Gaza in 2023 and the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 are two sides of the same coin


The destruction Israel is now raining down on Gaza, in retaliation for the Oct 7 uprising Palestinians launched earlier, has no more fitting parallel than that suffered in 1943 when the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto rose up against the genocide being waged on them by the Nazis.

Driven from their homes and their properties seized, Europe’s Jews were herded into walled-off districts to await the pleasure of their Nazi oppressors. And just as that tyranny took place in Poland then, so has it been systematically executed by Israel in Palestine since 1948.

And just as happened then, after most of the Warsaw ghetto’s Jews had been transported to their deaths and the remainder rose up against their Nazi oppressors, so too have Palestinians, after 75 years and thousands of Palestinian deaths, risen up against Israel’s Nazi-like treatment of them.

As fair a comparison as it’s possible to consider.

In the exact same way Jews were treated, Palestinians have been driven from their homes, had their property seized and they have been herded into walled-off enclaves, And, just as the Jews of Warsaw did, rather than wait to become victims of another Holocaust, or Nakba as Palestinians know their experience, they have fought back.  

Like the Warsaw Ghetto’s Jews, despite knowing their survival was unlikely, yet determined “not to allow the Germans to pick the time and place of our deaths”, so too have Palestinians decided not to allow Israel’s Nazi-like Apartheid regime to determine the number of their days.

But you aren’t allowed to consider that comparison

To guard against such truths igniting your humanity, our craven media cuts and pastes foreign news agency Zionist propaganda, to keep you sympathising with Apartheid Israel.  News reports which always present Israel as the victim and any actions it takes against Palestinians as being born of “regrettable necessity,” are deliberately designed to distort your understanding of the reality. 

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Our media always presents the suffering of Israelis as just that much more pitiful than that of Palestinians. Israeli forces are called “the IDF” to project them as “disciplined professionals”, whereas Palestinian fighters are disparagingly referred to as “Hamas”, “militants”, “terrorists”, and now as “human animals” and “snakes”whose actions are “barbaric” and comparable with “ISIS.” 

Formed in 1987, Hamas is a Palestinian nationalist movement dedicated to the establishment of an independent Islamic state in historical Palestine and its para-military wing, the Izz a lDin al-Qassam Brigade, which has conducted many attacks against Israel, is regarded as a terrorist organisation.

As contemptible as it is in wartime to weigh the brutality of opposing forces, to determine which is the most, or least, honourable, the findings count for nothing if the opposing forces aren’t fairly compared.

Zionist nationalist groups that compare most closely with that definition of Hamas fighters are the Hagganah, the Palmach, Irgun and the Stern Gang, all of them infamous for the savagery and barbarism of their attacks on Palestinians prior to Israel’s formal establishment in 1948, when they were universally recognized as “terrorists” .  

If Hamas can be described as “barbaric,” then they have had good teachers

The groups who fought the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto were divided politically, but to project their solidarity today they are presented as simply valiant Jews united against a common foe. But “solidarity” is the last thing our media wants conveyed when it comes to Palestinians, and so they are always presented as “extremists” and “radicals”, somehow apart from other Palestinians all suffering under the same tyranny. 

All war is barbaric, not least the killing of innocents, but the way of a victim’s death is no less barbarous when, instead of war-surplus hand grenade, it results from a multi-million-dollar guided missile launched from a bunker miles away.

The Media is Israel’s first line of defence.

If “the first casualty of war is truth,” then the media must be held to account for the distortions in foreign news agency reports it publishes, as was highlighted by the Radio NZ journalist, Mick Hall, who tried to bring balance to RNZ’s reporting on the war in Ukraine, but was rail-roaded for his trouble.  

The Warsaw uprising lasted from 19th April 1943 until 16th May when the SS commander ordered the ghetto’s “block by block destruction” which killed 13,000 Jews, about half of whom were burnt alive or suffocated.

Something similar is happening in Gaza right now.




PS; Interestingly, just as US defences were “down” when 911 happened, coinciding with the Neocons’ need of “a new Pearl Harbour” to ignite their “war on terror”, so has the failure of Israel’s state-of-the-art protection systems coincided with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s introduction of Nazi-like law changes being widely challenged.



  1. Remember apartheid Israel is the only democracy in the M.E ‘Sarcasm’
    The british commander ‘Orde Wingate’ a racist bigot that hated arabs trained these jewish terrorist groups Palmach, Haganah, Irgun who are the forerunners of the IDF. There are streets in Israel named after this racist bigot, he is proselytized by zionist as a hero just as the as they did with decorated ex-Nazi commando Otto Skorzeny that apartheid Israel also decorated.

    Free palestine

    • But it is free ( well the Israel part is). There are a lot of cherry picking going on with the history.

      However it’s now 2023, the state of Israel exists, millions of Israel jews live alongside Israeli Muslim Palestinians in peace. I’ve even been to a wedding of a Israeli Jewish woman to a Israeli muslim Palestinian man, in Israel.

      So what do people want? The state of Israel to no longer exist? What happens to the Israeli Jews, Muslims and Christians? That is the question that needs to be asked

      • Terry, when I visited in 2008 I initially didn’t see anything wrong until I visited Hebron in the West bank then my view changed significantly especially when I could walk down a street and my palestinian guilde couldn’t that fucked me off! Then about after two month of my visit operation Cast-lead on Gaza begun.

        Free Palestine

  2. So spraying machine gun fire into an innocent crowd of civilians at a music festival is an uprising? What utter nonsense. October 7th was a terror attack. Call it what it is.

  3. Malcolm – Read Hamas “fine print” before comparing the two
    – Death to Homosexuals (Hamas Policy)
    – Death to Women who travel without a Male, or clear, written permission from a Male (Hamas Policy)
    – Death to Israelis…regardless of background (Hamas Policy)

    This is some of their policies.


    • Just link us to the policies Nathan, guide us to the relevant areas you have mentioned also. Even better if it is the most up to date version at that. And to give us context, link us to information that gives us an idea as to how many Palestinians agree with these polices also.

      Given the brevity of the policies you outline, a little surety would go a long way here.

  4. The (mainstream) media is the right hand of the powerful billionaire class, the political class the left hand, or is that the other way around. Either or, you get the point. Bottom line being, you can’t hold the media to account without then holding its masters to account also. So, a tall order.

    Easier option to take is for everyone to be highly skeptical of mainstream-corporate media, only believing them when verifiable evidence that supports their claims has been presented. Less easier option is to turn away from mainstream media and seek out independent media alternatives. Not an easy row to hoe, I will admit, but its a start….

  5. I’ve used the Warsaw ghetto metaphor myself on Haaretz years ago – controlled borders and turning the power and water on and off. I did so because some were refugees from elsewhere and only allowed out to work and otherwise on rations. It was an urban version of the “work” camps in other parts of Poland.

    Of course there was then and now a difference, no plan to exterminate people the people of Gaza by working people to death while starving them, or killing those unable to work.

    So I’ll be generous when offering up criticism of your take. And just say why you are totally wrong

    There is no IDF effort to kill all the residents of Gaza.

    People were asked to move from Gaza City before it was bombed – so they could return when it was rebuilt.

    There is clearly an effort to focus on the underground military bases of Hamas.

    • “There is no IDF effort to kill all the residents of Gaza. ”

      They are not looking to kill all the people in Gaza, just looking to create as much damage as they can, or at the very least, can get away with.

      Some people that had moved were then bombed in their new location (or on their way to it). That was shocking. And bombing above ground, thousands of bombs at that, hardly the right way to focus upon underground hold outs, especially when you consider that Israel possesses bunker buster bombs which are designed to penetrate several metres into the ground.

      Talk about it.

  6. Gaza IS a war-sore Ghetto ,,,
    corral them, tick
    siege/blockade them, tick
    call them animals/subhumans, tick
    call their resistance terrorism,tick
    starve them, tick ,
    Finish them/kill them/wipe them out, tick ….
    No wonder the German elites/politicians approve ….

    The language of genocide is being spoken loud and clear from Israel ,,, their actions mirror their words ….

    From their own mouths (the bad ) ,,,

    And the lies they’ve told to justify their mass murder of civilians and children,,,, many of them repeated again and again by pro Israel/pro war crimes posters in TDB threads ,,,, Israeli government lies debunked by their own media

    Never Forgotten, Never Forgiven ,,,, Israel actions in killing defenceless civilians from the air

    • Maybe because western MSM has yet to get around to reporting this …

      600,000 have died in Syria. And it has flared up again.

      A nurse was killed and a doctor and driver were seriously injured on Monday as a result of a guided rocket attack by Syrian regime forces on a car carrying a medical team on a road connecting Benish and Taftanaz in the Idlib countryside.

      Since the beginning of October, cities and towns in northwestern Syria have witnessed a military escalation by Syrian government forces and Russia, the most intense in nearly three years. Over 65 civilians, including more than 20 children and 10 women, have been killed and more than 265 civilians, including 80 children and 45 women, have been injured, according to a Syrian volunteer emergency rescue group.

      “Our teams responded to over 250 attacks on 70 cities and towns in northwestern Syria until October 28th,” said Ahmed Yazji, a board member of Syria Civil Defence.

      • Please look over there goes friend of NATO and Zionist Israel SPC… but seeing as he brought another of their projects,,, the murderous regime change operation in Syria… lets show hard proof of terrorism founded Israel giving hard support to head-chopping terrorists there ,,,

        Israel was fully in on the destruction and dismemberment of Syria ,,, If Syria ceased to exist who would Israel be legally obligated to return their stolen land (Golan Heights) to …..


        1hr 44mins into this video to see the graphic results of Israel dropping HUGE bombs onto refugee camps packed full of hungry besieged civilians and children ,,,,, in blatant war crimes that western politicians ( including ours) are allowing them to get away with doing such things with no consequences ,,,,,

        Gaza IS a war-sore ghetto ……

  7. There’s a lot of finger pointing, bigotry and tribalism in the column, both ways. The first thing needed is a realisation that violence begets violence, vengeance reaps vengeance.

    Ultimately the only lasting option is an immediate ceasefire and negotiation in God faith. Personally I can’t see either, only blood due to the deep seated fundamentalism of both parties.

    So to all of you calling for blame, revenge, bombing, terrorism I can only take it that you think it morally acceptable to wipe out, atomise, mutilate little Levi or little Abdul, their parents or neighbours. With such poverty of thought what hope is there?

    • I am with you bro.
      But I would suggest that there is too much “God faith” negotiations, but the fact is there is no “good faith”, only outrage.


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