The neoliberal economic straightjacket and how it is crushing Auckland and our Public Health system


Labour are over run by the Professional Managerial Class, they see the solution is better bureaucratic structures rather than an upgrade of the Capacity of the State and so spent 6 years recreating bureaucratic structures without the necessary upgrade of capacity.

They are forever locked into the exact same neoliberal straightjacket National strap themselves into and it is impacting our politics and our economy...

  • Building approval numbers show there were 17,079 homes consented in the year to June 30 this year, while over the same period Stats NZ estimates Auckland’s population rose by 48,000, which means Auckland’s housing shortage clearly got worse, given many of those consents are replacing homes that were bowled; and,
  • The number of patients waiting to see a specialist longer than they should rose 46% in the last year to 51,274, Te Whatu Ora data shows, indicating severe stress is growing in a hospital system labouring under a sinking lid vs population growth and health cost inflation for three decades, as is necessary to keep core Government taxation under 30% of GDP.

…the State refuses to build enough State Houses so the desperation that creates always favours Landlords WHILE handing Landlords a $2billion dollar a year subsidy in the form of the Accommodation Supplement and our Public Health system is on the verge of collapse because they don’t need more nurses, they need more Hospitals!

The 30% Debt straightjacket is there to prevent any Bernie Sanders styled populism for Government to fully fund public services via taxing the rich.

We are looking at slashing the State when we should be building capacity and we should find that extra resource to do that by taxing the rich.

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Something Labour, ACT, National and NZ First refuse to do.



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  1. House prices have doubled under Labour. The market is cooked..

    ..public servants shouldn’t be immune to the misery they have caused the nation.

    • @ZB. When the fuck are you going to comprehend the grim reality that there is no labour? What’s it going to take?
      The only reason why people still refer to the neo-liberal cadaver that roger douglas used to back door neo-liberalism in to our AO/NZ is he wouldn’t a been able to do so otherwise. Old Labour, with Lange at the helm would have spotted roger coming in from National like a fox amongst dumb naked chickens with sachets of watties tomato sauce hanging around their necks. You must also remember, or at least be personally aware of is that douglas then went on to murder Lange with his corrupted caucus.
      I’ll write it again! There. Is. No. Labour. Party. All we Kiwis/AO/NZ’ers have politically is no choice at all.
      That’s why Chipkins is powerless, that’s likely why adern flaked out then went straight to hair and dental.
      Look! Go and watch the YouTube clips of Lange talking about those years. Here’s his resignation.
      We AO/NZ’ers have only one politic and that’s the politics of greed. And as Mike Hoskings once reportedly said ” Greed is Good”
      We could clone ourselves a thousand times then vote a thousand times and you’d still get neo-liberalism.
      The grim other reality is that repairing the neo-liberal disease we were infected with is down, or up, to us. We, the people.
      If we don’t act soon we will lose our AO/NZ. seymour’s already squeaking about the Treaty because he knows that the Treaty is the only thing standing between us becoming a Republic and if we became a republic we’re a rich persons plaything, if we’re not ready so in some respects.
      So stop blaming a Labour that no longer exists other than for putting forward proposals based on logical fallacies.
      We really, really need to take back our AO/NZ back. This, is fucked. Foreign owned banks and a creepy dark population of money fetishists with psychotic power aspirations are living under our beds and haunt our minds. They must go. They take ever more of our money while we mindlessly become more accustomed to their abuse.

      • Yes CB we are a nation in the grips of Stockholm syndrome , fawning to our abusers . Big Norm our last leftie PM must be squirming in his grave .

    • House prices on the move “again” now National are the incoming government. Geez you really have no clue Zacky.

  2. 2023 January to Nov 3. Aucklands nett gain of immigrants is 42,000. Where are they going to live?
    There’s a whole lot of expensive unsold apartments in Auckland. The bidding wars in auction rooms is starting to heat up. Cost of entry is, if you don’t have an approved mortgage of $2m+, forget about it.
    Will this new government maintain the $365m per year spend on motel rooms? Or what?

      • Unfortunately it ain’t gunna happen cause kiwi are not the same as old. They’ve been neoliberalised. All noise and no action. They’d rather talk to their bubble counseling leaders and take up protesting on social media for ‘likes’ and shit. Sad really.

  3. Health can be fixed if it’s fully privatised instead of the partially privatised model we have now (you pay to see the GP, the Physio and many have healthcare plans). This could be balanced by an ObamaCare payment system or an expansion of the ACC model.

    This way we would all actually pay what we need to and it would remove the rationing effect that any socialised health care system requires. Scale up Pharmac to run alongside and NZ could have a great healthcare system rather than the barely functioning one we have now.

    Those of you who will argue against this using the US example of high costs – those largely come from litigation and cost of drugs which could be controlled by an ACC model and Pharmac

    • yeti please compare and contrast even a part nationalsed system…actual metrics on outcomes will do you could start with infant mortality

      and while we’re on the subject any privatised public service anywhere in the developed world that delivers a better more efficient service again metrics please uk water trains and electricity are not good examples

      PRIVATISATION DOESN’T WORK and never has…just accept the truth

    • People will end up dying because they cannnot afford healthcare. Piss off to the USA if you want a privatised healthcare system

    • Yeti We have written about usa medical system before. I have read a book written by someone who has researched it; without quoting figures as I remember, the high costs arise because of the government not checking invoices properly from health insurance providers. Lacking good systems, such well known scams of hyped invoices or even fictitious ones get paid. Money for nothing and chicks for free for the health insurance corpse.

      Why Fraud Plagues America’s HealthCare System
      JAMA Network › journals › jama › fullarticle
      by B Kirkman-Liff · 1997 — Malcolm K. Sparrow, formerly a detective chief inspector and head of the Kent County Fraud Squad in England and now a lecturer at [Harvard]

      The Regulatory Craft: Controlling Risks, Solving Problems …
      Harvard University › msparrow › regulatory-cr…
      18/07/2020 — The Regulatory Craft tackles one of the most pressing public policy issues of our time-the reform of regulatory and enforcement practice. Malcolm K.

      Fundamentals of Regulatory Design: Sparrow, Malcolm › Fundamentals-Regulatory-…
      27/11/2021 — The book is only 138 pages long, and reads like the distillation of a life’s work. It provides a crisp high-level framework for how to think about regulation, …
      Rating: 4.7 · ‎51 reviews · ‎US$18.95 · ‎In stock (probably in US$)

      (Credentials of MALCOLM K. SPARROW) –
      13/12/2018 — Fellow of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), 2008—present. • Deputy Chair & Member, Recovery Independent
      MALCOLM K. SPARROW – Scholars at Harvard
      Harvard University › msparrow › files

      It would be good for assertions to be filtered through the findings of this bloke who seems to be in good standing which doesn’t seem open to falsification; and we need to be aware of this happening after the Engineer of the Christchurch CTV collapsed building found to have obtained license? under a dead colleague’s name.)

  4. No Den this new government will make it harder for people to get on the Kainga Ora waiting list, they will kick people out for being bad tenants and we will have more people couch serving and being a burden to their already overburdened whanau. We will see more on the streets and National will claim they got the social housing list down and got rid of bad tenants and this is National’s housing policy more of the same.

    • Yes, and the couch surfers will be the lucky ones. People sleeping in doorways, not so lucky. But a drop-out cop-turned-mercenary can turn his hand, or his dogs, to keeping the diminishing shops accessible for the daytime workers and punters who can afford to buy a cabbage for the $9.99 which used to be the price of a good-sized leg of lamb which fed a family for two or three days.

  5. We live in a nut-shell. In a nutshell, our betters are engaged in delousing themselves of actual direct activity with work done hands-on that meets the tasks the people elected and pay them to do. But they have been found, if they have organised right, some light work decorating and placing round tables with inward-facing chairs, on the Titanic.
    YouTube › playlist
    And The Band Played On – Music Played On The Titanic. I Salonisti

    plus Guy Lombardo with Kenny Gardner 1941 – and it’s still playing!

  6. I bet Anker wants health privatized. She is sick of poor people being treated ahead of rich cancer patients so she voted to impose user pays healthcare so the rich can go to the front of the queue. She is and always will be a traitor to the working class, the labour movement and social progress. Opposing anything to make things better.

    • You are being silly again millsy.If what you say were true then why after 6 years of Labour is the health system in collapse?

      • It is not in collapse. a bunch of rich pricks are just snotty that they cannot jump ahread of the poor people that are in front of them at the queue. That is what it is all about.

  7. A massive pressure on the health system is immigration based. If an individual gets permanent residency in NZ they are then able to apply for their ENTIRE family to receive PR – regardless of age, previous time in country, etc, etc, etc. So, we have ended up with one or two fit-to-work individuals and a handful plus individuals who are old, ill and have no intention of working – in fact, the specific intent of the initial PR was to move the persons old and ill to NZ so they can access the public health system which they do not have in their country of birth. This is a massive largely unmentioned part of the mass immigration system. We are importing people who have never contributed, will never contribute, and are a huge imposition on the health system.

    • My sister worked in a health clinic attached to a hospital in Auckland and noted the vast number of people who are new immigrants lining up for the health system usage. And probably in every hospital there are notices on the walls about help and translators for non-English speakers.

      If we just helped refugees that would be good. But we don’t actually care about refugees as such, our wave of immigrants wants large numbers who are low-income workers keeping our wages down for resident national NZs to beneath a living income, and those who have raised money to study here and who prop up the universities and work as well, helping to keep wages low. And then there are the ones who can invest and get citizenship for it; selling a place in NZ, until there will be no places left for NZrs. The world is a big place with billions of people in it. A juvenile level comment but apparently not absorbed yet into the model policies that the PTB work with. Irrational, unsatisfactory, inefficient behaviours for a balanced working nation….

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