GUEST BLOG: Patrick O’Dea – Genocide in Gaza


The question on everyone’s mind is will the 300 thousand Israeli ground forces gathered on Gaza’s Northern border, enter Northern Gaza?

The Israeli ground forces will not enter Northern Gaza until the after the Israeli airforce has driven away or killed its population.

To describe what is going on in Gaza today.
This is a genocide, in the full sense of the word

Genocide is the only word to describe it.

Do any acts of war or even atrocities committed, justify genocide?

The United Nations says it doesn’t. Since 1948 the United Nations convention on the committing and prevention of acts of genocide have ruled that genocide is a special crime that no excuse can justify.

The Israeli authorities have just issued an ultimatum to the people of Gaza City and North Gaza to evacuate to beyond the Siderot river that divides the heavily built up Gaza city from the rest of Gaza. I have crossed the Siderot bridge, the river below it is a muddy stream in a dry river bed, littered with the ruins of previous bridges destroyed by the Israelis.

The leaflets dropped on Gaza today by Israel declare that even “Known Shelters” north of the Siderot River will not be spared from Israeli attack.

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There is housing and buildings South of the Siderot River, but much of the land is used for agriculture to feed the people in the city. There is nowhere other than that agricultural open land for the people to flee to.

In the leafet dropped on Gaza by Israel, 1.1million have been given 24 hours to evacuate Northern Gaza..

This is an impossible deadline.

Every military planner knows that even under extreme threat, civilians, who cannot be disciplined the way armies can, who resist attempts to instil order, who try to take with them possessions that slow them down, and try to find alternative routes and means etc, may only cover 20-25km (12.5-15.5 miles) in a day.
But when their numbers swell, with even 10,000 being huge, not to mention a million, they will simply block every road, including ones needed by the military to manoeuvre,….

The United Nations International Court of Justice has just finished a hearing in which lawyers for the Russian Federation have argued against having to present their evidence of a genocide allegedly committed by Ukraine against ethnic Russians in the Donbas.
It is quite clear that the Russians rather than attend a hearing to present their evidence of the alleged genocide committed by Ukraine will not attend any further hearings of the United Nations International Court of Justice.

The United Nations International Court of Justice Free needs to and is free to issue an emergency declaration under the convention of the prevention of genocide for the Israeli authorities to immediately halt their genocidal assault on Gaza.

This country needs to petition the United Nations to issue a call for Israel to stop its genocide in Northern Gaza.

That the UN International Court of Justice don’t issue an emergency iterim order for Israel to stop its assualt on Gaza will be a stain on the reputation of the UN and its institutions and weaken the cause of the prevention of war and genocide for which the United Nations were set up to prevent.


Patrick O’Dea is a staunch Unionist and human rights activist


    • Making an impossible demand is an excuse to commit genocide

      The elected authority of Gaza will not be handing themselves over to the coloniser, to leave their people at the mercy of Zionist racists. Their refusal to surrender, is not an excuse for genocide. Nothing is.

      That this genocide is being carried out in front of the whole world means the perpetrators cannot evade judgment for their actions.

      • Elected authority of Gaza? Are you kidding? One election since 2006, it’s a dictatorship. Any in what world is handing over innocent hostages (women and children) an impossible demand?

        • “… handing over innocent hostages (women and children) an impossible demand? Human Male Man

          Handing over innocent hostages, women and children seems to be an impossible demand for Israel, not Hamas.

          “If Israel Accepts Hamas Prisoner Exchange Offer, Peace Could Be Restored in 24 Hours”
          Mustafa Barghouti, member of the Palestinian National Council and general secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative.

          ….a two-step swap has been proposed: Israeli civilian captives for Palestinian women prisoners, followed by Israeli soldiers for Palestinian men in Israeli jails….

          ….Hamas is prepared to hand back all Israeli civilian prisoners in return for all Palestinian women prisoners in Israeli jails…

          A quarter of all Palestinian prisoners are being held in indefinite detention in Israeli prisons without charge.

          Netanyahu is not interested in the return of the hostages even the women and children held hostage, If he was he would free all the Palestinian women that Israel holds ‘hostage’ in exchange for all the Israeli women and children Hamas holds.
          Israel also holds 147 Palestinian minors in detention, 26 for the ‘crime’ of being illegally in Israel.

          I don’t hear any Zionist trolls calling for Israel to release these children back to their families.

    • That kind of comment from you is a compelling argument for you having your head, perhaps by some unfortunate accident, rammed up your arse hole.
      The Israeli’s are, true to their nature, demanding ever more than they’re entitled to with all the arrogant self entitlement that’s seen them devour Palestinian territory and then, once they became ever more emboldened by their being fed money from the U$A Military Industrial Complex to trial weapons on Palestinian farmers and their animals the Israelis will forge ahead with a kind of confidence born of a lack of a broader intelligence while letting greed be their guide. In short, and I bet you’re short, the Israeli’s where never going to fit in and show respect to their neighbours if, by exploiting their neighbours they could make good coin. And they clearly are. Just look at the fancy Israeli buildings Hamas has just blown up.

    • Idiot… Are you incapable, or unwilling to engage any discernable logic, or relative insight to what stands on its own as a statement of rank stupidity.. Not a shred of realism. or perspective… You obviously haven’t the first clue as to what is actually happening there, otherwise you wouldn’t be displaying such a mindlessly colonial opinion.. It’s fuckwitted idiocy like yours that has consigned millions of innocent people to death, torture, and privation to an appalling degree for seven decades.. You and your mindless reactionary ilk should be ashamed of yourselves..

    • @ Bob the first. ( Sorry, I can’t help but laugh…)
      Six words @ bob. That’s quite a few for you. How do you feel? Are you ok? Don’t want to overdo it. If you get light headed just lean over your slippers and think of burning kittens.

    • @ james. How’s being a stupid farmer amongst intelligent farmers working out for ya? Moving on. But who in Palestine knew what Israel’s occupation might entail back in the day. Like, taking all of Palestine while making killer money from the U$A military industrial complex for weapons testing while murdering Dad’s, mum’s, kids and their animals. Israeli’s are murderous racist invaders. Do you see them in their military kit? They look like movie stars with all that fancy gear while the Palestinians now look like farmers wearing sandles while running and bleeding.
      You need to be less full of shit and more full of commonsense.

  1. Keep your knickers on dumb-ass, Israel’s intention is not to commit genocide but rather to remove Hammas. Completely. Genocide is indescrimiant killing, which was carried out by Hammas on October 7th.

    • @Human Male Man. It’s really clear that civilians are about to die and you’re making excuses for the people who are about to do the killing. I don’t care about anyone’s debating points – innocent people are going to die and we should all be trying to find a way to stop it not concocting arguments that justify it.

      And yes innocent Israeli’s died in the recent attack by Hamas – and before that innocent Palestinian’s died and before that innocent Jews and before that innocent Palestinian’s and before that …..

    • There are differences between all 5 of these things:

      1) Killing babies as part of necessary collateral damage for ones military objectives

      2) Killing babies unnecessarily for ones military objectives

      3) Killing babies completely indiscriminately for ones military objectives

      4) Killing babies as part of collateral damage of an attack on adult civilians specifically

      5) Going into a house, entering the bedroom, seeing a baby in a crib, and directly executing the baby with a weapon.

      There’s a difference between judging the moral value of actions and the moral value of those committing them. They should not be based on the exact same criteria.

      I’m taking the time to clear a few things up because it’s all repulsive. Not all forms of unnecessary killing are completely indiscriminate killings. One can kill unnecessarily and discriminately.

      • Sam October 16, 2023 at 8:30 pm
        “There are differences between all 5 of these things:”

        “1) Killing babies as part of necessary collateral damage for ones military objectives….”

        You disgusting bastard. I don’t give a shit what your fucking reason for killing babies is. Fucking creep.

  2. By indiscriminate killing I mean of course deliberately targeting civilians and non -military sites with no territorial purpose. Sound like Hammas?

    • Hamas’ actions were terrible- utterly terrible events for the people involved. However, ‘indiscriminate killing’ is not the definition of genocide.

      Genocide. n.
      the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

      Israel’s actions do in fact meet the definition of genocide.

      It may be helpful to get a picture of the history of the situation:

    • To be clear I wanted a consistent stance. This isn’t my fight. If Palestinians and Isrealis feel it necessary for whatever reason to kill each others children in defence of their territories then they must pick up the knife and stab those children through themselves. All we can do is keep the door open for the reduction of conflict. Peace brother.

  3. Genocide?

    What’s the bet that Gaza’s population will be 3 million by 2035 instead of 2.5 million now, as it went from a couple of hundred thousand decades ago to where it is now – and all while the likes of you screamed about genocide.

    The word has become like “racist”; you’ve used it so often and so inappropriately that it’s almost become meaningless. And if the intention is to use that deliberately loaded word to whip up public opinion against what Israel is about to do in Gaza then you really aren’t reading the room in the wake of what Hamas did to the Jews.

    And of course this is about far more than Hamas. Here’s what the fabulous Gazan education authorities have been teaching their kids for the last few decades. That right there is a future Einsatzgruppe.

    Go on. Block me. Stop this from your readers seeing it. Doesn’t matter. The rest of the world has seen it and much else that Hamas and Gazans’ have celebrated. Against their own videos and photos and words, your cries of “genocide” are not going to work this time. What is about the happen to Gaza will be truly terrible, but then I could say that about Germany and Japan in 1945.

    • So it’s an eye for an eye as the Old Testament says.

      Or is it,” Do not visit the sins of the fathers upon the children?”

      Where is it going to stop?

      • @ NJ.
        Where is it going to stop? I can tell you. When the USA drops a billion tons of good E on Israel / Palestine then announces that the global financial systems are being disbanded in favour of peace and equality. Now, start holding your breath.

  4. Seems that pretty much every Islamic state is calling for Isreal to show constraint. Time for the West which includes NZ to think what it could mean to us. If Iran blocks the Gulf oil stops moving. Saudi and Russia might refuse to sell to the West. These things are highly probable. No petrol or diesel for us. Price irrelevant, no supply. Call me alarmist whilst you get partisan.

  5. “Those speaking of revenge should be ashamed”

    “….every time I hear the word revenge, for people to go through what I went through, and not have anyone to extract them.
    It cannot be.
    It cannot be.”

    Shared on twitter by Orly Barlev, ( a 19-year-old Israeli woman who survived the Hamas attack on kibbutz Be’eri recounts what she went through, blames Netanyahu for not seeking a “political solution,” shames people calling for “revenge,” and urges Israel to stop the bombing.


    Yasmin Porat, a survivor of the bloodshed at Kibbutz Be’eri, near the boundary with Gaza, says many Israeli civilians were killed by Israeli forces.

    An Israeli woman who survived the Hamas assault on settlements near the Gaza boundary on 7 October says Israeli civilians were “undoubtedly” killed by their own security forces.

    It happened when Israeli forces engaged in fierce gun battles with Palestinian fighters in Kibbutz Be’eri and fired indiscriminately at both the fighters and their Israeli prisoners.

    “They eliminated everyone, including the hostages,” she told Israeli radio. “There was very, very heavy crossfire” and even tank shelling.

  7. 1.1 million civilians were ordered to evacuate Gaza City and its surrounds within a day.
    The government of Gaza were ordered to hand themselves over to the invading forces.

    The Israeli authorities have made two impossible demands they know the Palestinians cannot carry out as the excuse for committing genocide.

    The Israeli Zionists are so sure of their racist supremacist ideology that they feel they can commit this genocide openly and in full view of the world.
    The silence from our government, and other Western governments, is our assurance to the Zionists that they are free to do so.

    No escape is being allowed

    Israel bombs Gaza’s border crossing with Egypt
    Israeli air strikes have hit the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt three times in 24 hours….

    724 Palestinian children killed in Gaza as Israel targets civilians,Gaza%20Strip%20since%20October%207.

    • The criminal response is driving the Islamic world together. The Zionists seem incapable of recognising that the price of annihilation of Gaza is the end of the State of Israel. This will not end well unless Israel calls an immediate halt.

  8. “We are dying”

    “Even without the bombing we are dying, with no food or water or services” Gaza Dr at Ahli Arab Hospital

    500 killed by direct missile strike on Gaza main hospital “sheltering” over three thousand people.

    This mass murder was in line the policy announced in the leaflet dropped on Gaza by Israel on Friday that said, “Known Shelters” will not be spared.

    • Well spotted Ethan. The UN has ceased to be of any use to most of the world , merely being a mouthpiece for the US and West. Consequently any moral authority or leadership doesn’t come from the UN.

      We’ve now moved to a bi polar scenario where the US calls the shots in the UN and amongst it’s vassals, opposed by a loose alternate grouping based upon Russia, China, the Islamic states and sometimes India. A BRICS meeting now carries far more authority.

      How this plays out short term I cannot guess. Israel needs to take the long view as it will find itself, like Crusader states, alone in an Islamic sea that will over power it. Ceasefire and dialogue is their only option.

  9. Israel ramps up its genocide

    Gaza residents flee south only to be bombed by Israel

    Oct 18, 2023
    The UN is accusing Israel of showing a “flagrant disregard for the lives of civilians” after it bombed a Gaza school where thousands were sheltering, killing at least six people.
    It says no place is safe in the crowded Strip – which is rapidly running out of food, water, fuel and medical supplies to treat its 12 thousand wounded.

    Four days ago Israel told Gazans to move south for their own safety. But today it bombed just outside the cities of Khan Younis and Rafah, where hundreds of thousands have taken shelter – killing dozens of people.

    You may find some of this report distressing……

    At the beginning of this post I posed the question,

    …..will the 300 thousand Israeli ground forces gathered on Gaza’s Northern border, enter Northern Gaza?

    From the evidence so far; The 300 Israeli ground forces intend to wait it out at the border until their aerial genocide is completed.
    Israeli forces will invade Gaza when they can march in unopposed as occupier.

  10. Gosh
    Good on you Pat
    But it seems so odd to see you repeating Kremlin talking points.
    I must say I always felt uneasy at Russia’s historic support of Israel….so many Russian jews wound up there…..but now I’m relieved to see that Putin has come in firmly on the Palestinian side.

    • You’re just as bad as the Zionists. The crimes of Russian imperialism are just as odious as the crimes of the Zionists. Putin couldn’t care less about the Palestinian people. Except that it bogs down his imperialist rivals, giving the Kremlin breathing space to continue with its imperialist expansion into Africa and Ukraine.
      If Putin cared anything about the Palestinians he would be sending ships with desalination, plants, medical supplies, fuel and food to Port Gaza to break the genocidal Zionist siege.

  11. Still no movement from the 300 thousand strong Israeli army massed on the border of Gaza.

    As I wrote at the top of this post, this army will not move into Gaza until the aerial genocide is completed.

    The Israeli ground forces will not enter Northern Gaza until after the Israeli airforce has driven away or killed its population.

    Just as i predicted rather than move to invade Gaza the IDF have given orders to the Israeli airforce and artillery to intensify the destruction and killing.

    As well as the aerial bombardment with bombs and missiles, an artillery barrage and tank fire from the massed Israeli army has also been raining down on Gaza City and its outskirts. The purpose of this massive aerial and artillery bombardment is to smash the city and exterminate its residents.

    The South has not been spared.
    The inhabitants of Gaza City who have fled to the South to avoid the Israeli promise that they will not be spared from death if they remained, have not being spared from death. Despite their promise that the South would be a safe zone, continued Israeli bombing of the Southern region, and the almost total lack of food. water, shelter and sanitation means the tens of thousands who have fled certain death in Gaza city are facing death in the South as well. Some Palestinians who fled the North have returned to their homes and certain death, saying it is better to be killed in their own home by Israeli bombs than die in an open field or tent of hunger thirst and disease.

    Israeli artillery fire on the far south town of Rafah has even strayed into the territory of Israel’s Egyptian ally, wounding an Egyptian soldier.

    This is not a war this is a genocide.

    The head of the UN Antony Guteierise hasn’t used the G word yet. But he probably will eventually when it is over, and it is too late.

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