So National’s social housing plan is to kick tenants out making them homeless while ACT builds the prisons?


National to evict unruly Kainga Ora tenants if elected, so where would they go?

National’s plans to evict unruly Kainga Ora tenants will just see more people living in cars and substandard lodges according to one policy analyst.

The party says there is deep community frustration at Kainga Ora’s unwillingness to enforce the law and evict anti social tenants who make their neighbours lives a misery and if in government it will direct the agency to remove repeat offenders.

National says it will also tighten the eligibility criteria for emergency motels, so that only people genuinely in need can access a grant.

Its goal is to eradicate large scale use of motels as social housing in its first term if elected.

And it plans to build more social houses in partnership with community housing providers.

Let’s be very clear.

National are promising to throw unruly State Tenants (I call them State Tenants, not Kainga Ora Tenants because the name Kainga Ora is a brown washed Maori name to gloss over the true damage and social carnage this failed state housing department truly generates).

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We face 100 000 homeless, we have 12% of our kids living in poverty, we have the worst home ownership in 70 years, we spend a million a day kettling beneficiaries into unsafe motels and we have 25 000 on the social housing wait list.

State tenants have complex problems, National doesn’t give a a fuck.

They will weaponise Kainga Ora just as they did with their failed meth testing state housing scandal.

National will throw state tenants onto the street just as they did with the failed meth testing scandal, and while National are throwing State Tenants onto the street, ACT are building the prisons.

It’s the right wing circle of life.

National throws the poor onto the street, ACT house them in prison.

This is what we is now, this is the harvest of spite that ACT and National voters are sexually aroused by and what they will vote for.

The internal empires of hate we all preside over in our own minds have been empowered by hate algorithms and the new cult of ‘lived experience feelings’ that states there is no external or objective truth because logic and reason are heteronormative white cis male privileges.

The middle class woke activist clique have set built the new mindset, the Right are  exploiting it.

There is no reason this election, only vengeance.

Throwing state tenants onto the street while the right wing mob bray in support is the ugliest politics.


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  1. Look I lived in the bronxs a HNZ area for years where many Māori, PI, and our poor Pakeha whanau as well as solo mums were housed. My flat was ugly, cold it had no carpet or wash house. Then under John Key National started knocking down blocks of flats and in there place they built flash duplexes costing 800 k. Now many of those who are in now living in motels these are the hard to house peoples many have drug, alcohol and gambling addictions they have now been displaced. So, what do you expect it would have been better to leave many of those blocks of flats as the people who lived in these neighborhoods had a way of sorting one another out. Why reduce the pool of social housing for the most vulnerable peoples in our country. National have a very bad track record for social housing. All governments have an obligation to ensure all people have access to decent housing. I listened to Bishop who is National housing person he is singing the same song when they were last in power. And we all know what happened they just made the criteria harder to get on the HNZ list (and hide the fact of homelessness) and now they will do the same for motels. This leaves two options more people camping out and more people living in their cars.

    • ” All governments have an obligation to ensure all people have access to decent housing. ”

      Not since the free market neo liberal economy has been operating C.P

      Obligations are the cozy safe words of the distant past.

      Ever since the market became the overall guardian of economic policy and execution including moving to a more extreme unregulated model we have here expecting the government red or blue or any other colour to provide what was our right once to a safe affordable healthy home is gone and neo liberalism does not provide or care about the whanau you mentioned.

      One thing is for certain in three years time whoever governs on behalf of the market the crisis around housing will be an indictment of the current economic approach.

  2. Cue the National party’s anthem,Don Henley’s Dirty laundry. Kind of appropriate really.
    “Kick em while they’re up, kick em while they’re down”.

  3. Labour, Greens and Nationals plan seem to be to make NZ unpalatable for resident Kiwis and encourage 100,000+ new migrants here instead each year, (many of them have few skills are in poverty from day 1 of arrival with NZ social services that don’t look after resident kiwis picking up the tab). During covid 120,000 migrants returned. NZ’s lazy migration policy doesn’t help pensions in NZ, or health care, or housing, or justice, seems to be making everything worse. Those better off, banks, utilities, car sales and supermarkets as more consumers arrive.

    Tony Alexander: All those extra migrants are going to need somewhere to live

    The problem with the mantra we will build more houses, is that on the wages in NZ, few can afford to buy the new houses built, especially as they don’t seem to last very long with flooding and overall quality not being of a high consideration.

    30 years of this approach has NZ falling in all the international measures that NZ used to be high in such as safety, lifestyle, housing and education.

    Weird how the lefties that used to be against this, seem to now be agreeing with the right wingers on having high migration with low or no skills coming here replacing experienced people leaving and not thinking that is a problem, even though basic services are in decline everywhere and the cost of doing anything is extremely high as faking a skill, is easier than having it here.

  4. Unfortunately, a …holes have to live somewhere and what about their kids it’s not their fault. National should not have knocked down all the block of flats and built 800 k apartments. The a… holes you’re referring to can go back to living in cars, in the bush up a tree or on the street are you happy with that solution or do you have a better one.

  5. Unfortunately, a …holes have to live somewhere and what about their kids it’s not their fault. National should not have knocked down all the block of flats and built 800 k apartments. The a… holes you’re referring to can go back to living in cars, in the bush up a tree or on the street are you happy with that solution or do you have a better one.

  6. The right-wing overall have politically ruled this country since a Parliament was erected in the 1800s. They’ve had the rub of this country way more than the left. The last right-wing govt created the housing crisis along with the fake meth test evicting the already struggling to homelessness. The right wants to govern with a shaddy track record of not looking after the most vulnerable in our society. The slogan “Get our country back on track”?? sound like something Donald Trump would bellicose!! National+ACT are gonna be bad for NZ/AO and I believe that ACT will only be a one term party in govt because they’ll be exposed before the next election as incompetent race baiting oneliner party.

    • you just have to see what they did in Venezuela to undermine the democratically elected government and basically starve their own people. A bit like Groundswell bitching because they had a few social costs put on their freeloading off ourresources and because their enablers didn’t get voted in. boo hoo. starve us then bitches.

  7. As soon as a community or neighbourhood hear that KO has bought land that community gets worried, and rightly so!
    When HNZ were building there were not so much worry or angst but this new metamorphosis of HNZ is an absolute killer for communities and towns…why?
    Because they do not move on troublemakers, they do not deal with the bad tennents, they just allow them to create havoc.

  8. And Labour is on track to bring in a record 100k immigrants this year and dump them in our basket case infrastructure, health system and chronic shortage of housing.
    Immigration is another broken and unfulfilled promise.

    • Agree jack. Labours failure is implementing Nationals immigration ponzi scheme of not investing in our infrastructure to accommodate such numbers. They should have learnt from Key’s abject failures.

      • Squeaky….your not fooling anyone we all know are BERT, even the same obsession with Key and entering your posts a cpl of days after the thread was posted and everyone moved on was typical of BERT, you can change your profile name but your MO remains the same!!
        You are a sad little man….Cuntyboy is the same with 2 names but I see he has resisted posting as much under his 2nd name since he was busted.

  9. Eh Bomber, BANG ON. Its the exudation the relish that Luxon, expresses when talking about not only evicting state tenants but also the cuts to other state services, or should it be called slash and burn.
    If they do win i think we will be in for a heavy dose of Thatcherism.

  10. As of June 2023 24,717 were on the waiting list and it is an average of 344 days before you get a home. I think for the few ungrateful idiots kicked out I’d happily see better people out of the 24,717 get ahead.

    Reap what you sow in my book sorry – respect people and what goes around comes around.

    • I would be interested in a further breakdown in the numbers to get a clearer picture. Realistically speaking the numbers break down to 6-8K families, whats the current rate of new builds? are recent immigrants entitled to taxpayer subsidized housing?
      Personally speaking i would prefer tax paying NZ citizens get the first bite of the apple.

  11. As someone who lived in a Kainga Ora neighbourhood I can say that even the scumbags are just poor lost souls trying to find mana. so they get a bit rowdy every now and then – boo hoo – bovva boy Luxon wants to put the boot in to the “bottom feeders” because he’s so tough – fuckin tosser.

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