2023 Warmest Year on modern record as hard right racist climate denial Government takes power


2023 smashes record for world’s hottest year by huge margin

2023 “smashed” the record for the hottest year by a huge margin, providing “dramatic testimony” of how much warmer and more dangerous today’s climate is from the cooler one in which human civilisation developed.

The planet was 1.48C hotter in 2023 compared with the period before the mass burning of fossil fuels ignited the climate crisis. The figure is very close to the 1.5C temperature target set by countries in Paris in 2015, although the global temperature would need to be consistently above 1.5C for the target to be considered broken.

Scientists at the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCCS) said it was likely the 1.5C mark will be passed for the first time in the next 12 months.

This new hard right racist Government is a climate denier Government.

NZ First are openly a climate denial Party, Shane Jones has made that abundantly clear while National and ACT rob climate change funds and dump public policy that attempts to combat our emissions.

The data doesn’t lie…

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The average temperature in 2023 was 0.17C higher than in 2016, the previous record year, marking a very large increase in climate terms. The primary cause of this increased global heating was continued record emissions of carbon dioxide, assisted by the return of the natural climate phenomenon El Niño.

The high temperatures drove heatwaves, floods and wildfires, damaging lives and livelihoods across the world. Analysis showed some extreme weather, such as heatwaves in Europe and the US, would have been virtually impossible without human-caused global heating.

The CCCS data also showed that 2023 was the first year on record when every day was at least 1C warmer than the 1850-1900 pre-industrial record. Almost half the days were 1.5C hotter and, for the first time, two days were more than 2C hotter. The higher temperatures increased from June, with September’s heat so far above previous averages that one scientist called it “gobsmackingly bananas”.

…the jump in heat is beyond anything we’ve seen in modern times.

This just as Labour and Green policy starts bearing fruit in NZ…

Analysis: New Zealand’s carbon emissions are on the way down – thanks in part to policies now under threat

It may have been largely overlooked in the election debates, but New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are finally on the way down.

Annual emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels are the lowest since 1999 and the 12-month renewable share of electricity is back above 90% for the first time since 1981. The Ministry for the Environment has advised New Zealand is on track to meet the first (2022-2025) carbon budget.

…National, ACT and NZF will make these numbers worse.

Global temperatures will go up under National, ACT and NZF because they have no plan to lower them.

They will also reverse the things that have helped drive our emissions down.

We have no comprehension of what is coming and we are simply not prepared for the age of consequences.

Watching National, ACT and Corporate Farmers use their economic and political muscle to avoid responsibility for what comes next can only be resolved by civil unrest and a campaign of civil disobedience against those interests.

This is the age of consequences.

Just consider how the Corporate Farming Lobby have managed to avoid any tax on their pollution since mid 2004!

They have pushed and pushed and pushed it off for 20 years!

National have already promised ANOTHER 5 year extension which will mean the agricultural industry have managed to stop any tax on their pollution for quarter of a century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This photo of a National MP driving tractor up the steps of Parliament was a declaration of political war and they have lived up to that declaration.

National opposing climate change legislation

John Key sold 49% of our Hydro Assets to create a $400million irrigation slush fund that was used to intensify dairy farming while polluting our water and generating climate changing gasses!

The entire economy is forced to bend over backwards for a sunset industry that will crash the millisecond the fast food industry can create a synthetic milk powder!

Claiming that NZs emissions mean nothing in comparison to China and India isn’t a justification to do nothing, it’s an acknowledgement that radical adaptation is the only move left because those Goliath economies have already doomed us to a dangerous climate change future!

We are out of plays and the focus surely must be self sufficiency over trying to eternally trade on a burning planet.

The Left must force a bargain with Farmers for strategically essential reasons.

They are going to feed us when the famine comes.

A recent report on food security found NZ had incredibly low food security because it was so open market driven and refused to subsidise farmers.

Which is where we on the Left must drive the debate.

We should absolutely consider subsidising food grown by NZ farmers and horticulturalists and our seafood and meat and dairy that generates a 15% price reduction for all NZ produce consumed here.

Rebuilding a direct link between the harvest grown here, the people who grow it and a grateful local market who enjoy the product WITH a 15% price reduction.

Climate change will kill global free market supply chains, we are locked into hyper-regionalism. We need to build new economic structures, subsidising NZ kai for the domestic market would lock in certainty for producers while strengthening food security for the population.

We have to find new ways of working together to ensure we can survive what’s coming.

We are a nation of fatherless children raised by bitter solo mothers, a low imagination horizon juvenile settler culture built upon stealing indigenous land and polluting it without restraint. A rugged individualism dependent on exploiting a low wage economy and rigging under-regulated capitalism for the rich.

The old greeds, the old hates and the old exploitations will no longer hold the system together if that system is melting in real time.

Super-rich warned of ‘pitchforks and torches’ unless they tackle inequality

Global elite told at London’s Savoy hotel of real risk of ‘civil disruption’ if more is not done to help struggling millions

This is the age of consequences.


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  1. Martyn – Until they stop taking temperature measurements next to jet exhaust fumes on hot black tarmacs…of course the temperature will be hotter…

    • I doubt that. It will be somewhere exposed to wind and other weather without being unduly influenced by proximity to buildings or other factors which might make the readings wrong.
      No point in having weather stations if they are in the wrong places!

      • Joy – Correct…Example, Wellington moved its’ weather readings from the Botanic Gardens, to the Airport next to jet exhaust fumes + hot black tarmac – its’ average annual temperature reading jumped by 4 degrees!

        • Looks like it’s not about us Nathan. According to google, weather stations are often at airports to provide the best current information on conditions for aviation!
          The fact that that data then is used as the official info for the greater area is, I agree, somewhat questionable. However, people are invited to set up their own weather stations and submit the data to Met service, where others can make use of it if they wish.
          I like to look out the window. I have a rumpty old rain gauge and a thermometer on the wall outside. My rainfall measurements last year were very different to the official lot.

        • No runways or tarmacs on the glaciers…


          Why are glaciers melting?
          Since the early 1900s, many glaciers around the world have been rapidly melting. Human activities are at the root of this phenomenon. Specifically, since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions have raised temperatures, even higher in the poles, and as a result, glaciers are rapidly melting, calving off into the sea and retreating on land.

          Even if we significantly curb emissions in the coming decades, more than a third of the world’s remaining glaciers will melt before the year 2100. When it comes to sea ice, 95% of the oldest and thickest ice in the Arctic is already gone.

    • Oh dear. Nathan has solved the issue. Are you still banging on about this? Take a look at the 10 year data up to 2022 and eight of that decade were the warmest in NZ since records began. 2022 being the hottest. So despite air travel volumes/flights plummeting under covid the average temperature kept going up.

    • If they knew what the critical issues were, that would be great.
      They are picking off easy stuff, no mention of critical issues yet!

      There are a few issues which will become critical because the govt. is causing the problem in the first place.

      It’s similar to running an airline. If you choose to ignore the critical issues, you won’t solve them.
      Some CEOs shy away from finding out what the most critical issues are because it doesn’t involve window dressing, which is their favourite thing to do. Make things LOOK pretty, even when behind the scenes, we know they are not.

    • How long have we had Mercury and glass? My 60 years of observation tell me that weather disasters keep increasing (better media allows us to know worldwide events also) and even various councils are limiting areas that can be developed due to the climate risk so the availability of thermometers has no relationship to climate change. Maybe I misread the intent of your comment in which case my reply is about 50 words too long.

    • 5 minutes in they’re not worth responding to. You can’t show me climate denial and expect me to respond with the same high level research. I’ve seen all the denial. Hell I even drive combustion engines of o had an alternative I would switch out my whole fleet. The real problem for me is that some of my vehicals have 20 year warranties on them. We got a truck with 3 million ks on it and another with 170,000 ks. So unless the government gets some sort of buy back programe we are stuck with fossil fuels for at least the next 20 years and truth be told I’m not sure how to end fossil fuels plastic is essential to modern life maybe we can come up with a cheap synthetic alternative but that would require shit tons of physicists, chalk and black boards mathing the fuck out of climate change.

  2. To me climate change denial, climate change minimization, and climate change incrementalism are crimes against humanity. Greta is too polite.


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