Kiwis have been scammed by National’s $250 cut that will only benefit .155%


Election 2023: National admits only 3000 households would get top tax relief, but dismisses claim of ‘scam’

The National Party has admitted only 3000 households will get the full $250 a fortnight tax cut they have been campaigning on, but has always been clear that is the maximum entitlement.

The party’s finance spokesperson, Nicola Willis, said she utterly rejected claims they have misled New Zealanders.

Only 3000 households will get the $250 tax cut National have been campaigning on yet Kiwis are taking it hook line and sinker

That’s 3,000 out of 1,930,900?
So… 0.155%?!

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Every single day, new National or ACT policy gets released that will cause social carnage + voters don’t care because they are embittered Jacinda saved NZ from a mass death event!
We are a tiny low imagination horizon settler country with all the cultural maturity of a can of day old coke.

National’s ‘plan’ isn’t trickle down economics, it defies political gravity and demands trickle up! They are taking $2b from the poor and giving it to the rich! This isn’t a plan, it’s Egalitarian vandalism!

In the first 100 days, redneck knee jerk left tough on crime rhetoric will be imposed that will cause an explosion in violence by the State which will shame kiwis!

The carnage National’s spite and malice is about to cause alongside their Police State fetish is going to doom us in a never ending cycle of rage and violence.

If you are voting National because you are angry with Jacinda and Labour saving 6000 lives and preventing a mass death event, then maybe you need to reflect before voting.

The racist damage caused by this election will not heal and an ACT/National/NZ First Government will get torn to pieces by voters AND themselves – we are in for a very bleak and grim 3 years no matter who wins.

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    • … and how short-sighted is that, #Ada!
      Unbelievable an adult (are you?) person can even consider writing this.
      Cut off your nose… it’ll bleed for a long time and will leave an enormous, ugly scar.

      • No Justine…NZ have had more than enough of this non delivery decisive government, and they are voting accordingly!
        Besides, who now actually believe Labours ‘promises’ if they get back into Govt again?, only 26% seemingly and falling!

        • Very good article Martyn with the facts laid bare. Strange the story and this inept policy is lost on a couple here. Justine you are 100% correct despite what the anti Labour trolls may throw at you. Now back to Martyn’s point, historically National have been divisive, creating a them and us mentality. Many know the litany of lies that have followed the howler ” I will not raise GST’ John Key quote and should not underestimate the longevity of the damage right wing parties have done in Government.

        • All this divisive bollocks. You were probably saying the same when about 95% were getting vaccinated.

          What’s not divisive about looking after the top 5%?

      • F@&k me, National’s campaign just keeps lurching from bad to worse!
        Is Judith doing their strategy or something?

        All they’re offering voters is the sellout of our future.
        That’s it.
        Just a hasty grab bag of vague uncosted promises & bluster.
        All of which if enacted, would tank the economy.

        After 6 years in Opposition, this is all they could come up with?

        Makes you wonder where all their campaign donation money has gone?
        Holidays to Te Puke perhaps?

        • Yet people like Ada and the silly pseudonym Im right are so far down the right wing rabbit hole that Labour could solve world poverty and they’d say that its an attack on the rich. I would suggest to everyone that neither are actually quite right in the head.

    • Jesus Ada, what did Jacinda do to you. Unfortunately for me she saved your life. Fortunately for several thousand others she saved there lives. Saving those like you was her biggest mistake because you cannot bear to give credit to another person who has done an exemplary job under extreme difficulty.
      So I suggest you take a good look at yourself and question your motives for being on this site.
      I would like you to preface your next post with the reasons you are so against this government. I am on this site because of the hardships I see out in our village and know the causes of most of them are caused by peoples disadvantages that are due to no fault of their own in many cases.
      One example I can give you is the 4 children being raised by the Grandmother because the mother and father are alcoholic drug takers.
      These children are hugely disadvantaged but it is not of there own making.
      The Government you wish to replace tries within reason to help these kids, the government you wish for will add to their misery by lowering benefits and increasing their costs for things like medicine and transport.
      So take a good hard look at yourself and realise how unattractive you are to people who care about others.
      If you can’t do that I feel very very sorry for you and your ilk.

      • What angers so many Labour’s potential supporters- tho I am not in that camp – is the sheer wasted opportunity of the last three years.

        A government with an absolute majority could have changed NZ so much for the better. Pick whatever issue you wish as most vital – whatever it is, Labour failed to improve NZ on that issue. They tinkered and increased funding for some people’s causes.

        Your village might have gotten a one-off grant to renovate the community centre but we didn’t get a CGT, or an inheritance tax, did we?

        • [ What angers so many Labour’s potential supporters- tho I am not in that camp – is the sheer wasted opportunity of the last three years. ]

          Better to continue with Labour than see another three years’ wasted under National – at least Labour are likely to have the Greens and gna Maori badgering them to do something constructive.

        • Salaries in health and education to match Australia and keep professionals in NZ. There one issue Labour have corrected that National failed our country at. Your thinking is clearly flawed Ada.

    • I don’t think you are wrong Ada. That’s the problem. National appear to be f’ing useless already but people aren’t being remotely critical of their policies. If you believed half the horse shit that 1ZB types put out there we would not even be able to borrow money as a country. They’re the same people that conclude all beneficiaries are Māori when the actual fact is they are white males. Look at the actual numbers and our debt levels relative to the rest of the world, and stop listening to throw away lines from all of them.

  1. The other elephant in the room is that there is not a snowball’s chance in hell of them ever achieving the house sales figures from the Beijing Shanghai ‘investors’ club …

    That is just fantasy land stuff and they have still not released their workings..

    So we have a double lie going on…

    That absolutely is a scam!! It’s extraordinary!!!

    It took the Trade Unions to do the homework and out them..

    Where was the journalist’s homework?

    Yesterday Lloyd Burr asked Luxon what the figures were….he said he didn’t know but could get back to him…
    Today when Willis admitted that the figures were correct Luxon said he knew what the figures were all along..

    So he’s been lying which ever way you want to look at it!

    He’s lying like Key already and he hasn’t even made it into Office yet…

    Which is looking increasingly unlikely..

  2. vs $4 for the avergae family in GST on fresh veges. Let’s be honest here, this is still a better deal.

    • Nitrium free prescription, cheaper public transport, benefits indexed to inflation, more money for child care free dental for under 30’s etc.etc It all adds up to more than tax cuts . You and I both know we ain’t getting tax cuts anytime soon

  3. ” Only 3000 households will get the $250 tax cut National have been campaigning on yet Kiwis are taking it hook line and sinker ”

    And once again history is repeating itself and the dick head Hobbits are buying it.

    That 3000 households are the current six figure salary club who are exempt from the harsh neo liberal austerity that is about to smother good hardworking New Zealanders and their children who are our countries birthright all in the name of profit and greed.

  4. Bryce Edward said almost the same thing so it is an unfortunate reality that we have to face. There seems to be a twisted logic in many voters that would rather see many suffering from a sick conservative coalition than have a liberal government that helps a few disadvantaged groups.

  5. After listening to Nicola a few times, I don’t have confidence in her ability to to use a calculator let alone trust her financial figures.

    • I agree Bruce, she sounds much like the noise a teacher makes when she runs her fingernails down a blackboard.

  6. Umm it could be that Labour are shit, the country is tumbling towards the third world and all main institutions in this country are broken.

    CovidCult was all Labour had and now it is irrelevant.

  7. Thats why Nicola Willis’ budget, if god help NZ she gets to do one, should be called the Trickonomics budget.

  8. Personally I’m looking forward to the smug Right stepping up and making an Arse Breakfast of themselves in Government!
    Afterall Luxon is a business man and as the old saying in Sales goes…”you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter”.
    And there’s clearly plenty of morons out there that like buying shiny things….despite the smell….Isn’t that Right Ada?!
    Clearly Luxons Circus of Fools are about to publicly self mutilate themselves with ineptitude even more than the Left have done over the previous 3 years!
    They will undoubtedly ruin this country with their elitist, self indulgent bullshit…but it’s going to fun to watch nonetheless!
    My prediction is we’ll all be back at the polling booth early 2024.

    • Quite right Sleek! I can’t see the coalition of chaos hanging together. There’s not a chance in hell that Peters and Seymour would last in government together. NZF could outpoll ACT the way things are going and the Greens could well poll 15% or over.

  9. Only 3000 households will receive the full amount of $125 a week? But wait there’s more, there’s even more, there’s much much more from tricky Luxon, in that for most tax payers, the size of the proposed tax package from National, will only give them only about $15 per week, which is more or less exactly on par with Labour’s gst off fruit and veg, for those who spend about $100 on fruit and veg weekly. And National’s mega hyper super generosity of $15 per week, pales in comparison to the increase of $280 per week to the minimum wage, achieved during this Labour term of govt. Pales. Very pale. And getting paler by the day. Time for the sunbed. Crickey $15 versus $280. Nothing to be sneezed at. Quite a difference. Significant to be sure. At the end of the day.
    So the tax package is about $15 per week for many people, while at the same time, the public transport subsidy for youth will be cut, and free prescriptions will be cut, and the qualifying age for super will be raised from 65 to 67.
    So for someone who will soon turn 65, Luxon’s policies could theoretically cost them about $40k, assuming they even make it to 67.
    For someone who will soon turn 65, and consumes medicines, and gets visits from their granchildren using public transport, then expect all that to get cut by tricky Scrooge McGrinch born again Luxon, for even the almighty can’t help Luxon with his unfathomable tax package scam. And the almighty won’t be impressed by Luxon’s policy, to reduce benefit increases, which will result in more, not less child poverty. But who cares about the almighty’s stance, when you’re making your grab for power, your last chance power drive, selling us a garden of Eden, but offering us a lemon.
    You would virtually need to consult a tax barrister, just to understand the fine print, under the fine print, explaining the fine print. And that’s if his inflationary tax package, which will keep mortgage rates higher for longer, and make property unaffordable for first home buyers, can even go ahead. Because apart from the huge holes in his foreign buyers levy, we don’t even know what the Chinese govt will think of a property tax levied against Chinese investor’s, that is explicilty defined illegal by the China NZ tax agreement – and of course the biggest elephant in the room, regarding the tax package feasibility, goes by the name of Winston.
    Luxon may be able to pull the wool over the eyes of many voters, but Winston is another matter entirely. Perhaps the National hoarding’s, should come with a scam alert community service warning.
    And what is Luxon’s plan B, without any foreign buyer levy happening – will it mean that he will curtail the measly tax cut, or curtail generous tax breaks for landlords like himself, or will he just cover the shortfall by increasing gst – what’s it to be? If he has no plan B, then why does he have no plan B? Will we get the truth? Is there a truth?
    So far, even the economic modelling behind National’s tax package, has been carefully hidden. And does it even matter now, because he’s basically wanting to tax us more in other ways, so he can come up with tax cuts. Which kind of adds up to nett zero, nada, nothing. And that’s kind of what we expected anyway.
    If you believe Luxon, then I’ve got some prime moon real estate to sell you, and Putin really did invade Ukraine to help out Ukraine, and Winston and Seymour can be BFF’s.

  10. And you thought Labour was good at lies and bullshit? National is even better so now they deserve 6 years.

  11. The so-called average family also get free prescriptions and free dental care for under 30s these are good Labour policies that in my view compliment the GST of fruit and vegetables.

    • And that is worth a shit load more cip than only a very few will get under Keyluxon.

  12. How very unfortunate for the National caucus that they do not understand. We know! Tax cuts implemented by National are always actually paid for by those who can least afford it and are benefited by those who least need it!

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