While Winston Peters hobnobs with the US the people of New Zealand are standing up against the Israel/US slaughter of Palestinians


After 90 days of indiscriminate killing of Palestinians in Gaza, Foreign Minister Winston Peters has met online today with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. 

While we know the war on Palestine was discussed, we also know Winston Peters would not have breathed a word of criticism of the US or Israel because Mr Peters has refused to condemn anything Israel has done – although he has been keen to repeatedly condemn the killing of Israelis.  

This anti-Palestinian racism also runs through the US-instigated statement condemning attacks on Israeli shipping in the Red Sea which New Zealand has signed up to despite the statement’s refusal to acknowledge the reason for the attacks – Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in Gaza!

The far-right Israeli government has now announced it wants to send the Palestinian people of Gaza to the Congo. This is the ongoing plan for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine –a process begun by Israeli militias in 1947 and now intending to apply it to Gaza.

Not a word from Winston Peters on any of this shabby, shameful preparation for another Israeli war crime against Palestinians.

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New Zealanders will be out across the country again this week in rallies, marches and vigils to call out Israel and the US for their genocide of Palestinians and to call for BDS (Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions) against the apartheid state of Israel.


  1. Winstone Peters is making a fucken fool of us as a country he is talking about not travelling overseas and said when he does, he will travel by night, fuck is he all there, maybe he has had too much time down the rabbit hole. When Nanaia didn’t travel the shit hit the fan and people were quick to criticize her for not travelling let’s hope Winstone gets the same treatment.
    Winstone condescending and nasty attitude to his own people is sickening.

    • In the past we saw a Winston running more on instinct with a decent team. This time it’s a bellow average NZFirst team and we’ll need to see a more strategic thinker so more piggy backing on U.S. interests amoungst other things for instamce incouraging a larger american enfluence in the South Pacific security and aid. I’m not saying it’s a good or bad stratagy just that it’s a valid play with all things considered.

  2. John – No, NZ should offer emergency first aid, rebuilding, and fast track refugee status to about 200 Palestinian people, after much vetting to weed out the Hamas supporters…and nothing else.

  3. The only people Winston is interested in are his corporate sponsors. To hell with the rest of the world.
    I am sure the 6% are of the same persuasion. Just selfish arseholes.

  4. Blinken and the Washington Neocons are criminals. They are aiding and abetting Israehell in its current genocide, a crime of historical moment in its cruelty, barbarousness bombing helpless women and children and men trapped in a cage. W.P. is besmirched by rubbing shoulders with this monster Blinken. I’ve noted with NZ first they fawn up to scum like Netanyahu. These crimes are equivalent to anything the Nazis did.

  5. John Minto
    We shouldn’t even be involved in such world conflicts. We have enough of our own shit to sort out. Maybe that’s a bit apathetic, but little NZ is simply not the world police. Having said that, I’m surprised you and Chloe Swarbrick aren’t off to Gaza to report back and fight for your Palestinians? What’s holding you back?

    • Hey mate, this is all about NOT supporting our military involvement in overseas conflicts and NOT supporting the genocidal actions of a foreign power. On the other hand our government is getting us involved in support of bombing the shit out of a poor foreign country and is via its support for the US supporting the genocidal actions of Israel.

  6. I wonder where the outrage was over Russias invasion of Ukraine and continuing atrocities there? No marching in the streets then.

    • There were marches I went on one!

      So do tell me Bruceybuoy why you didn’t organise the marching, I mean get on with it, lots of people will support you.

  7. The National Party, the farmers party because that’s where the money’s at, is also the engine room of roger douglas’s neo-liberalism. Roger douglas. The two term Labour minister of finance who did the nasty, sticky shit that’s the ACT party. Don Brash, one time Leader of the ACT party seen spending time slithering around winston peters who was spending time slithering around don brash, aka governor of the RBNZ outside that pub in that photograph. I have a copy. If you’re not suddenly going ” What the fuck!? ” then you’re either not paying attention or you think you’re so rich, powerful and psychopathic you think you don’t need to give that fuck. Well, guess what cunts? I give a fuck and you’re in deep shit which will keep getting deeper.
    Seen a fuckin’ film titled fuckin’ ‘Deadloch’? No? Mate! A must-watch.
    The truth will always out.

  8. I guess Winston should be having online catch ups with Majorie Taylor Green. They can compare fruit cake recipes. Of course Majorie’s ‘Jewish space laser’ musings may have to be carefully negotiated but I am sure Winnie’s up for some other batshit crazy ideas. After all that’s the currency of the con artist these days.

  9. What do you expect from Winston Peters, Mr Bullshitter Winebox himself? This traitorous, quisling Old geriatric Lawyer scumbag who is a willing US Empire Ass kisser, puckering his pin striped suited lips to smooch Genocide Joe Biden’s wrinkled, brain mushed, incontinent asshole on both cheeks, Peters is a brown nosing Old fucktard who is the perfect Western lackey, one that’s willing to sell this Nation’s credibility & soul on the Altar of US Imperialism & Hegemony & you can see the disastrous results of what his intentions are for the NZ Nation? So Peter’s swans around the Globe, being wined & dined by the Yanks & mesmerised by their Rules based Order thats code for the US to make the Rules that the enitre World has to follow, OR ELSE? So Peters is setting NZ up to become just anothet compliant Western American Vassal State, just like Ukraine but look at how that has worked out for the Ukrainians who the US has used as a proxy Army to fight against Russia, 500k Ukrainians have now died for US Hubris & arrogance in a futile attempt to try & destroy Russia, that’s been a absolute, miserable failure? That is what happens if you become a Vassal State of the US? America having lost in Ukraine & been embarrassed & humiliated by the Russians iare now turning their attention to the Middle East to set it on fire AGAIN, to bomb more Arab Muslims in Gaza & Wedding parties in Yemen, Syria & Iraq, their weaker “go to” victims because they know they are easy targets unlike the Russians & Chinese who are peer Superpowers that can’t be defeated Militarily? What a International embarrassment this Rightwing Coalition of Cunts are & Luxon & Peters are making NZ a Global pariah & sellout laughingstock, the idiotic pin striped Clown Peters is hitching NZ’s Wagon to a dying, immoral US Empire that is funding, arming & complicit in the War crimes & genocide that Israel is committing in Gaza & Peters has made NZ complicit by association in this genocide as well by our tacit support, our silence to speak out against the Gaza genocide & NZ’s failure to condemn the ethnic cleansing being done by the American backed, Apartheid US Proxy Nation Israel, its shameful & disgusting! If I was Peters I wouldn’t go anywhere near the Middle East because shit is about to go down with the American Neocons who are itching for War against Iran & Russia & China who are Allies of Iran will not allow their BRICs partner to be destroyed by the Americans & their Vassal States which Peters has now made NZ part of? WW3 is a hair trigger away & Peters has put NZ & every NZer’s lives in danger, especially those based overseas, particularly in Arab Countries & turned us & them into legitimate Military targets, even a Nuclear Target, just as Genocide Joe Biden & his disastrous Govt has made every US Citizen & Brit? NZers are going to rue the Day they voted Winston Peters back into Parliament, this old prick should never have been allowed to get anywhere near the Parliament but at 78 yrs old, NZ’s grey haired version of Joe Biden doesn’t have time on his side & is one haircut away from departing thos mortal coil? Here’s hoping this occurs before the psychopathic Peters gets every NZer killed on the Altar of US Hegemony?

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