After insinuating Chloe was an antisemite, ACT double down and accuse Nanaia Mahuta of it as well


After insinuating Chloe was an antisemite, ACT double down and accuse Nanaia Mahutaof it as well…

Mahuta Must Explain Moral Failing On Last Day

Documents released by the Israel Institute of NZ appear to show a final moral failing by Nanaia Mahuta that casts shame on behalf of all New Zealand,” says ACT Deputy Leader and Foreign Affairs spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“When Hamas began attacks on Israel, Mahuta was advised by MFAT that she should tweet:

‘Aotearoa New Zealand [flag] unequivocally condemns rocket and terror attacks from Gaza into Israel and calls for their immediate cessation. With a high risk of escalation, the protection of civilians, and upholding of international humanitarian law is essential.’

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“Mahuta rejected this advice, instead tweeting:

‘Aotearoa New Zealand [flag] is deeply concerned at the outbreak of conflict between Israel and Gaza. We call for the immediate cessation of violence. The protection of all civilians, and upholding of international humanitarian law is essential.’

“She was later overruled by Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, and issued a stronger statement more in line with the original advice from MFAT.

“Mahuta had a clear option to denounce barbaric aggression but chose not to. Why? She needs to explain these actions on her last day as Minister. She owes New Zealand that much.


…surprise, surprise.

Israeli war crime apologist Party ACT now see antisemites everywhere they look!

This is now a very clear tactic ACT are adopting that anyone who is critical of Israeli war crimes is an antisemite.

It’s an old tactic that works wonders and allows debate over Israeli group punishment to be gagged.

As 10 000 Gazan civilian deaths tower over us, as we stand in the shadow of an active war crime, as Israel kills as many civilians in one month of conflict that Russia has managed in almost 2 years of war – as that all happens, ACT is playing games of semantics to insinuate anyone not demanding more war crimes is an antisemite!

Shame on ACT for using Fox News tactics to silence critics of war crimes and shame on the rest of us for allowing them to do it!

How ACT and Israel see themselves against everyone else

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  1. ACT the champions of free speech only because the rich have more money to campaign with and to send their acolytes around the world to promote their climate change denialism, and peddle right wing natural order psycho babble.

    And their puppet FSU wet the bed only when told to and thus will not defend the free speech rights of left wing critics of police, the Five Eyes security surveillance state or Zionism. Nor question those trying to silence the HRC and the rights of the indigenous people under the Tiriti.

    Trying to silence critics of Zionist Likud with claims of hate speech, maybe they should make a complaint with the HRC.

  2. It’s worse than all that, they admit MFAT got their talking points and wording directly from Israel!

    Now they’re complaining our minister didn’t just parrot a foreign power!

    Winston should be all over this, “NZ First” after all, how dare our foreign ministry bend over backwards for a foreign power! But I guess coalition talks must be going well for him.

  3. Ludicrous! The true Semites are the Palestinians! They have lived in Palestine for centuries. Most Israelis are Europeans and are not Semitic except the language they learned of Hebrew. ACT treat us as fools. true anyone who’d vote for ACT is a fool.
    Isn’t it anti semitic to evict Palestinians from their homeland to be replaced by European invaders?
    Isn’t it anti semitic to bomb them into hell?
    Israel is the Great Satan’s aircraft carrier the middle East.

    • Yes jay11, a rather inconvenient truth. The whole anti semite label has been thrown around completely inappropriately.

    • Why did Europeans not see Jews as European then? But as a foreign people. Well?

      The obvious was that they were a distinct ethnic people – culture/religion. Yiddish is German and what not European …

      Why do Ashkenazi have similar rates of J1 and J 2 male line Y chromosome to other Jews. Both types also common among Arabs and especially northern Semites – Lebanon,Syria and Palestine. But very uncommon in Europeans.

      And then there are the millions of Mizrahi – formerly Arabic speaking Jews now in Israel – expelled by Arab nations.

  4. The USA pumps billions of $$ into Israel in an ongoing basis to prop it up.
    Why? Simply, this serves their geopolitical goals. It’s also a continuation of the longstanding pratice of US taxpayers subsidising the MI complex & the corporations that subsequently profit from the results of this largesse. This much is painfully obvious.
    ACT, being the unashamed party of whores to such corporate parasites and a political voice to those obscenely wealthy donors, is naturally going to parrot the narrative being promulgated by those profiting from this scenario.
    In behind the scenes, they couldn’t give a flying f@ck about “rights”, “freedoms” or anything else relating to the bulk of the population.
    Their only interest is protecting and extending the interests of those they represent.
    And folks, that sure as sh1t ain’t you and me.
    So they can take their crocodile tears & misfounded cries of “antisemitism!”, and shove them up their collective offshore tax-free vaults.

  5. Classic projection from Brooke to impress her masters, AND from the supposed free speech party. Her social media profile probably has a flag for the little guy Ukraine AND the big guy Israel, what does she stand for exactly? Parroting any critique of Israel as racist is like saying all Jews are mass murdering religious fanatics who want to steal all your crypto. Brooke is making the world less safe.

  6. Amusing. Why does ACT care about Israel? Maybe it’s central to freemarketism? To the last 270 years of the industrial revolution , to the last 500 years of European conquest that paid for that.

  7. All these documents show is that New Zealand is a front for Zionist extremism. The government needs to make it clear to Zionist extremists that New Zealand is not their fucking country. But we won’t get that because Zionists are now the government.

    Expect New Zealand media over the next three years to be filled with press releases direct from Israel.

    Billionaire-funded ACT shitting on Mahuta for illegal word use is as low as it gets.

    • I think that ACT will throw around accusations of anti-Semitism a lot. They want to have a referendum which will create a tonne of division, and if he can try to have voices in the arguments that are to come, silenced or “cancelled”, with accusations of anti-Semitism, all the better. The more shit posting and trolling he does, just distracts from the shit he is actually trying to do.

  8. Somehow; through the vagaries of propaganda, targeted history and the changing of times, the WW2 memory of holocaust against the Jewish people by the European Nazi, has been sabotaged by guilt, to allow holocaust against the peoples of Palestine by Jewish Zion.
    Somehow; shame, responsibility, or accountability, was applied to our collective sub/conscious, to the extent that nothing Zionist Israel does to the civilians of Palestine, is supposed to be subject to the same moral or principle or criticism, as that done by the Nazi, to the Jewish people during Holocaust.
    Any comparison between Nazi behaviour toward the Jewish people(WARSAW) and Zion’s behaviour toward the Palestinian people (GAZA) must be separated by definition, a definition created by the Zionists themselves. So that these definitions of morality, of good and evil etc ; have been outsourced to the corrupt and senile BiBi Netenyahu, AIPAC’s Joe Biden and the anglo-zionist MIC.
    Being called ‘anti-semite’ looses it’s power, as this ferocious genocide goes on. For fear of it’s slander, to say nothing, while the innocents are being slaughtered in their thousands and the turned up noses of western elites blow full of ‘humanitarian’ ‘rules based’ ya ya, IS the hate crime. To say nothing against the psychotic cruelty of zionist Israel now unleashed, is an expression of hatred against those millions directly subject to it. We, become complicit by our silence. We, are driven to that silence, by threats implicit in the ‘anti-semite’ slander. This fear, is where the power of ‘anti-semite’ and ‘holocaust denier’ is drawn from. To be called an ‘anti-semite’ or ’Holocaust denier” holds us to an account of past holocaust guilt, while the present holocaust goes on behind it. Besides; it is well understood to be the oldest trick in the (illu)zionist playbook. Anytime Israel doesn’t get what it wants, or the narratives of its empire of stooges get called to account, it curses you with ‘anti semite’, followed closely by holocaust denier.
    That a crazed hasbara might call me ‘anti-semite’, now, after witnessing this, is not even an argument to bother with.

  9. Hamas as the blood of the Palestinian people on their hands. What do you think Israel should do after the massacre? Invite Hamas over for a cup of tea and a chat? Hamas hold Palestinians hostage because they’re too chicken to take on the IDF without civilian shields. Sadly many innocent people are dying but Hamas is a cancer that needs to be cut out. Only a defeated Hamas can offer hope for Palestine. Remember WWII? USA and Germany and Japan are allies now. There can be a bright future for Palestine but jot if they’re ruled by terrorists.

    • 100%

      I’ve not heard one suggestion from the left for what Israel should do apart from just be happy being a Hamas rocket target.

    • The fucking irony only yesterday I watched a video of the brave IDF crouching behind a restrained Palestinian as a human shield.

  10. ” “She was later overruled by Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, and issued a stronger statement more in line with the original advice from MFAT.

    “Mahuta had a clear option to denounce barbaric aggression but chose not to. Why? She needs to explain these actions on her last day as Minister. She owes New Zealand that much ”

    And New Zealand has an independent foreign policy…lol

    Only the Green party , TMP and those of us around during the ANZAC break up that supported our country being nuclear free have any concept on independence.

    PM David Lange said in his valedictory speech in 1993 that he was proud to be part of a government that never went to Washington to grovel and that a independent foreign policy / stance must remain if we are to have any self respect.

  11. D Seymour is going to accuse anyone with a media presence anti-Semite. He knows that when he starts trying to get his referendum going, he is going to be facing a lot of criticism, and he will be able to say, “N Mahuta is an anti-Semite, therefore she is racist and her argument is null and void”. It is childish, boring, and oh so fucking predictable.

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