TV 3 POLL: National + ACT + NZF = Alliance of Arseholes


Labour – 26.5

National – 39.1

ACT – 8.8

Labour – 14.2

NZ First 5.2

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TPM – 2.2

Even the voters know the Alliance of Arseholes will be appalling

Now Luxon has ruled Winston in, how on earth is he going to lift the Foreign Buyers Ban that he needs to balance his bullshit budget!

NZ First are utterly against lifting the Foreign Buyers Ban and National need to lift it to pretend they have all this revenue for their bullshit tax cuts for rich Landlords!

ACT + National + NZF are such a toxic mix, they’ll be too busy attacking each other to get anything done!

The Right have been braying about the ‘Coalition of Chaos’ all year when the reality is that the Alliance of Arseholes – ACT, National and NZ First, are going to spend the next 3 years ripping each others throats out as Luxon endlessly sobs between Winston and David stabbing each others eyeballs out every 30 seconds!

ACT is so extreme and NZ First are so extreme and National are so extreme that they all fall off each others cliffs!

ACT wants billions spent on prisons while amputating all political voices that aren’t white and male while National want to vandalise the Egalitarian State by giving rich landlords huge tax cuts funded by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating public transport and literally stealing from the climate change funds using a Foreign Buyers Tax that will never raise anywhere enough for those tax cuts!

Winston wants to designate gangs domestic terrorists with all the paramilitary Police state that requires while funding Toilet cops to check you8r fucking gender in a public toilet!!!

These Egotistical Arseholes can’t do anything other than feed their egos!

They can’t and won’t work together.

The more the electorate see of the Alliance of Arseholes, the far more preferable becomes the Coalition of Chaos!

There’s 3 weeks until the 2023 election!

Act has received more donations than the left bloc combined.

It’s better late than never to volunteer…



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  1. That 63% saying it will be chaos is largely due to Seymours unhinged behaviour toward NZF. Here’s hoping its a Nats/NZF Coalition or that Seymour is only doing this to sway voters from NZF so he doesnt have to compete with him. Hopefully he can put away his theatrics and get on and govern with NZF or its going to be a short govt. So the question of the day is – Is Seymour a nut or Is he just playing? Or both?

    • Seymour Butt is just a little bit nutty, never had a real job and is an Ideologically Driven Neoliberal IMHO.

      He is the unstable variable in the Coalition of Assholes, NZ can not cope with another series of Neoliberal Upheavels.

    • A Nat/NZF Coalition will be a lot more stable than a NACT First Coalition, to be honest I don’t think a NACT First Coalition could even be a reality as Winston detests Seymour so much and vice versa. I doubt whether a NACT First Coalition would last 5 minutes.

    • Fantail. “ Is Seymour a nut or is he just playing ? Or both ?” Probably both. Davidson is likely pathologically deluded, as well as being living testament to the failure of the education system, but Seymour is good reason to thank God that Peters’ rationality is re-emerging as a potentially moderating and mature influence. He and Luxon are both publicly acknowledge the necessity of educational reform. That’s a significant concession from Luxon when the Nats are just as responsible as Labour and the looney Greens for its pernicious dumbing down and politicalisation.

      • Snow white are you seriously saying that Winston Peters is a rational moderating politician with a mature influence. Oh please give me a break. Winston only thinks of Winston. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be comical.

  2. NZ right winger politicians are left wing compared to Canadians who are now openly glorifying Nazi mass murderers and the Holocaust.

  3. How are TPM and the Greens going to get a wealth tax across the line and deliver on their promises. When Chris Hipkins has categorically ruled it out whilst he is PM?

  4. Maybe try the Health sector next Chippy, surely make some ground back here. Remember it isn’t over till your fat, pink haired, lockdown swimming hua sings about their tenth booster.

  5. If CHipkins can turn his polling around and form a minority government it will be one of the biggest political upsets for decades.

    With MMP anything is possible but LINO are further behind than in 2017 when they manged after nine years of austerity against our vulnerable kiwis who the brighter future was never meant for , the propertied class and the wealthy donors and corporates dictating policy they managed 37% well short of where National was but Winston decided to hitch his wagon and the rest is history.

    The tide and political retribution are against the kindness neo liberal party Bomber and all avoidable if they had just had sound political management and nous and not let Jacinda and Willie hide all the under the table stuff from Winston. Arden thought she was untouchable with the first MMP majority ( and the arrogance took hold until it spiralled out of control ) that was the landslide that no one in all the decades past under FPP ( over 50% ) of the vote could achieve.

    They had the chance to re set and set the narrative for change with the power of a pandemic behind them but their neo liberal instinct and the market will fix all these nasty problems it created in the first place had its revenge.

    The biggest losers are our marginalised people who are relegated to third class citizens in their own country because they have no influence and are desperately trying to keep their heads above water as they drown and are denied their rights in this plutocracy.

    Its looking like Winston may be the handbrake in a possible NASTY minority government. At this stage the Nasties are shy of the comfortable 40s % range which means they barely have a mandate.

  6. An alliance of crooks more like it.
    I became hyper aware of Kiwi-As politics from about 1982 and in the intervening years between then and now I’ve watched on as the crooks really have found their form. To think we have a fair and just political system is a luxury only afforded the rich and the complicit and the terminally stupid.
    The cold light of day reality is that we, in fact, have no politics. What we see and hope that what we see as being real and true ,is, in fact, a lie. A complex lie, or rather a series of logical fallacies which are lies embedded within truisms and all cooked up out of an enduringly crooked bureaucracy which is defined by the fact that since there are no laws against what they do to us then it isn’t illegal, and they’d be correct, of course and that’s why AO/NZ’s attracted no small amount of criticism for what dodgy old Kiwis did during the 1990s re The Wine Box inquiries and the Cook Islands scandals and if you haven’t yet read Alistair Barry’s ‘Someone Else’s Country’ or Nicky Hager’s book ‘Dirty Politics’ you might have no fucking idea what I’m on about which automatically puts you at a disadvantage at the polling booths and by that I mean you’ll go there to cast your vote in all innocence with the best intentions while having no idea that you have no idea what the fuck it is that you’re doing and it’s not your fault either. You don’t know, and that’s the point. But they know, and that’s all you don’t need to know and must never learn how to find out about and that’s why RNZ is a beautifully wrapped box of nothing, just like TVNZ and what’s left of our print media. Just read/watch/listen to all this lovely, pointless gibberish and you just don’t worry your pretty little heads about a thing. Until, of course there are 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires with individual wealth in excess of $50 million each and four foreign bankster buddies stealing your money at a rate of $180.00 a second 24/7/365 in after tax profits and 250,000 kids living in poverty, 480 families living in cars, a swelling prison muster of mostly Maori and of rampant greedflation. It’s because YOU are not in control. THEY are. We really, really need to get our fucking hands dirty and take back control of our AO/NZ or we will lose it. Right now? As I write? david seymour’s planning to on-sell your AO/NZ to a rich elite on the run from their last cluster fuck that gives us Global Warming. The little shit’s popping up in The Guardian all back-lit and looking stately. He’s a pimp. A cheap little sell-out covered in roger douglas’s finger prints and look what that fuck did to us? All our state paid for shit’s now privately owned and we’re getting fucking rorted to use it. It’s not your fault so don’t blame yourselves but you really do need to come up to speed with what’s happening and what’s happening’s fucking scary.

  7. Those numbers add up to 96%. So there is 4% wasted vote. Take that out of the equation and NACT with nearly 48% of total currently would get nearly half of that wasted 4%. So NACT is perilously close to getting 50% once the wasted vote is discarded. We absolutely need to see ACT and National declining from here. Preferably it would go to Lab/Grn/TPM but going to NZF is OK as a last resort. Perhaps if the charismatic Paul Goldsmith uses his sheer star-power to pull off a campaigning blinder in Epsom to beat Seymour, plus ACT’s party vote declines to under 5%, they might be gone altogether? That would be great for the country’s long-term mental health. (Dreams are free). Good to see the Greens up – they deserve it. Labour don’t deserve numbers as low as this – sure they are mistaken about the long-term efficacy of timid, incrementalist, targeted tinkering, but they have also had to slog through big problems not of their own making. I think they would have held above 30% if Hipkins hadn’t scuppered the Parker-Robertson wealth tax, but some of that would be at the expense of the Greens. Not exactly happy days – 6 years or so of listening to Luxon’s fatuous, self-serving C-suite cliches might drive me mad – but interesting days.

    • When you convert the poll numbers to seats NACT have 60 seats. Lab/Green/TPM have 54 seats. The only scenario under these circumstances is a NACT+NZF government with 66 seats, or a hung parliament. However, over the last series of polls, the comfortable margin that NACT had over 61 seats (at one point they were up to 66 seats just by themselves) has been slipping.

      However, if Labour continue to be feckless, that will turn back around for NACT. Clearly the fact that NACT are essentially lying is irrelevant to an electorate that is desperate for their situation to improve, so they are (incorrectly) assuming a shift away from Labour will do this. Hipkins has 10 days to climb back up, he has literally nothing to lose, so they really should come up with some bold ideas.

    • Simple version, add half the NZF vote to NACT – if its over 50%, then a NACT government majority.

      Simple version, add half the NZF vote to NACT – if its over 50%, then a NACT government majority.

  8. 14.2 % of voters hard core woke? Oh my God, what hope is there? But I think Labour are starting to wear collateral damage for some of the Greens more fanatical policy like ridiculous low speed limits that people hate. That was pure Julie Ann Genter bike lobby policy.

    And now NZF is safely above 5%, ACT are losing steam.

    • What does “hard core woke” even mean? Serious Green policy positions like climate change is real and caused by humans and it’s not the fault of poor people that they are poor?
      Or just whatever irritates you in the moment? Like: effing speed limits – woke; effing trans people – woke; cyclists – woke; effing health & safety regulations – woke; effing expensive craft beer – woke; effing gouging landlords – woke; effing Maoris – woke; blah blah blah – woke. That’s it eh – a self-contradictory mish-mash of fuming anger at something and everything?
      Greens are the most sane party in Parliament at the moment – and they’re only going to get bigger and stronger.

    • What exactly is woke X-ray? What’s your definition of it? Additionally, what of the released policies from the Greens fit in with this “woke” idea?

      What are the errors in their released policy positions? I assume you can identify their policies and have evidence to counter the policy positions to make these statements?

    • Those speed limits have been in right across Australia for some time now …they work ..
      and everyone obeys them…

      Driving into Melbourne, as i did recently) from the north on a 5 lane ( each way )motorway, with everyone spaced at the correct following distances and all collectively sitting on 80 km per hour for an hour and a half was impressive…
      There was no lunatic driving, or any ducking and diving and weaving.

      And everybody was getting to where they wanted to go just fine without incident.
      The Aussies thinking is a step of head of the large number of petulant thickos that now populate N.Z.

      But when the’ Ground Swellers’ drive the length of the country on one of their self indulgent ‘woah is me’ protests on their tractors, at 50 km per hour , then suddenly the block heads think that that’s O.K…

  9. Keep up the good work, slipped chest blogger.

    The survey that says we are not willing to accept petrol price rises over fighting climate change sums the thing up. Getting the kids to school is better than getting them to 40.

    Winnie will be an anchor on the Right short-termers.

    We all know how this will go now. When it’s too late, within a very few years, a crisis govt will be formed and there will be no more petrol price crap.

  10. Winston is the vote for the retirement village male, and female. Who is the likely choice for the motel room family?

  11. This poll has pretty much swayed me towards party voting Green now.
    Was heavily considoring TPM but it’s now unlikely they get a high enough party vote to coat tail an extra 4th or 5th MP, plus if they win 4 electorates which I think is possible they could cause a parliamentry overhang…
    So fuck it, Greens 15% and TPM overhang or bust! Labour may lose but the left will live to fight another day in 2026

  12. Winston has been Treasurer and Foreign Minister, and there is only one bauble still in his sights. He crowned Jacinda. What does he get in return? Could it be that the only chance for a centre-left government is for Hipkins to step aside for an elder statesman, a kaumatua, the first Maori Prime Minister!

    Sure he said he wouldn’t work with Labour but could he work in an unstable government with Seymour dictating on supply? He’d have more fun drinking whisky with Willie than Luxon and Seymour.

  13. Now that Goldsmith and National are running against Seymour, what is the likelihood of Seymour losing his constituency given Seymours gloss is now a stain.

  14. The battle that this alliance will have is getting past the regional councils and local councils, who are full of woke nutter green people, spending ridiculous amounts of rate payers money on schemes that deliver lots of feel good results for just a few… the words of Cecil McGudgensnipe, the great 20th century novelist , never have so few achieved so little at the expense of so many…

  15. Chippy can win but he has to be brave. It’s time for a CGT. Let’s Reem those who think the reeming can only ever go one way.

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