Thank Jesus – Posie Parker cancels NZ visit and saves the Woke from themselves



Last night Posie Parker announced she wasn’t going to visit NZ 3 weeks before the election after all.

She was due here to watch her court case against the activist who poured juice on her during the violent protest earlier this year.

The danger of what another open aired clash between woke trans activists and what was building into a combined grievance army of Qanon anti vaxx incels was great but thankfully Posie has pulled out altogether.

She hasn’t been banned, she’s just decided that she might not get in and she believes that the NZ Police are infiltrated by the Trans community and won’t protect her.

I think she can probably make more money elsewhere with her toxic grift and she wants to go there instead, but the martyrdom doesn’t hurt her.

By not coming, Posie Parker has saved us from ourselves because we know Shaneel Lal, The Spinoff, Stuff, RNZ, Re:News and the Woke Cult simply couldn’t help themselves and would have fanned another violent mob, except this time the far right were preparing to be ready for them.

We have put off a destabilising moment of violence which the Woke would have taken us all over the edge with them.

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Free Speech is bruised and battered but will live to fight another day.

The most important thing is we prevented the Woke from destabilising the Election.

Right after the election, let’s be honest with our thoughts on the Woke and their middle class identity politics.

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  1. The rally will go ahead without her.
    Those who support the rights of women, free speech and opposition to gender indoctrination to children will not be silenced.
    Will our women be labeled nazis, bigots and transphobes as KJK was and assaulted by trans activists assisted by the media, police and politicians like last time without the cheap and lazy villifying of KJK
    This cause is far bigger than one brave British woman.

    • Hear, hear.

      But pity Posy is not there to highlight how the woke can’t help themselves and their violent supporters that they enable.

      Abusing the trust of kids behind doors with puberty blockers and woke thinking driving mental illness in NZ, is so much quieter for the woke guards.

      Where did the 1.9 billion go for mental health, did the woke take it?

      Government don’t seem to have any secure mental facilities to show for 1.9 billion, and those mental health facilities for critical cases, seem to be full of recent arrivals to NZ, taking up the places. The NZers don’t get in, because the places are full up.

    • I hope the rally goes ahead without her.

      I hope the Woke show up and again show the Pure Trans Joy reaction to dissenters.

      PS – yesterday Labour announced their policy of reversing the burden of proof in sexual assault cases, – the accused will have to prove consent was given.

      • If you treat women with respect then that change will not cause you any problems, if for some reason you need to rely on getting the opposite sex (I suppose I should allow for changing lifestyles, any gender) intoxicated before taking advantage of them then you reap what you sow is something they will learn to live by.

    • Oh dear. No issue with defending women but I can’t concur with making a martyr out of this shit stirring fruit cake. How you can watch her rants from the past, and cheer for her are beyond me. NZ women are way better off without having her there.

    • What a crock of shit. Her rabid pack of supporters haven’t got the balls to come out of the shadows on their own. Where the hell have they been since she put her tail Up her vagina and fled. Now she hasn’t got the balls to come back.

      • Police transcripts obtained under the OIA reveal that a trans cop who was directing the ground operation knowingly held police back knowing violence by trans activist was taking place.
        There was no way she was going to walk into that

        • Jack If it is established that a trans police officer behaved in this way, I.e. chose to enable violence against women in Albert Park, then I suggest that would make that police officer an ‘accessory after the fact’, and liable to criminal prosecution. This could explain any initial reluctance by the police to bring charges against the transgender extremists, because once that they were found guilty of any of the various violence which they inflicted, then so too should an enabling police officer be facing charges in a court of law.

      • Uncle Tomthe women are still going to meet on the 20th in Auckland.

        That women might be scared to come out of the shadows because they got beaten, threatened and intimidated in Albert Park.

        The rabid pack of supporters ere the Rainbow crowd actually

      • Lots has been going on in both Womens rights and Free Speech circles because of this issue. If you got out more, you might learn something.

      • Yes she has a vagina, she’s a woman.
        No she doesn’t have balls, she’s a woman.
        The balls on display were clearly on the other side!

    • Rat. Good men were anticipating it also, and were ready to defend their womenfolk too, as decent honourable men have always done, unlike the misogynists in frocks using brute force to stop women from talking, while pathetic politicians whimper that terrorising women is freedom of speech and is cause for celebration.

  2. Parker cancelled because she feared for her safety, what a sad reflection on what the woke in government and media have done to my country.
    Best embodied by the comment from Young New Zealander of the year

    “ Posie Parker cancels trip to New Zealand saying “I just can’t do it”. Stay away from our shores, you fascist TERF.”
    “ I am so proud of New Zealanders for establishing a reputation that has led to TERFs supported by Nazis to say “I don’t trust” New Zealanders. I am proud that TERFs and Nazis look at us and see us as a threat. We did well.”

    Refer to Mr Trotters recent article on how these woke activists are the very fascists they scream about.

  3. I think she’s quite smart. The risk is not that she wouldn’t be safe, but that she would – and she couldn’t risk that. Bearing in mind that most of her audience is outside NZ, she can catastrophize about how she might have been treated, and get a lot of sympathy both here and abroad. So Shaneel Lal is reduced to autopilot abuse. She’s outsmarted him.


    This is a video put out by Lesbian Visibility of the events of March 25th at Albert Park.
    The voice over is by two lesbian Marshall’s at the event and it captures how terrifying it would have been for anyone attending the Let Women Speak events, especially Kellie Jay. Kellie jays family (husband and kids) did not want her to come back to NZ as they thought it was too dangerous here. And if I was in their shoes, I would do everything I could to make sure my loved one never stepped back in this country again.

    Kellie has a huge following. This won’t help our tourist industry at all.

    • You didnt seem to mind anti vaxxers raping and murdering young female journalists, did you?

      And what about the threats toward Jacinda Arden.

      I bet you if some rabid redneck murdered her, you would probably hiss ‘good job’ like the nasty Karen you are.

  5. The woke can’t be saved from themselves.

    Now this, ‘all men are rapists’ is back on the cards :

    “Labour’s now promising, if elected, they’ll change the law so the accused to prove they did have consent [sic]. Labour’s police spokesperson Ginny Andersen said it’s an important step.”

  6. A lot of people woke up – I see over 1000 looks already at just after midday. What a pity that the same interest isn’t applied to prising state housing out of its musty file, in a planned way to be done by government. But that would pose an insurmountable mountain for the avatar key tappers and electronic message traffickers.

  7. Probably right Martyn that this is the best possible outcome right now but this is the one issue on which the Left has lost my vote this election.

    If the Left won’t protect freedom of speech (which includes the right to seek and receive information of any kind) then I cannot give them my vote.

  8. The people here whining about ‘women being attacked’ were perfectly happy to have Jacinda Ardern pack raped and murdered by rabid farmers and anti vaxxers.

    Just saying.

  9. A woman’s right campaigner has no confidence that the Nz police can make a woman’s rights speech event safe , it’s a terrible situation for Nz . Kate Shepard must be rolling in Her grave


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