Nationwide rallies, marches and vigils continue this weekend while the government “looks busy but does nothing” – Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


As Christmas approaches there isn’t a shred of goodwill from the New Zealand government for the Palestinians facing genocidal slaughter in Gaza.

Nationwide rallies, marches and vigils will continue this weekend as the government again fails to speak out and condemn Israel or apply any effective pressure to end the wholesale killing of Palestinians in Gaza.

The poster above, prepared a week ago is now hopelessly out of date. Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor now estimates at least 10,000 Palestinians children have been slaughtered by Israel in the past two months – the equivalent of all the children in 36 average-size New Zealand primary schools.

Meanwhile the government has supported a UN motion for a humanitarian pause in the fighting and issued a statement with Canada and Australia repeating what we have ineffectively said many times before calling for steps towards a ceasefire.

The Luxon/Peters government is happy to do anything provided it is ineffective and doesn’t upset Israel or the US. It’s a case of “look busy – the people are watching”.

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We expect the government to do the bare minimum:

  • Condemn the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza
  • Call for an International Criminal Court investigation into all war crimes since October 7th attack on Israel – including the crimes of genocide and apartheid
  • Sever all links with Israel, including expelling the apartheid Israel ambassador, till Israel stops its slaughter of Palestinians and provides everyone “between the river and the sea” with equal rights


      • Israel is also shooting hostages by mistake. This is not the first time as they appear to have had friendly fire incidents around the music festival. Shoot first and to hell with the consequences seems to be a theme with the IDF

        • Are you seriously comparing a highly trained professional army with a bunch of medieval Islamic barbarian butchers?

          • Ah, so they are highly trained and professional? So what’s the excuse then Jack. Bad day at the office, or maybe don’t really care?

    • “…No ceasefire until Hamas surrenders or is wiped out.
      Their choice.”

      Hamas have a choice resist and be massacred. Not resist and be massacred anyway.

      The Fascist Wehrmacht gave Jewish fighters of the Warsaw ghetto the same choice surrender, or be massacred.

      The whole world have seen what the racist Zionist IDF do to Palestinian civilians, when there are no Hamas fighters around.

      …..Al Jazeera footage reveals Israel executed displaced Palestinians, including children and babies, at point blank in Gaza school. An initial investigation by Euro-Med on December 13 confirmed that the victims at the school “were subjected to field executions while being questioned by members of the Israeli army.”…

      …..“The bodies were discovered following the Israeli army’s withdrawal from the surrounding area of the school, following several days of abuses and violations against displaced people evacuating there,” Euro-Med said.

      Israeli politicians and military leaders have stated clearly and shown with their actions that their intent is to commit genocide of a people they describe as “human animals”, First by depriving 2 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza of the means of life, by depriving them of food and water, sanitation and shelter, ambulance services and medical care. And second; mercilessly bombing them where ever they run to.

      Palestinians have a choice, be massacred in Gaza or die in the Sinai desert of hunger and thirst, disease and lack of shelter.

      The whole world is witnessing this genocide in real time.

      Like the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto, Hamas will not stop fighting until the racist Zionists’ war of extermination and genocide against the civilian population of Gaza is ended.

      Hamas also know that not until the genocide is stopped, the Zionist “field executions” will not just be limited to defenceless civilians, but also disarmed fighters.

      Stop the genocide

      Release all the prisoners held by both sides.

      Withdraw the IDF from Gaza

      Open the borders

      End the siege

        • “Palestinians have a choice – eschew Hamas or continue to reap the results of their terrorism.” Liberty Belle

          Three Israeli hostages, who presumably eschew Hamas, were shot and killed by the IDF despite carrying a white flag, despite begging for their lives in Hebrew.
          They were killed because the IDF thought they were Palestinian civilians attacking them with a white flag and cunningly speaking Hebrew.
          An easy mistake to make when you are conducting a campaign to exterminate the people of Gaza.
          This incident tells you IDF soldiers in Gaza are killing all Palestinians they come across, even if they are trying to surrender, even if they are carrying white flags, even if they are unarmed. This incident tells you that the IDF are conducting a war of extermination, against any Gazan civilians they come across. Not unlike the campaign of extermination carried out against the Jews by the German Wehrmacht in the Warsaw Ghetto.

        • spoken like a true Nazi .You idiots really reveal your own morl bankrutcy .You do realise inciting murder is a crime?

    • The arseholes that use to fund Hamas could stop it too Jack. But no the IDF would prefer to tell everyone to run to the next place they are going to bomb. The Israeli administration have proven they are every bit as feral as Hamas.

      • Iran are the arseholes that fund Hamas along with every other Islamic failed state that want Israels destruction.
        Suggest you stop backing the enemies of western civilization along with the idiots on the streets of western nations doing Hamas’ s bidding.

        • Again, being anti slaughtering women and children doesn’t make me a Hamas. You on the other hand wank on about barbarism but don’t see killing innocent children on masse as worthy of that title.

        • Suggest you stop thinking the Western world is the right one. Appalling action by the Western World in watching this going on especially Biden who could stop funding the IDF.

    • And in the meantime we are meant to sit here and support Israel for killing off kids!? Be on the right side of history, the world will never forget anyway and we’ll make sure its never forgotten what Israel did and have continued to do to an entire race. Won’t be able to rewrite those books this time round. Sounds a bit like the US what sat there condemning Hitler at the same time they had Jim Crow alive and well. What’s good for the Goose.

    • Jack, if someone came to you & stole your House & murdered your wife & children would you kiss the arse of your Murderer & accept it? I know I fucking wouldn’t, I’d respond in kind to the person that did this to me! Hamas is responding in kind to the only language the Israeli’s understand? Violence & Murder! Israel set the example & what Hamas is doing is what’s called “GET BACKS” & that’s what Hamas is doing, the boomerang effect, the bad deeds you commit as a person or Nation can boomerang back to you in kind? And the Jews should know all about that, an Eye for a Eye, Tooth for Tooth etc only in this instance the kill ratio is 100 to 1 in favour of Israel? Since 1948, the illegitimate Apartheid Zionist State has for decades been Murdering Palestinians, jailing Children without Trials for throwing rocks & stealing their Lands! A person or National Group can only take so much abuse & humiliation & Israel is getting what it deserves, Hamas is not a Terrorist Group, it’s a Freedom Fighting Group, one man’s Terrorist is another man’s Freedom Fighter?

    • Unless Israel is honest enough to examine why Hammas is so angry with it there will never be a solution. The blood of the martyrs is seed was used to explain another example of a supposedly weaker group growing while under persecution by a stronger power & while there is a significant difference in the circumstances you must be incredibly naive not to understand that the same thing will happen here with the worldwide publicity involved. While the differences between the sides make it impossible for both sides to be right the only sensible solution will come when both sides realise they have done wrong.

      • “…Al Jazeera Qatar is your source…come on, Qatar funds Hamas.” Nathan

        Does Qatar fund Channel 9 in Australia too?

        3 Israeli hostages were mistaken for Palestinian fighters an were killed for threatening the IDF soldiers with a white flag and for offending them with their shirtless bodies and for speaking Hebrew,
        is what the IDF do to Palestinians.

        It is only remarked because they mistakenly did it to some of their own.

        According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, despite slaughtering women and children from the air and picking off civilians on the ground “The IDF is the most moral army in the world”

        Anyone with a laptop or a smartphone can see that is total bullshit.

  1. New Zealand does not need to expel the Israel Ambassador ,,,,, all we have to do is be principled (once again) and demand Israel cease committing war crimes ….

    Last time we did that Netanyahu claimed it was a declaration of war from New zealand against Israel …. and Israel removed their own racist apartheid pimping ambassador/embassy on their own accord …. making AoNZ a better place without them 🙂 ….

    The ‘rules based order’ actually means No Rules for Israel & the Usa …..

    • That was 80 years ago, I would have thought that after suffering that persecution they might have had some respect for other human lives but it seems that they want to exterminate the Palestinian people & people like yourself without a working moral compass would rather remain ignorant of the true situation than admit that all people are made in the image of God & should all have the same rights to liberty etc.

  2. I despise Israel now, I hate their flag. And I’m Scots, the henchmen of the English in their empire.

    Israel has lost its idea of its place in the world’s perspective. Too many blank cheques from the plutocracy of America, which has also lost its bearings.

    • ‘we on the left’
      You speak for all people on the left now?
      Like TMP speak for all maori?

      Wake up and smell the hummus.

      • Says the hard I’m right” orator, who believes everything he says is gospel.

        Wake up and smell the compost.

  3. Can the world’s “most moral army” be more disgusting?

    Up to 20 Palestinians crushed to death under an Israeli bulldozer in an attack on the Kamal Adwan hospital

  4. Shipping pause in Suez Canal could cause months of delays and price increases.
    That will give inflation another boost, so don’t thing your mortgage repayments are about to go down any time soon.
    All thanks to those poor middle eastern people.

  5. I’m still casual in the dept of sanctions, coming to it just now. But Nestle and the quickfood franchises have a stench in my mind already.

  6. The govt I’d like would condemn Israel out of hand for their indiscriminate bombing. Israel has lost its way with the blank cheque from America, even more so than from when they originally built their state on a (metaphorical) marsh. “Build your house on the rock’, the bible says.

    • Before you all get ultra uppity perhaps the government could condemn itself for its own settler programes against Maori and create a wonderful example of a two state solution for the Israelis to follow. How bout that?

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