Nationwide protests tomorrow to call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza – Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


Another round of nationwide rallies and marches will take place this weekend across Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Israel/Gaza war.

The protests here are part of a rapidly growing global movement calling for a ceasefire and for immediate humanitarian aid to Palestinians caught up in this humanitarian catastrophe.

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa want our government to call for an immediate ceasefire. The government so far has called for a “humanitarian pause” which we have likened to calling for a tea break before the slaughter of Palestinians is allowed to continue. It’s not acceptable. The government has condemned the killing of Israeli civilians and we agree that any attack on civilians is a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention. However the government has not condemned Israel’s outrageous war crimes, such as “collective punishment”, and the slaughter of civilians being played out before our eyes.

Our government is muttering about respect for international law while giving the green light to Israel’s genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people. This must stop.

It’s clear the government is out of step with New Zealanders who overwhelmingly support an immediate ceasefire.

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Instead of acting in lock-step with the US and Israel we want the government to:

  • make an impassioned plea for a ceasefire to end the wholesale slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza
  • call for immediate humanitarian support for Gaza in line with the analysis of international aid agencies (see below)
  • call for Palestinians in Gaza to come under United Nations protection
  • demand an immediate and well-resourced investigation by the International Criminal Court into war crimes committed in the latest fighting, including the crimes of genocide and apartheid
  • speak out against any moves to ethnically cleanse Gaza of its Palestinian population

The humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza

Palestinians in Gaza are suffering dire deprivation and living hell due to 18 days of Israel’s total siege, displacement of 1.4 million Palestinians inside Gaza, and relentless bombing rampages which have destroyed 42% of housing, and killed over 7,000 people including over 3,000 children. Meanwhile the numbers of compassionate people protesting around Aotearoa continues to grow, raising our voices for humanity, peace and justice and to amplify the appeals coming from on the ground in Gaza:

  • An immediate ceasefire to allow for dignified burials for the deceased in overflowing morgues and under rubble, and to prevent disease outbreaks.
  • The urgent restoration of water, food, fuel, medical supplies and humanitarian aid.
  • Immediate protection of medical facilities and the reversal of the illegal and inhumane evacuation orders for hospitals.
  • The facilitation of the safe passage of casualties and critically-ill individuals in need of medical treatment.
  • While the people of Gaza vehemently reject forced displacement, we insist on opening the crossings for those seeking to evacuate and permitting the entry of medical and rescue teams.

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa invites the media to attend the local rallies and marches and report on this critical international issue as New Zealanders call for a ceasefire in Gaza and stand for human rights and peace. The outpouring of support in the past two weeks for Palestine from a diversity of New Zealanders has been immense and moving.

At all the rallies there will be short speeches and of course many photo opportunities.

Saturday 28th October

See all Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa event listings here.

Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland: 2pm. Rally Aotea Square, march Queen Street to the Consulate of the United States of America on Customs Street.

Kirikiriroa / Hamilton: 1pm, Rally, end of Wairere Drive/Naylor St, Hillcrest

Papaioea / Palmerston North: 2pm. Rally, The Square.

Whanganui: 11am, Rally, Tram Shed.

Pōneke / Wellington: 2pm, Rally, Civic Square. March to Parliament.

Hosted by Justice for Palestine, details here.

Whakatu / Nelson: 10:30am, Rally, 1903 Square.

Ōtautahi / Christchurch: 1pm, Rally, Bridge of Remembrance.

Ōtepoti / Dunedin: 2pm. Rally and march, Otago Museum Reserve.

Sunday 15th October 2023

Ngāmotu / New Plymouth: 1pm. The Landing.

Facebook event page.

As always we want the media to highlight Palestinian voices. The best place to start is with Ahmed Saadeh the convenor of the PACC (Palestinians in Aotearoa Co-ordinating Committee) Phone 022 344 3965.

Hope we see all the media at the rallies and marches tomorrow.

John Minto

National Chair

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


  1. It’s no good us complaining about violence and child beating in our country when bombs are being dropped on innocent women and children in Palestine and groups like Hamas have committed atrocities provoking Israel whose aren’t exactly saints themselves. In the meantime, in little NZ, we have gangs who may need to wear makeup (courtesy of the National party) and idiots who kill little babies. Geez what is the world coming to and can the big boy countries put on their big boy pants and prevent another world war? let’s hope so? we all don’t need this?

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