Ummmmmm what happens if Catastrophic Global Warming isn’t linear and is exponential? Doesn’t that mean we are in enormous existential danger?


We are almost 6 sigma out.

6 sigma.

In normal distribution of temperatures, right now we are 6 sigma out.

We are facing the hottest year in 125 000 years and the only response from our new Far Right Government is ‘More Cows’!

What if we have actually been wrong about climate change all this time?

What if climate change isn’t linear?

What if it is exponential?

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What if the temperature readings that are almost 6 sigma out of normal standard deviation evidence not of linear warming but exponential growth instead?

Meaning that instead of catastrophic weather by the end of the century, we are looking at within a decade?

The readings back suggest we are looking at an enormous cascade failure of the biosphere, the speed and severity of which will trigger enormous shocks to global capitalism and democracy.

ACT, National and NZ First are a climate denying Government who will not have any solutions to these challenges.

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  1. Yes, a big thank you to all you lunkheads, thickos, incels, codgers, racists and sheep shaggers who voted Natzo, Act or newly minted MAGA–ite Winston.

    Genuine, non sarcastic thanks however to those of the new gens who did vote though!–particularly for Te Pāti Māori and Greens. I don’t blame the alienated, excluded and let down for not voting–but you bloody should have anyway…

    Climate disaster is truly here–and will only get much worse by the month. No need to go to sodding Bali, Europe or the burnt out sand pit that is Australia, start your vegetable gardens and rain water collection and keep some cash on hand for when the ATMs go down…

    • You need to be wealthy to afford to care .Most people just get on with their lives and will follow the rules set by the government .When those rules are harsh and effect our standard of living we vote them out .This has just happened with covid .Do we want a world were we cannot travel or go to mass entertainment .I think the answer is no so what is your solution to this problem for those all over the world

    • Farmers et al make up 0.961538462% of the total population of AO/NZ @ 5.2 million.
      Farmers earn our entire economy. Fuck you with any of the “but it’s tourism” arguments.
      Here’s what we ‘sheep shaggers’ should do. We should go on strike. No food, no exports earned revenue, no money to buy fuel, medicines or general materials. In short, Dick Head, you’d be fucked in about three days. The supermarket cartels would be ransacked over night. Petrol stations would be drained. Medicines would have disappeared from chemists and ‘boo-hoo’ the banksters would slam their doors in your faces while re focusing on the foreclosures of your mortgages you morons over committed yourselves to because you couldn’t think past your fat arse’s and your pot guts’s.
      We could be an Island Country with an ability to survive beyond what most will experience but instead we’ll have dick heads like the dick head above doing little brain spurts he or she will think is genius when in reality, invasion, starvation then death is far more likely.
      Farmers? You provide this dumb little country with food and money while you take abuse and be exploited. Is that all you can do? Take it like little bitches?

      • Heh, what planet do you live on CBoy, it does not seem remotely like the one many of us do.

        Your personal abuse of me is not appreciated by the way, which is why I think you are losing the plot–I have consistently supported a class left perspective on this site. I have my personal survival sussed and help others in my community in the Far North to do the same. We run producer markets, artisan markets and do community projects, get involved with Iwi capacity building, etc.

        Industrial Farmers are not our saviours, smaller farmers and horticulturalists in total are more like it regarding food supply.

        • I would not be upset about CB. TM most of his blogs are long winded and don’t make much tense .I think it depends on the strength of his happy weed. It sounds as if you are doing your bit up North.

  2. Its certainly exponential but what is also certain is that the greens, tpm or any NZ politician cant do fuck all to prevent it. They can virtue signal though.

  3. The IPCC barely included the impacts of the oceans on climate change until less than three years ago, and is still under by at least an order of magnitude if not two.
    The massive increase in surface sea temperatures is to be highly expected, as when the oceans warm up thermoclines form whereby cold water and warm water are separated by the thermocline which acts as a physical barrier to the flow of nutrients, and so the warm water that floats on top becomes devoid of nutrients and the phytoplankton dies and sinks.
    This is the real issue, as those phytoplankton absorb more CO2 than the tropical rainforests.
    So of course you will have a exponential increase, just about every component of global warming has a positive feedback loop.
    The very fact that climate models rely almost solely on surface temperatures shows precisely how arrogant humans have begun – we only measure those numbers that affect us directly even though the ecosystems that matter are 3 dimensional.
    The time frame is irrelevant in any case, as no action will ever be taken to change the course, panic will ensue when it is far too late.

  4. Before we die early in exponential climate change, and unaesthetic circs. No, no more to say.

    We don’t want to hear, as you’ve proved by your true columns, Martyn.

    Exponential is the way of climate change.

    Reality, no one wants to address.

    Chris turned, keep shouting for the truth — like Corbyn,
    Sanders and Reich. Reality is beauty, even into the blaze of death.

  5. I am not rich but can afford to pay $12 for a dozen eggs but now families have to choose between extra bread or less eggs. It is the poor that suffer to give the wealthy a clear conscience. That was the point I was making .It was the same with covid those with effected business got help from the government. I bet tourist operators in Fiji did not and they would have lost everything.

  6. it is likely that the scientific models have leaned towards understated predictions – the consequences of publicly overstating risk being difficult to survive professionally.

    But lets fill NZ up with even more migrants, so that we have no hope of meeting our Kyoto commitments and must make massive penalty payments – actual planning is far too hard for our childish governments.


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