In Occupied Palestine – 26 December 2023


In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Land

08:00 26 December until 08:00 on 27 December 2023

[Source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group]

Restrictions of movement: Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza are under relentless and extreme control over all travel and movement.

Gaza Strip

Armed Palestinian Resistance: Palestinian Resistance continued launching dozens of missiles towards the Green Line.

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Air strikes: Heavy aerial bombardment on buildings, homes and many facilities.

Attacks: All over Gaza there are air strikes, heavy gunfire, tank and artillery shelling, as well as missiles fired from Israeli forces and military Occupation, especially in Khan Yunis. The Israeli Navycontinues to fire missiles, targeting facilities and buildings along the shoreline of the whole of Gaza.

Victims: 195 people killed in Gaza brings the total number of deaths since 7 October to at least 21,110. With another 325 wounded, the total number of wounded has risen to 55,243. Fully accurate statistics are not available due to insecurity menacing hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

Israel‘s war on Gaza: List of key events, day 80


An air raid on central Gaza’s Maghazi refugee camp on Sunday killed at least 70 people, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Several homes in the area were also flattened.

Demonstrators in Rabat, Morocco, mobilised one of the largest pro-Palestine marches on Sunday, demanding an end to Morocco’s diplomatic ties with Israel, reported Reuters news agency.

An Israeli military official told The Wall Street Journal on Sunday that the army’s battle to take control of Khan Yunis could take months because of Hamas’s guerrilla tactics.

United Nations special rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, said on Sunday that “genocide is a process, not a single act”, which the world is allowing in Gaza.

Overnight raids across the Occupied West Bank continued, including in Bethlehem, Jenin and Nablus, according to Al Jazeera correspondent, Hamdah Salhut. In Jenin, there were also heavy exchanges of fire between Israeli troops and Palestinian Resistance fighters.

In a statement released on Sunday, Abu Obeida, the spokesperson for Hamas’s military wing, the Qassam Brigades, claimed it killed at least 48 Israeli soldiers over the last four days. Israel’s military claimed on Sunday that it recovered the bodies of five captives from an underground tunnel network in northern Gaza.

Pope Francis decried the “futile logic of war” in a Christmas message posted to X on Sunday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed reports that the United States had convinced Israel not to expand its military activity during a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, reported Reuters.

Iran denied, on Saturday, US accusations that it was involved in planning attacks by Yemen’s Tehran-aligned Houthi movement on commercial vessels in the Red Sea, the semiofficial Mehr news agency reported.


West Bank

Israeli Army attack – 6 killed – 6 wounded – aerial bombardment – home invasions: Tulkarem – 23:45, Israeli Occupation forces stormed into Tulkarem, as well as the Nour Shams and Tulkarem refugee camps, raiding many homes. Six people, Hamza Ahmed Mustafa Fahmawi (aged 17), Faris Hussam Hussein Fahmawi, Ahmed Anwar Hamarsha, Adham Muhammad Wahid Fahmawi, Yazan Ahmed Wahid Fahmawi and Issa Abdel Majeed, were killed in an aerial dronebombing, and six others, Saif Hossam Fahmawi, Muhammad Rashad, Rad Abu Hassan, Moamen Adel Hussein, Aws Issa Shehadeh, Muhammad Ahmed Shehadeh and Aws Ali Shehadeh, were injured. The Israeli military also rendered streets impassable, bombed an empty house, taking prisoner the owner, destroyed infrastructure and used explosives to destroy a motor vehicle.

Israeli Army attack – child injured and hospitalised – agricultural sabotage: Qalqiliya – 16:45, Israeli forces, firing live ammunition, bulldozed an area of ​​agricultural land between the villages of Hajjah and Kafr Laqif, injuring and hospitalising a 13-year-old child: Muhammad Ahmed Abdel Karim Odeh.

Israeli Army attack – 1 wounded: Qalqiliya – 16:50, the Israeli Army stormed into Baqat al-Hatab village, wounding a villager: Muhammad Ahmed Abdel Karim Abu Tabikh.

Israeli Army attack – 3 wounded (including youngster) in refugee camp: Bethlehem – 03:15, Israeli troops, firing live ammunition, stormed into the Dheisheh refugee camp, invading a number of homes, as well as a printing press, wounding a 17-year-old youth, Ahmed Khader Abdel-Jabbar Al-Hasanat, as well as two other people: Rami Muhammad Al-Laham and Yousef Elias Sarahneh.

Israeli Army attack – youngster killedchild and adult wounded in refugee camp: Hebron – dawn, the Israeli military stormed into the al-Fawar refugee camp, invading homes and killing a 17-year-old youth, Ahmed Muhammad Youssef Yaghi, as well as another person: Ibrahim Majid Al-Titi. Two other people were wounded, including a child, 15-year-old Yassin Khaled Muhammad Abu Rabie, and an adult: Muhammad Samir Mahmoud Al-Hassaniya.

Israeli Army attack: Hebron – 21:00, Israeli soldiers opened fire towards people, near the entrance to Beit Ummar.

Home invasion and beatingsup: Jerusalem – 10:00, Israeli Occupation forces raiding Biddu, searched a house, beatup two residents and took prisoner two others.

Home invasion: Jenin – 22:2504:30, Israeli forces, raiding the villages of al-Jalama and Arranah, invaded a home.

Home invasion vandalism: Tubas – 01:3504:45, the Israeli Army raided Tayasir village, searched a house and caused damaged at the Tayasir Secondary School for Girls.

Home invasion – rubber-coated bullets and stun grenades: Tubas – 21:45, Israeli troops, firing rubber-coated bullets and stun grenades, raided the village of Sidon and invaded a home.

Home invasion – beatinguparmed robbery: Tulkarem – 20:1001:35, the Israeli military raided Allar, beating-up a resident, Sabri Theeb, and searching a home as well as a café. The Army also seized a motor vehicle.

Home invasions: Nablus – 08:45, Israeli soldiers raided Salem village and searched two homes.

Home invasion: Nablus – 23:3501:45, Israeli Occupation forces raided Talfit village and searched a house.

Home invasions5 homes demolished: Nablus – 10:45, Israeli forces demolished five houses, in the village of Faroush Beit Dajan.

Home invasions: Bethlehem – 17:35, Israeli Occupation forces raided Husan village and invaded two homes.

Home invasionsbeatingup: Hebron – 15:05-16:20, Israeli forces raided al-Samou’ and invaded a number of homes, severely beating-up a resident: Muhammad Ahmad Al-Hawamdeh.

Home invasions1 taken prisoner: Hebron – 23:55, the Israeli Army raided Beit Ummar and searched a number of homes, taking prisoner one person.

Home invasions1 taken prisoner: Hebron – 00:55, Israeli troops raided the city and searched several homes, taking prisoner one person and preparing another home for demolition.

Home invasion: Hebron – 05:15, the Israeli military raided the town of al-Dhahiriya and searched a house.

Israeli police and settlers’ mosque violation: Jerusalem – 08:00, settler militants, escorted by Israeli police, invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and molested worshippers.

Israeli Army populationcontrol economic sabotage: Jerusalem – 09:00, the Israeli Occupation forced one man, Hassan Atta Jaabis, to personally demolish his shop, or otherwise be forced to pay an extortionate sum to the Israeli Occupation demolition squads, who would be sent in to do it.

Israeli Army populationcontrol: Tubas – 21:00, Israeli forces took prisoner one man, Muhammad Khaled Abu Hamad, when he reported, as ordered, for interrogation at Israeli Military Intelligence.

Israeli Army agricultural sabotage: Nablus – 10:45, the Israeli Army demolished three agricultural irrigation pools, in the village of Faroush Beit Dajan.

Israeli settler agricultural sabotage: Salfit – 10:35, Israelis, from the Leshem settlement outpost, bulldozed an area of ​​agricultural land, between them and the Eli Zahav settlement roundabout, uprooting many olive trees.

Occupation settler violence – pastoral sabotage: Jericho – 11:15, Israelis, from the Masawah Occupation settlement, assaulted one person, Mahmoud Jabr Muhammad Idais, at the nearby road junction, and ran their vehicles over a number of sheep.

Occupation settler violence: Hebron – 17:05, armed Israeli settlers invaded the al-Halawa area, southeast of Yatta, and assaulted local residents.

Raid 1 taken prisoner in refugee camp: Jerusalem – 09:00, Israeli Occupation forces raided the Qalandiya refugee camp, taking prisoner one person.

Raid 1 taken prisoner: Jerusalem – 10:00, Israeli forces raided Abu Dis, taking prisoner one person.

Raid surveillance: Jerusalem – 23:30, the Israeli Army raided Hizma and checked the surveillance-cameras in a number of shops.

Raid: Ramallah – 17:00, Israeli troops raided and patrolled the village of Betello.

Raid: Ramallah – 22:0002:05, the Israeli military raided and patrolled the village of Ras Karkar.

Raid: Ramallah – 22:1002:05, Israeli soldiers raided and patrolled the city.

Raid: Ramallah – 00:35, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled the village of Ein Yabrud.

Raid 1 taken prisoner: Ramallah – 02:45, Israeli forces raided Beit Rima, taking prisoner one person.

Raids: Jenin – 07:40, the Israeli Army raided and patrolled the villages of Ta’anak, Rumana and Zububa.

Raids: Jenin – 10:05-15:20, Israeli troops raided and patrolled the towns of Araba and Jaba, as well as the villages of al-Jarba, Sanur and Bir al-Basha.

Raid: Jenin – 11:15-16:20, the Israeli military raided and patrolled the village of Nazlet Sheikh Zeid.

Raid: Jenin – 12:25-15:55, Israeli soldiers raided and patrolled the village of Zububa.

Raid: Jenin – 16:00-17:45, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled the village of Tura.

Raid: Jenin – 20:3522:00, Israeli forces raided and patrolled Ya’bad.

Raid: Tulkarem – 11:00-14:45, the Israeli Army raided and patrolled Attil village.

Raid: Tulkarem20:4000:40, Israeli troops raided and patrolled Quffin.

Raid 1 taken prisoner: Tulkarem – 03:20, the Israeli military raided the Ertah suburb, taking prisoner one person.

Raid 1 taken prisoner: Tulkarem – 06:40, Israeli soldiers raided Bal’a, taking prisoner one person.

Raid: Qalqiliya – 16:45, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled Azzun.

Raid 1 injured: Qalqiliya – 16:50-19:30, Israeli forces raided Baqat al-Hatab village and injured one resident.

Raid abduction: Qalqiliya – 23:0503:00, the Israeli Army raided the village of Kafr Qaddum and abducted a 17-year-old youth: Orwa Marwan Ali.

Raid: Nablus – 10:00-14:25, Israeli troops raided and patrolled Beita.

Raid: Nablus – 13:10-16:40, the Israeli military raided and patrolled the village of Burin.

Raid: Nablus – 14:20-16:40, Israeli soldiers raided and patrolled the village of Qaryut.

Raid: Nablus – 22:25, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled the village of Burqa.

Raid: Nablus – 23:25, Israeli forces raided and patrolled the village of Azmout.

Raids: Nablus – 23:50, the Israeli Army raided and patrolled the villages of Deir al-Hatab as well as Salem.

Raid: Salfit – 22:45, Israeli troops raided and patrolled Deir Ballut.

Raid: Salfit – midnight-01:30, the Israeli military raided and patrolled Kafr al-Dik.

Raid – rubber-coated bullets and stun grenades fired: Bethlehem – 20:1022:30, Israeli soldiers, firing rubber-coated bullets and stun grenades, raided and patrolled al-Khadr.

Raid: Hebron – 23:5504:30, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled Surif.

Raid: Hebron – 02:45, Israeli forces raided and patrolled the village of Deir Samit.

Raid 2 taken prisoner: Hebron – dawn, the Israeli Army raided the village of al-Majd, taking prisoner two people.

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