara Edmonds.


We are seeing a new hard right racist Government who are politically assaulting the most vulnerable amongst us so they can give policy wins to their rich mates.

They are implementing an anti-Māori, anti-renter, anti-environment, anti-worker, anti-beneficiary agenda and to challenge them will demand a united front.

Waiatangi 2024 will be a focal point of resistance leading into the next year, but it must be extended well beyond Māoridom to include, workers, renters, environmentalists and beneficiaries because this Government intends to implement an extreme right wing agenda that will set this country back decades while solving none of our current problems!

This Government isn’t even a month old and the level of protest at the extreme nature of their agenda actually offends many peoples egalitarian sensibilities.

We are a fair people, what National, ACT and NZFirst have all agreed to is extreme and nasty.

Kiwis aren’t extreme or nasty. Some are, they vote ACT and NZ First, but National voters will be aghast at what they’ve seen so far.

This is the time for the political Left to walk away from woke pure temple politics and embrace Broadchurch class solidarity.

Our under funded social infrastructure, our ‘me first’ consumerism, our 30 years of neoliberal mythology, our disconnection from one another, our untreated pain, our lack of hope from grinding poverty in a first world country, our damaged masculinity, the intergenerational consequences of colonialism, our unspoken rage culture, our inability to express emotion beyond anger – all of this demands questions we don’t want to hear as a society.

The Right look for recruits, the Left look for traitors.

If we don’t provide people with Hope that there is a better way of being for us all, if we don’t provide vision that actually addresses the material well being of our voters, if we aren’t prepared to debate the expansion of State Capacity by taxing the megawealthy and funding the climate change adaptation,  if we don’t do all that, this hard right racist Government will win again.


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    • I dont see rightwingers calling for liberalisation of abortion laws and avalibility of birth control. Plus it was the left that put forth civil rights laws, decrimilalised homosexuality, etc.

      • Left/Right is an economic policy axis widely misused in New Zealand. Probably because neoliberalism has largely erased differences in economic policy.

        Progressive/authoritarian is the social policy axis. One which modern day “progressives” have managed to bend into a U shape.

        • Yes. Left – Right a retreating distinction. Originally lagely an economic distiction but as you say now largely dissolved by the widespread acceptance of neoliberalism. The social dimension presents added dimensions. Not that it hasn’t been said before. What was said of Rob Muldoon? On the left side of the economic continuum but deeply conservative. A lot like many orindinary folk. Alternatively, some economically Right but socially Progressive. Any takers?

  1. Is five finder discount Christmas shopping at posh Ponsonby frock shops activism? Sticking it to the Capitalist pigs, yes?


  2. Until the left stop pandering and dying in a ditch for 0.01- 0.10% of the population they will remain irrelevant. No one has a problem with LBG haven’t had for many years, live and let live ethos prevails (well for 95-99% of the population anyhow)
    It’s the other alphabet ones who have taken prominence in the lefts narrative and ignoring all others and this will see the left perpetually in opposition until they change their focus.
    I don’t believe the majority of voters cares about someone’s sexuality, but a party championing and promoting to the extent anyone disagreeing/questioning their narrative is hounded and abused…. it is death at the polling booth.

      • Ahhh Millsy
        You haven’t figured out why no one likes you, you lasted what less than a week at TS, issued at least 2 apologies and you still couldn’t get it through that thick skull of yours how to post without attacking the message and not the person.
        The Standards gain in banning you seems to be TDBs loss!

    • Very well put Im right but unfortunately those who would benefit from your comments don’t have the wherewithal to comprehend.

    • For the information of other political illiterates besides this moron…in fact it is fascists who are fascists.

      Woke is the 21st century equivalent of “PC” or politically correct of the late 20th century. Woke is a pejorative catch all term applied by reactionaries and lunkheads to people with empathy, concern for the vulnerable and planet Earth. Certainly there are strategic and tactical differences between issue based, identity based and class left based people and movements.

      Post WWII fascism with a small “f” has morphed into a general political insult used by all and sundry with little regard for the history of the original militaristic, authoritarian, corporatist, racist beginnings of the Nazis and Mussolini. Parking wardens are not fascists, ACT MPs are authoritarians but not fascists–they still support Parlimentary elections for one thing, and NZ groups that take a hard line on issues are generally not fascists.

      Fascists in the modern setting are open and declared neo Nazis and white supremacists.

    • True. Its all too easy to imagine what the woke left would do with the power if they ever got it, God forbid. We’d be stuck with the same 1% elite but they’d be inquisitors instead of round table types and their cruelty would know no bounds. Until then I’m sticking with the egalitarian right. Personal liberty trumps tyrannical group think sorry. Call me when we get a proper left.

      • Yeah god forbid we would bring in anti discrimination laws, liberalize abortion laws, protect LGBT, improve access to birth control, and stop cops from just gunning down people willy nilly.

          • New York has closed down its libraries to spend money on cops. NACT/NZF plan to cut spending on health, education and welfare and spend it on prisons and cops as well.

        • Spot the class traitor.

          You voted to cut and freeze wages
          You voted to take away public holidays
          You voted to destroy state housing
          You voted to get rid of Fair Pay Agreements and chop sick leave
          You voted to privatise tertairy education
          You voted to get rid of clean water laws.

      • Whoar @millsy! You are pushing your luck!

        Did you get permission from Weka Weka Polly Wanna cracker before posting that?

        Oh ‘boy’, YOU could be in real trouble from both sides. (And remember, there are “good People on BOTH sides”).
        I really wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes, The good Mother Weka is watching you @millsy while you’re on TS probation, and ‘it’ has an army of really special intellectual specimens across the identity spectrum ready to back ‘it’ up.

  3. “One of the biggest fights this year will be on the Left between the Class Left and the Woke Left.”

    And who exactly represents the NZ “Class Left” in 2024?

    By the way, your doggy meme depicts the woke left as ineffectual and inoffensive. They are anything but ineffectual and inoffensive. A more accurate meme would be “We just got a guy fired because he misgendered someone”.

  4. The easiest way to sort the wokeratti out is by bringing back compulsory Military Service for 16-35 year olds. No note from mummy to excuse little mary/johnny from compulsory service. That’ll fuck them.

    • You really are going full facist arent you? Next thing you will be calling for people to be rounded up and put in camps becuse they are LGBT.

    • Maybe you’re only joking Den, but compulsory national service isn’t a bad idea. Doesn’t have to be military, people could have the option of (say) crewing ambulances. Would oblige people to rub shoulders with others from different backgrounds, and learn to get along with each other.

  5. Most Maori don’t vote especially the poor ones which there are many. They are soooooo brainwashed into believing that the system doesn’t reflect their values and beliefs which varies and most risk being bullied so keep their heads down and accept their fate.

    Free Aotearoa

  6. I am all for the state providing better services as on your list paid for by a fairer tax system (yes wealthy high earners will pay more) although the public service culture needs to get a lot better than it is now. Your ‘me first’ consumerism line is about the closest you come to mentioning that with ‘rights’ come ‘responsibilities’. While poverty is obviously the major driver of most of our social problems personal responsibility is something that needs to change if we want long-term improvement. Basic things like healthy lifestyle choices, making education a priority, mutual respect etc would reduce the load on the health system, improve productivity & the worker’s share of that income, and make society safer. People are different & it is not possible to set a perfect plan that everyone would like so there needs to be flexibility however if people develop the practice of being honest with themself they will be able to find ways to do things better that still allow them to enjoy life.

  7. The political space is getting harder to understand. Woke Left vs Class Left is part of that dynamic but here’s a teu story. I have a long term buddy who, on the face of it, is Class Left. Union supporter in fact many times the Union Rep in his workplace. Anti-authoritian all his life. But now a bit prone to unsubstantiated stuff. Not a big fan of greed or of capitalist consumption. Supporter of tax reform and the universal provision of well funded public services. On social issues on the conservative side, a pro-lifer and definitely not for the liberalisation of abortion laws. But a supporter of the decriminalization of weed. What gets under his skin most is the Woke Left.

    Talk to him at length, especially after a few beers, and he’s really one of Hillary Clinton’s Deplorables. Sick to fuck of pigs in the trough, sick to fuck of Woke Greenies (and any other Woke PC morons), sick to fuck of authority stepping in on his life. He’d be an anti-vaxer left to his own choice. He’s lost patience with them all, comfortable in his grumpy Boomer skin. Not that you have to be a Boomer to be a Deplorable. Sometimes when hes on a rant I have to hang up.

    How many of his kind are out there?

    • “..sick to fuck of authority stepping in on his life…
      But he seems to be OK with authorities (ie godbothering filth) dictating whether or when women should choose when they want to have a baby or get pregnant. Whatever.

      • It’s a mistake not shaming woman for having babies outside of a relationship. I didn’t say outside of marriage because marriage is way to dangerous for men when the vast vast majority of woman initiate divorce only to lose years of hard work to ungrateful, bitter and argumentative fem bots. New Zealand is anti family, anti men. You try and put men in jail for looking at woman that’s real hatred not towards men but towards woman.

        • I can understand your POV Sam. But you are simplistic. Unreal ideas and dreams abound about each sex and the other sex may not ever find out what they should know.

          But women aren’t given a good time if they have children, the whole society has a male slant. Bringing up children is not a respected role as the basis of our society should be. Women wanted the right to be able to work after marriage, to raise their position in society’s eyes, and to help their household advance and to keep commercial skills current. But now they are forced to put their children aside and go or even just try for work. Helping single parents at one time, we were given free tickets to a magic show. I got in touch with one mother who could not utilise this special pleasure as she had to be ready at all times to take up employment if it randomly came along.

          The roles in society of young people, and relationships and parenthood are complex. And government is mealy mouthed as we have found out from Lake Alice revelations, also Orange Tamariki. Talking about abortion as murder is silly and simplistic also. Women get held hostage by their fertility and their and men’s life force and attraction which can be great. Luckily abortions lessen – women can’t become pregnant each month, and with luck and forethought fewer mistakes occur without abstention and the Magdalene-type compounds. https://www.history.com/news/magdalene-laundry-ireland-asylum-abuse
          Monty Python may make an effective point here.

  8. Class left exists in the memories of dinosaurs. The class left was sold out and crushed by rich kid Chardonnay Socialists long ago.

    • Used to @ Powerman. In its original sense the term had a positive spin, a badge worn to denote awarness of injustice. Now the meaning has shifted, now being Woke is sooo uncool. Many an informed comment on past TDB postings. Although here’s the rub. Many so called Woke feel justified in calling out what they perceive to be injustice, particularly around gender discrimination and intolerance of diversity.

    • woke = people who support LGBT’s, abortion, civil rights for blacks, abortion, birth control, due process, civil liberies, police not being able to gun people down, Christians not being able to dictate how peopkle live their lives, shit like that.

  9. You didn’t allow my comment on your climate change post for being too personal — which came from your comment about bitter solo mothers (?!). But I take this as a response. Yes, the people’s case comes first, but minorities can’t be silenced in the age of voices. They’re not inconsistent, and a war against ‘woke’ is harmful to our right cause.

  10. Thing is bomber, for marginalised communities like trans, Maori, disabled, ect social issues ARE economic issues… Social justice doesn’t need to come at the cost of economic justice, it’s the same struggle and we can do both!


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