All Nicola Willis is proving is she didn’t understand the budget


As Bernards Hickey devastatingly points out

Willis has accused labour of “economic vandalism’, while Robertson described her comments as a “desperate diversion from somebody who can’t make their tax package add up”. There will now be an intense focus on December 20 to see whether her hyperbole is backed up by true surprises.


I think all Nicola is proving here is that she didn’t understand the budget, Felix Desmarais at TVNZ is highly critical of Nicola’s claims here

Anyone would think new Finance Minister Nicola Willis is still on the opposition benches as she came out swinging on her old sparring partner Grant Robertson this afternoon.

While assured on the stage, you can tell both Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Willis are still getting a feel for the lecterns in the Beehive theatrette, where the now all-too-famous post-Cabinet press conference is held (see: countless Covid pressers).

For what power that lectern holds. What you say takes on a whole new level of prestige when you’re at that lectern — when you are the Government.

Willis used today’s opportunity to accuse the previous government of being “extremely disingenuous” with its numbers. Since her first briefing with the Treasury, Willis has hinted at there being nasty surprises in those briefings.

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It had raised some eyebrows around the beltway since the Pre-Election Fiscal and Economic Update exists to prevent just that. The idea is it’s the state of the government’s books, laid bare, so everyone knows where the country is at — fiscally — before the election. Parties base their policy platforms and promises on it.

It’s also supposed to be essentially apolitical, being a Treasury, not government, update.

…the numbers were there, for Nicola to feign outrage suggests she didn’t read them, didn’t understand them or isn’t ready to be the Finance Minister yet.

This has been a worst start to any Government in modern political memory and Nicola comparing about Budget numbers that were there in the open isn’t helping.


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  1. Why don’t the. Media pundits read And report on the Treasurys findings around the Prefu and put all Willis bulldust blaming to rest, she should be apologizing for not doing her homework and reading the budgets properly

  2. Yes she is either clueless or the most dishonest member in parliament. Robertson was correct in saying the prefu had been out for several months and as the then opposition finance spokesperson who spoke to the prefu why is it only now she is saying the books are worse than she thought?. Given that we can assume she read it( she only had one job) then it is clear she is lying to the public and that her tax cuts are a struggle to finance. First it was not gaining enough revenue from foreign buyers so turned to canceling a policy to fund tax cuts that kill people and now blaming the prefu for not being able to fund tax cuts. What existing policy will she cut now that will result in killing kiwis?
    This is a horrific coalition, the worst in history.

  3. This should not be at all surprising considering her woeful performance in the Queenstown finance debate during the election campaign, where her lack of knowledge, and nous, was shown up by Grant Robertson’s superior understanding of the kinetic force complexities of running the economy ….
    She was left looking like an uneducated fool !

    She has already dug a massive fiscal hole for herself by making ridiculous poorly costed unsustainable promises, and, i think, it’s now pretty clear to most, except the deluded, that she doesn’t have a fucking clue!!…

    • That honours degree in English Literature is really helping her financial nous /sarc
      Another appalling portfolio allocation from Cluxon.
      Mind you, he doesn’t exactly have a team overflowing with talent…….

  4. It’s probably once again a diversion away from her numbers not adding up in the first place. They are such idiots. They had a very plausible reason to say to the public ‘sorry but as the centre piece for tax cuts (foreign buyers) is no longer going ahead we can’t offer the tax breaks’ ( even though they are a stupid f’ing idea anyway). Unless of course this is a much easier way to water down the cuts by blaming Robertson rather than that tosser Winston Peters. Either way Willis is a liar or incompetent. My money is on the former. It’s up there with Luxon what the protests were about.

  5. She can’t count. She has a fear of numbers. (What’s that called?)
    Willis is a wannabe somebody who know fuck all about fuck all. Just look at all her election campaign interviews when she was questioned on her tax cuts and $2m house flipping foreigner FireSale. She didn’t have a clue if it would generate economic benefits to the Crown coffers.

    She is a moron.

  6. Any new government setting out to make radical change says “its worse than we thought” and “there is no alternative” to our program. All politicians are liars.

    • Exactly. Some people are saying she can’t add etc. I fear it’s more about her telling lies. Luxon calls it “expressing yourself incorrectly” which appears to be voodoo evangelist speak for being a bullshitter.

    • No …that is incorrect…h

      His management of the economy, considering he inherited a basket case, and then soon after had to manage the finances through a one in one hundred year world-wide pandemic for over 2 years, plus the ongoing effects of that, plus a continuous string of unprecedented catastrophic weather events, plus the flow on effects from the Russia Ukraine war and an energy crisis, and the largest state house build programme for decades, (because they had been largely sold off by the previous government) has been stellar..

      He has been nothing short of a miracle worker and this ungrateful country doesn’t deserve him!

      Well done Grant!!

  7. Robertson took 6 years to show he was not good at balancing the books Another reason why they lost and a new broom was wanted by the voters

    • No Trevor it was promised tax cuts that swayed a lot of people. She is now struggling to fund those tax cuts as someone said recently if these tax cuts were self funded the state of the books don’t matter . Her display in parliament yesterday was pathetic,she was openly hostile she was allowed by the awful speaker Brownlee to make speeches instead of answering questions in fact she got away with murder. Any fool can see she is not a finance minister’s she is unfortunately a screeching fool who is seriously out of her depth

  8. Farmers are our economy. Farmers are being deliberately sabotaged in order to tank our economy which will enable foreign buyers to come in and enjoy a feeding frenzy at the behest of the natzo’s but more importantly to erase our financial history leading back to the earliest days of embezzlements and off-shore money laundering will be erased.
    Robertson won’t be allowed to enter into any public conversation in that regard and Willis wouldn’t fucking dare go near it either. The meandering and obscure money trails are an interesting one because they flow to where farmer money went to be more laundered than if it went through a Chinese Laundry on half price Persil day. I mean, where do you think Auckland came from? Where did the 14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires with in excess of $50 million each and the enabling of the unholy feasting of the inbred four foreign banksters who take $180.00 a second 24/7/365 in nett profits? If you say tourists may your undies be beset with ravenous fleas.
    Our corrupt politics has painted itself into a grim corner and really, the only way out for it is to kill itself after setting the house on fire. So yeah/nah. They’ve fucked themselves and that’s the root problem that we have. Having to endure the pathetic attempts by various creative and desperate politicians to hide the crimes of the terminally crooked who never saw the internet coming.
    Farmers. You’re the only ones to sort this shit out. You must strike then wait. It’s the most powerful thing that can be done to expose the liars and swindlers who’ve legitimised their crimes and who are responsible for our AO/NZ heading to where they’re dragging us down to.


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