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  1. Remember you can’t wear it on election day, despite The Electoral Commission lying that we all have a voice.

  2. Right on Bomber! This lefty is voting. Chris Hipkins is the Ace of Swords in this motley crew. Mark my words, he will be PM. There is no competition. Zero, zip, nada.

  3. Turnout is king as always. Since first voting at 18 years it always struck me the number of old fuckers at the polling booths with walking sticks, limps, red noses like cricket balls, and latterly mobility scooters and frames. Now, they could have been voting for whoever passed as left at the time, but I would not bet on it.

    Right wingers (young and old) first and foremost have loyalty to their grasping self interest and the boss class.
    NZ society has always been balanced between reactionaries and those that desire a more positive future for the majority. The torys have often just held the balance–but some of that is illusory when you factor in first past the post elections–such as when electorate gerrymandering allowed Muldoon to prevail when Labour and Social Credit won the popular vote.

    Just over 30,000 transferred to the Māori roll for this Election an Electoral Commission worker told me a couple of weeks ago. There will likely be a good turnout from politically conscious Māori. The worry is alienated, transient, determined/lazy non voters, and those too scared to vote as they would like*, of all stripes, will assist the Natzos.

    * Debtors, women in refuge, and others who need or want privacy should be on the unpublished roll–but it is not widely publicised.

  4. Given that…
    … the polls, at this stage, show Labour losing the election;
    … it will take a tectonic-like shift to change that outcome;
    …Labour desperately wants the undecided left-center vote and the lazy left that won’t vote at all (refer above);
    … the poll – “biggest response ever in my five years doing this show”, James Wallace – on RNZ National showing 80% of his listeners would favour a capital gains tax being introduced….

    What if…
    … Chippy ate humble pie (or sausie-rolls) and changed his mind, promising Labour will, at the earliest after the election, introduce a wealth/capital gains tax?

    Then Labour may well bring back the prevaricating, once-left voters to vote Labour again.

    Worth putting out there. Just saying….

  5. Nope. They’ve shown their not interested in my vote and they certainly no longer represent me so fuck em.
    They deserve to go down hard and fast.

    • You don’t read much do you @ jack? But do you think? There’s this little thing about knowing the enemy.
      Wikipedia. @ centre of third paragraph.
      ” In 1990, Jim Bolger formed another National government, which continued the radical free-market reforms initiated by the preceding Labour government.”
      Let me draw your attention to these simple few words.
      “…which continued the radical free-market reforms initiated by the preceding Labour government. ”
      “…initiated by the preceding Labour government…”
      Roger the dodgy douglas resigned after he fell out with PM Lange over rogers determination to hijack Labour to get his and his mates hands on our state owned assets to pass them on to the now 14 multi-billionaires, multi-millionaires and the now four foreign owned banks to liquidate. Lange, now reeling from the treachery of a one time friend warned caucus that if caucus invited douglas back, he, Lange, would resign. Which they did, so he did.
      That means it was the traitorous douglas, NOT Labour as a whole, who spent six years as a Labour finance minister and National Party Machiavellian confederate in the odious form of a stunted pig torturer AKA roger douglas who derailed Labour then set fire to the carriages to inject milton friendman’s neo-liberal fascist-greed fervour deep into Labour’s veins. I think that’s what you fail to comprehend @ jack.
      So it wasn’t the Labour Party per se and et al. became neo-liberal. It was a deep state faction supplanted within it what did it. Then, along came don brash a nutter ACT disciple and one time governor general and lantern faced derek quigly. Who, in the name of all the Gods would call their kid ‘Derek’? That name reminds me of a Dick with Rickets. Others following the smell of free money soon followed like Mike Moore , etc.
      It must go deep because it’d be easy enough for Chris Hipkins to completely wipe the floor with national and their sundry hangers on in the form of the ludicrous MMP fiasco. MMP’s not unlike giving blow flies megaphones. They just get noisy and achieve nothing while wasting everybody’s fucking time. Except the now super riche who will pop on the headphones to drown out the racket with a little Huey Lewis and The News.
      The first two MP’s arrive early for their pre election meeting.

      • You share Lange’s inexplicable denigration of MMP. What we mild NZers did instead of the Aussies’ natural ‘rark-off’ to the powerful.

        As ever, your word association with guiding knowledge, drums the truth better than us linear types. As much laughs as Leslie Neilsen this afternoon on utube. You, like Martyn here, are a bit over-dramatic, but no one could do better than ‘Milton Friendsman’s neo-liberal fascist-greed’ ‘ to describe the natural trajectory of the last 43 years of rich-rule in the Anglosphere.

  6. Seems that people or should I say the polls show that people are responding to the “noise”

    The “noise” is media and so many are influenced by the constant negative media. There is really positive policy , but the media simply choose to ignore it. PREFU was portrayed negatively until it wasn’t but that didn’t stop the media from allowing Luxon to portray Robertson in a bad light.
    Personally I have examined Labours achievements compared to the negative ” noise” and Labour will get my vote based on their achievements and the history of Nationals lack of achievements during their 9 years.

      • Marx provided invaluable work with his intellectual labour, analysing and exposing the workings of capitalism in depth to the extent that various elites, Governments and establishment economists innards still turn to water at the mention of his name.

        Anyone can describe problems, causes, but Karl Marx also provided solutions in the Communist Manifesto–a fundamental shift in class power away from the exploiters to the producers and majority–the international working class.

        Now, who really supports themselves? Humans run on a societal basis which entails mutual co-operation one way or another. Millions around the world every day do valuable work unpaid–carers, partners, volunteers, interns, musicians & artists, small family businesses, subsistence agriculture etc.

        The real bludgers are the 1%ers who appropriate the proceeds of the physical and intellectual labour of the worlds workers. They do it by stealth, bourgeois Parliaments, ideological enforcement–i.e. Newstalk ZB, legal means, and with state force whether Police, Security Agencies or ultimately Military Armed Services.

  7. Marx would be rolling in his grave with the implication that he’s associated with the NZ Labour party.

  8. ” Now is the time to show solidarity with the Left. ”

    Bomber I love your enthusiasm but wouldn’t this appeal and marketing campaign work better when we can vote for a real left movement ?

    This election and the current NZLP have once again denied their most oppressed supporters any real hope or support because they don’t recognise them in their pursuit of trying to solve the worst excesses of unregulated capitalism by looking to the very same market to provide the answers to the social catastrophe that Neo Liberal policies they support to somehow create better outcomes.

    Its the unregulated economy ….STUPID

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