Winston trashes Jake Tame after threatening him while ignoring David Seymour

This is the worst threesome in NZ History – they all cry out their own names when they orgasm

Winston Peters blasts ‘moron’ Jack Tame, NZ media in Port Waikato

New Zealand First party leader Winston Peters lambasted media during a 40-minute speech in Port Waikato this afternoon, labelling Q+A presenter Jack Tame a “left-wing shill” and a “moron”.

After threatening Jack with his job during a Q+A interview where Winston couldn’t answer basic questions about his own fucking policy…

Peters previously butted heads with Tame during an October 1 interview on Q+A, when he alluded to altering funding towards public broadcasting after a heated conversation.

“You’ve made a case for us to make sure we get the broadcasting portfolio after this election,” he said towards the end of the interview.

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“Is that a threat, Mr Peters?” Tame replied.

“That’s not a threat – it’s a promise that you’re going to have an operation that’s much more improved than it is now.”

…when the public broadcasting journalist interviewing you is so taken aback they need to check if you are threatening them, that’s not a good interview.

Winston has doubled down after threatening Jack during live TV by trashing him again at the Port Waikato by-election launch which is utterly needless bullshit because Jack is easily one of this countries best public broadcasters who is exceptionally well researched and who demands proper answers.

Winston couldn’t answer basic questions about his own policy and has decided bullying public broadcasters is a better plan and to be fair to Winston, it’s his only plan.

The cavalcade of anti-indigenous Māori, anti-vaxx, climate denying circus freaks inside NZ First now demands a leader who attacks every media because the insane feral crap these banjo twanging redneck fuckwits believe in will always receive contempt from anyone in the media with half a brain so Winston has to spend the next 3 years shitting on Jack Tame in the hope it scares the rest of the media off.

As the planet melts, as 600 000 Kiwi’s use food banks each month, as the social services crumble, this narcissistic power mad pensioner is holding the country to ransom so his cross burning ill educated conspiracy theory supporters feel a sense of vengeance after being ostracised for their anti-indigenous Māori, anti-vaxx, climate denying beliefs.

NZ First voters and their representatives deserve naked contempt for their bitter ignorance and sweet Jesus will we be serving up that dish for the next 3 years on TDB!

NONE of this far right Government’s spite and malice will do anything to help build NZ, so educated people of consciences have a moral obligation to shit on NZ First and their supporters every chance you get.

Watching David Seymour, Winston and Luxon tear each others throats out over 3 years will be glorious and we are already getting glimpses of how much a battle of the fuckwits this will be over the weekend where Winston admitted he got a text message from David but believed it was a fake so didn’t message him back???

Winston Peters thought text from David Seymour was ‘fake’

NZ First leader Winston Peters says he will only hold coalition discussions with ACT Party leader David Seymour in person, and that he thought a text from Seymour after the general election was “fake” so he didn’t respond.

I’ve got bloody David Seymour’s phone number! He’s had the same phone number forever, and if NZ First couldn’t work out David Seymour’s own phone number, it shows you how much of a ship of fools this is!

Winston criticising Jack is the beginning of a tactic we will see endlessly and his jockeying with David to set up his final place at the public money trough to gorge his last supper will be as venal as it sounds.

Winston is an old crocodile excited to feast on all the kickbacks while singing songs of malice to his new conspiracy theory followers.

This new far right Government is going to get ugly fast.

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief



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  1. Negotiations for the Coalition of Chaos are being done by text?!!
    This is Cluxons “stronstable guvmint” – so long as they all keep their prepay topped up of course.
    Let the cluxonfukk continue…………

  2. Buyers remorse will kick in for many as they get sacked and evicted–and also hopefully some strong fightback against these wankers in NActFirst. I got one free prescription, and probably only one, as Baldrick will make sure it is back to “pay fors” asap. Will be even less fun for anyone that needs to deal with sadistic MSD/WINZ–they will laugh in your face if you ask about your full entitlements or qas they slap a sanction on you. Shane Reti declared that a new fully funded by Labour Whangārei Hospital would be put on hold if he becomes Health Minister, but after bite back he has pulled his head in (even many tory voters in the North would like a new hospital thank you).

    Face it trolls, the Greens got more party vote than Act! (figures from Electoral Commission site)
    Green–11.60%, 330,883
    Act–8.64%, 246,909

    Labour self sabotaged with the Cap’n’s calls from neo Blairite Mr Hipkins, and Natzos and Act way outspent every other Parliamentary party–so in essence you did not get anything like the victory you thought you did on the night.

  3. The whole of New Zealand will reap what the National, Act and New Zealand First supporters have sown and it won’t be a harvest to be proud of.

  4. OH NO is Casey Costello a NZ First candidate? Isn’t she part of the Hobsons Pledge conspiracy theorist that claims the Celtic race was here before Maori as to disregard the Treaty of Waitangi because they’re ain’t the REAL INDIGENOUS people of this country? We might just be in for some race wars in this country?

  5. If Winston addresses this country’s ceding of sovereignty to unelected global bodies like the WHO and UNO, he’ll achieve more than previous politicians. Some so-called “cowardice” may be WEF influence.

  6. Does Winston Peters even know what a text is. Has anyone bothered to ask while this clusterf**k is going on how much it is costing, how it affects our inflation rate and is the fickle business confidence still confident. How it actually affects our Mana in the world. Surely Winston Peters is past his sell by date as foreign minister preaching peace and goodwill, when he can’t even manage it at home. Puppets on a string come to mind and it ain’t pretty, the left better be organized without too much introspection because these 3 are not going to last long, Luxon’s motto should read weak and unstable government this side of next Christmas !!!!

  7. Peter’s is a con artist who is using Trump like tactics to gain attention. Tame had the audacity to ask if he had a policy or two. Imagine that! Asking a political party if they had policies.

    He’s an embarrassment

    • The article was about Jack Tame or was your comment your way of showing us where the missing “h” from your name went?

    • Peter hasn’t lasted 2 continous terms in office. Next term he will be chucked out, and unfortunately/fortunately national/act will likely rule the roost in second term. The 1st term will show if Luxon has any MOJO. Interesting times.

  8. These prile, what you, these three, argue never known, just look at what we got, no, what the fuck, without ego and profit, your care for us.

  9. I thought that the quote of the week was Ella Henry, saying on Q and A, that, she was, “looking forward to peters and seemore learning to manage co-governance for the next three years” . She did have a twinkle in her eye.

  10. Winston runs the Muldoon playbook. His treatment of Tame was like Muldoon and Simon Walker. That one interview is what Simon Walker is known for…

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