Luxon Will Support Mining Conservation Land – Coromandel Watchdog


The environmental protection group Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki says the Prime Minister elect has announced he supports mining on public conservation land.

“ This morning on Morning Report Chris Luxon said he would support “sensitive mining”, which for conservation land is a total oxymoron. He has destroyed any hope that conservation land will be protected as the Labour government initiated but failed to complete.

Mr Luxon says mining is key to the economy which incorrect, it’s a small part of the economy but leaves a big footprint. Gold mining leaves toxic waste dumps and coal destroys the climate. Mining e waste for precious metals is the future,not mining conservation lands”, said Catherine Delahunty, Chairperson of Watchdog.

“ There will be sustained and robust protest against any attempt by multinationals to mine conservation land in many parts of the country. We simply will not accept that mining is more important that reducing fossil fuels used by their industry and protecting biodiversity. There is no long term benefit from this dinosaur industry and Mr Luxon has picked a major fight with all who love the environment of this country”


  1. Cluxon’s Crazy and Cruel Coalition is so bereft of ideas that they have to fall back on one of NZ’s oldest and least efficient activities. Mining is a oncer, you can’t go back for more.
    They can’t grasp that beautiful, natural, un-polluted landscape is a far greater money-spinner. Trouble is, the money is spread out over the thousands of people in an area who make a living dealing with visitors who come to see the landscape and stay awhile to simply enjoy the space, the green, the air, the smell and all the other good little feelings you get in the bush.
    Profit’s not concentrated in the hands of ‘friends of the right wing’ or foreigners, who destroy the beauty and leave a toxic mess for someone else to clean up. To clean up themselves, would reduce their profit. They have persuaded local councils that their value to the community far exceeds any clean-up costs which might be incurred. Tell that to the East Coast.
    Speaking if which, has the East Coast realized they were had by timber companies yet? Not really. They return MPs who willingly go along with exploitation of the environment, then wonder why it comes back to bite them. Coromandel too, it seems.
    Thank-you to all protesters who get out there and make things difficult for the exploiters. We appreciate your efforts.

  2. One does wonder why that after signing off on over 20 new mining activities on Conservation land by the Minister over the last 6 years why this watchdog group suddenly pops up now.
    The term disingenuous comes to mind.


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