How Helen White and Mt Albert spells out all that is wrong with Labour in Auckland

Totally fucking deluded

Helen White has all the undeserved smug sense of superiority that Tory born to rule prick MPs have, but she’s in the Labour Party!

Her 2020 interview with Finn Hogan helped set the scene for what a self important prat she was and just as Auckland shows how much it HATES Labour, her whole, ‘don’t shit on my great win’ mentality highlights everything that Auckland now hates about Labour.

With the Specials now in, Helen’s absurd defense of how great her win was is even more mangled.

When she arrogantly claimed this…

Labour MP Helen White’s terse media interview after knife-edge win in Mt Albert

Labour MP Helen White says she “did really, really well” in her knife-edge victory in Mt Albert and the party “punched above [its] weight” despite getting only 106 more votes than her opponent in the traditionally red seat.

Speaking to media today, White said: “I didn’t do badly. I did really, really well.”

She called media questions about her doing badly “ridiculous”. “If you look at the stats, you’ll see that [I did well].”

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…she had a 106 majority AFTER SPECIALS she only has 20!

She lost the Specials????

Helen’s misplaced smug arrogance manages to highlight everything Auckland now hates about Labour.

While Jacinda sacrificed Auckland for the well being of the country, Aucklanders saw none of the rebuild and took all the sacrifice and they now HATE Labour.

I mean fucking HATE Labour.

How much?

Look at how Labour were utterly repulsed by the Auckland electorate

The loss of the centre throughout Auckland is evident in the fall in Labour’s share of the party vote in seats that traditionally lean left: Mt Albert, New Lynn, Te Atatū, Kelston, Mt Roskill, and Maungakiekie.

What’s even more indicative, however, is the collapse in support in traditionally right-leaning seats, suggesting heavier losses among blue-centre voters who tried Labour and then abandoned it.

In electorates including Epsom, Tamaki, Pakuranga, North Shore, Upper Harbour, Kaipara ki Mahurangi, Whangaparāoa, East Coast Bays, Botany and Northcote, Labour’s share of the party vote more than halved between 2020 and 2023.

All of these seats returned a Labour Party vote below 2017 levels.

And even in Labour strongholds, voters stayed home this election: 13,000 fewer people voted Labour in Māngere in 2023 than in 2020. In Manurewa, it was 11,000 fewer.

The swing to Labour in 2020 and then the collapse - especially in traditionally blue seats - in Labour's vote in 2023 to below 2017 levels.


The swing to Labour in 2020 and then the collapse – especially in traditionally blue seats – in Labour’s vote in 2023 to below 2017 levels.

Labour has burnt its bridges in Auckland and Auckland fucking hates Labour now. Labour could have avoided this backlash if they had ensured the build back helped Auckland, but Labour didn’t do that!

Labour continued to shit down the throats of Aucklanders when they dumped the free public transport and petrol subsidy.

Labour continued to shit down the throats of Aucklanders by doing nothing meaningful on the cost of living by only offering GST off fruit and vegetables.

Labour continued to shit down the throats of Aucklanders by refusing to rebuild the infrastructure deficit quick enough.

For Helen White to almost fuck up Mt Albert highlights the working class Left didn’t bother voting for Labour and the middle class Left voted for the Greens instead.

How you fucking clowns managed to destroy a once in a generation MMP majority and end up here is an abdication of political leadership.

The only one who knows how to fight is Willie Jackson!

But yay, Chippy has a new girlfriend so mustn’t grumble!

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  1. Martyn – 20 votes! Wow, that’s a shocker for Labour – Mt Albert…Helen White struggled in Auckland Central elections due to her poor manner towards other people

  2. White sounds typical of this new breed of Labour: Not exactly working class.

    The basics: Brought up in Freemans Bay, did a law degree and then became a union lawyer.

  3. While I agree with you regarding Helen White did you ever stop to think that maybe Auckland has a problem? I can understand that they are upset at the Covid experience but their extra lockdowns were because some people (probably only a minority) decided that they were exempt from sensible rules & spoiled the freedom that they could have otherwise enjoyed. I worked in Auckland for a year 22 years ago & found the people to be as friendly & helpful overall as in Christchurch where I usually live so it appears that some self-entitled thought leaders have manufactured some grievances which they then spread to others to generate the blowback, this was compounded by a Labour party that was so in love with itself that they forgot about who they should be serving.

    • As someone from Jacinda’s electorate, I can say when Jacinda jetted off to Welly and said we need a short and sharp lockdown, and then left us there for 4 1/2 months, it stung. When Chippe started saying we coiuld have checkpoints at the Bombays over Summer, we lost any respect we still had for them. We havent forgotten.

  4. If Labour hadn’t been such a bunch of do “fuck-all” wowsers after their win in 2020 they get what they deserve. Sadly this impacts badly on many kiwis – shame on you Labour for forgetting what got you into power in the first place – progressive ideas and policy options that were never followed up on for fear of upsetting someone?
    The housing debacle was the worst – promise the moon and deliver SFA – it was a downward slide from there. Depsite Jacinda’s smart move to leave – Chippy had yet another opportunity to do something, anything, decisive but no – more SFA and a slow and painful drift to the opposition benchs in what was a landslide win for the right fuckwits.
    Any policy that is developed MUST be delivered next time they get the chance – or it will be a short time in power and back to the opposition.

  5. Sad, but labour will come back one day. Great opportunity to figure out what they stand for, recruit capable people…needs a right mix of dreamers and do-ers. The last labour govt had too many dreamers.

    • The Greens could also take this time to introspect, and if the Real greens could separate from social justice the greens can become a formidable party. The social justice are dragging them backwards.

  6. Auckland will live to regret this choice with 2 geriatrics running the show, one corporate clown and a strictly ballroom “twerker “ i mean what can go wrong

  7. “Helen White has all the undeserved smug sense of superiority that Tory born to rule prick MPs have, but she’s in the Labour Party!”
    For Gods sake @ MB! Are you serious? Just when I think of writing you sonnets and sending you flowers you drop that kind of shit. Interestingly in a chilling sort of way you know bloody well that this Labor isn’t pre Lange old Labour. It’s post dirty little douglas’s neo-liberal labor. Todays politics isn’t politics. It’s far more correct to call it fascism.
    Auckland hates Labour. Why not? Who cares? Auckland spends our money while chump change falls out of its baggy arse pockets to the rest of us. We, as an economy would be better if Auckland just fucked off.
    This is interesting…
    rnz. ‘20%-plus drop in lamb prices ‘harder and faster’ than expected’
    Firstly, that sheep with the snotty nose? She has a sheep nasal bot fly. The male fly has no mouth parts so it simply hatches from the *soil then fucks and dies. The now impregnated girl-fly zips in to the sheeps nostrils and lays a sticky egg that hatches a larva which crawls up into the sheep’s nasal passages to irritate the animal into producing the snot you see on the above sheep’s nostrils and top lip to feed on. The similarities between the fly and Auckland and the rest of the country can’t be denied. When the larva’s ready to pupate it crawls back down the sheep’s nasal passages and as it crawls it irritates the poor animal into sneezing fits. Out goes the larva to burrow into the soil to become a mature fly… repeat.
    Now here’s the thing. If our sheep farmers were able to keep the money they earn from farming sheep instead of having that money swerved sideways into the rapacious greed of the foreign owned banks to feed Auckland’s own rapacious greed then the grass would be longer and greener because less stock would be carried to pay the bills thus more grass left to grow thicker and longer so the sheep nasal bot fly, an Australian import, would no longer have a breeding environment. If AO/NZ didn’t have Auckland to nurse along and instead Aucklanders lived in less dense semi-rural environments inter-connected by electric rail we wouldn’t have a dead rural environment supporting a few inbred dysfunctional run by corrupt district councils who are in and of themselves inbred and corrupt, and vote national to a person but now that Labour is also National which is also ACT which is also NZ First and while wee Jimmy Shaw’s up The Green Party it’s also The Green Party. So yeah. Yay, we’re all fucked.
    NB. We need a team of forensic accountants and independent investigative journolists to go up AO/NZ’s political and financial nose holes like a short-grass Australian snot fly.

    • These are the farmers who purchase a business where they have no control over the sale price of what they produce and not much choice regarding input prices either? As if that is not bad enough they pay excessive amounts for the business as well. Thankfully there is a wide range of abilities within the farming sector so those left behind are mostly within the 20th century now & will hopefully get to the 21st century like the rest of us.

  8. The Smug grins and the talking down to Auckland er’s , is something the professional Labour Mangerial class just don’t get.

    • Half of Raglan has been bought up my Aucklanders, perhaps the well travelled middle classes of Dargaville would would prefer a ferry to somewhere culturally similar? Like Riverton, perhaps?

  9. Still waiting for Anker to explain why she voted for a party that wants to freeze the minimum wage and get rid of Fair Pay Agreements, and whether she supports user pays in healthcare.

  10. The media appear restless and bored when they have to produce a rather weak and stupid story like this who cares how much Helen won by the fact is she won just like our All blacks lost by 1 point they lost.
    media need to get a life maybe put some of their energy into finding what is going on with Act, NZF and Nats

  11. I wonder how many commentators about Helen White are from Auckland ??. Once again the Tory media are setting their sights on Helen White and Chloe Swarbrick, funny that when the sights should be set on actual government negotiations of the 3 clowns and all 3 are men, where is the investigative journalism we need . Our country is on a knife edge and all you people can think about are 2 women MP’s from the left . Both have won their seats isn’t that enough or do they both need to be men .

    • Absolutely Queeny…it’s all right for you and others on here to mock the ACT/National and NZ1st male leaders looks and statements, but woe betide anyone who does the same to a female MP/leader….that’s misogyny and bullying eh!?
      Lol, you silly girl!

    • Queeny. Helen was very condescending and kittenish to journos trying to engage with her – just not professional behaviour from anybody, male or female. Chloe is a bit of a harridan, when again, a measured approach would be more appropriate, but may not serve her agendas. They’re not kids.


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