New TVNZ Poll shows how fragile Right Victory is – step up NZ Left!


National: 37

Labour: 27

ACT: 12

Greens: 12

NZF: 5

TPM: 3

What the latest polling by TVNZ shows is just how fragile the Right’s win could be.

As TDB has been arguing, the Left or Right factions will take this election by a margin of 1.

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NZ First, despite being a Pied Piper for antivax and antiMāori rhetoric is barely peeking above 5% and may well not get in while the relentless media criticism of National’s cruel tax policy is pulling them to earth.

Greens continue to flourish in their new strategy of shutting up and being slightly less spineless than Labour continues to provide political dividends while ACT continue to pretend they aren’t the extremist shock Stromtroopers they really are,

Maori Party continues to set up an MMP overhang.

There message to Left voters this year who are feeling demoralised is that this election is far closer than the polls are painting and that if we mobilise, if we bring in voters to see off the genuine threat of an ACT/National Far Right Government, then we have to step up.

This election is not over yet, no matter how much the mainstream media want to convince you it is.

We have 3 weeks this Saturday till the election.

If NZ First slips below 5, if TPM create an overhang, if the traditional overpolling and underpolling bias is taken into account – Luxon is NOT Prime Minster.

If the Left votes – the Left wins!

It ain’t over until the fat blogger sings!


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  1. Agreed that “Greens continue to flourish in their new strategy of shutting up…” Basically their excellent new strategy is ‘stop saying toxic rubbish and sanctimonious claptrap for a month and then the guilt-stricken eco-elites will hold their noses and vote for us again” = hardly a ringing endorsement of Green Party Leadership or Policy!

    By the way for those of you who are interested… here is Oliver Anthony in his own words on the weaponization of his “Rich Men North of Richmond” song.
    It is about moving beyond the old Right v Left siloes and changing shit.

  2. The left have lost the ability to step up when they have pissed off their core constituency in favour of virtue signaling woke identity politics. They have been deserted and rightly so.

    • Anything’s only as strong as it’s weakest element. Rat would know about that. Take rats wit, for example.
      1936 saw the rise of the Natzo’s. 1984 saw the rise of the Labour traitor roger douglas and his version of milton friedman’s neo-liberalism which then went on to excrete ACT, and now? We have nothing. The chaos you see around you is entirely on National and national’s only about the money and after National’s 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires and the four foreign owned banksters have their way with you, you’ll have fuck all of that as well. We don’t need an election, we don’t deserve an election. We need a civil war but I’d rather have a public royal commission of inquiry up every rich Rat we have.

  3. Stabbing in Auckland, gang fights in town centres ,Greg O Connor admits he thinks Labour will lose ,Te Pukenga she’d 200 staff,
    Dairy owners lose confidence in police minister during crime emergency, inflation continues all points to a win fir National.

  4. I love your optimism, Bomber. I think it won’t be as close as you hope. Latest Iposos poll is out, National lead Labour on 15 of the 20 issues surveyed including the top 5 issues. Labour are toast. Chippy knows it and is spending a lot of time on these days.

  5. Yeah, agree with the author and I will be out on the Hutt Valley streets with my sign saying, ‘rich buying our elections’ and when I watched the National adds they are all about the rich all expensive marketing and spin.

  6. Can’t believe Liz Gunn is on 1%. Mind you the polls put together by her supporters have her level with NZ First, or just ahead (somehow), but I would take their biased polls (based on asking their supporters and no one else) with a grain of salt.
    She wouldn’t be able to achieve jack with only 2 MP’s anyway (lol).

  7. If National and ACT win the election, wages will fall right through the floor and homelessness will shoot up. We will have US style healthcare, and dirty air and water. David Seymour doesnt care about the poor, and will have them out of the street in no time. The guy tried to let them get a lethal injection so they would be cleared off the welfare rolls.


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