Ceasefire Now! Rallies throughout Aotearoa this Saturday/Sunday to stop Israel’s genocidal rampage against Palestinian civilians – Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa

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Ceasefire Now! Rallies throughout Aotearoa this Saturday/Sunday to stop Israel’s genocidal rampage against Palestinian civilians

This weekend people from at least 12 centres around the country are rallying to demand our government call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The turnouts have been doubling each week and the number of centres taking action has also grown quickly – at least two more are likely to be taking action tomorrow.

We are delighted to see New Zealanders standing up everywhere with 350 Artists, musicians and creatives calling for a ceasefire. The 350 artists speaking out for a ceasefire are the best of us. Labour and National are something else.

We are part of a global wave of humanity appalled and outraged that western governments like New Zealand, with the power to act, are silent in the face of genocide.

The rallies and marches will be demanding our caretaker PM Chris Hipkins and incoming PM Christopher Luxon immediately:

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  • Condemn Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza
  • Call for an immediate comprehensive ceasefire
  • Call for the Palestinian people in Gaza to be placed under immediate United Nations protection
  • Send the Israeli ambassador home
  • Demand a swift investigation by the International Criminal Court into war crimes committed in Israel/Gaza since October 7th – including the crimes of genocide and apartheid

“Genocidal rampage is the only way to describe what Israel is doing with New Zealand’s complicity”, says John Minto, National Chair of Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa.

“Our political leaders have been so awful, so weak, so cowardly – supporting Israeli weapons ahead of the lives of Palestinian children. Over 3,500 Palestinian children have been killed so far…”

“New Zealand must speak out clearly and uncompromisingly to end the killing of Palestinians, end the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian communities and demand accountability for Israeli war crimes.”

The humanitarian crisis

Over 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza are suffering dire deprivation due to Israel’s total siege, severely limiting any aid and cutting off essentials of life, such as water. Further to this, 1.4 million Palestinians inside Gaza were ordered to move south, however the southern Gaza region of Khan Yunis has suffered severe bombing. The UN says nowhere in Gaza is safe. Hospitals, Churches, Mosques, schools and UN shelters have all been bombed in relentless rampages which have destroyed over 50% of housing and killed over 8,000 people including more than 3,000 children. Many thousands more are trapped under rubble. With each day the situation worsens.

An immediate ceasefire and an unabated flow of humanitarian aid, such as medical supplies, water, and fuel is extremely urgent.

These are the standing requests from people in Gaza:

  • An immediate ceasefire to allow for dignified burials for the deceased in overflowing morgues and under rubble, and to prevent disease outbreaks.
  • The urgent restoration of water, food, fuel, medical supplies and humanitarian aid.
  • Immediate protection of medical facilities and the reversal of the illegal and inhumane evacuation orders for hospitals.
  • The facilitation of the safe passage of casualties and critically-ill individuals in need of medical treatment.
  • While the people of Gaza vehemently reject forced displacement, we insist on opening the crossings for those seeking to evacuate and permitting the entry of medical and rescue teams.

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa invites the media to attend local rallies and report on this critical international issue as New Zealanders demand our government call for a ceasefire in Gaza and stand for human rights and peace. The outpouring of support for Palestine from a diversity of New Zealanders has been immense and moving. At all the rallies there will be speeches and many photo opportunities. Photos can be provided upon request.

See all Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa event listings here.

Saturday 4th November

Whangarei: Flag Gathering, 9.45am. Artisans Market, Town Basin.

Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland: Rally, 2pm. Band Rotunda, Auckland Domain. Speakers include Chloe Swarbrick from the Green Party.

Kirikiriroa / Hamilton: Rally, 1pm. End of Wairere drive and Naylor St

(also Wednesday 8 November Kirikiriroa / Hamilton: Vigil, 6pm, Garden Place)

Tauranga: Vigil, 7pm. Coronation Park, Mt Maunganui.

Papaioea / Palmerston North: 2pm. Rally, The Square.

Heretaunga / Hastings: Rally, 1pm, Clock tower, Heretaunga St

Ngāmotu / New Plymouth: Rally, 1pm. The Landing.

Whanganui: Rally, 11am. Riverside Markets. Vigil, 7pm. Peace hand memorial, Queens Park

Whakatu / Nelson: Rally, 10:30am. 1903 Square.

Ōtautahi / Christchurch: Rally, 1pm, Rally, Bridge of Remembrance.

(Also each Wednesday 7.30pm to 8.30pm, Vigils, Bridge of Remembrance)

Ōtepoti / Dunedin: Rally, 2pm. Otago Museum Reserve to the Octagon.

Sunday 5 November

Te Whanganui a Tara/Wellington: Gather Civic Square Sunday 5 November, 2pm



John Minto

National Chair

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


    • Nathan do you think Netanyahu gives a toss about hostages? You have to be joking. He’s interested in one thing, and I’ll give you a clue, it’s not lifting the ban on DNA testing in Israel.

    • BB said the hostages weren’t a priority. Hamas was the priority.
      The IDF have a doctrine they employ for situations like this where soldiers are taken, and captured. And they are using it again which doesn’t bode well for the hostages.

    • One would have thought that John Minto would have learned the value of tolerance considering his background and personal experience.

    • Oh yeah, and Israel release their hostages, especially the children… the ones they didn’t shoot dead for standing on their own pile of rubble, anyway.

    • Hamas offered, Israel refused….
      “Israel, Hamas in advanced talks to release 50 more Gaza hostages — senior official”

      Strange that Israel refused given the ties between Hamas and Netanyahu
      “A Brief History of the Netanyahu-Hamas Alliance”

      As for the open-air prison known as Gaza let alone the thousands of Palestinian and Hamas hostages languishing in Israeli jails….as if anybody knows let alone cares.

      • A O – Trading hostages for resources is called terrorist…if Hamas gets away with that…next week, Hamas will take more hostages….No!

        • You asked for the release of hostages! Time for negotiation. The Russia/Ukraine war has resulted in several exchanges of hostages in recent times. You don’t want to negotiate, then don’t ask for hostages. Given what is up for trade – hostages for fuel – hostages for fuel for crying out loud – not Israeli hostages for Palestinian hostages, just hostages for fuel! Why does Israel refuse to negotiate is the key question here given that under normal enslavement conditions, Hamas last had the ability to take hostages when again? Now days, we are in a state of war so if Hamas does get the chance to take more hostages then there is another war going on in the world that shows what can be done when both warring countries actually value their citizens!

          • Tipene – Qatar and Iran provide $40 million per month, plus “other” support…Israel provides $5 million per month for infrastructure projects…nice try

    • Minto is a PLO and Hammas supporter. I wonder if Minto supports other terrorist organizations around the world that routinely murder their own civilians. Lucky Minto lives in a nice safe comfortable Western democracy! I didn’t see Minto marching in favor of Isis after September 11, funny that… those poor Arab pilots that died ramming those planes into the Twin Towers, gosh what about their families…

    • Neihana, pissed the bed again? still haven’t taken my advice sticking to knitting! You’re an amatuer when discussing apartheid Israel. Firstly where your proof that they’re holding children and please no hasbara western MSM BS.

      Why the deafening silence of the ten of thousands of Palestinian children that your venerated state has kidnapped from occupied Palestinian territories? Most of those kids haven’t committed no crimes and a lot have been incarcerated for decades and are now young adults.

      And why don’t you ask your favorite state to stop funding HAMAS? That right apartheid Israel gives money to Hamas to use as pawns! Here a MSM video clip of an ex IDF soldier Benzi Sanders explaining his “mowing the lawn moment” in Gaza 2014 operation ‘Protective Edge’


      Free Palestine

      • They prefer to hide behind them. Most will be dead by now, especially if they’re in the underground tunnels Hammas built for fighting. Notice how Hammas prefer to construct tunnels and missile sites rather than bomb shelters for their own civilians? How anyone can support (Hammas ruled) Palestine right now is unconscionable. And ignorant. Israel has 100% air superiority, they could obliterate the whole of Gaza if they wanted to, but they do not. And no, Israel does not target hospitals or refugee camps. Hammas hide their weapons and soldiers there, in direct contradiction to the Geneva Convention, which is literally a war crime. That’s why they are holding the hostages. John Minto supports Hammas.

    • More bullshit from a genocide apologist.

      “… Nothing about releasing the Israeli hostages, especially the children…Hamas would be proud” Nathan

      Nothing about the releasing the thousands of men and women and especially children held by Israel. The racist Zionist imperialists would be proud.

      Hamas have stated that they will release all the civilian hostages held by them, if Israel release all the Palestinian women and children they hold.

      Reports are coming in that the thousands of prisoners being held by Israel are enduring increased levels of abuse and torture by their Israeli guards including beatings and broken bones, and at least two murders.
      Compare the statements made by the hostages released by Hamas, who stated that they were treated with kindness by their captors..

      • Statements released by hostage being treated with kindness by their captors? OMG you are so gullible! Of course, they don’t have a gun to their head (off camera).

    • Stop complaining and organise your own protest – come on do it now.
      You know dam well there are thousands in Israeli jails, there because they are Palestinians!

      • Michal – Because the so called “peaceful” Palestinian protesters physical attack people who question Hamas…that’s why. Check YouTube evidence

    • John Minto is, as usual, uniquely and bravely addressing the conundrum of, in my opinion, the murderous Israeli liars rampaging about with their little dicks out killing kids, animals and adults on land that doesn’t belong to them while armed and enabled by U$A military industrial complex weapons and explosives and all to turn a proper profit for weapons investors. Make’s you a proud Jew though, aye nathan?
      ‘Money’ per se is, once weaponised, a disease. It’s a viral disease that infects all it touches to one degree of another. It’s the most vile and virulent sickness that causes in it’s victims a range of psychoses that, by the looks of things, will bring an end to all life on earth but before that, there will be murder, death, destruction, big bombs and short psychopaths in platform shoes.
      Donald Rumsfeld.
      Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defence under George W Bush, who died on 30 June at the age of 88, enjoyed one all-important attribute, which was to appear larger than he actually was. He enhanced his comparatively diminutive 5ft 8in stature with the aid of thickly padded shoes with built-up heels, which caused him to waddle when he walked. His staff called them the “duck shoes”.
      If, and I admit it’s a big [If], and as an example, if the twin towers was a demolition job as Vivianne Westwood claimed she witnessed then who, it could be reasonably asked, fired the rockets into Israel? Do we really know it was Hamas? Or was it really IDF forces kick starting a highly profitable conflict, again? Is this where I mention AI and it’s impressionable effects? Since there is more than a shadow of a doubt lets stop killing kids, animals and adults with bombs with made in USA stamped on them and instead seek out the truth.
      Again. @ Nathan would know all about the truth since he or she does their best to avoid it.

      • countryboy – I am not Jewish…I cannot stand bullies. Hamas bullies their own people, and tried it with Israel…Hamas could stop this today, by handing over the hostages, and moving to either Qatar, or Iran – both nations support them.

        • So why does Hamas do what they do Nathan – what prompted their actions? And is Hamas the only bully in this tragedy, and if not, then well, what do you have to say about them?

            • Well, why did Israel help foster Hamas then! And where is the verifiable evidence that proves, that bullying is in their DNA? Statements, you want to throw them in also (I’ll fire back similar statements the other way if you do).

              Curiously, when people (or animals if you like) are caged, you have to wonder why their captors would allow such a heinous entity as Hamas, to be allowed to be elected to govern their fellow captives. Kinda defies logic.

              Then there are the civilians, the poor people (from both sides) that have died that unfortunately, we do not get to talk about enough because of the fixation upon Hamas.

              People matter – peace for all.

  1. The Iran mullahs who are directly financing and controlling Hamas who planned this attack with the specific intention of provoking Israel to take out Hamas militants using human shields in Gaza knowing those very Palestinian civilians will die is proof that Iran and Hamas are treating civilians as cannon fodder to whip up opposition to Israel in the west.
    You are all falling in to line.

  2. What about Hamas’s very real genocidal charter John? You know; the bit where it says “no negotiation, only Jihad”? Or is it only bad when Muslims are killed?

  3. Minto is a Hammas supporter, obvious by his unintelligent and blind propaganda. Why not ask for the release of the hostages? That and the surrender of Hammas would end the war today. Why not condone the brutalities of October 7th? Do you also support Isis and the Talban? You need to look up the definition of genocide, because it’s what Hammas practice, not Israel. You ae a leftist fool. Hammas in their own words say they are prepared to sacrifice their own civilians for their cause, which is the removal of Israel and death to all jews. It’s in their own charter FFS! Hiding behind civilians is a war crime perpetrated by Hammas. Targeting military sites is not. Seems Hammas can do no wrong in the eyes of soft leftist Westerners.

  4. Australian Tarrant killed dozens of people in New Zealand’s worst terror atrocity. On Israel’s logic does New Zealand now have the right to ‘defend itself’ and carpet bomb Canberra into oblivion? No, only a deluded criminal clown would think this.

  5. Hamas is a political ideology created by the apartheid state. Even ‘if’ the apartheid state defeats Hamas they won’t defeat the Idea they’ll only strengthen it.

  6. Save your breath. There will be no ceasefire. Israel will finish the job, and all fair minded, decent people are with her.

    • There will be a ceasefire! The Israelis want it, the Palestinians want and Hamas need it.
      But no ceasefire will bring peace while the bigots support extremism and extermination in the name of peace.

    • Yes And that will be the finish of Israel bereft of any moral support. You, Gaby and your like will lead to the destruction of this Zionist land thieving state. The World’s anger is aroused against you criminal scum!

  7. There must be an immediate cease fire.
    Israel must restore electricity, water and fuel supplies.
    There must be an International relief effort to assist the Gazans with field hospitals, food, clean water, doctors and nurses.
    A tent city shld be set up in Egypt to minister to the wounded, traumatised and bereft.
    Teams shld go in to try to save lives buried in the rubble.
    israel must be condemned and held to account for its war crimes along with its backer the U$
    Netanyahu must immediately resign and answer as a war criminal.
    Israel must restore a humane government that will try to work out solutions with the palestinians
    All settler expansion in the west bank along with evictions and intimidation must stop.
    The U.N. must be allowed to place observers to confirm implementation of peace settlement.

      • Neihana- Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, is that all you’ve got??? stick to knitting lol

  8. Seems that the people of Gaza can easily resolve the issue by demanding their elected government to release the kidnapped citizens of Israel.

    Until then Israel has the legal and moral right to do everything in their ability to secure their release themselves and to ensure the permanent security of it’s citizens from a terrorist lead society with the stated goal of the complete destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

    • The allies of the Palestinians are not helping their cause. With friends like those, you don’t need enemies.

    • “Until then Israel has the legal and moral right to do everything in their ability to secure their release themselves and to ensure the permanent security of it’s citizens from a terrorist lead society with the stated goal of the complete destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.”

      Nope, they do not have any right to kill civilians. Its a law-breaker. Now, if only international law actually meant something, because this tragedy would never have happened in the first place if it did.

  9. Interested in peace?
    Israeli PM has offered a way forward.
    Release the hostages and we can talk about a ceasefire. Sounds reasonable??

    I thought not.

    • His thoughts are longer deeper and wider than yours, and talking about them allows time for Israelis to regroup for better advantage. Smoke and mirrors. He has talked before, Israelis have as a country. and come to a sensible agreement with respect, livable land borders respect peace for both sides?

      Did you see Golda rilm presently being shown in British Film Festival? Helen Mirren (Russian?) made up looks very much the photos. I didn’t see it but it’s round Yom Kippur battle I think I’ve got that right. But I’m thinking talks offered won’t be enough for this long term conflict. Israel with nuclear and Palestine has despair and it’s a naughty lying little political world.

  10. No thanks. Who’s demands are more reasonable? Israel simply wants to exist. Palestinians, and yes, I deliberately wrote Palestinians and not just Hamas, want nothing less than the total eradication of the Jews. Not just Jews in the ME, btw, but Jewish people worldwide.

    Every ceasefire has been broken by the Palestinians. What’s the point in Israel committing to yet another one when it’s known this will just buy Hamas more time to regroup and plan more attacks?

    The two state solution has been rejected time and time again by the Palestinians.

    No mention of the fact civilians are dying because terrorists are using them as shields. Where Israel only targets terrorists, gives warnings, and kills civilians as an unfortunate casualty of war, Palestinians have been targeting the civilian population of Israel with rockets and other attacks for decades.

    Israel has finally had a gutsful and they’re going all out this time. The casualties of war absolutely suck, yes, without a double they are horrid. Two million German civilians died at the hands of the Allies during World War II but we got the best result for the entire world by ending the Nazi regime. The same applies here. Hamas must be destroyed utterly for the good of not only Israel, but the Palestinian people and the wider region.

    If Israel were to lay down their arms this moment they would be annihilated by terrorist groups. If Hamas were to lay down their arms right now, the civilians in Gaza would be safe.

    All it would take to save the civilian population is for Hamas to surrender, so why aren’t you calling on Hamas to do that instead of targeting Israel for responding to an attack on its countrymen that saw women and babies raped, beaten, decapitated, and burned alive in some cases?

    Hamas started this most recent exchange and the onus is on them to surrender in order to prevent civilian casualties.

    • 100% correct. Why are the Free Palestine protests in NZ not calling for the release of the hostages held by Hammas? Crickets chirping….

    • Try to keep up Aaron, obviously you are new to the conflict as you exhibit a serious lack of knowledge. 10 points for busting out Israels talking points AKA Hasbara, I would encourage you to research the conflict more deeply.
      Your comments reflect my lack of knowledge years ago but thankfully I’m better informed. BTW the “beheaded Babies” has long been debunked, according to Israel media the youngest victims of which there were 7 fell in the age bracket 3-7. Notice there’s no media story’s from the alleged victims parents? Raped? only allegations with no evidence, the only possible case was one woman found with her dress above her knees, hardly evidence since she was found in a burnt out car. Burnt alive? evidence from Israeli survivors themselves said the IDF was firing tank shells into houses with civilians and Hamas fighters, ya think maybe it was Israel that burned them alive?

    • I think it will be as difficult to influence the morons as it will be to influence Hamas using words without military action.
      Military action and words may well be more successful at influencing Hamas than changing the minds of the morons. The morons need a new urgent existential crises as a cause.

      Come on morons in chief, create a new cause so we can see so e progress towards peace in Palestine. Do your magic!

    • Bob, they want the same thing as Hamas: annihilation of the Jews.
      There will be no consideration of a ceasefire until the hostages are returned.

    • No. BB and his Jabotinsky Nationalist Zionist terrorist government are the criminals. As ocuppiers, they have no right of defense. International Law. So that’s that sorted.

    • Hopefully the SIS has the resources now, post March 2019 terrorist attack, to photograph and identify those attending today’s protests. Some in attendance will be capable of extreme violence and need to be watched. I also hope they are looking at this blog!

  11. Dissolve the states of Israel and Gaza/W Bank.
    Replace them with a single democratic state founded on a non-racist/ethnic/religious foundation and restore or compensate all those dispossessed from their land and property since 1940.

    Israel’s “right to exist” is a fiction.

  12. The author talks so many truths, but seems to have overlooked a very simple fact. If those 5,000 rockets had not been launched, there would be no need for a ceasefire now.

  13. UN official resigns over ‘prima facie case of genocide’ in Gaza

    This year is the 75th anniversary of the adoption of universal human rights …. and of Israel blatantly breaking and ignoring them in in relation to the Palestinians ….

    …. and now Israel politicians are quite openly calling for ,,, and attempting ,,, the Genocide of the Palestinians.

    It’s rather telling how many Genocide apologists there are in this thread,,,, Gaby is not alone in his blood lust.

  14. back in ’67 aged 18 I was holidaying in Austria when the 6 day war was happening. Then like most I admired the Israelis as underdogs fighting hostile neighbours. heroes were Moshe Dyan with a black patch over over his left eye and Ariel Sharon. It was thrilling how they defeated the Egyptian army and got all the way to the Suez canal. Then the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Then the invasion of Lebanon all the way to Beirut.
    But sadly now we have computers and the Internet I learned of the cruel ruthless origins of Israel. The Nakba the ethnic cleansing the persecution of Palestinians. And that heroic delusion died to be replaced by the horror of what is being inflicted on the Gazans.

    • Yes, over the years many people (including myself) have gone through the process of waking up concerning that “shitty little country, Israel”. But there are still the deluded and stupid as a can be seen in comments above featuring the hasbara amen choir.

  15. I hate the comments.

    If you can’t see you won’t understand the up is down, night is day attack on Gaza. Ideals are always the straight course.

    Chomsky mentioned ‘Judaeo – Nazis’.

    A Left that doesn’t understand ideals is dead matter. See Labour.

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