MEDIAWATCH: NewsHub Nation destroys Luxon in Tax Interview – you have to see it to believe it



He’s actually getting worse!

I don’t watch Newshub Nation because the stories are always super straight and the panel is always very boring, but there are moments when it can suddenly be the best and most searing current affairs in NZ and this weeks interview between Rebecca Wright and a squirming Christopher Luxon is blistering.

She rightly points out that this isn’t a 32 page policy statement, it’s a shallow brochure that credible people laugh at.

One of the 32 pages is a National Party Logo FFS.

- Sponsor Promotion -

Watching him squirm over how ridiculous his costings are  and more importantly the ramifications for public services he’s about to decimate, and he’s simply not trust worthy!

National are going to give rich Landlords a $250 per fortnight tax cut funded by robbing 2year olds, mutilating public transport and literally stealing from climate change funds, and the whole swindle is supposedly funded by a foreign buyers tax that simply doesn’t stack up!

It’s like National aren’t arguing for trickle down, they are arguing for trickle up where the poor pay for the rich!

National are lying directly faces and know they can because you won’t hold them accountable because you still hate Jacinda so much!

You can see the scam coming a mile away.

Look at the timeline.

National take millions in donations from Real Estate Pimps.

National promise to give Slumlords the right to evict while throwing state tenants onto the streets while opening up the flood gates to migrant labour exploitation and lazy immigration to cause immense market stress on renters but push up house prices for the land owning class.

National manage to camouflage lifting the ban on foreign speculators pricing the next generation of kiwis out of home ownership by making it a tax debate which is a farce because none of National’s math even stacks up!

National promise rich landlords a $250 per fortnight tax cut by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating public transport and literally stealing money from climate change funds.

National get elected and raise GST (something they haven’t even campaigned on) and allow the speculators in but it doesn’t generate the  revenue and of course National will ‘balance’ that tax cut for the rich landlords by cutting back on public services.

The predictability of the tsunami of privatisation and crony capitalism coming this way if National and ACT win because the electorate are still raging about co-governance, 3 waters and Covid will be a self inflicted tragedy for this country.

Rebecca destroys Luxon and strips him down, it’s one of the best examples of political interviews you will see this year.

She remains fact based and incredulous throughout the interview.

Calling him Christopher was glorious wasn’t it?

You can not pretend to watch that interview and pretend he is competent.

You can not watch that interview and believe Labour are worse.

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  1. OMG please elect the muppet. Lol as long as you own your vote and take responsibly for it in the future.
    Either that or Blame Labour that will work.

    • Nice spreadsheet summary. You could add to that, the fact that National is pinning its hopes on boosting peoples incomes by a measly block of cheese a week using modeling that its keeping secret, with a new foreigner tax which may be illegal, and economists pointing out a half billion dollar per year, fiscal hole in their figures, is kindergarten stuff.
      When you compare it to Labour, who increased miniumum wage by $7, which is a block of cheese an hour and not a week, if my cheese arithmetic is correct. Labours bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, a saying that couldn’t be more apt.

  2. Watching 7 Houses Luxon, he seems super keen to sell our houses for some reason. Almost to the point of obsessive. Can’t help think 7 Houses should have been a real estate agent. Anyway, 7 Houses will do what 7 Houses will do.

    In the interview 7 Houses Luxon kept reiterating that his figures have been auditored and verified by “independent experts.” But he doesn’t seem to have proof of these figures. Well, if he has had independent auditors scrutinize his policy, then why don’t they release the nitty gritty details?
    Not only that, who are these, “independent experts?”
    Show us the money – and the independent sources who have verified them.
    Nothing to fear, nothing to hide.

  3. That interview was deeply disturbing !!

    If people can’t see him for what he really is…. a smug, fake, fraudulent charlatan con man, after watching that interview, then they have led very sheltered insular lives or they are plain straight out delusional, or just don’t care.

    Thinking that it is okay to go into an election, seeking the privilege of running a country, by repeating false information, and refusing to provide clear proof of his intentions, is absolutely being so disrespectful to the, (let’s face it), not very well informed electorate.

    I actually felt physically ill after watching that interview. The fact that huge amounts of money have the potential to put this clown in to power.

    Selling what will have to be !0’s of1000’s of New Zealand houses to Chinese ‘investors’ so the ‘squeezed middleclass’ can eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and go to a movie just beggars belief!

    Where are the headlines leading the news…. NATIONAL & ACT TO AXE 15,000 JOBS BY CHRISTMAS as was stated, (and clarified by Jack Tame), at the finance debate in Queenstown.

    It’s Trump all over again, but worse!! Trump was/is an idiot in many ways, but at least he wasn’t so obsequiously subservient to China!!!

    Luxon, who is so stupid and so naive, (think of those warped religious beliefs), has no idea what a minefield he is walking New Zealand in to just to pacify and look good for his rich mates. It’s all about ego!

    N.Z. is now dangerously close to getting absolutely shafted.

    • Trump all over again? Luxon is a woke globalist neoliberal. Trump, for all his faults, at least loved his own country.

  4. I didn’t realize how good Rebecca Wright was until I saw her interview of Ginny Andersen, and now this interview of Luxon. She’s smart, professional, fearless, and has zero tolerance for bullshit. We need more like her.

  5. You forgot some of Key’s greatest achievements, including selling into private interests the last major stake in electricity generation that was owned by the Govt on behalf of the people and vastly increasing the scope and power of the Surveillance State.

  6. This was Lloyd Burr on TV3 Newshub 6 pm News Saturday after Luxon just walked away from his questions and headed for his car.

    “This comes down to Transparency.

    If Luxon wants to be Prime Minister, he can’t act like he’s a chief executive .This is a country not a company.

    He is accountable. He will be challenged. There will be hairy questions.

    He just can’t walk away like he did on Saturday.

    The scrutiny on him is rightly going to get more and more intense.

    He could just release his methodology- the spreadsheets- for his tax plans and get on with it .

    But it looks like he’s got something to hide.”

  7. How can her shoes be comfortable? And is that jim bolgers mummified tape worm on the wall?
    Everything about the above image shouts “Liar” .

  8. This is the most crazy part: “National manage to camouflage lifting the ban on foreign speculators pricing the next generation of kiwis out of home ownership by making it a tax debate which is a farce because none of National’s math even stacks up!”

    I cannot believe that people just don’t see this for what it is. They’re literally saying they’re going to crank the speculation dial to 11 and it’s gonna be good for you.

    This election is so pathetic. Pathetic politicians and pathetic voters.

    Voters must reject the legacy parties and vote for anyone but them. Honestly, the legalise cannabis party will do more good for the country by just doing that than all the parties combined.

  9. Oh. My. God. What the actual f….
    National’s economic promises have been completely exposed as fraud.

    Utterly embarrassing. Try & watch without squirming like Cluxon.
    There is no way these clowns should hold office.

    No numbers. Just lies.

  10. Luxon is the soldier who would stand up in the trenches and get his head shot off. He’s a bloody fool.

    When asked about National’s tax plans he should just say that there will be tax cuts when it was feasible, but nobody can predict the future. Then when pressed for details, ask why the reporter didn’t ask for Jacinda’s policy details when she was in opposition.

  11. What a train crash.
    The guy wont answer a question honestly. I really hope EVERY interviewer asks him to release the proof-document, if only to highlight how dodgy and dishonest he REALLY IS.
    The video has ‘comments turned off’, that’s HOW BAD the inrterview was for dodgy bald guy.
    He ignores the intent of a question and just PARROTS marketing talking points.
    How can ANYONE honestly vote for this muppet? Even if you are a true blue right winger, this guy is embarassing.
    He makes TraitorKey look trustworthy and Seymour look like a far better choice. He’s LINO’s best advert. BOTH LINO and dodgy-Natz are AWFUL and a tragedy for NZ.
    Unless Natz roll this muppet, they can not win. No matter how crooked, dishonest and hopeless LINO are. And LINO are all that and NOT remotely there to help the poor, as per their claimed position.
    What a mess NZ politics are in. It’s the equivalent of; vote to lose your arm, your first born, your home or your job. And then being told, ‘well you voted for it’ !

  12. Thanks Martyn for that excellent spreadsheet as sometimes it’s hard to visualise what the true numbers are with all the lies & BS word salads of National & their misinformation because they count on the fact that Kiwis collective memory doesn’t extend past one week, kiwis have a shocking recall memory to what occurred in the past & what happened the last time National were in power & that is mainly because of the negligence of our Media & it’s lack of critical analysis over past history of Political parties records? I think Labour should have been more positive in this Campaign, despite all the bitching & whining from idiot NZers who are never friggin happy, Labour do have real achievements despite all the woke shit, your spreadsheet confirms that in comparison to National’s rubbish record when they were last in power, everyone with a brain knew John Keys Rockstar Economy was horseshit, just a fake, made up marketing exercise! And what happened to the $5 billion from Keys Asset sales? It just disappeared into the ether or went to Keys Corporate mates?Can you please provide more Visual aid analysis like this spreadsheet because people have to see what Labour has actually achieved in only 6 yrs in Govt in comparison to the trainwreck National Party, there are many more examples? That’s the disappointing thing is that Labour have failed to articulate clearly their accomplishments in a meaningful way & also failed to highlight Nationals utter Economic failures & destruction of Health, Education & the wrecking of the Nation’s Finances in the same way, the National Party always leave the Country worse off when they leave Office & it takes Labour 6 yrs just to cleanup the mess the Nats leave behind & Labour get the blame for National’s disastrous time in Office! I believe Labour should use more visual aids & American style attack ads would be a good start, stop with the word salad explaining that people tune out from & show in a visual way the numbers! Regarding the 3 News Nation interview, it was excellent as well, Luxon was squirming like a caged feral cat, this dickhead can’t answer simple questions with a honest answer, as a CEO he’s never had to explain himself or answer for his actions to his critics & when his dodgy Tax plan was put to him about his bullshit Enron accounting Tax cut figures, he diverted attention to that 32 page document which was a Party manifesto not a Policy Spreadsheet that gave us solid figures like your Spreadsheet & I’m glad the Reporter harped on about this lack of detail. Keep up the great work Martyn, more spreadsheets & visual aids please to get the message out to vote for the left!

  13. Don’t worry. Willis and Bishop will roll him after they win the election and then they’ll be in a biff with seemorebutt for the Minister of Finance role and then their government will collapse. Looking forward to election 2024!

    • Mostly my thoughts too.
      Except for Bishop. He’s no leadership material. He’s a sneering, jeering, big-jawed buffoon whose Daddy used to write anti-government propaganda for The Dom (before it’s latest incarnation).
      Bishop made a promise to me about three elections ago and I gave him my contact details to get back to me with the answer (he didn’t know the answer to my question there and then) and I am still waiting. Useless!

  14. It is noticeable that the many Jacinda Ardern haters have gone very quiet on this blog. The silence is actually deafening, it would be funny but it’s actually catastrophic for NZ.

  15. Luxon and Wills are an insult to intelligent New Zealanderes. What is worse – supposedly sane peole will vote for them simply becaue they are not Labour, Greens or TPM. Greedy temporary Kiwis from other places and undereducated, ignorant real estate agents and their greediest cleints, will call this election.

  16. Rebecca great interview well done.
    New Zealanders deserve to know what they are voting for. Something Mr. Luxton does not appear to understand.
    If you want people to trust you, and your tax plan is as solid as you say it is, then supply the spreadsheet. How can you ask NZ to vote for you when you refuse to give us the relevant information required to base our decision on. I have not even heard of you before six months ago, so why would I trust you? Nothing in that interview changed my mind.

  17. We have endured 6 years of a Labour Government who were working to a secret agenda so why would you trust them?

  18. She said ‘show me the money’. He thought she said ‘dunny’ and pointed to the shitter before adding, ‘and don’t forget to flush it’…

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