Of course ACT’s referendum is race baiting insanity that will spark a race war in NZ

"I'M NOT RACE BAITING", screamed David 'Race Baiting' Seymour

Election 2023: ACT’s David Seymour, Green’s Chlöe Swarbrick clash on AM over ‘race-baiting’ politics

ACT’s David Seymour and the Greens’ Chlöe Swarbrick have clashed over what the latter called race-baiting politics in a fiery interview on AM.  

On Monday, National leader Christopher Luxon officially declared he would work with New Zealand First if he had to, in a National, ACT and New Zealand First coalition.  

Swarbrick believed ACT and NZ First had many similarities when speaking on the topic, including what she described as “interesting” policies, which she claimed to be “race baiting” and “divisive”. 

Seymour was quick to ask Swarbrick to provide examples where ACT has race baited. Swarbrick fired back with ACT’s proposal of a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi, which she said will “absolutely drag up some of the most unfortunate types of discussions in this country”. 

This is madness!

ACT pretending to be the victim in their demand to use a referendum to redefine the Treaty of Waitangi and then force that upon Māori!!!!!!!

Jesus wept, I haven’t seen projection like this since Avengers Infinity War on IMax!

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Let’s be crystal fucking clear on what ACT are proposing AS THEIR BOTTOM IN IN ANY DEAL WITH NATIONAL – they will hold a referendum using nothing more than majoritarianism to redefine the fucking Treaty of fucking Waitangi and then force it onto Māori, who remember are just 18% of the population.

ACT want to steal the politic al rights of Indigenous NZ using nothing more than a majority referendum FFS!

What in our 184 year history tells you that Māordom will just roll over and have their Treaty redefined by an unhinged Cracker Party like ACT from Honkysville???

The backlash this will provoke against the State will make the Dumb Lives Matter protest on Parliament’s lawn look like a fucking teddy bears picnic!

Most of you have no idea ACT are demanding this, you all think he’s joking, but he ain’t.

David is a brilliant genius of a Politician who has whipped up a race baiting froth of white fragility that wants to start a conflict, because once you feed these dark forces you can’t stop them!

If ACT really try this on, actually attempt to renegotiate the Treaty by nothing more than mass referendum it will unleash a hikoi of protest that will eclipse the Foreshore and Seabed protest.

When those hundreds of thousands descend upon a terrified Luxon and an increasingly Police State oriented David Seymour in Wellington as the torturous discord of this referendum plays out, will they tell the Police Officers to open fire or not when those protesters erupt with incandescent rage on the lawns of Parliament in 2025?

That’s what you are really voting for next month.


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  1. I think you’re voting to uphold belief in the integrity of the Westminster system that was forced on Maori with the signing of the treaty and which automatically guaranteed their status as the lumpenproletariat for the following 200 years.

    Sure we need a referendum but not on Te Tiriti. We need one on whether our liberal democracy is best served by the Westminster system.

    • Intelligent comment……the current system has been broken for some time and increasingly attracts the ‘low rent’ politicians everyone seems critical of. If Don Brash had possessed the political spin articulation that this Seymour chap conveys NZ may have had its civil war and Westminister system overhaul a decade ago. However Swarbrick has a point, but unfortunately no matter the framing lancing the festering boil that the current system has developed into is sure to be painful.

      • So Kat are you saying lets get rid of the democratic process. What festering boil are you talking about. Would you like another version of the land wars aka Don Brash David Seymour.

        • No I am saying the NZ version of the Westminster system needs an overhaul. It is often remarked that NZ dodged a bullet when Don Brash failed to become PM in 2005, mainly because we avoided the predicted resultant racial tensions boiling over in society. Sadly the festering remains, the boil has got bigger and likely to burst under an inept and heavy hand. Better to lance and drain in a controlled way, but to achieve that we have to keep the inept heavy hands away from the boil.

      • Andrew, in your opinion was it ok for The Crown to steal from Maori and remove their chance of making a living?

  2. ACT don’t want any legislative blocks to their privatisation plans.
    For them, the Treaty is problematic in this regard.

    Their rich donors are already licking their lips.

  3. @ Chloe Swarbrick. From your position, a left handed back-hander blade strike to his wattles and always aim for the back of the neck. Just sayin’.
    Here’s a time line.
    1936. The dark dawn of National who spent 87 years swindling our primary industry.
    1978 to 1984. Far Right Roger douglas spent two terms within Labour as finance minister hollowing Labour out while supplanting his confederates within his now neo-liberal Labour.
    “ACT gave support to the Fifth National Government from 2008 to 2017. It is currently led by David Seymour, who became the party’s leader in October 2014 and has been an elected MP of the party since September 2014.”
    Now? Today? National? Labour? ACT? NZ First? They’re all the same fuckin’ thing man. ( To paraphrase Janis Joplin.)
    national are hedging their bets by wooing pinky the twerk and the wrinkled fag end and given how dumb, isolated, selectively inbred into subservience and generally completely switched off most farmers are, we, as a country, are fucked.
    A straw grabbing solution? A public, royal commission of Inquiry. Why? Because it’s the only thing I can think of. Has anyone got a better idea? God’s not answering His cell phone, Jesus is stoned up in the Himalayas somewhere, Buddha’s all like “There’s a deeper meaning… now go and chop wood and carry water fuckers ‘cos Jesus an’ me are gettin’ down … Ppppffffffttttt………”
    On a lighter note; 99% of the population have no idea what’s really gone, and is going, on.

  4. ACT will give ordinary NZers a chance to have a say on what the treaty should mean.

    The elites hate the idea, and sadly the Leftists are on the wrong side on this.

    • They’re on the wrong side on more than just this (woke culture bullshit, pro-censorship, restictiuons on free-speech spring to mind).

    • No it will mean that the “meaning” of the Treaty is not settled and can therefore be repeatedly challenged and re-challenged. What we have now is an interpretation of the Treaty that is broad and general enough to be settled. An attempt is made to characterise that broadness and generality in the notion of “partnership” – which expresses a way of operating in the present where the majority culture will not discriminate against, ignore or assimilate the minority culture. Because this notion is settled, we can disagree, negotiate and argue in a peaceful way befitting a serious democracy. A vulgar, reckless, clown like Seymour risks flushing that important foundation down the toilet in order to grab enough votes to get his radical, libertarian, free market economic agenda implemented. Martyn is right – if a bit breathlessly.

    • Unfortunately, ‘ordinary New Zealanders’, are as thick as pig shit these days.

      They are usually poorly read, and know very little about anything outside of their tiny little worlds.

      This is the only reason Seymour and Luxon have been able to get any traction… spend millions and millions on relentless propaganda, reinforce by talking a load of bland bullshit, and presto, the thickos , with both arms horizontally out in front of them, will obey, chanting ‘yes master’ all the way to the polling booth!

      You only need to look back at old tv footage taken in the ’60’s and 70’s of people interviewed randomly in the street about current affairs and/or politics to see how articulate and knowledgeable they were about forming an opinion.

      Now the reply is more along the lines of …” i kinda sorda dunno know really eh…. i see Seymour wears pink and Luxon shaves his head”….long pause …. “so i guess there’s godda be something in that eh..yeah.”?

    • Ada, I think it’s reasonably simple. The Treaty means what it says, even the English version.
      Article 1
      The Chiefs recognize the sovereignty of the British crown
      Article 2
      The Crown guarantees the right of Maori to retain ownership of all their lands, estates forests and other treasures
      Article 3
      The Crown gives maori all the rights of British subjects.
      So the simple solution is that all land taken by force or by confiscation or by any legal act or court that did not award maori their full rights should be returned in full to maori

    • @Ada – since when does one signatory of an agreement get to change the agreement without getting the approval of the other party? I mean, that’s not how I operate and I ‘m sure it’s not how you do things either. It’s a matter of integrity whether someone honour’s an agreement and setting up a vote where you’ve got more mates voting than the other side is completely dishonourable. John Key wasn’t interested in going down this path but what about this current crop?

    • Textbook example of how the far right have usurped the language previously used to aptly describe them ACT are the elite.

      Please try and be factual, not spread disinformation.

    • It’s tyranny of the majority as Pakeha outnumber Maori and Pacifika nearly 4 to 1, unless a majority of Maori and Pacifika specifically voted for it.
      Would it have been democratic for the US to have held a referendum on segregation in the 60s?

  5. The right have used white nationalism in this current election cycle to win power in Parliament for their rich mates. NZers even though there are a loud minority pushing for separatism and exclusions of Maori participation culturally in their own country, the majority of NZers aren’t as fucken dumb and racist as Seymours believes.

  6. What nobody has taken in to consideration is that there are a couple of generations or more being brought up as normal well educated children, teenagers etc. where Māori people are their real friend not “ my friend was a Maori” They are taught the culture, language and now our true history and soon it will be entrenched as normal. We also have a new Maori holiday celebration . The likes of David Seymour et.al. have got a very small window of opportunity to get their divisive policies across the line. It’s shameful in this day and age that a racist agenda is even being talked about. What must it feel like to be a Maori person in NZ today to be singled out for purely racist reasons. In reality David Seymour is such a sad little man who deplores his own ethnicity. How can he ever represent NZ in government on the world stage with such an appalling racist attitude towards his own people.

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