Luxon gloriously throws Mark Mitchell under the Gang Bus



Luxon just threw Mark Mitchell under the Gang bus and it is glorious!

Mark Mitchell has argued to RNZ that Gang members will have to wear make up to hide facial tattoos that breach the gang patch law, a decision law experts have slammed as ‘ludicrous’ and a call that Luxon destroyed in yesterdays stand up

On the legality of forcing gang members to cover face tattoos with make-up, Luxon said National’s focus was on preventing gang patches being worn, which is something the police would enforce.

…so National’s Gang Patch law WON’T include face tattoos, something that seems to be news to National’s new Police Minister.

However, what Luxon is actually calling for seems even more fraught with fishhooks as he’s suggesting the Patch will need to be removed by the Police in public which automatically sets the scene for confrontation as social policy!

A patched member can never willingly hand over their patch, so what Chris Luxon is demanding is a law that breaches the Bill of Rights and demands Police beat gang members unconscious to take their patched jacket from them.

Luxon has already puffed himself up to argue that he will send the Police into the next Gang Funeral to take patches off gang members.

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Can you imagine the fucking riot that will break out if the Police are sent into a gang funeral?

Because most Kiwis and National Party MPs can’t tell the difference between the Black Power, Head Hunters, Comancheros, Mongols and Rebels they think the same gang patch ban laws in Australia  will work here, when of course they can’t!

This ban ‘works’ in Australia because only active members of those organised crime gangs get targeted, in NZ – because of the very different nature of our gangs – those insignia and patches mean vastly different things to many different members of that gang and have a very different culture to Australia.

Don’t believe me? Here’s Queensland gang expert, Queensland University of Technology’s Mark Lauchs, explaining why the gang ban won’t work here…

But thinks it may be a different story for gangs like the Mongrel Mob.

He says the Mob has a different type of status like a family organisation and even having Government funding for community projects, there may be more difficulty.

…what works in Australia won’t work here. The culture is different and the gang patch is worn by vastly greater numbers of people than simply members.

The litmus test on how crazy National intend to go will revolve around Police Commissioner Coster’s position.

Because National have put so much political capital on bashing the gangs and because they can’t do anything to enact any of their other policy (other than bashing beneficiaries), they will green light Mark Mitchell to go romper stomper and if he sacks Coster and replaces him with some Police Thug who will implement a heavy haded response for the media, that will be the real warning sign that Luxon isn’t just regurgitating tough on crime rhetoric for the frightened electorate, but is utterly delusional and has started something he can’t control.

Watch for Coster’s position to know if Luxon is paying lip service to scared voters or if he’s dangerously taking us down a Police State path.





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  1. It’s Halloween. Luxon is trick or treating, Mitchell is playing the puppy protector of Iraq, Nicola’s lost her broomstick, Bishop’s searching Bellamy’s bins getting sausage rolls for his hungry aged parent, and not even National would violate the Bill of Rights. Or would they ? Surely that’s Trevor territory, or dreams of ACT’s, but not a legitimate government function.

  2. I think National are about to find out that talking tough about gangs is going to be ALOT different to actually doing something abut gangs. Makes you wonder how much money they will have to spend on consultants, spin doctors, and “experts”, to change narratives, when their gang policies fail.

  3. But Australian gun laws will work here eh.

    Whether or not the gang laws work entirely, the public will love seeing the gangs taken down off the pedestal the Labour idiots put them on.

  4. Coster is gone. There is deep seated animosity between Mitchell and him. The next commissioner will be one with front line experience not a Bullshit Castle graduate.

    • Frank the Tank The days of confrontation are long gone. They’re last century, but Mitchell may not know that. We know that he’s trying to look tough on law and order, but he’s not in Iraq now.

      • What exactly is a stupid idea?

        I assume you are talking about the wearing of gang patches in public. The new government is so lazy that just want to extend the bans already placed on gangs by the labour government.

        I guess labour have shared the success of that policy in parliament. Based on this one can assume that labour will not argue against this policy.

  5. If they past a fascist law like banning gang patches in public the gangs should amalgamate and show up on the steps of parliament in their thousands with there patches on see what happens?

  6. Oh fuck this is going to be good social media content!
    Watching a Mellinial, GenZ cop remove a Gang members patch! This is going to be a laugh!

    • There was a myth about WW2, that Danish citizens showed solidarity with Jewish people and chose to wear the gold star demanded by Nazi authority to advertise their Jewishness. I have read that it was talked about, but not done. We who support respect for Maori and all citizens, could put on removable tattoos that come off in the shower!

        • Who does? Perhaps Seymour and Co. Confront and deal to. Black Knight in Monty Python skit time; never give up!

          • You are!
            I will always show my solidarity for a good cause, but showing my support for anti-social behaviour, no thank you.

    • yes, one of those younger plods with a man bun, or short arse female copper–“be a good chap and handover that vest and patch…” bwahahahaha…

  7. Covering facial tattoos by law would be a new anti-thing. We have had antivaccers now it would be anti-art. It is facial decoration, and women are always doing this, colouring their faces, putting dark paint on their eyelashes, colour on lips – obviously a from of deviousness to disguise the real face underneath. That painted lady might be a sneaky terrorist!

    Then there is the interference in those rejoicing in the ancient arts of Maori/Pacific body decoration finding increasing favour, so it has double disdain, first against Maori for daring to remember and be different, and secondly for indicating that all restless gang members needing to be contained, are Maori and are bad, or that anyone, Maori or pakeha, who adopts a facial tattoo becomes inculcated in arcane ways injurious to the public good.

    Perhaps it would be better for them to go through a Tattoo Screening Device – TSD – as they enter particular territory such as the Auckland CBD which probably belongs to an Overseas Gang of WhiteUSAS or MUK, ME, Chinese, Indian, possibly Russian (so encroaching worldwide requiring eternal vigilance to control). These devices would be like the ones at airports that you step through, and they would make immediate pronouncements on whether the tattoo was really artistic, trash populism, threatening. unlicensed copies etc.

    The joy of nix harassment possibly would be carried further so as to forbid artistic display on people or buildings, in case it offended someone. We have already had a simple dictionary description of the meaning of ‘Woman’ on a city building being forbidden. Speculators have already set up a prototype building style for residences that is unadorned and spare. Something weird and puritan and diminishing to humanity iis raging throughout NZ. Don’t try to personalise yourself in clothing or anything, wear black or brown or grey; it may be our own form of uniformity reminiscent of the Mao Suit.

    I think that after wading through all this, the mentally balanced authorities would realise that this idea has as many fish hooks as s long-line tuna boat, and drop it. Or else possibly someone would start a new tech project as described and sell it to a surveillance company to sell to some of our uncivil authorities.

    • A tattoo is a statement that shows who you are, what you represent and what you stand for.
      Many regret getting tattooed once they realise that they have the right to speak freely and will not get mugged when they share their views.
      I love Dave is a pretty cool tattoo…. especially when you fall in love with Mary and decide to share the rest of your life with someone you respect and love.

  8. Mark Mitchell Ghostbuster. Sir Kim Workman Gangbuster.

    2022 Oct. Tā Kim Workman has spent 30 years advocating for criminal justice reform. At 82, he’s now leading the largest ever investigation in this country into police bias. The independent research began in March last year.
    Kim Workman: Difficult conversations, and the path to fair …
    E-Tangata › comment-and-analysis › kim-…
    30/10/2022 — Tā Kim Workman has spent 30 years advocating for criminal justice reform. At 82, he’s now leading the largest ever investigation in this …



    2022 Pam Corkery

    (I think I will give some support to and read and learn from E-Tangata as part of my drive to make a difference before I die.)

  9. Daft socialist, thought, these three fuck up their making, next election again, no why we did not fuck up. the collapse.

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