NZ First Qanon, Antivax, Global Conspiracy cavalcade of political circus freaks on Party List


NZ First’s party list is finally out and it’s a cavalcade of political circus freaks competing to gain access to the library for a book burning!

Antivaxxer Kirsten Murfitt who has raged against nano robots in the vaccine.

Qanon Conspiracy acolyte Caleb Ansell who believes Clergy promoting gay rights are heretics who should be defrocked.

And Global WHO Conspiracy cooker Kevin Stone who said the pandemic was a “plandemic” orchestrated by multiple governments at the behest of a global financial cartel, which wanted a “great reduction in the population of the developed world and the virtual enslavement of the remainder”.


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These are the people Winston is appealing to where fear and ignorance are a Molotov cocktail of stupidity.

While we are talking NZ First, let’s review Winston’s poem…

Ok. Firstly, Winston may be as old as Kipling, but he sure as Christ didn’t write ‘If’.

The sense of victimhood Winston is appealing to by using Kipling’s most famous ‘still-mustn’t-grumble’ guide to masculinity is a stoicism born not from philosophical conjecture but poor public education.

NZF thought cuddling up to the antivaxxers was a sure fire way to cross 5%, but their craziness has pushed voters away from the fringes as much as attracts them.

NZFirst is a grievance Party for a generation who refuse to let go of their privilege joined with the ruddy faced of those who are made insecure by a soy latte and words with syllables.

Can Winston the tricky Pied Piper of NZ politics whistle up anther tune of cultural fragility and cultural dislocation for a blessed vision of 1950s NZ when Māori knew their place and Jack was their master?

I’m not convinced.


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  1. Back in simpler times Peters did manage to win all 5 maori seats and get enough old white people to vote for him for another 6 MPs if I remember rightly.
    But I don’t think even he can juggle this current collection of scalded cats. He is the master political magician though so we shall see.

  2. The NZ political landscape is littered with the bodies of pundits that have written Winston off.
    Love him or hate him he resonates with a certain percentage of the population which fluctuates with the times.
    Those people are New Zealanders and have the right to be represented no matter how unpalatable their views.
    Once we give way to the woke cancellation machine, it is your views they will eventually come after.

    • No-one is canceling Winston or you Jack. But if deciding who to vote for please look at what it is you are choosing. The facts have been presented, presumably, and so you are informed. People have the right to choose their representative yes, so if they are the sort who like Winnie’s weathervane (whether vain?) approach plus his alarming cronies, then they are free to push do so and at the same time push us over the cliff at will. Go for it.

      • Spoiler alert, We are already either over the cliff or so close to it with the current government and opposition that a vote for the minor parties is a vote for a change of system not party.
        It is also a vote for something as opposed toa vote against something.

  3. I thought one of the lauded features of MMP was that it gave a political voice to all minorities? One result of that is the Greens, whose views range from just plain daft to batshit crazy, and the Maori party whose views are clearly racist. So why should NZF’s political views be stifled when the equally questionable views of these parties are apparently acceptable?

    • Graeme, your opinions are not facts. In my opinion (also not fact), the Greens are one of only two sane political parties in Parliament at the moment, and they are the more sane of the two. The other is the currently much-maligned Labour, who from 1935-1949 built much of what we value about NZ. Shame that in 1984 some key players in Labour were ideologically high-jacked by market fundamentalism and Lange was too weak to resist. They started the long process of undoing a lot of their previous good work. National has joined that process with glee, and while Labour from Clark onwards has gone lukewarm on the neoliberal project, they have not reversed it.

  4. But I thought you all loved Winston because he annointed Jacinda as Prime Minister only a few years ago, now he’s the epitome of the devil? I can’t keep up

  5. Good ole Charlie, doing the spadework for the global corporate elite. He’ll head a major corporate media outlet one day soon. The corporate media, where money determines the truth.

    Otherwise, politics in the Western world is nothing but a clown show as our politicians jockey to be the head servant to the moneyed class.

    • You hate trans people so much you are willing to condemn the low paid to 3 years of wage freezes and user pays for health. I don’t know how you can sleep at night

  6. NZF are cheap Insurance and will keep either Labour or National honest, love him or hate him NZ is better off for having Winston Peters.

  7. If Winston can get over 5% it’s his final opportunity to gain redemption for previously elevating Labour into government: Being the brown face in a conservative coalition who finally kills off the treaty rort.

    • Oh, puhlease Andrew.
      Don’t you remember when Peters assured everyone that a vote for NZ First, was a vote against National, but subsequently betrayed all of his voters who believed him by making a coalition with yet another socially destructive National Government?
      Peters and any kind of redemption seems a very long stretch to me.

      • Come to think of it has he ever said he definitely wasn’t going into a certain party then NOT gone into coalition with them?
        Anyone remember 1995?

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