Tamaki Debate



Folks, The Working Group (NHS best weekly political podcast NOT funded by NZ on Air) are now into our season of live debates around NZ as part of our attempt at providing more democracy this election.

Last week we had a roaring debate in Northland, the week before that a rambunctious Party Debate, the week before that Ilam and the week before that Napier.

The Post Leaders Debate live from Backbenchers was viewed over 100 000 times on various social media platforms and last week Chloe Swarbrick wiped the floor in the Auckland Central Debate.

This week it’s a right wing show down between ACT and National in Tamaki as the next generation of right wingers face down the social conservatives in what will be for left wing viewers a cage death match between a Dalek and Lord Voldemort in that you aren’t sure which one to cheer for, but you do what them to kill each other.

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Brooke Van Velden vs Simon O’Connor.

We will be releasing a unique Curia Poll for Tamaki.

It’s a fascinating and surprising result!

This event has sold out so you will need to watch live for free on Facebook, YouTube, JuiceTV.live, The Daily Blog or Juice TV Channel 200 Freeview and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & YouTube 

That’s 7 live debates across NZ with unique polling live-streamed and simulcast on prime-time TV!

NO other independent news network is even close to doing what we are attempting this election, and all done without one red cent from NZ on Air!

It will be politics done differently.


  1. I wouldn’t piss them out if they were on fire. Crude, sure, but fuck it. It”s election time so it’s gloves off, right?
    The real and only problem we have in AO/NZ is the liar natzos and their own battery operated back-up clone-Zombie ACT.
    The National party were the ones who fed roger douglas into Labour. The National Party are the ones partnering up with dirty little seymour and ACT because ACT was designed and built inside the National Party’s propaganda factory AKA parliament and its all bought and paid for rnz/tvnz and print media like literally all the news papers and let’s not forget the Tea Sippers and Biscuit Nibblers Club of AO/NZ? The useless fucking Federated Farmers. A Federation of old ball bag scratchers and mud fanciers.
    As a sheep and cattle farmer I can write with no small amount of confidence that the national party are criminals but they were cunning enough to subvert the various self-written, weak-tea laws here to avoid being placed at risk of actually being investigated then charged with the crimes they’ve committed since about 1936.
    Ask them? What about the wool board, the meat board, the *apple and pear marketing board, the pork board, forestry, fisheries and the poultry board. Corrupt institutions through which all farmer produce has to filter. A huge exports oriented money making mechanism where massive funds are poured in yet a few cents for farmers and the rest of you fall out the back. Ask the two oily fucks above those questions? Never mind the hanky waving or the salts sniffing.
    * Did you know? That when the dodgy as fuck Apple and Pear Marketing board was created, for fucking watties specifically, one could no longer amble into Central Otago and buy first grade fruits BECAUSE IT WAS ILLEGAL TO DO SO! Growers weren’t allowed to sell first grade fruit in their road side stalls to we, the public.
    Ask the two toothy little smiling Twinkles above about that shit why don’t cha?
    A very public royal commission of inquiry for fucks sake!

  2. simon o’conner can be my lord baron. might move back to tamaki to cast a special vote. lol.

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