So now Luxon has ruled NZF in, how will he lift the Foreign Buyers Ban past Winston?


National’s Christopher Luxon would work with NZ First if he has to

National leader Christopher Luxon says he would form a coalition with New Zealand First after the election if he had to.

Now Luxon has ruled Winston in, how on earth is he going to lift the Foreign Buyers Ban that he needs to balance his bullshit budget!

NZ First are utterly against lifting the Foreign Buyers Ban and National need to lift it to pretend they have all this revenue for their bullshit tax cuts for rich Landlords!

ACT + National + NZF are such a toxic mix, they’ll be too busy attacking each other to get anything done!

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The Right have been braying about the ‘Coalition of Chaos’ all year when the reality is that the Alliance of Arseholes – ACT, National and NZ First, are going to spend the next 3 years ripping each others throats out as Luxon endlessly sobs between Winston and David stabbing each others eyeballs out every 30 seconds!

ACT is so extreme and NZ First are so extreme and National are so extreme that they all fall off each others cliffs!

ACT wants billions spent on prisons while amputating all political voices that aren’t white and male while National want to vandalise the Egalitarian State by giving rich landlords huge tax cuts funded by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating public transport and literally stealing from the climate change funds using a Foreign Buyers Tax that will never raise anywhere enough for those tax cuts!

Winston wants to designate gangs domestic terrorists with all the paramilitary Police state that requires while funding Toilet cops to check you8r fucking gender in a public toilet!!!

These Egotistical Arseholes can’t do anything other than feed their egos!

They can’t and won’t work together.

The more the electorate see of the Alliance of Arseholes, the far more preferable becomes the Coalition of Chaos!

There’s 3 weeks until the 2023 election!

Act has received more donations than the left bloc combined.

It’s better late than never to volunteer…



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    • Seymour has said he can if he had too It is not the preferred choice up it is better than 3 mote years of Labour plus Greens

      • We we all know that you resent the poor and workers getting any form of wage or benefit increase, or having access to public services. I bet you would let people die on the street and do nothing to help them,

      • “Better than 3 more years of …blah blah… blah”…

        That tired old broken record line….again! No context.. no nothing …just blurt all that vacuous nonsense out there day after day … That’s the main ACT Party Policy and strategy. The old …’tell a lie often enough and people will eventually believe it’ trick developed by a certain minority group in Germany circa 1935.

        $ 4million dollars spent ….for just 10% of the vote, (probably less),including the Epsom can’t think for themselves numpties….

        And here they are trying to make out that’s a good result and that they are the party of economic geniuses.

        There zero evidence to that claim !!

    • ” so I don’t see this threesome happening. ”

      How many times has that been said after getting pissed but waking up the next morning in the same bed !

  1. Luxon is second only to Don Brash in looking out of place in any campaign event where he has to talk to ordinary people. And even the most dull interviewer can run rings around him.
    But when the doors are shut and the adults are sitting around the table and Luxon is in the big chair holding the agenda in his hand he may well surprise a few people.
    He has certainly changed the National caucus from a rabble of back stabbing leakers into what appears to be a team on the same page.

  2. Luxon and Seymours’ desperate comments this morning. “Well of course, we dont want to rule Winston out as we might need him but we only want to work together so vote for us and leave Winston in the dust and it will all be a lot easier”.

    Is 100% pure politics. I laughed when Seymour said on AM “As I have always said “You play the hand you are dealt but it is up to the will of the NZ people”.

    Thats’s Chippie level political BS right there. 18 months ago Winstone emphatically rules out Labour, Chippie comes along saying “Of course, we are ruling out Winston because we are so principled”. Laughable. As to Seymour saying,” playing the cards he’s dealt and the NZ people decide” Winston has said the exact same words repeatedly for over six months. All more 100% politics, smoke and lies.

    They are trying to destroy Winston’s vote to ensure they can govern with impunity. Without NZF, Seymour will have free reign and there’ll be no Winnie there telling them all to get real and actually do some things that are needed by ordinary NZers. You can have the Alliance of Arseholes or you can have your Pinochet level right wing government, take your pick because sorry, Labour isnt getting back in!

    The only thing on the table at the moment is a right wing government so voters get to decide how right wing that will be and thus, who in our community benefits the most.

    Labour is going down, now we are in damage control. I believe that if Winston can manage 10% on the day (Not saying he will but with tactical voting, who knows), National may choose to go with NZF over ACT and that will be a more moderate government for the whole of NZ.

    • Winston is 100% antivax and wants to launch programs against LGBT’s, it’s will be like Poland where same sex couples are hung from lamposts for holding hands

      • That’s not all. Winston also wants to end anything to do with Te Reo or co-governance. He’s about as incompatible with TPM, Labour and Green as you can get.

  3. ” A coalition of racism, cruelty, and chaos ”

    ” That’s a terrible policy agenda which would be terrible for Aotearoa. Racism and cruelty are Not Good, and ignoring our biggest problem is going to see more people killed and more communities destroyed. We will all suffer under such a government. ”

    ” So, it would be awful, and we’d all suffer. But they’d suffer too, and it might not last beyond a term (pre-2020, I’d have said Winston was cursed, in that anyone who went into government with him lost the next election. 2020 was not a normal election though, so the curse may still hold). And if things are going to be awful, I’ll take my grim satisfaction where I can. If people really are going to vote for us to all burn to death, I can at least derive some amusement by watching their racist cooker climate denier government tear itself apart. ”

  4. Winston going with the Nats is pure scare mongering speculation just like when the exact same shit was being said in 2017.

  5. All Labour had to do for the last 3 years was a decent job and they would cruise to victory, they totally failed in the basic job of selecting MPs who wanted to serve the public good and are suffering because of it. The opposition is worse but that is not going to inspire many people to vote for Labour.

    • Bonnie, most any government would have been hard pressed to achieve anything much these past 6 years . In reality the first 3 years Winston put the breaks on any real progress. Then along came covid. Now I know that people don’t or won’t talk about the global pandemic however it was and is a sad reality of the last 3 years. That this government achieved so much in barely 3 years is astonishing . They organized the biggest vaccination programme in history. They have built houses, they actually kept the businesses afloat ( the very businesses that are now donating to the NACTS). They have built a primary mental health system from the ground up, they have built state houses and encouraged new private houses to be built. Have a look around your community, mine certainly has had a massive housing makeover. They made mistakes ( who doesn’t). People forget the Key and English years of MP’s behaving badly, they forget how truly bad Judith Collins was and is and is still smiling behind Luxon. We are fast headed for a catastrophe with this 3 headed viper , its a pity that New Zealanders don’t or won’t see what is obvious to most sane thinking people but hey even the thick , the racist, the anti vaccination people and the red necks can vote in a democracy .Also don’t forget the gangs (much to the chagrin of Luxon and Seymour). they can also vote.

      • If we end up with a Nact+NZFirst coalition of catastrophe, we will have a lame duck hamstrung govt who will do nothing over the next 3 years. They’ll be like one legged men, in a bum kicking competition.
        Winston will veto any new intitiatives that he doesn’t specificaly agree to, in a coalition agreement, as he has done before. It’s his track record. He will want to crack down on Maori+LGBT+foreigners, which are his favourite targets.
        So the big policy hopes of National, such as its new roads and its tax package, that both relied very heavily on foreigners pumping in the funding, are now looikng like quickly fading pipedreams.
        But at least a Nact+NZFirst coalition of catastrophe, will all agree on not putting the environment first, and not doing anything about climate change, and not helping business to decarbonise.
        It will be a do nothing nasal gazing one term coallition of catastrophe, who will find it impossible to agree on anything, while the climate worsens with more floods and cyclones and bushfires and wonderful new waterborn deseases.
        Luxon should seriously consider changing his name to Eddie Jones, because he’ll feel like Eddie Jones, and be as usefull as Eddie Jones, and he’ll suceed as much as Eddie Jones.
        The only hope is that the left block can reverse the polling trends, or that NZFirst goes up high enough, that ACT is out of the picture.

  6. They will have to have some sort combined policy branding for Huey Dewey and Louie. Something like ‘tough on public toilets’

  7. A coalition of National + ACT + NZFirst will be a coalition beyond chaos, it will be a coalition of catastrophe, of three stooges proportions.
    The last time Winston was in the Beehive, he actually sued National party MP’s.
    Make no mistake, a vote for Luxon, is now a vote for Winston, an arsonist dressed as a fireman.
    Why is Luxon so insecure that he’s giving Winston oxygen?
    And now Winston’s supporters know he’s coming back, his support will grow even more, most probably at the expense of ACT, and the freedoms parties.
    If Luxon has to phone Winston next month, it would have been far better for Luxon to have said nothing, and then just phoned him anyway.
    If Winston is in coaliton negotiations, and wants to be deputy or finance minister, where will that leave Nicola – associate minister for the Kermadecs?
    This coalition of catastrophe, is like a car accident about to happen, that we can all see way up ahead, but our driver has nodded off, and the car is stuck in cruise control, with all the windows and doors locked, and we’re the bound and gagged passengers in the back, along for the ride!
    For Luxon to have decided this, he must have seen some very worrying internal polling, or banged his head, or mistakenly put ecky in his tea instead of sweetener.
    There appears no upside in this decision for the right block. Undecideds who were wavering about supporting National will now be put off. And ACT will go down further and NZFirst will go up. And TPM will go up, because both ACT and NZFirst arn’t exactly Maori friendly. Why do it? Winston will be the uncontrollable tail wagging a hapless dog. And if ACT support plummets lower than 8% to near 5%, will that now force Luxon into making another Epsom teapot deal? Yesterday things were much clearer and going smoothly for Luxon, before he decided to muddy the waters, by swallowing kryptonite.
    Just one policy speed bump of many, will be that Winston will never allow pension age to be increased because of his support for the elderly through the goldcard etc, yet putting up pension age by 2 years is the policy of both ACT and National.
    For those wanting to vote for the least worst coalition option, some may see a bit of chaos, preferable to catastrophe.

    • Jasmine you are so right. How on earth does Luxon think he can manage both David Seymour and Winston Peters . How do you manage a narcissist short answer you can’t. Also the sad fact is all 3 are narcissists. Chris Hipkins knows exactly what Winston Peters is like to work with and he doesn’t ever want to do it again . This morning we heard Luxon’s policy on beneficiaries ( now I know that its much better to have people in work) however how on earth are they going to implement this policy which relies on form filling and reporting every 6 months , when they will be cutting the public service by 6.5%.this on top of the government’s recent cuts. Nothing adds up the tax, climate change now beneficiaries in their sites. This will be a precursor for more crime and violence against both the staff at social welfare and people on the street because they will be cutting people’s money.

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