Fabricated claims of anti-semitism from the pro-Israel lobby


It’s mischievous at best for the New Zealand Jewish Council to make claims of anti-semitism with the graffiti spraypainted on the fence of the Israeli consulate in Auckland.

The words “Free Gaza”, Save the kids”, “Ceasefire” and “Free Palestine” were written on the fence in the Auckland suburb of Epsom overnight.

Juliet Moses from the New Zealand Jewish Council was aware of the incident and said the targeting of Jewish properties was unacceptable.

“There is a real escalation in antisemitism and graffiti is one of the manifestations of that.”

In the couple of paragraphs she morphs a “Free Gaza” message on the Israeli consulate fence into “targeting Jewish properties” and then talks about “graffiti as a manifestation of anti-semitism”.

It’s always disappointing when the media doesn’t challenge such a blatant fabrication.

“Conflating criticism of Israel with anti-semitism is a persistent tactic used by the pro-Israel lobby to defend Israel and discourage politicians and the media from speaking out against Israel’s outrageous policies and practices directed against Palestinians”.

They do it because it works. Just look at the spineless, cowardly behaviour of Labour and National politicians who are happy to condemn attacks on Israeli civilians but are deathly silent on Israeli war crimes.

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New Zealanders are quite rightly outraged at the genocidal slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza – over 10,000 killed including at least 3,900 children – and the graffiti reflects that outrage.

While PSNA was not involved in this graffiti and arson incident and we don’t see it as helpful for the Palestinian cause we can absolutely understand the motivation.

There is nothing anti-semitic in it.

If a similar graffiti attack had been made on a Russian Consulate after its invasion and occupation of Ukraine the whole country would probably have cheered.

Last year the New Zealand Jewish Council promoted a “survey on anti-semitism” which declared that calling Israel an apartheid state or supporting BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel were “markers of anti-semitism”.

It’s time these lies and mischievous inventions were called out for the rubbish they are.

The pro-Israel lobby has less interest in real anti-semitism than it does in using “whatever means necessary”, including lies and fabrications, to protect the apartheid state of Israel.


  1. As a plight those who stand against Israel are marked by a chronic inability to recognise Israel’s enemies. Even when Israel’s enemies do there very best to tell everyone who they are.

  2. Jew in Sydney was kicked by Palestinian protestors. 4 days in hospital. Jew murdered in LA. Female Jew murdered in France
    Poppy seller in Scotland aged 78, attacked and kicked by Palestinian protestors. Palestinian protestors intimidate families in London going to MacDonald’s

    And this a Sunday, is Armistice day in the UK. One million Palestinian protestors converging on the same day .
    Should be fun. Good times for Palestinian protestors
    Bad times for Jews and regular citizens

    • Well thousands of dead Palestinians might disagree that it’s only a bad time for “Jews and regular citizens”. Clearly it’s not ok that people that have nothing to do with what is happening, have been targeted at all. Much the same as the bulk of those dead Palestinians

        • Well Andy, yes, you are right, those cases are examples of antisemitism, cases where people are falsely equating all ethnic Jews (commonly labeled Semites) with the Israeli state.
          It’s reprehensible.
          But it also invites the question, The Israeli state indulges in exactly the same conflation, falsely claiming that criticism and attacks on the Israeli state and its policies is antisemitism.
          It’s reprehensible.

          I’ll assume that you agree.

    • You tell us of some things happening to Jews.
      Of course this isn’t right at all, it is anti semitism.

      But I am batting regularly for the Palestinians who had had more people murdered in a month than have been killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

      Oh but do we care about Palestinians………..they are not white

      • It is possible to simultaneously be concerned about the plight of the Gazas and the rise in anti-semitism in NZ and beyond.

        Unless, of course, you are a leftist keyboard warrior, in which you can pleasure yourself over the misfortune of Jews being punched and kicked.

        Watch out for this Sunday in London.
        It could be amusing for you guys

    • the pally protest is not routed anywhere near the cenotaph…how about some outrage about the rightard dickheads throwing nazi salutes on the actual plinth and pissing on a cops memorial stone..not to mention the anti vax numpties here using our war memorial as a toilet.
      selective outrage is pathetic but then so are gammony rightards

    • Exactly @ Den. Perhaps softening us up for re colonisation too you think? We should remember that anything between the 40th latitudes + or – are soon to be uninhabitable.

      • Oh it’s the Immigration Dept which is softening us up for re colonization CB. Strange you hadn’t noticed what with all the ideological and ethnic conflicts starting up. And Mossad being blamed for the CH massacre. But that was just good old anti-zionism wasn’t it. Nothing to do with antisemitism. No sir, nothing at all.

      • You could be onto something CB?

        NZ should invest in R&D for reptiles & amphibious creatures to splice DNA with humans so when NZ goes under we’ll be the only inhabited country in the whole world!

  3. While PSNA was not involved in this graffiti and arson incident and we don’t see it as helpful for the Palestinian cause we can absolutely understand the motivation. (No way not those high and mighty supporters of PLO eh).
    There is nothing anti-semitic in it. (No nothing to see here)

    Just like the cowardly attacks and butchering of Israeli men, women and children by Hamas – nothing to see here eh John Boy?!

    Are you an anti-semite? member of PLO NZ Inc?

    • Bob, so the conflict for you started on the 7th of October 2023 ? and do you have proof of Israeli babies heads being decapitated? Genocide Biden had to walk those comments back because it was BS like most hasbara Israeli propaganda.

      Bet you couldn’t give two fucks about the 10,000 plus Palestinian being murdered by the IDF 4,000 being children and that from reputable sources the UN not some MSM propaganda.

      • Even if you see the footage you will not accept that what you see.
        Remember the attack on the old lady in the park. Circa Posy Parker.

        So tell us then, when did this start? Before or after the settling of Gaza by the seafarers from the Aegean region.

  4. Until some actual evidence, such as video or admission, or even online outing, is produced as to the perpetrators of the Graffiti and slight fire it remains highly suspicious.

    I still remember the alleged “fire bombing” (a pathetic minor blaze if that) of one of Anne Tolley’s Electoral offices at the time of the big TPPA march in Auckland. Despite CCTV cameras in the vicinity no one was ever fingered let alone apprehended or interviewed by the cops as far as the public are aware–so the suspicion remains it was a false flag inside job.

    Fire or arson is not acceptable as a protest tactic in NZ but graffiti is fine in my view. A bit of spray paint hardly compares to 10,000 non combatant lives extinguished by the IDF butchers.

  5. Golda Meir the ex deceased PM of apartheid Israel wasn’t shy on claiming that ‘we call anybody anti-Semitic’ that doesn’t agree with us. Israeli politicians actually gloat about weaponizing antisemitism as if it was a joke.

    Sorry but the antisemitism canard has weaken it true meaning because of its overuse by pro-Israeli pudits

  6. Imagine equating graffiti telling of the murder of 10,000 palestinians as being anti-semitic

    Who could stoop so low?

    The appropriate response would be to acknowledge that emotions are running high after the killing of co many civilians but that would be asking the pro israel lobby to stop playing the victim of there own self made problems

    Have the jewish council of NZ expressed any remorse over how many civilians on both sides have died? Or do only jewish lives matter?

  7. Julie Moses is in an invidious position. She would have done better to say nothing. Raising the spectre of anti Semitism played straight into Zionist / Israeli messaging, aligning NZ Jews with Israel.
    Im not Jewish, I haven’t asked NZ Jews who they support and I’m not going to assume they are unanimous one way or the other.
    Targeting Jews and property here for Israels actions is a mistake. Take the message to the offices of our MPs, to Parliament because they need to hear how we feel. Protest at the Israel Consulate, fly a Palestinian flag. But lay off our Jews, that just feeds to Zionist troll machine.

    • No Moses wants it – they want their ‘poor’ plight in the headlines as often as possible.

      The oppressed have become the oppressors.

      Of course Jewish supporters of Palestine have have spoken at numerous rallies in the past few weeks.

  8. Yep, This “Graffiti” attack screams of a false flag operation. I mean even card carrying Nazis would not have done such a clean job, correctly spelt in such an attractive font. And even then they aren’t stupid enough to burn their own message. Token burn I mean. And before you can say Rumplestiltskin Rimmer shows up to defend Vandalism and racial divide. The Irony.

    • Some years ago the online progressive American newspaper Common Dreams voiced concerns that a major donor had threatened to cut all funding if ‘antisemitic’ comments in the paper continued. I had noticed how huge the comment section was for many of the articles but usually read only a few of these.
      The editors stopped all commenting for about three weeks then made the announcement that the offending comments had been finally tracked to one city, one university, one room and one computer use by one Jew who was posting comments using 25 – 27 ‘Names.’ Common Dreams changed their commenting system so this was prevented from ever happening again and the comments dwindled right down.
      They left a prominent link to the story on their Home page for about three months.

  9. God! You’re a brave Bird @ John Minto. If only our all bought and paid for politicians had such clearly defined spine, much less we gutless Public lot.
    Kia Kaha, as the saying goes.
    This might be a bit off-topic in some ways but the theory is in there I think.
    ‘Lobbying and communications firm Senate’s ‘wildly inappropriate’ contracts at Commerce Commission revealed’

  10. The graffiti targeted a Jewish place of worship. To me that is not acceptable. We should not assume that everyone of the Jewish faith supports the attempts to exterminate Palestinian Arabs, because that is simply not the case. The US or Israeli embassies, or any New Zealand government facility would have been a more appropriate target.

    • My apologies. The report I heard through mainstream media was that the Beth Shalom synagogue was targeted. We now have confirmation that it was actually the adjoining Auckland Consulate of the State of Israel. The regime’s disinformation machine is running at full throttle, and I was one of those taken in by the claim that a synagogue was targeted.
      This is what state owned broadcaster RNZ had to say
      “An Auckland Jewish community centre’s fence has been vandalised overnight, with an attempt to set it on fire.
      Pro Palestinian graffiti was sprayed on the fence of the Beth Shalom centre in Epsom on Tuesday night.
      A neighbour said she saw two small fires, one on either side of the fence, but they did not take hold.
      Google maps wrongly lists the property as being the Israeli Consulate.”
      Not surprising if after its disgraceful purge of content and staff RNZ is now just blatantly lying to us.

        • Alternatively it could be that the State of Israel decided to shelter behind the Beth Shalom synagogue, and it could also be that the congregation is complicit in allowing that close association with the State of Israel. I hope that is not the case, because then the Beth Shalom synagogue would become a legitimate target of public anger. Several sources identify 79 Margot Street, over the back fence from Beth Shalom, as the address of Israel’s Consulate in Auckland. So what is the story? Is it or was it the site of the Consulate? If it is no longer the site of the Consulate, has it now been incorporated into the Beth Shalom? Can we have some clarity from the Auckland Jewish community on this?

  11. Cry me a river .
    When Israeli cats get barred from cat shows, when Israeli art collections are seized en route, when Israeli property is confiscated and sold, when Israeli orchestra conductors are sacked and Jewish books banned, when Israeli athletes are called upon to condemn Israel or be barred from competing, when the very fact of your nationality is grounds for others to abuse you with impunity amidst cheers from the crowd, then I might think Israel has something to grizzle about

    • The Indigenous Palestinians have had their homes taken over by settlers who are not from the area on record numbers and you’re making up assumptions that its the Israelis that are the forever victims? Get a real story instead of being a pro-israeli troll

  12. Just whitewash over the words with whitewash paint and if the words keep reappearing just replace the perimeter fence with, say, prison bars 🙂

    The surrounds of your rental also need weeding by the looks – mow your lawns if needed! We have in New Zealand an established set of rules for maintaining dwellings and I’m not sure this tired frontage meets the threshold for such standards 🙂

    A reminder: inclusiveness, diversity, equality. New Zealand has community standards based on best practice regulation and mutual respect, but we also have stringent moral and ethical standards: we reject all forms of violence (especially the economy of violence), disinformation (including lies, propaganda, coercion, manipulation and unbridled censorship), racial and ethnic superiority, religious fanaticism, bulldozer colonialism, contractual agreements with extremists, subjugation of poor brown people and weaponized victimhood 🙂

  13. The disgusting thing in the UK is it removed the grand Corbyn. At least in NZ we realize the difference. In the UK it destroyed a return to social democracy from The Guardian rightward. Won’t mention Cunliffe and ‘chippy’.

    Is Hager a Jew, or something? We love Jews and hate Israel. Conquering a country from its people is no good, as we know from NZ. Doing it in the full light of the 20th century, over the vast majority of the people of the country ‘ is a sin’. Jews were rightfully scared, others were rightfully for the Jews, but, shit, conquering another people I will have to be for the people of the land.

    • We live Jews and we hate Israel.
      Strange comment.
      Who is “we”?

      The Islamic texts are full of Jew hatred
      Jew hatred in the Middle East extends way beyond Israel, ask Gad Saad, a Jewish exile from Lebanon

      But then he is t “of the land” because he is a Jew
      The only people of the land are Muslim Arabs accordingly to our new world order

  14. But the difference is that there was no graffiti attack on the Russian embassy!
    We mourn the injury and death of people in the area between “the river and the sea” to violence and beyond. And our nation will donate to help care for those affected by the violence.
    We also care about and mourn the death and destruction caused by Jihadist targeting Christians and other civilians in Africa.

  15. How scurrilous Israel has become, founded, wrongly, in the post WW ll surge of idealism (ending in 80s neoliberalism: the rich know best).

    Keep up the good work, John, forever. I made a mistake in signing off according to the new procedures here and was slightly alarumed your younger bruv would know from what family I came from in the town with no peer. Minor embarrassment, since his classmate, my brother, is insane except for the psychological assessment. Risks his 40 percent heart performance for a ‘feeling’ of being right. That ‘feeling’ is the major problem in dealing with reality.


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