Israel’s war in Palestine


The mainstream news media present the latest atrocities now being perpetrated in Gaza as Israel’s war on Hamas. There is almost complete silence on the escalation of decades of population-control violence that the Zionist state is also exercising in the West Bank. Israeli forces not only invade Palestinian homes there but also destroy them. They seize and abduct minors and, when unable to capture one person in particular, take prisoner a close relative to hold as hostage. Jewish-only settlements are imposed on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank and the Israeli Army, as well as settler terrorists, have been sabotaging and plundering the Palestinian olive harvest. Population-control in the West Bank is severe.


Israel’s founding ideology, Zionism, is racist and, while there is an effort to hide this fact in the mainstream news media, many Zionist Israelis simply cannot help but blurt out their true beliefs. In March this year, for instance, Israel’s Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, said that “there is no such thing as a Palestinian people.When members of the Israeli military and Government declare their ideological purpose, the world should take notice and be warned:

The State of Israel has no choice but to turn Gaza into a place that is temporarily or permanently impossible to live in”, a reservist Major General, Giora Eiland, wrote in Yedioth Ahronoth, an Israeli newspaper. “Creating a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza is a necessary means to achieve the goal.” He added, “Gaza will become a place where no human being can exist.”

Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said: “We are fighting human animals, and we are acting accordingly.” Maj. Gen. Ghassan Alian declared that, in Gaza, “there will be no electricity and no water. There will only be destruction.” There can be no doubt that the Israeli military did achieve that merciless inhumanity.

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Since 2006, Israeli forces had already attacked Gaza on seven occasions before the present onslaught, killing well over 4000 people. The Jerusalem-based human rights watchdog, B’Tselem, reported the numbers killed: 405 in 2006 – 1391 in 2008 and 2009 – 167 in 2012 – 2203 in 2014 – 232 in 2021 and 33 in 2022.

Even though Israel claims to have ceased the Occupation, Gaza is still totally isolated and dominated the Israeli military. Israel imposes upon the people of Gaza a crippling and oppressive blockade, in addition to which it cuts off electricity, water, fuel and food supplies whenever it pleases. This Occupation is recognised in international law, according to the United Nations.

In the West Bank of fractured Palestine, Israel imposes, in complete defiance of international law, Jewish-only settlements on stolen Palestinian land. The connection of the settlements to Israel limits freedom of movement for Palestinians. The ideology behind the settlement enterprise is clearly exposed in a New Yorker interview with Daniella Weiss, a Zionist settlement movement activist and former mayor of the Kedumim Occupation settlement. When asked what her emotional reaction was, seeing Palestinian children dying, she answered: “I go by a very basic human law of nature. My children are prior to the children of the enemy, period. They are first. My children are first.”

In the interview, Daniella Weiss also voiced, frankly and unashamedly, the Zionist determination to obliterate Palestine – she said:

In Israel, there’s a lot of support for settlements, and this is why there have been right-wing governments for so many years. The world, especially the United States, thinks there is an option for a Palestinian state, and, if we continue to build communities, then we block the option for a Palestinian state. We want to close the option for a Palestinian state, and the world wants to leave the option open. It’s a very simple thing to understand.”

In an article by journalist, Caitlin Johnstone, there are many examples of racist Zionism to be found in the speech of members of the Israeli military, government ministers and even a former Israeli Ambassador to the UN. Some years ago, the American journalist, Abby Martin, also put together a devastating exposé of Zionist ideology as she walked around the streets of Jerusalem with a camera and microphone, seeking the views of Jewish Israelis towards Palestinians.

No two-state solution possible

It is more than 50 years since the UN ordered Israeli Occupation forces to withdraw from the West Bank but Israel has not just defied UNSC Resolution 242, adopted on 22 November 1967, it has incrementally been stealing more and more Palestinian land. Zionism is working towards an eventual single state for itself. Since 2018, the United States has been contributing more than US$3.8bn a year to Israeli military forces, which are among the most powerful in the world. Israeli and US officials describe the aid as an example of the “unbreakable bond” between the two nations. The US support for Israel continues, in total disregard of the Security Council Resolution referred to above as well as Israel’s violations of countless UN human rights provisions.

From the river to the sea

The Palestinian Resistance slogan ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free has been condemned as anti-Semitic by Zionists and their supporters because it challenges the pretence that there could ever be a two-state solution. At its heart, the Palestinian Resistance call also meansfrom the river to the sea, let every human being be free. The Palestinians have not-in-my-name anti-Zionist Jewish friends, both within Israel (for example B’Tselem, Neturei Karta and Zochrot) and also around the world. They are all united in their call for an end to Zionist racism and division that is denying their right to respect each other and live together in peace and friendship.

Restore respect for international humanitarian law

The mighty United States “unbreakable bond” with Israel and the hypocritical, lying, pro-Zionist stance of its NATO-aligned allies, such as the United Kingdom, must continue to be challenged. The tragically hard-won United Nations’ human rights provisions, the Fourth Geneva Convention and relative Security Council and General Assembly Resolutions concerning Israeli human rights violations both represent and belong to us – to humanity. The present Israeli atrocities are so impossible to hide, even the mainstream media are reporting them with greater clarity then ever before. They are getting the message, loud and clear, that they can no longer convincingly cover completely for Israel.

The world’s providers of medical support for the victims of war are united in their condemnation of Israel’s war crimes. The orthopaedic surgeon Dr Ang Swee Chai has spent more than 40 years working in war zones including refugee camps. She was once a Christian Zionist until she went to attend victims during the Sabra and Shatila massacre in 1982. On 16 November, Dr Swee was interviewed concerning the present massacre taking place in Gaza and emailed friends in the UK, saying: “I was really upset since I just received news that they (Israeli forces) had surrounded Al Ahli Hospital the only Christian Hospital in Gaza with tanks . . .” She said that the hospital is the oldest in Gaza, looking after the poor, destitute and the sick in northern Gaza. She said the hospital had already been hit on 17 October, with around a thousand people killed and many more wounded. Now the wounded cannot be treated and the staff are being threatened.

There is an urgent need for the world community to join in and support the outspoken, professional health providers. Their example should strengthen our resolve to put an end to the corrupt political complicity of so-called ‘leaders’. Shame and eternal shame, keep challenging them! Demand respect for, and adherence to, international law until we get it. We owe it to future generations.


    • We knew all the way back. The crime runs all the way back.

      The truth is Israel with its nuclear weapons is as thin as film morally. Why the violence. Nothing there but comfort-loving, like the rest of us.

  1. Great piece.

    “There is an urgent need for the world community to join in and support the outspoken, professional health providers. Their example should strengthen our resolve to put an end to the corrupt political complicity of so-called ‘leaders’. Shame and eternal shame, keep challenging them! Demand respect for, and adherence to, international law until we get it. We owe it to future generations.”

    “At its heart, the Palestinian Resistance call also means – from the river to the sea, let every human being be free”
    Say it again, over and over….

    • The problem is Israels hostages.

      The problem is stolen land.

      The problem is pitching a two state solution – to shut Palestinians out of their own country – _while_ working hard to make a two state solution impossible _and_ aiming for complete ethnic cleansing.

      The problem is a colonising occupying force continuously breaching international law.

      The problem is a religious zealot state not redressing their crimes, transitioning into a secular democracy, and bringing their native population into the fold with equal rights.


    • Tribal + Scot – Agree

      – Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen = not a word from Leslie
      – Syrian Leader kills tens of thousands of Syrians = not a word from Leslie
      – Israel defends itself = Outrage from Leslie

      • Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen – hard to speak about a tragedy that rarely gets any air time.

        Syrian Leader kills tens of thousands of Syrians – big claim demands at least a tiddly bit of proof. I won’t hold my breath.

        Israel defends itself – UN Special Rapporteur: Israel can’t claim ‘right of self-defence’

    • Exactly Shona. As for the IDF and their bullshit hospital parade with boxes all neatly labelled in English! I was surprised they didn’t go full Colin Powell and drag out the old “ this ambulance is a really chemical weapons factory”.

      • As Ilan Pappe points to, we used to live in what is now Palestine a few thousand years ago and because of that, Palestine belongs to us. Great logic. That’ll open a can of worms for indigenous people everywhere, if such logic were true.

  2. According to the advocacy group Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, Israel has sharply escalated a war of starvation” against civilians in the Gaza Strip as a tool of subjugation as part of its ongoing war.

    ” “It is as if the Israelis are telling us that if we do not die from the bombing, they will make us die of thirst, hunger or cold. This is a very cruel war that has no humanity.”

    Before the Israeli war, 70 percent of the Strip’s children already suffered from varying health issues including malnutrition, anaemia and weakened immunity. This number has increased to more than 90 percent as a result of Israel’s bombardment, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said.

    The report highlighted that Israel has focused attacks on electrical generators and solar energy units on which commercial establishments, restaurants, and civilian institutions depend to maintain the minimum possible level of operation.

    It also warned that Israel’s attacks included the destruction of the agricultural area east of Gaza, flour silos and fishermen’s boats, as well as supply centres for relief organisations, especially the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), which provides the majority of humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip.

  3. The forced evacuation of southern Gaza: The next stage in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

    On Thursday, Israeli forces dropped leaflets over major cities in southern Gaza, including Khan Younis, telling the population to evacuate or face the threat of death. The displacement of the population of southern Gaza is the next stage of the ethnic cleansing of the European imperialist powers. One area at a time, Gaza is being depopulated through a combination of mass expulsion, massacres and starvation.

    It is evident that the attacks of October 7 have been seized upon as a pretext by Israel to carry out a long-planned scheme for the systematic depopulation of Palestine, which began with northern Gaza, is now being extended to southern Gaza and will continue to the West Bank.

  4. Haha. You are the antithesis of your surname when it comes to argument. Oh well, keep pushing your propaganda as if October 7 and its celebrants did not exist.

  5. Israel relied on the people beyond the US govt supporting them. That’s changing. Even the uninformed know now the horror.

    If the Whites of the South could hear my fellow Scot reports they’d no’ like it beyond their christo-fascism– someone conquering our motherland as a comparison. Big prob with that is they have their own christo-fascist media network.

  6. The director at Al Shifa Hospital and one other Dr at Al Shifa and two nurses have been arrested by Israel for allegedly concealing the existence of a Hamas military base in their hospital, a war crime.
    What will happen to these Drs?
    Will these Doctors and nurses be charged and tried in court?
    Will Israel hold these Doctors and nurses without charge or trial under the Israeli law of indefinite ‘Administrative Detention’?
    Who is looking after these Drs and nurses patients while they are in detention, will the Drs be released without charge after their patients have died?

    Is this another war crime by Israel?

    ….Doctor Mohammad Abu Salmiya was arrested along with several other senior doctors,” said Khalid Abu Samra, a chief of department at the hospital.
    An official in the Hamas-run health ministry specified to AFP that one other doctor and two nurses had been detained, as well as the hospital director.
    In a statement, Hamas said it “strongly denounces” the arrest of Salmiya and his colleagues, calling on the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international organisations to work towards their “immediate release”.

    Will our local corrupt media lickspittles keep their silence over this latest development at Al Shifa?

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