Wellington Central could turn Blue???


Aside from the best political interview of the election to date by Rebecca Wright, NewsHub Nation had an exclusive on Wellington Central where the vacuum left by James and Grant has led to the possibility of the National Party candidate slipping through the middle between Green ambition and Labour Smugness.

Chloe came from behind in the exact same scenario in Auckland Central so it’s not impossible for the Greens to pull off a win here, but there must be some question over why James stood down because if he had stayed he would have taken out a Labour backbencher.

It was always a gamble for James to virtue signal here by standing aside and it may be a virtue signal that blows the Greens best chance of winning Wellington Central.

Good to see the brains trust of the Green Strategy Team strike again.


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  1. Martyn – The Greens Mayor of Wellington is disgrace, the Labour candidate brings nothing to the table, except calling everyone who disagree with him is a racist…Wellington Central is going Blue

    • Yes the people of Wellington are smart Bob the first/John/Bob or whatever name you choose to use today.
      That’s why they always go Labour and will continue to do so. Maybe there is hope for you despite your split personality.

    • Andrew The Nat candidate seems good, very approachable at a personal level and willing to engage, rather than just mouth the usual platitudes the way that past one’s tended to do.

  2. 30% are turkeys voting for Christmas.

    I note today that Labour is promising to raise the Min. wage every year.

    ACT, the favourite of posters here will freeze it for 3 years. Meaning, that thousands of workers in this country go without a payrises, while NACTs bank and landlord mates will be able to hike up their rents and mortgages, and also keep the revenue stream coming in from the power companies repeated hiking of charges.

    It wiill be the 1990’s all over again. Wages were effectively frozen right through that whole decade, while the rich were able to milk workers for everything.

  3. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t smugness or wokeness.

    I think James is unlikely to want to remain in parliament should the Greens be in opposition after the election.

    If the Greens are in government he will likely be a cabinet minister, thus unable to fully be a fair electorate representative.

    In the first case, he would want to avoid triggering a by-election they would almost certainly lose. In the latter case he would want to avoid doing the electorate a disservice by not providing his full attention.

    So in view of that, the decision makes sense to me.

    • Thanks for this, Anker. I’m struggling to believe that Grant Robertson thinks people opposed to transgenderists competing in women’s sports are “small-minded and petty.” That’s shocking from a big bloke who has never been a woman, nor is he a guy likely to ever be competing for eg significant prizes , or scholarships to prestigious universities well beyond his intellectual ability, or enjoying the challenges involved in team or competitive sport. I guess he wouldn’t have liked the Luton Girls’ Choir either.

      The Labour and Green candidates’ opposition to free speech isn’t surprising. We saw the genesis of this with Ardern at the UNO, and both parties were a bit idiotic being so blatantly partisan in shutting women up at Albert Park. It looks as if the Nats and NZ First are fielding better candidates than these; the latter has an interesting back story, and Scott Sheeran will discuss anything. Interestingly, he worked at Chen Palmer, our first specialist Public Law, but then again, so did Kiri Allen.

      Prohibited topics plunges us back to the days of the Catholic Church’s Index of forbidden books, but at least the Church eventually abandoned its censorship, but now along come the woke, dragging the punters back into medievalism. At the same time, gender ID ideology is part of the school curriculum, so it looks as if conflicting scenarios may be being played out here.

  4. Silly question but do certain electorates have more mana or prestige than others at election time? And not just as bellwether seats.
    Surely in parliament one MP has as much vote as any other but just seem some fashionable that others, like say, West Coast Tasman.
    You never see squat about West Coast Tasman despite its interesting dynamics and demographics.

  5. Can we also recognise that Wellington is about as far removed from the rest of New Zealand as it is possible? On what planet are the Greens at 27% except Wellington?

  6. Hopefully it will not be the only seats to go blue this time around .Luxon looks better every day where as Hipkins looks like he just want the pain to stop

    • Did you not watch Rebecca Wright’s extended excrutiatingly painful interview of Luxon on The Nation.

      Luxon did not have the look of ‘someone who is getting better every day’, but more like some one with severe constipation, who deep down, knew that they were heading for the hangman’s noose.

      Chippy on the other hand looked extremely Chipper….

    • WTF Luxon looks better every day? Better at what, explaining the hole in his tax package?
      Open the other eye Trevor, your comments have become droll.

    • Oh Trevor at least if you can’t be honest with your remarks please don’t be a hypocrite to yourself. You people constantly berated Jacinda Ardern about transparency and the lack of it , now we have an opposition leader who is falling on his sword at the first hurdle. As you so admire this person Trevor can you please explain to the uninitiated what has he and his sidekick got to hide, because Trevor thousands of people’s jobs are on the line and Bishop is very happy about this. So Trevor please explain why why why he is afraid to release the numbers and do the numbers actually exist.

      • I cannot say why Luxon acts as he does around the tax situation .Re the public servants to go I can .The jobs were not there pre Labour and the jobs are not productive .Is the country running any smooth than it was .Immigration, passports, reading all poorly performing despite vast increases in staff.It is not good for people to be working with little end satisfaction.These workers will quickly be absorbed by the productive sector so do not worry for their wellbeing.

      • Ardern actually used buzz words like ‘ transparency,’ then proceeded to behave in the opposite way. ‘ Child povidy,’ was another. Luxon doesn’t make those emotion grabbing appeals; his promise to reform the debilitated education system might be the closest he’s come to doing similar.

    • You really resent workers getting payrises dont you. You probably lie awake in bed, seething at the fact that supermarket workers have had their biggest pay rises in 30 years, and rich pricks like you are getting bugger all, and arent able to rip people off anymore, and rake it in at the expense of workers and tenants.

  7. You could also frame it the other way by saying Tamatha is closer to the leading Labour candidate than Chloe was in 2020, if anything I think Ibriham will drop to third place and it was become more of a two horse race between Tamatha and Scott which can be blamed more on Labour’s lack of transformative change with an MMP majority than the Greens’ “wokeness”

  8. Meanwhile in Reality Land…
    Neo-liberalism is alive and kicking and stealing our time and our money while a prancing pace is being set by the MSM making sure we’re sitting whimpering in a corner with sacks over our heads.
    National are liars, Labour are cowards, ACT is a sick joke that just gets sicker, The Greens are a miasma pretending to be a mirage, the Maori Party are unsure what they are, where they came from or where they’re bumbling to, NZ First is a work of fiction scripted by millionaires to protect billionaires and the sundry lessor parties are snuffling around under the public’s withered old money-tits. Meanwhile, a terrifying and burning world’s stalking us in ravenous, greed motivated desperation while we fuck about as we suck our thumbs and shit where we eat.
    Clear, direct, original thinking preceding clear, direct, original action is what’s required of us all as a united people of a beautiful Land but rest assured, what we’ll get instead is what we’ll deserve.

  9. Wait so Labour’s vote has collapsed while the Greens are up nearly 10 points and that’s the Greens’ fault?
    You could frame this another way by saying that Tamatha is closer to the leading Labour candidate than Chloe was last time

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