First 100 day agenda for Hard Right Government – Winners, Losers and Predictions


Tobacco deaths for tax cuts, gloating over 8000 public service job cuts, a Finance Minister who didn’t seem to understand the Budget, WHO antivaxx conspiracy theory as actual policy, opposing Treasury advice against scrapping far Pay Agreements, pointless stripping of all Māori from everything, taking $555million from the poorest families, anti vaxx grievance inquiry, false talking points to defend Tobacco lobbyists and false allegations from Winston about Jacinda knowing about the Christchurch terror attack before it happened ands his lie that the entire media industry was bribed from the Public Journalism Fund!

Has there ever been a worst start for a Government than this madness?

The sheer venality of everything being proposed, the cruelty as social policy and the deeply alarming inclusion of conspiracy theory bullshit as actual Government policy should have everyone who voted National and didn’t bother to vote sitting up straight in genuine alarm.

This is the most Hard Right Racist Government New Zealand has ever had with the weakest National Party Leader ever!

Luxon is making Todd Muller look like a tower of confidence!

Shit has become derailed so quickly because all that binds National, ACT and NZ First is a shared desire to bash beneficiaries, renters, gang members, prisoners, workers, Māori, the disabled, Pacifica, new migrants and public services.

As the Alliance of Arseholes ram through their malicious, spiteful and terribly confused 100 day legislative agenda, there are of course political winners and losers:


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Tobacco Industry: They can’t believe their luck! They funded the scare mongering ‘Save our Dairies’ campaign on Facebook for around $30 000 and the pay off has been the dismantling of legislation that would have forced this poisonous and addictive public health nightmare product away from our people for good!

Remember, tobacco isn’t just any ordinary product, it kills 67% of users! We would NEVER allow any other product to have that level of failure!

Smoked Tobacco kills 67% of users – transitioning away from tobacco onto vapes is a FAR more preferable harm minimisation process that demands regulation, yet what the new Government are doing is ensuring that industry survives!

8000 dead for Tobacco tax?

How are we allowing this poison to be sold when a legal cannabis market will generate $1.4b in revenue annually without killing that number of humans!

This is such a grotesque leap backwards.

Wellington Bureaucrats worship their new Big Data Fascism, Orac

Privatisation Social Investment model: As National scrambles to slash budgets because their tax cuts aren’t funded, the social investment model will be dragged out more and more as a cost cutting ‘solution’.

The argument is that people from backgrounds with specific features are the worst in terms of cost to the State, so if the State steps in and removes the children quickly enough or cuts them from welfare quickly enough or throws them out of Kāinga Ora State Houses quickly enough – that cost will fall.To do this they passed law reducing the legal rights of parents, streamlined their 0800 numbers, weaponised uplifts and we will see it with all these new work tests for drug addicts, the disabled and beneficiaries.

Social Investments models have always been about saving the State money and the welfare of the child, beneficiary, state tenant, disabled or drug addict is secondary to that!

Bosses: Get to destroy the Fair Pay Agreements which threatened their abuse of power AND gain the right for large corporations to sack anyone before 90 days. It’s like an unnecessary hand job for Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons, why give these arsehole bosses more power to abuse workers? Because this country is built upon. low wage economy that exploits cheap migrant labour while union busting the domestic workforce.

Landlords: Get their tax loop holes back, won’t have to do a damned thing for Healthy Homes AND they get the power to kick tenants out for no reason! This is naked vandalism of the egalitarian state. The new Government may as well dig up Michale Joseph Savages dead corpse and take photos of Winston posing with his remains as David skull fucks it.

Winston is the new brown Trump

Q Zealand: Because Winston is the new Cooker King of the Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom, he has to feed his antivaxx lunatic fringe with weirdo WHO legislation, a grievance session for antivaxx hurt feelings and allegations that the entire Media were bribed with the Public Journalism fund.

Winston is starting a war with the media for the exact same reason Trump did, to challenge objective truth and twist it into whatever Winston wants it to be.

He keeps pushing this culture war vengeance campaign because he sees himself winning sub 5% threshold antivaxx vote, the only way this breaks is if ACT finally show some backbone and turn away in disgust or National voters turns away in disgust and march right back over to Chris Hipkins.

Chippy may have not managed to inspire the Left, but right now he looks a billon moles stronger than Luxon does.

You are already seeing National Party voters showing regret!

Welcome to Q Zealand. I think most mainstream Kiwis will recoil in horror at this conspiracy theory nuttiness.


Gas and Oil lobbyists: Can’t believe their luck in a climate change environment showing heat spikes 6 sigma outside standard deviation that we will rescind our ban on gas and oil exploration.

Cross burning banjo twanging racists: Can pretend their antagonism towards Māori is a legitimate philosophical and intellectual debate because ACT will attempt to relegislate the Treaty. Why on earth Māoridom would accept a renegotiated Treaty from a Cracker party like ACT is not explained.



The new Health Minister: “Sorry you’re fired but here’s an AR15 and a packet of fags”

Shane Reti: Should have immediately resigned as Health Minister the moment National argued tobacco deaths for tax cuts. What a disgrace.

Māori children in Oranga Tamariki Care: By kicking out 7AA, this Governmemty is dooming another stolen generation into fruition!

Māori in Health Care: By dumping the Māori Health Authority, this Government is dooming another generation of premature deaths.

NZ National Party – Fighting for colonialism since 1840

Māori – Are about to become a political punching bag for 3 years as NZ First and ACT legislate a new Treaty and remove any mention of co-governance or the Treaty in all NZ legislation. This will set race relations back 183 years.

Real Estate Pimps – Didn’t get their Foreign Buyers Ban lifted despite spending $2million in donations and using Paula Bennet as their spokesperson.


Environment – National/ACT/NZ First are a climate denial Government who will do all they can to allow polluters to do what they want to keep profiting from their pollution. The planet will burn while Luxon makes loves to a cow, the planet will boil while David Seymour decries climate alarmism and the planet will melt as Winston mumbles about gambling and cigarette taxes. We are fucked on the climate change front for a full 3 years until these lunatics get thrown out.


Beneficiaries – No one ever lost votes bashing beneficiaries and when National wasn’t blowing the real estate industry, they were bashing beneficiaries. All the punitive measures about to be launched against our sickest and weakest will be the blueprint adopted to privatise welfare. Outside agencies will be paid a bonus when shifting beneficiaries off the list and that can be done two ways, 1) if you find them a job or 2) – you cut them off for some bullshit infraction on their ridiculous work ready conditions. Expect an enormous suffering to come out of this.

Drug addicts and disabled – Not content to bash beneficiaries, ACT wanted to target drug addicts and the disabled as well and have promised terrible retribution for their ‘welfare fraud’. White collar criminals who take billions each year however will receive a free pass.

Renters with Pets – Weird policy win for ACT that now forces renters with pets to pay a pet bond. Renters don’t have enough to pay for the rents, where the hell they find the extra money for a pet bond is beyond me. Why punish renters with pets? Even for ACT this feels nasty.


Public Transport – National will mutilate public transport just as oil prices are about to skyrocket due to the looming war in the Middle East.

Workers – Bosses to gain back the right to fire and scrap the Fair Pay Agreements which were the most substantial workers rights legislation passed in the last 40 years.

Renters – Landlords to gain the right to evict, social housing builds will stop and Landlords will gain enormous powers as rental regulations are all rolled back.

Children in poverty – Officially the position now is, ‘Fuck em’.

Prisoners – Are about to have their underfunded, corrupt and violent prisons jammed full to the point of prison riot with zero rehabilitation whatsoever. Expect ACT to call for private prisons.


New Zealand – Ultimately the biggest losers are New Zealand. NONE of ACT’s, Nationals or NZ First policy will provide well thought out consequences.

This wasn’t an election, it was a grudge fuck!

With a 78.4% turnout, so it was lower than 2017 when Labour barely won.

That’s over a million who could have voted but didn’t.

That’s a heavy rejection of the options presented.

An embittered and angry electorate wanted to hurt Labour and voted accordingly, Labour didn’t help by being hopelessly incompetent.  The poorest amongst us will fund a tax cut to rich landlords while the most vulnerable from beneficiaries, state house tenants, prisoners, drug addicts, the working classes and the disabled are all going to face insufferable and punitive sanctions.

A National/ACT/NZ First Government will only serve to compound counter productive policy that will deform, punish and mutate those stereotypes the Right despise and used to whip up the worst angels of our nature.

We are a poorer people for this Government.


DEAD MAN WALKING – look at the face on Luxon – 3 more years of these 2 champ

Luxon: Like his hero Jesus, Luxon has allowed himself to be ritualistically humiliated and crucified by Winston so that he could return from the dead to form a Government. He looks like a frightened virgin at an orgy. His tactics during the negotiating process were deeply flawed and he is clearly out of his depth. Luxon was supposed to be the great deal maker. The internal rage within National’s High Command at how he has mishandled the entire negotiation process has opened enormous private concerns about his ability to do the job, indeed the only reason Winston and David are 100% certain they are signing up to this is because they’ve witnessed Luxon’s incompetence first hand and know they can run rings around him and get more by exploiting him than they ever dreamed possible. Possibly the weakest National Party Leader ever in NZ history.

NZ Democracy: Let’s be very clear here. Just because they won the election by using race baiting hateful and divisive slogans doesn’t justify implementing that spite once you’ve won!

What the Right are arguing for is majoritarianism, not Democracy!

Fuck majoritarianism – it’s the whip of the autocrat – just because you have the power to implement draconian legislation doesn’t justify doing it!



This election wasn’t won, it was bought by private interests manipulating your anger at post Covid bitterness.

I’m not pissed that the Right won, that’s democracy, I’m pissed they won with such vapid and venal policy!

This knee jerk crap alongside counterproductive punitive measures alongside Real Estate Lobbyist wet dreams combine to vandalize the Egalitarian State

Taking from the poor to give to the rich ain’t my bag baby and we are a collectively worse nation for this outcome

The only thing that warms the cynical black splinter of what is left of my heart is the thought of Winston, Seymour and Luxon all having to work together.

If that’s ‘winning’, losing don’t feel so bad

If this Government were a fable, it would be a scorpion riding on a fox’s face sitting in the open jaws of a great white shark.

If you think this arranged marriage of inconvenience can last 3 years, you also believe in National’s rock solid foreign buyers tax revenue numbers and think climate change is a hoax!

Luxon claimed Māori, Labour and Greens were the ‘coalition of chaos’, well, here’s their  ‘Alliance of Arseholes’.

This Government has formed because the election was a grudge fuck against Labour, all that binds them is a shared glee to beat the bejesus out of beneficiaries, prisoners and gang members. This is the worst of us as a country congealed in a venal self interest that would make your average drug cartel blush.

We now can see the full hard right racist agenda of this Government and the obscene direction they intend to take for their political donors.

This fight against the most right Government ever elected will demand a level of resistance that crosses into civil disobedience because it will require mass civil disobedience protests to fight this Government’s hard right racist agenda.

They will be a dreadful Government for a dreadful people.

This is what we is now. This is us.

Old Zealand wins. New Zealand loses.

Welcome to Q Zealand.




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  1. So it’s a continuation of the last governments policies.

    So no change to poverty solutions or housing, CPI or Forever Inflation and the real unemployment rate of 11.2%.

    Oh, and high immigration is the kicker! It all just gets worse.

    Same Boss, just like the old Boss.

    • Yeah nah – not the same. No more winter energy payment, Maori Health Authority, etc., and the imposition of 90 day employment law, tax perks for landlords etc. Can’t call it the same … but I can see the similarities in some areas

      • None of that made any difference for anyone Bob. Still, 25,000+ people live in motels. No houses built, poverty stuck at ‘too many’ and 11.2% unemployment and a cult of kissing arse-ruled decision-making. So theres a slight improvement because Labours reign of terror is no more.

      • Labour represents no one except their own loony ideas.
        They broke or didn’t fulfill their promises,they divided our country on both racial and social grounds, they took us backwards.
        Chippy remains leader on an interim basis only, he will definitely be removed,unless he resigns first which is the honourable thing to do.
        We are under the coalition of the capable,embarking on a new and exciting journey to a better life for all New Zealanders.

    • Why should he .He is a National MP and so believe is people being able to make their own decisions if they are the only ones to suffer if they make a bad call. He like a large percentage of the population would agree you are barking mad to smoke and is happy to provide help to stop but making it illegal to buy a legal product is to follow the left thinking which is we know best.

      • So Trevor if the Foreign Buyer tax went ahead do you think they would be repealing the smoke free legislation ? Are they really such champions of choice. No they aren’t, they need the money for their landlords. That’s why they were desperately lying about the number of outlets in Northland. It’s made up on the fly. Which party campaigned on this? Pretty sure National didn’t

  2. Is it even “majoritarianism”? 6% voting NZF does not mean 94% of voters are batshit crazy but we are going to be put through what those idiots want.

  3. ‘The new Government may as well dig up Michael Joseph Savages dead corpse and take photos of Winston posing with his remains as David skull fucks it.’
    For God’s Sake do not give the bastards ideas!

  4. This is ACT’s fault. If it hadn’t banged the populist tin drum so hard on its anti-cogovernance agenda, pandered to the likes of Posie Parker over the miniscule anti-transgender lobby, and to the anti-vaccination fanatics about a completely unnecessary ‘inquiry’ to Covid-19 pandemic response that only duplicates the work of the existing mainstream Royal Commission, Winston wouldn’t have been able to rise moaning and uttering his own populist cliches from the political graveyard. As a consequence, the current Coalition was put together like a modern-day Victor Frankenstein’s monster. And there’s nothing to stop Winston doing a 1998 all over again and flouncing out of the current coalition if he takes umbrage.

    Incidentally, Martyn? You forgot another nasty little Winston trophy- the repeal of the Relationship and Sexuality curriculum. LGBTQI+ inhabitants of Aotearoa/NZ are royally pissed off at that little pandering to Winston’s social conservatism and will express their anger about it over the next three years. We will not forget or forgive this. Not that I particularly expected anything more from Winston.

    • Absolutely the fault of ACT squarely lays at their racist feet, remember Don Brash and Hobson’s Pledge? The party is racist.

    • Social engineering is a major part of the backlash against Labour so you need to have gender issues optional instead of mandatory in any teaching program. I am fine with people believing what they want to believe but they need very strong evidence to be forcing ideas on people.

    • Well if you guys had let Posie speak and not lose your shit and beat up 72 year old ladies then Act would have nothing to go on… remember you asked for this, so suck it up.

      • Right. Excuse me, BG, did you not see that motorcyclist deliberately ride into Marama Davidson during that little Nuremberg rally Posie Parker tried to hold? Touche.

  5. All [this] is telling me is that we need to pause for a little introspection. We’re winners, there’s no doubt about that. I became ever more acutely aware of that when I was working on Craig Zobel’s film Z for Zachariah.
    There we were, in beautiful Port Levy in the summer and for all intents and purposes there we were, all but written into the film as the last few left standing. The post Canterbury Earthquakes added a surrealism to the whole experience while Margot Robbies character played out a young woman entirely alone in a post apocalyptic world but for her dog. Until, that is, Chiwetel Ejiofor character turns up with a whoop!
    We must come to comprehend that, we need to find the strength of intellectual character and the confidence and determination to reign in the daggy little parasitic monsters who skitter about at the edges of our wondrous reality. Our reality is awesome isn’t it though? It’s fucking amazing when it’s considered with an open mind unsullied by political and their all bought and paid for liars and bullshit artists. We lucky, lucky AO/NZ’ers have a wonderful, beautiful, spiritually nurturing few islands and as times become ever more challenging, shall we say, we must be ever more vigilant.
    [They] have our politics, our politicians and our economy in chains and our entirely subverted MSM can only cheer our abusers along and now they’re coming after Maori. We all must stand together against the horrors of the tyranny they’ll have already scripted for the next [wave]. We must NOT let them have The Treaty. We must help to defend and protect Maori against the totalitarian fascism that’s trying to break @ Maori. If we lose the Unity that the treaty provides and if we lose the Crown we’ll lose our AO/NZ and given the rate of the advances of global heating it’ll happen far sooner that you would dare to believe.

  6. The really sad thing is Luxon gave much more than he needed too to both act and NZfirst. Act were never going to go with anyone else or force another election and could of have easily been put in their place. NZ first would have been more difficult but after Labour ruled them out they would never have risked a new election. Luxon is weak and everyone sees it now. My prediction.. Winston will serve half the term as Dep PM and then try and install Jones as the new leader, NZ first will disappear for good at the next election and with it any chance of a second term for national. Hold on people this bulshit is temporary.

    • I hated the fact that Luxon was forced to negotiate with Winston but as it was he was get strive for the time it was taking to pull together a coalition. His meant he had to give way on some thinks to get it over the line .He was the only one who had something to lose .I think and he has done quite well and he will grow in confidence over the next 3 years.

  7. “This is naked vandalism of the egalitarian state.”

    Yeah nah. IThis just changes rules around landlordism. If Labour had wanted to reestablish the egalitarian state and banish landlord’s they would have implemented a massive state house build, competently run kiwibuild, funded Kaianga Ora and Kiwibank to advance government level interest rate mortgages to first home buyers. And would not have reopened the immigration gate before wages rose to a level that makes housing properly affordable.

  8. Renters with pets have a difficult time finding housing. If the Pet Bond is a bond that a Tennant can opt into and the landlord can’t opt out of and if the bond is constrained to be a reasonable amount it could be a good thing. But its highly unlikely to be set up to favour renters over landlord’s.

    • Yes but think of how many homeless motel dwellers could share a kennel with their dogs and help alleviate the housing crisis. Not people with brain tumours though. It’s a tent for them in this new age of self reliance. May the shit show continue.

  9. This ‘hard right’ government came with a plan, love it or loathe it. The previous government arrived with no plan whatsoever and stumbled their way through six years. Perhaps had the last government had a plan and actually achieved something, it would now be starting a third term. As Luxon himself has said, Labour squandered the opportunity to remain government for 12 or 15 years. Forget saving 20,000 lives; the electorate will punish a party what shows no clear direction and appears to be in hostage to two minor parties. Sound familiar? The difference is that this government may deliver on its promises and this is what we have Ardern and Hipkin to thank for.

  10. Why should he .He is a National MP and so believe is people being able to make their own decisions if they are the only ones to suffer if they make a bad call. He like a large percentage of the population would agree you are barking mad to smoke and is happy to provide help to stop but making it illegal to buy a legal product is to follow the left thinking which is we know best.

    • Really Marco? I am not sure what’s worse bad state, or the bought and paid for ‘by the fringes’ coalition. Concentrated wealthy minority at one end and batshit crazy at the other.

  11. They are just following their manifestos ,which they won an election, on to reverse the labours partys race based policies they never told anyone about.
    That called democracy and endorsing the will of the people

    • The ‘will of the people’ is with a Nat/Lab coalition, over 60% of the vote. Nat/Act/NZF have 53%. The Greens have more than Act yet no say. This is not ‘democracy’ it is extortion for the baubles of power.


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