The ACT/National/NZF Government is a Mexican stand off between people who don’t like Mexicans 


And the dance of the seven veiled threats continues.

Any day now Right Wing Utopia will erupt.


Why the fuck would Winston make a quick deal now?

Every passing day his hand gets stronger.

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Let’s for arguments sake say that they do arrive at a magical place where this buffet of dead rats is agreed to.

Even then, the details have to go back to the individual Boards.

National and ACT mandarins will say yes or no.

In NZ First, Winston’s dominance of the Board hilariously enables him to exert his direct influence and get the Board to reject the very offer he’s just brought them and force another round of negotiations on some point of NZ First principle.

We will be lucky there is a decision this side of Christmas!

Winston will never be as powerful as he is right now.

The master is teaching the infants how shit rolls in hustle town.

Luxon looks like a frightened virgin at an orgy and David Seymour has dominated media attention more than the leader of the National Party!

The negotiating process has been disastrous for National so why the hell would Winston stop now?

The only red line is ACT becoming so sickened by the narcissistic corruption of a Government they had intended to narcissistically corrupt themselves that David vomits up the latest dead rat Winston is making him swallow.

Each dead rat Winston makes David swallow he demands David say, “Thank you for the candy Master”.

Surely there’s a point where ACT cries “enough” and demands a second election?

This isn’t a negotiation, it’s a hustle!

How the Sweet Zombie Christ this is supposed to last 3 years let alone 12 months is beyond me.

This election was a grudge fuck against Labour and it’s thrown up a bizarre stew of right wing grievance and anger that is woke snowflake level self-righteous.

This ACT/National/NZF Government is a Mexican stand off between people who don’t like Mexicans.

The only thing that binds them is a weird desire to bash beneficiaries, prisoners, drug addicts, renters, workers, disabled, gang members and the environment.

I mean, sure, but, not much hope in beating the shit out of the most vulnerable and desperate is there?

This is a liberal progressive democracy, we are not an authoritarian Pāua shell Police State.

We are out of carrots, here comes the stick isn’t much of an aspirational mantra is it?

This Government is a scorpion, sitting on a fox’s face, riding in the open jaws of a great white shark.

It is glaringly apparent that Luxon is utterly out of his depth and the only reason both Winston and David want to forge a Government is to exploit this hapless muppet beyond their wildest dreams!

What will turn ACT against NZF or NZF against ACT is if either one of them exploits Luxon beyond what they are exploiting him.

If they can find a happy medium where they are both exploiting Luxon in equal measure, these circling Black Holes of self interest can maintain a political orbit.

If they suspect the other is getting something they aren’t however, then all paths lead to Armageddon.

The naked venality we are watching is the dance of those who master power for their own ends.

This is going to be a dreadful fucking Government.

Even if it’s so short lived that it implodes by next year, a whole bunch of people in communities just holding on by their finger nails are going to be kicked in the guts just because.

Old Zealand beat New Zealand.

New Zealand better be ready when this Old Zealand’s Whare of Cards collapses.


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  1. That’s one thing I’ve always liked about Winston, he doesn’t blurt out what he’s going to do, he keeps everyone guessing until he gets the deal he wants, whereas the other two Neoliberal dopes, Seymour & Luxon, announce all their magical thinking plans like idiots, much better to keep your trap shut & only drip feed info? Luxon is supposedly the Great Gordon Gecko negotiator who has done plenty of acquisitions & mergers that no one can attest to, this Luxon has never been a Entrepreneur he’s only ever been a CEO, basically a well paid Employee & a 7 house Slum lord! Peters is a Master of MMP Governance & no one understands how to work this system better than Winston, thank God for Winnie, keeping these bastards honest, what a Man!

  2. LAB/GRN/TPM should hammer out a shadow coalition, and start painting their shared vision of NZ.

    They can’t make it happen but they can embarrass the shit out of NAT/ACT/NZF. And it vastly strengthens their hand ahead of any future election – if they’re forced to keep it up for 3 years even better, they’ll be a well oiled machine ready to take over.

      • I’ll take that over MFAT captured by foreign interests, bashing the vulnerable, rampant property speculation, and broken capitalism.

      • National already took us there – Labour & Green have been spending up to try and fix the damaged company NZ Inc over last 6 years but the voters didn’t like the country fixed so they threw it back into the turmoil that was the previous administration but with ACT and Winston First tagged on
        Thanks dipshits!

  3. In 2017 Winston went into the negotiations knowing he was about to sue the National Parties top personal and being aware Jacinda was to have a baby and he would be able to rule the roost .This time he has got less to give so more to fight for .I am sure Act will look at NZF track record and will wait for him to staff up like he has before and the voters will get ridevof him at the next election and then Nat and Act can get on with running the country .

      • Just the magical thinking that all ACT and Nat supporters endorse – like Labour don’t have the economic nouse to run an economy – pure delusion.
        More magical thinking that the economy will solve all our problems. Yes it might help but intervention (through regulation) is required to manage the demands of the market. End of story.

  4. “Why the fuck would Winston make a quick deal now?”
    Because he’s afraid he’ll be found out before he does. winston’s a fucking crook. Just ask don brash?
    Since you seem to be somewhat oblivious to the fact that luxon, seymour and peters are not only the same disease but are all cut from the same neo-liberal cloth, the one roger douglas uses to wipe his arse with.
    If you think otherwise then please explain our primary industry in decline and close to collapse on the one hand and, to use your stats, while on the other hand AO/NZ’s carrying 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires, each with $50 million in cash and four foreign owned banks stealing away with $180.00 a second, 24/7/365 days a fucking year?
    Does that not ring alarm bells? How is that, that’s not something worthy of closer inspection? Why are the closer inspections of such influential greed and careless excess not of primary urgency? We have a primary agricultural industry in a death cycle while hundreds of thousands of Kiwi’s are going down the gurgler and all non agrarian people have as securities are the myths and logical fallacies that are house prices which they’ve borrowed against effectively imprisoning themselves in debt for generations. The house prices, it should be mentioned, only benefit the foreign owned banks who will see advantages in importing fresh meat to here from of-shore. You can tell, just by looking, that luxon, seymour and peters have already been got at. They’re out there spending their lobbying money. They’re too drunk on free money to bother with us losers.

  5. And when it all collapses what’ll happen? An election ‘action replay.’

    There’ll be a bare skeleton Labour Party appearance, them just about disappearing, voting numbers will drop considerably and the protagonists in the present imbroglio will go it again with minimal difference in results.

    • Labour have been around longer than National and are not at low as National were at the last election so they will be back – whether it is 3 year or 3 months – time will tell

  6. NZ hasn’t had any more ramraids, or people stealing food from Countdown and all that unlawful shit that happened during the election campaigning season. What’s up with that?

    Maybe we should…

    NZ hasn’t been run as a country as smoothly with(out) a government as it is now. We should demand it to remain this way for a few generations. Replace MPs with Governance/Government by referendum!

    • Things have gone a bit quiet haven’t they? Funny that. Things tend to sit still without a government, but at least they don’t go backwards.

  7. This Government is a scorpion, sitting, on a fox’s face, riding,
    in the open jaws of a great white shark.
    Swallowings there will be of rats, dead, do not expect
    a stroll around the park.
    Naked venality contends too in bizzare Mexican stew, that’s
    How shit rolls in hustletown
    In short this will be a much worse government
    than ever governed err before,
    one consolation, rich profusion
    of much mixed metaphor.

    • And it’s working beautifully…

      It’s like…so you don’t want a mature experienced sensible Government concerned with all aspects of New Zealand society?…o.k be it…
      here…have this..

      Oxford have just redefined the definition of the word ‘clusterfuck’. .

      It now simply reads …
      When the hubris of an overinflated ego is controlled by the hubris of an overinflated ego which is in turn is controlled by the hubris of an overinflated…

  8. If it really is this bad then we desperately need a decent opposition ready to step in when it all turns to custard. At the moment I only trust Te Pati Maori looking robust enough to do the job. Labour seems to lack self belief with this being the second election in the last 6 years where they’re thrown the towell in despite being in a position to govern alongside NZ First.

    I know we always moan about politicians but this current crop are a real worry

  9. It is enjoyable to see the absence from TDB, now, in the hiatus, of a number of the tory trolls that wanked on for months. Supreme Clown Baldrick has not delivered has he? Bwahahaha…etc…

    It was ultimately a three pronged election: twisted revenge against Jacinda for saving 20,000 lives, justified revenge by non voting, or Natzo voting re Labours timidity on serious change for working class people, and the corporate bankrolling of an attempt to install an extreme right wing Govt.

    I would not hold out hope #1 for Winston to push back against the current form of local and international capital and finance capital–but hey–watch this space…

    The key point is for NZ unions and the Greens and TPM to start acting like an opposition right now.

  10. The fact that Nats can only put up a faceless spokesperson to criticise Hipkins for calling for a ceasefire in Gaza tells me that the big boys in the team don’t actually want to say anything important but would rather leave it to the faceless people they’ll employ to do their shit jobs. As for ACT and NZ First, they are too busy trying to get the baubles of office they claim to not want to even know there is a conflict going on.

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