National is China’s pimp and Infrastructure NZ is in the pocket of China – will Chinese intimidation tactics be used against NZ citizens?


The National Party use small business morality to camaflague their big business interests.

Many of those big business interests are dependent on China and this dependence chains us to acquiescence to Xi.

All that milk powder, wood, seafood and real estate Industries need Chinese money and the Blue Dragons (Chinese New Zealanders) are the largest faction inside the National Party now.

The woke Left can only see the world through the lens of identity and as migrants, anyone criticising China is immediately xenophobic and cancelled.

This point blank refusal by the woke to see China as a strategic and geopolitical risk despite ruling their own people with an Orwellian surveillance state that is increasingly becoming paranoid as economic pain starts to threaten the harmony China’s Communist regime promises, means there is no criticism from the puritan Left OR the self interested Right. ion NZ

Here is Gerry Brownlee, apparently beaming in from a parallel universe…

Incoming Government says no ‘deep and immediate’ concern about China’s influence in Pacific region

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The incoming Government doesn’t have any “deep and immediate” concerns about China becoming more assertive in the Pacific, National foreign affairs spokesperson Gerry Brownlee says. 

…when so many National Party donors need Chinese money, you can see why John Key is still pimping for Xi…

…National is little more than a front for Chinese business interests.

Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain were Director’s of the China Construction Bank, Judith Collins interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husbands Chinese Company, Oravida, to gain more Chinese money  and Maurice Williamson’s love affair with  Donghua Liu saw him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and heavying the Police to drop domestic violence charges.

There was also the wee issue of a Chinese Spy inside the National Party as an MP.

National are the Political Party of Corporate Dairy Farmers and the Corporate Dairy Farmers  who followed John Key’s ‘All our Cows in one Beijing paddock’ strategy’ have ended up becoming indebted to our Chinese Economic Overlords…

Fonterra’s milk price chop predicted to hit tax take and GDP hard, big farmer losses ahead

A deep cut in Fonterra’s milk price forecast will wipe $5 billion off the country’s GDP and most dairy farmers will make significant losses this year, according to a leading agri-economist.

…while our Chinese Economic Overlords build their own mega Dairy Farms that will utterly undermine our dependent industry…

Going bigger! Big scale dairy farming a main trend in China

China’s dairy farming industry has transformed over the last 2 decades and today the main trend is big scale farming.

In 2019 the annual milk production in China was 32 billion kg and according to the ‘China Dairy Industry Statistics 2020’ the 25 largest farming companies of milk delivered 9,4 billion kg of the country’s production or contributed 29%. These farming companies had 1.7 million dairy cattle or on average nearly 68 thousand animals each.

…they will overtake us and undermine us and National with their Corporate Dairy mates have set us up on a collision course of geopolitical tensions.

Let’s be clear, we have no issue with the Chinese people or China, our problem is with their authoritarian régime however National seem more concerned with Chinese business interests than they are with our national interests!

National’s devotion for China is not safe and neither is the coming dairy death spiral.

We have put all our cows in one Beijing paddock and it is coming back to bite us in the arse!

No wonder John Key sings Xi’s praises whenever he can!

The question now is will Chinese Kiwis become exposed to the same social media attack campaigns being seen in America…

China is using the world’s largest known online disinformation operation to harass Americans, a CNN review finds

CNN — 

The Chinese government has built up the world’s largest known online disinformation operation and is using it to harass US residents, politicians, and businesses—at times threatening its targets with violence, a CNN review of court documents and public disclosures by social media companies has found.

The onslaught of attacks – often of a vile and deeply personal nature – is part of a well-organized, increasingly brazen Chinese government intimidation campaign targeting people in the United States, documents show.

The US State Department says the tactics are part of a broader multi-billion-dollareffort to shape the world’s information environment and silence critics of Beijing that has expanded under President Xi Jinping. On Wednesday, President Biden is due to meet Xi at a summit in San Francisco.

Victims face a barrage of tens of thousands of social media posts that call them traitors, dogs, and racist and homophobic slurs. They say it’s all part of an effort to drive them into a state of constant fear and paranoia.

Often, these victims don’t know where to turn. Some have spoken to law enforcement, including the FBI – but little has been done. While tech and social media companies have shut down thousands of accounts targeting these victims, they’re outpaced by a slew of new accounts emerging virtually every day.

Known as “Spamouflage” or “Dragonbridge,” the network’s hundreds of thousands of accounts spread across every major social media platform have not only harassed Americans who have criticized the Chinese Communist Party, but have also sought to discredit US politicians, disparage American companies at odds with China’s interests and hijack online conversations around the globe that could portray the CCP in a negative light.

…on cue, look at Infrastructure NZ, the front for Chinese Belt and road interests in NZ.

Infrastructure NZ largest interests comprise of the China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Bank of China.

They are now calling on National to

  • A recommendation to seek alternative funding and financing mechanisms to deliver infrastructure projects.

…so the Belt and Road Pimps are calling on National, a party they own, to start looking at alternative funding and financing mechanisms which is the Chinese debt trap.

Let me guess, anyone who starts focusing on these connections between china and National will suddenly become a target of “Dragonbridge” will they?


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  1. Brownlee is a complete fucking idiot.
    Decades of political troughing with no achievements.
    Everything he did during the EQ recovery was a disaster in itself.
    He is an embarrassment to Canterbury.
    Nothing he says is worth taking note of.

  2. Although there’s alot of truth in what you say…when it comes down to it..NZ is still a U.S satellite(they control our financial system,oil supplies(thx Lab)and their instruction will prevail if it came to a..choice.

    • No Blazer the wonderful “market”, the likes of Seymour salivate over, got rid of our refining capacity because it made no sense for their margins not to. It’s the same market that will say ‘why would I travel to the arse end of the planet and sink billions into oil extraction when I don’t need to (despite all the bluster over Luxon allowing drilling again).

  3. NZ up for sale again- National will do it (and have done it) with realestate, infrastructure, and state owned enterprises. They are otherwise bereft of ideas -watch and learn (if you didn’t learn from their previous terms of office). They party that knows business and economic management better than the other parties …. Yeah, right!!

  4. That’s why we need a nuclear capable Royal Navy aircraft carrier in every main port in AO/NZ.
    That’s also why every moron who voted for national and it’s warts should be given LSD and Ecstasy until they come to their senses. You who voted for national, act and the shriveled pinstriped idiot? How could you? What the fuck were you thinking? We had governance, it was good enough. It just needed us to tell it what we were expecting of it rather than let it run about like special needs mice.

  5. Historically New Zealand’s trade has moved to the highest paying markets.
    At one time 90% of New Zealand’s lamb went to the UK and 75% of New Zealand’s beef went to the USA.It is therefore not unprecedented for one market to dominate New Zealand’s exports.

    • Yes and look what happened when the UK joined the EU. Economic carnage that took a decade to crawl out from under. The same is coming from china if we don’t spread our cheeks and take their it like Scottish sheep stuck in a fence.

  6. China, the BRIICS+ all thee waaaay! Instead of the war-mongering Genocidal maniac white folks from the north. Fuck’em!

    The global centre axis is shifting south.

    Let the North blow themselves up and burn. Close the border at the equator and let the southern hemisphere become the powerhouse it is meant to be.

    • Good idea, I’m turning the map upside down to remind me of our eminence.

      On a more serious note Xi told Biden that unipolar imperium was not acceptable to nations of equal standing. In San Fran this week, on US soil. Biden afterwards referred to Xi as a dictator, he should know because Xi had just dictated to him the terms of future engagement.

  7. So National are pimps just because they want to Trade with China while I’m guessing you prefer we stick to the West Martyn, instead of China? Who do you prefer, the Western Mass murderers led by the US who are responsible for the Proxy War carnage & genocide in Ukraine & now the Israeli massacres of Women & children in Gaza? I don’t see China invading, warmongering or meddling & interfering in another Nations affairs or trying to upend their Sovereignty but I do see the US & NATO doing this? What I do see is China building things like infrastructure & doing Financial deals & Investments that benefit not only themselves but others in reciprocal agreements making Diplomatic Peace agreements in the Middle East while America & the West are now trying to sabotage this after failing catastrophically to destroy & Regime change Russia so they have pivoted to the ME & Israel to set the World on fire to prevent BRICS & China’s Belt & Road Initiative? The US wages endless Wars around the Globe & you are supporting it Martyn by publishing falsehoods like this that China is EVIL & somehow being a partner is being it’s bitch? The Aussies recently reset their Trade Relationship with China & we should do the same because everyone else in the World recognises the rising Superpower, the World’s biggest Economy whereas the US is the declining Superpower, lashing about like a drowning man trying to drag others down with it in collapse!

  8. We’re not using CNN as a source of information about the propaganda war between the US and China are we? I mean, it could all be true but there’s no way we should trust the propaganda industry of one country to give us accurate info about the propaganda industry of another country.

  9. China is EVIL? ok, have you heard of 5 Eyes and US Imperialism? or authoritarianism spreading in Europe–Poland, Hungary etc. not to mention that barely failed coup in the Yoo Ess Ayy on Jan. 6.

    Aotearoa NZ could actually do with a dash of “Belt & Road” imo. A fucking big Chinese operation to put useable highways and railways in from one end of the country to the other would not go amiss.

    I agree with Den for once, BRICS and the Southern Hemisphere are ascendant. Human rights will only be decided by local populations organising, same in China, same here.


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