Shots fired! Shane Jones slams National, Greens and Māori Party in dance of the seven veiled threats

ACT and NZ First finally meet

Senior NZ First MP Shane Jones slams National’s foreign buyers’ tax

Senior NZ First MP Shane Jones has cast doubt on National’s ability to get its foreign buyers’ tax across the line in coalition talks.

Speaking to Radio Waatea on Tuesday, Jones said tax changes that could worsen housing affordability were not in NZ First’s DNA.

“The north, the west, the east, and the south – they recall that we have in our DNA a deep aversion to tax cuts if it worsens the prospect of Kiwis getting on the property ladder and those things were well and truly aired during the campaign,” Jones said.

THIS is the true nub of the problem for the new far right Government.

National built their entire economic model on the fake premise they’ll make billions in revenue from a tax on foreign buyers speculating in the domestic market.

Problem is NZ First had the foreign buyers ban in the manifesto and helped Labour put in place in the first term of the Labour led Government.

The Real Estate Pimps have pumped millions of dollars in donations to National and want the foreign buyers ban lifted on top of re-opening tax loopholes, on top of dumping healthy home requirements, on top of the right to evict.

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The Real Estate Lobbyists effectively wrote National’s Policy.

The problem is Winston don’t get no money from the Real Estate Pimps so he don’t care about their interests and because  NZ First put the Foreign Buyers Ban in, they sure as Christ won’t lift it meaning National’s entire economic House of Cards collapses.

This is why there is still so much of a chance that we may well go to a second election because National can’t budge Winston and ACT hate Winston.

The right have the money for a second election, the Left don’t and if Winston can be painted out as the problem, they could burn him politically.

National, ACT and NZ First expects the electorate to behave like Pavlov’s Dog.

In one breath we are told the negotiations can be immediate and quick, while in the next breath re-stating how they can walk away altogether.

NZ First is like retirement village political chlamydia, but more delusional. ACT have values that would embarrass your average Drug Cartel and shame flesh hungry piranha while Luxon looks like a frightened virgin at an orgy.

This isn’t looking good.

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    • So national would have another support partner? The leader was throwing crying about how unfair it is national didn’t give him a deal and how he would have made an excellent coalition partner for National, while constantly telling supporters he’d refuse any deal and sit in the cross benches

      Mofo doesn’t even live in the same city or even island as the electorate he campaigned in and hasn’t for six years.

      Tops dead. It’s a protest vote, just vote National if you want a tory govt.

      • Dead right.
        Top is National in drag.
        Much as I like the basic income the 33% flat tax to pay for it takes from the poor to give to the rich once again.
        Plus the fact Raf Manji said he would support the NACTS puts me right off TOP.

  1. If Winston ran on that issue he’d not get burned.
    For once, Jones is correct, I also want to believe most NZers realise that the obscenely inflated property bubble is disastrous for NZ both socially and economically.

    • Exactly Richard. They went from way too high, then to ridiculous post covid, then tracked back to way too high. Why the hell would we want obscene. Yet another issue where “most” don’t want it, but it’s not “most” that the policy is written for.

  2. Kiwis will not want a second dissolution of Parliament this soon. It’s normally avoided at all costs.

    If we head back to the polls we will end up with a NACT government WITH a majority imho.

    • I’d hold my nose and vote for Winston just to make sure that didn’t happen. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only left voter who would vote tactically to keep him in the picture and stymie NACT’s tax plan. We know a left bloc win is impossible so what’s to lose?

      • Me too Nicko.
        If Luxon can’t make the 3 way coalition work he needs to talk to Hipkins before initiating another election. Over 60% of the votes were for Nat or Lab, therefore, if we are a democracy, those parties should be in power. We should not be ruled by whims of extremists.

        • MMP was designed to give the outsiders a voice some times it will be the pie in the sky far left (Greens and TPM) sometimes the right (Act) and NZF which blows to the greater giver of power for Winston and now Shane. As long as we keep out the Happy Clappy mob and the likes of Sue Grey and Liz Gunn NZ will survive whatever party rules

        • Something wrong with that comment Peter. 1984 on. We have been ruled by a noliberal whim since 1984. And MMP is useful for gauging the mood of the electorate – to see if there is a party that will get over the threshhold with some good ideas, apart from the froot loops. We have to be careful not to drop the threshhold too low and not give a newbie too big a say; could be an electorate win allowing in only one other MP – when it is just one electorate that is.

          • Greywarbler, as Labour got more votes than ACT & NZF combined, true democracy IE majority rule, dictates that Labour must be in the ‘governing’ mix. Our current MMP implementation actually does not provide democracy. Giving minorities a voice should be by them sitting in Parliament, not dictating what majority parties can do.

    • If a snap election was called, to have any chance of flipping votes back to them, the first order of business for the Labour Party. sack the sausage roll loving captain calling loser.

    • The Gnats will be punished if they don’t form a government. Winston is an albatross around their necks, but if they refuse him they’ll be lucky to scrape in at all.

  3. Well we have already had revenge voters “we showed Jacinda”…halfwits who will hopefully enjoy their 90 day fire at will employment relations and their immediate evictions from over priced dumps…and their ‘pay for’ prescriptions…

    So maybe there will be an element of revenge on the revenge voters from those that did not vote and should have known better!

    Would new MAGA convert Winston really pull the pin on a Natzo Govt? I guess if there is not the role he seeks for himself then he could do–his record speaks for itself–he still wants revenge too for who ever it was that outed the old vampire on his superannuation relationship status.

    Capital surely will do what ever it takes to avoid a second election–but a good old dose of chaos would be a good wake up call for those that do not pay attention to political affairs and participation, and a slap down for the media channels.

  4. NZ doesn’t need the tax from foreign buyers to give out the promised income tax cuts. Luxon will happily cut more public servants, plus end the art and film subsidies.
    Balanced books, annihilate the arts subsidy industry, and tax cuts for ordinary workers – job done.

  5. Surely National will at least talk to Labour about supply and confidence before requiring a second election; a National/Labour coalition is actually what the electorate voted for. If centrist parties can’t work together we have lost the concept of democracy and moved to government controlled by extremists.

  6. Meh…in any coalition ‘bottom lines’ campaigned on have to be tweaked or watered down.
    No one party gets all its campaign wish list granted, it is what compromise can be agreed on.

    You are sounding like this is an ‘implosion’ of the talks….but you know better than that Martyn, guess its something to blog about since there is no firm agreements made public as yet.
    Ohhh and for those who are crying out for transparency and wanting to see the negotiation/coalition agreement, it should be released when Labour release the one where Winston appointed Ardern as PM….6yrs ago. The 3 billion slush fund given to NZ1st and of course the 3 waters/Co-Governance agreement from Labour…

    • Wow talk about the biggest right wing hypocrite on this site, Im so far right complaining about previous governments and years gone by, what a moron!!!

  7. Perhaps National could get back god old fashioned right wing economics. Track the money and spend it.

    While trying to add 20 billion of foreign investment into New Zealand’s property market is a departure from what we usually see. My concern is more that some industries or functions simply can not be done locally or by small enterprises. So this means some larger more centralised systems will be required still.

  8. Sounds to me as if you pompous right wing commentators are panicking. We all know we are in for a quick second election sooner rather than later. There will never be peace in the trenches with these 3 clowns trying to look statesmanlike ,with absolutely no answers for the voting public. Not a sign of Willis or Bishop , have they all been told to “ zip it sweety”. They are not even wheeling your leader out much either. Even the media muck rakers are panicking with misogyny at large, Helen, Chloe and now Ginny all in the firing line these past few days, keep it up ladies ie. Amelia,Jenna and Jessica your blue knickers are showing , better pull your skirts down quick just in case someone actually notices.

  9. My money is on the 3 Stooges cobbling together an agreement because
    A) They have a “mandate” to do so…however weak
    B) They won’t want to give Labour the opportunity to ditch Chippy and his middle of the road “Captains Call” policies. Bring on a wealth tax etc and the game is on.
    So Luxon’s Circus will likely set up tge tent in Welly in a few weeks time, but my bet it implodes well before the first 12 months.
    If the Left are smart(?) they would prepare in advance

    • But SADLY the present left have shown they are NOT smart. How more mistakes could they have made?
      Chippy needs to be thrown under the bus ASAP by LINO, or they’ll have even less credibility, when the NACT1st charade implodes & a 2nd election is needed.

  10. Your so right Queeny our blue nickers brigade reporters are running out of people to slag off they put the boot into Labour all the way through the election now they are like bored children with nothing to do insignificant starting to throw tantrums and make up shit.


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