How desperate are National wheeling out China’s Ambassador to NZ – John Key?


How desperate are National that they roll out China’s Ambassador to NZ, John Key, to beg voters not to vote in the Alliance of Arseholes?

On current polling, NZ First, ACT and National are all required to get over 51% and form a Government, and as TDB has been pointing out for months now, the Alliance for Arseholes is a combination of the most toxic traits in NZ politics.

It will be an racist, climate denying, antivax, conspiracy theory Government held together by hate and bigotry that will cause social carnage with promises that are more revenge fantasy than considered social policy.

  • Goldman Sachs warned NZ that National’s Tax plans will cause more inflation.
  • Mayor Wayne Brown warns Aucklanders that a national Government will cost them.
  • Labour Party MP Angela Roberts was attacked at a political event.
  • Hana Maipi-Clarke’ had her home targeted in a politically motivated attack while the right claimed it was a lie.
  • ACT are promising to bring back submachine guns.
  • Winston is threatening Jack Tame for asking him hard questions.
  • National will stop building State Houses.
  • ACT want to rob you of January 2nd stat holiday.
  • National can not fund their foreign buyers tax but will allow foreign speculators to price the next generation out of home ownership.
  • NZ First just dumped a candidate who compared Covid vaccinations to Nuremberg trials.
  • National will give Landlords the power to throw tenants out without notice.
  • NZ First will misuse the Terrorism Suppression Act to designate domestic groups for paramilitary policing.
  • National will start riots and bloodshed at Funerals attempting to take Gang Patches from funerals.
  • National will rob 2 year olds, mutilate public transport and literally steal from climate change funds to give Landlord’s a $250 per fortnight tax cut!
  • ACT will start a race war with their racist referendum.
  • National and ACT will steal 2 years of our pension from Gen X.
  • Winston claims Māori aren’t indigenous.
  • ACT want to spark domestic meth cooking so they can pimp for big Pharma.
  • National will give bosses the right to sack after 90 days.
  • National, ACT and NZ First will all punish beneficiaries.
  • National, ACT and NZ First have used Māori as a punching bag.
  • Winston wants toilet police to check Genders in public toilets.
  • National, ACT and NZ First will slash the public services while claiming they aren’t slashing public services.
  • National, ACT and NZ First will abandon all climate change legislation and allow the planet to burn.
  • National, ACT and NZ First are taking millions in donations from the mega rich.
  • Winston wants to misuse the Terrorism Suppression act to designate Domestic Gangs Terrorists which will only empower a paramilitary Police State.

National’s ‘plan’ isn’t trickle down economics, it defies political gravity and demands trickle up! They are taking $2b from the poor and giving it to the rich! This isn’t a plan, it’s Egalitarian vandalism!

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In the first 100 days, redneck knee jerk left tough on crime rhetoric will be imposed that will cause an explosion in violence by the State which will shame kiwis!

National, ACT and NZFirst will throw thousands out of state homes with no where for them to go, while cutting 14 000 public service jobs while cutting 140 000 off welfare with sanctions!

Having Key come out and beg highlights how desperate the Right are to not work together.

Angry voters embittered at Labour for Covid, and they all seem more than happy to cut their collective noses off to spite their collective faces.

This isn’t an election, it’s a grudge fuck

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  1. Yip….and the likely hood of National signing up to China’s Belt Road world domination scheme to build our tolled highways is very much on the cards…

    Also a National government is highly likely to start borrowing money off China if you listen to Luxon’s interview a few day’s ago with the king if right wing woke, Hosking.

    A sure recipe for disaster…

    This is a definitive fork in the road, no turning back, time in New Zealand’s short history….

    It is no stretch to say that this election is the most important ever ..

    Don’t worry …National is so naive

    • The government can’t just build roads they also have to buy land and say you want to lease this piece of land then you have to build a wind farm or air port or what ever needs done in the next 10 years.

  2. Yes, and I was pissed off with RNZ this morning when they played it (keys speech). There has been a great deal of media bias and blatant unfairness with our media literally campaigning for National and RNZ are one group guilty of this practice. That dopey Ingrid and what his face Koran have been implicit but they aren’t the only ones there’s others and they are like a pack of ravaged dogs sensing blood, and they go in for the kill, no wonder many people are put of mainstream media.

  3. We’re not in the crap right now so much as we’re heading out of it, sustainably, thanks to Labour.
    Max Rushrooke gives a far more telling opinion than John Key. Here it is:

    So we’re back at nothing making sense right now. Maybe it will in future, though.

    Maybe. Except that if – as seems likely – National does win, Luxon will probably benefit from an upturn in sentiment based on things he did nothing to deserve. The construction pipeline for state houses is already in the thousands, carbon emissions will likely continue their slight falls of recent years, and the economy is – barring a major world meltdown – set to recover in coming months. All of which are achievements Luxon would happily claim. Fair? Not really. But that’s politics. Don’t you love it?

  4. Parachuting in the chief “pony puller” is usually the Natzo’s last resort when the current leadership are floundering.

    “Smug hermit kingdom” he referred to this country as during COVID–there are thousands alive that would be below ground now if not for those glorious few months when public health was put before private profit. The capitalists and petit bourgeois kept up a hell of a barrage though and wore the Labour Caucus down in the end.

    “Slippery”, “sirkey” “Shonkey”, whatever the moniker, he is the last person to take political advice from.

  5. National has their own many failures which is why they need Winstone and Seemore et al and now creepy key is back.

  6. @ No Comment. Can you just stick to your nom de plume and not then?
    Good to see some fiery other comments here apart from you know who etc.
    Jesus! The Pony Tail’s worst nightmare’s back all rosy-pink-cheeked and all. Aaaaahhh… Is that why luxon waxes his scalp? To stop jonky from fingering him! ( Yes, I know. Base and degenerate of me, I know. )
    A quick word re farmers. I was spurred on by this article in The Guardian.
    ” New Zealand’s crisis-hit farmers feel the gloom, potentially putting climate action in jeopardy
    A tough year for farmers, from Cyclone Gabrielle to double-digit inflation, could translate into more votes for parties less keen to put a price on farm emissions”
    Why is that? Why are we farmers feeling the gloom? Well, I can tell you. And it’s not perhaps why you think it is. Look this up.
    Since 1936 AO/NZ farmers have been cynically used and exploited by the national party, the self proclaimed farmers party. Yes folks, the natzo’s have double crossed farmers for 87 years to exploit them for them and their mate’s fast and free money. Look it up?
    I have a friend in Christchurch who was a wool buyer for several European wool-textiles manufacturers.
    He told me a long 30 years ago that wool stores weren’t so much for storing wool having been sold and now waiting to be shipped. No. Wool stores are where yet to be sold wool goes to remain in storage until an agreeable price is achieved. Here’s the kicker, as they say. The sheep farmer’s already been paid for the wool. It no longer belongs to the farmer, that’s why SMP’s ( Supplementary Minimum Price.) which is another way of writing “Here’s your price, take it or leave it” from the Good Ol Boys hovering around the wool-board annual piss ups and all of those old hoverers were natzo’s and affiliates. Like the banksters, like the mercantile firms aka Mafia.
    That wool would sit in those storage facilities, triple dumped and languishing until our buyers in Europe, The UK and at one point, the USA were forced to pay through the nose for our fine micron, world class wool.
    So what happened? We’re were told to go fuck ourselves, that’s what happened. We got kicked out and then kept out by the EEC. It’s so funny because it was the same fucks who slither around the farmer today who fucked us all back then. The dirty, greedy, slimy, fucking National Party. Now? Can we write about the Pork Board, the Apple and Pear marketing board, the Dairy Board all no doubt other mafia links to our exports earned revenue our exports earning farmers never fucking see. You have to go to Remuera, Herne Bay and/or Ponsonby to see that money. See that Ferrari? Used to be wool on a sheep’s back. See that farmer? He/she’s crushed under debt, costs, rates, insurances etc and of never having a fucking clue as to what to expect next years returns will be or of how high costs will rise. The truly evil national party have corralled our farmers into what amounts to polite slavery that can sometimes be less than polite.
    You think I’m bullshitting? Then prove me wrong. I fucking dare you. Counter narrative please?

    • Country Boy, well said and I agree totally.
      Farmers have been screwed by becoming idiot mouthpieces and not even having the brains to know.
      It’s even more apparent now when they can’t even see that by whining about Labour and Greens they are doing NatAct job for them.
      Wait until next year when the European and UK markets along with the Chinese say we are not taking your product because you won’t play the game.

  7. That Shyster Key should be in prison breaking rocks for the crimes he and his colleagues committed

    There is only justice in New Zealand if you are privileged and have influence and money.

    Key and his accomplices including his donors rorted and financially raped the people of New Zealand while pretending to be the man who would deliver for the slum dwellers of Magellan place and to ensure his ” I care about destitute constituents marketing campaign ” a man of the people raised by a single mother in a state house ” meant that he was one of us.

    The they are putting this scumbag up as a reason to vote for what many Kiwis booed him for in 2016 and that was his corrupt behaviour and lies shows how arrogant and entitled the current New Zealand National party are that they would use this used toilet paper and re package it as a reason to vote for the same shit !

    We are to forgiving in this South Pacific tax haven that screws every last dollar and cent from the hard working tax paying serfs who are struggling to carry the weight on their back of so many of the Shysters wealthy recipients ………..all signed off by our fixed parliament.

  8. If you need to know why Labour is losing 2 stories in the Chch paper the Press says a lot.
    2.6 billion lost to retail stores caused by crime and social breakdown.
    Siobhan Rosenthal story of his time renting from Kainga Ora .Home in terrible state , bad neighbours. also KO tenants.
    These are just 2 careas Labour promised change but nothing has improved.

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