China reads tea leaves and serves Biden and the world a different brew

"The Scum of the earth I believe" "The Bloody Assassin of the Workers I presume"

Finally a step towards peace!

The growing geopolitical friction and fear between China’s ambitions and aggressive expansion into the Pacific vs our own interests in NZ and the West have been abated.

Following a very positive meeting between Australia and China, Xi has met Biden and has clearly shown the West that China’s interests are economic, not military.

The ongoing economic stresses within China are enormous and China desperately wants to do business  with the West to enable harmony so they don’t have uprisings from their own people.

I feel that we are at an important moment with China which we must seize.

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The red hawks inside China will be arguing now is the time to invade a Taiwanese Island as a symbolic step towards unification while America’s attention is in Ukraine and the Middle East. These same red hawks will argue domestic economic frustrations can be channeled into a nationalist external war.

The red doves inside China will however counter that joint prosperity between China and the West is the only true security guarantor, and that working together is far more preferable than warring against one another.

It is the red doves we must champion if we have any hope of steering the global community towards progress and better living standards.

I also think the other issue forefront in China’s mind is the real possibility Trump returns as President next year. Such an outcome would destabilise the Planet like small pox, but China will want to be on the best most friendly status with America if Trump returns.

There are significant problems with China’s Communist regime, their abuse of human rights, their Orwellian Mass Surveillance State and their re-education camps are all serious challenges to our concept of the individual but peace is preferable to war and we should push for peace every day of the week over conflict.

War serves no master but those who sell weapons.

If Luxon can actually harness any of this magical CEO power that he has as a negotiator alongside National’s deep ties with Chinese business interests, he should seize this moment of rapprochement with China.


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  1. Economic and military have gone hand in hand for centuries.

    So China doesn’t want to have to shoot, so what?

    You know what, I wouldn’t mind if China won the economic war and became a global empire, if only their products were actually any good.

  2. The important wars in history are also about resolving good v evil and civilization over barbarism
    They are a last resort after peace is unachievable and wider humanity is under threat.
    All war is unfortunate but some are inevitable.

  3. This rapprochement is indeed good news, but when you say that a Trump presidency would destabilize the world, it is in fact the Biden administration that has inadvertently started two regional wars in just three years. Trump was the first US President in 40 years not to start or get involved in a foreign war. You may not like him, but facts are facts.

    As for the invasion of Taiwan, it won’t happen for the following reasons:

    1. The US has already demonstrated (under Trump) that it can turn off the Chinese economy with just minor trade sanctions.

    2. China is totally reliant on foreign oil imports so simply diverting a few oil tankers would bring China to a grinding halt.

    3. Thanks to its precipitous Demographic collapse, China is running out of young men to fight such a war. Taiwan is well armed and anti-ship missiles would kill a million Chinese soldiers in the straits. Sure, China can bomb Taiwan to dust, but what’s the point of that?

    4. The lesson of Ukraine is foremost in the minds of the Chinese leadership.

    • I’m rolling over the floor laughing (ROFL) at your points Andrew.

      Read the transcript of Xis’ words. He basically read the epitath of Pax Americana.

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