Telling the Truth about National isn’t an ‘Attack Advert’

The fact the CTU have the balls to actually call National on their bullshit should be celebrated.


Election 2023: Council of Trade Unions rolls out attack ads targeting Christopher Luxon, National hits back

“Out of touch” and “too much risk” is how National leader Christopher Luxon is being described in a series of attack ads which were rolled out on Monday.  

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is behind the ads which feature a black and white picture of Luxon with “out of touch” and “too much risk” written in capital letters below him.   

But National has hit back at the ads, calling them “nasty”.  

NZCTU President Richard Wagstaff said the attack ads are “focused on why a National-led government will leave working people worse off”.  

“Christopher Luxon and National will take New Zealand backwards and working people will be the first to feel the pain,” Wagstaff said.  

“The buck stops with Christopher Luxon. He’s the leader, these are his policies. People need to take notice of that.”    

He said the ads are evidence based and set out why Luxon and National are “out of touch with what matters to the lives of working people – and out of touch with the challenges New Zealand faces”.  

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Wagstaff also referenced data from a Newshub-Reid Research poll in May which found 47 percent of New Zealanders thought Luxon was out of touch compared with 35.6 percent who think Labour leader Chris Hipkins is.  

Wagstaff hit out at National’s tax policy released last week. The policy includes changing income tax brackets to compensate for inflation, introducing National’s Family Boost childcare tax credit, and increasing Working for Families tax credits. This would come in from July 1, 2024.  

The party also promised to fully restore interest deductibility for rental properties, bring the bright line test back to two years from the current 10 years, not go ahead with the Government’s proposed fuel tax hikes over the next three years and remove the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax, if it’s elected.  

The tax policy revealed the party is proposing to cancel a Government public transport programme which would effectively double fares for some people.  

The policy didn’t go down well with Wagstaff who accused the party of proposing “savage cuts to public services” at the expense of low-income earners.  

Telling the truth about National isn’t an ‘attack advert’!

National intend to give the Richest Landlords $250 per fortnight in tax cuts funded by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating Public Transport and literally stealing climate change funds!


National are taking millions in donations from the Real Estate Pimps and removing the Foreign Buyers Ban and give Landlords the power too kick tenants out without a reason!


National are lining up to roll back the most important workers rights advances like the Fair Pay Agreements while allowing the biggest polluters off the hook while slashing 14 000 public service jobs.


The fact the CTU have the balls to actually call National on their bullshit should be celebrated.

I think the left have lost an enormous amount of male voters to National and ACT. Male voters who voted Labour in 2020 but who have been put off by the lack of progress, post Covid bitterness and the woke middle class dogma have gone over to National and ACT  out of protest rather than an examination of what they intend to do.

The sheer scale of how far right a National/ACT Government would go needs to be pointed out to those male voters, because on reflection I don’t b believe they want to go as extreme as National and ACT intend to go.

Telling the truth about how selfish and venal National policy really is, isn’t an attack advert, it’s highlighting to workers what they stand to lose if a hard right National empowered by an extremist ACT win power.

If the Left vote, the Left win’.


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    • Bullshit, Pat Taylor
      Muldoon’s attack ads of dancing Cossacks were very successful. I am old enough to remember them. Are you?

      • Rubbish In Vino, your going back 40yrs or so, we are now in the 21st century.
        Seems left LOOOOVE to bemoan past policies/Govts, like Rogernomics…as the big downfall of NZ/Society etc
        Clarke = 9yrs in Govt
        Ardern = 6yrs in Govt
        And NO discernable reversals the Roger Douglas (a Labour MP) policies that you all hand wring over.

        • SOOOOO if we’re in the 21st century why are National’s policies still just tax cuts and building roads?. Seems you righties bemoan socialist policies that support everyone yet offer nothing but increased wealth to the already rich. You need to stop whining.

    • Only if the media make a thing of them.
      After what Labour and Greens have been copping from NatAct and their attack dogs like Taxpayers Union, Hobson’s Choice, Fed Farmers, Howl of Protest, Business NZ etc is it little wonder they bite back. At least Labour didn’t going crying off to their Media mates to get it blown away out of proportion.

    • True after 6 years z Labour has little to brag about .I would give them a tick on covid but they got the last 3 years on that win so it is a clean slate .

      • Trevor that’s not really an argument for National is it? ‘Yeah we are so obviously not in it for anyone other than entitled a’holes that think tax is for mugs that actually work but hey labour are bad’. Look at the b arch in Gore that has sold four homes in five minutes and thinks she should not pay tax. National is the saviour of people who are f’ing liars that should’ve been paying tax even pre bright line days.

    • Well it’s interesting that a few days ago in that very same paper, Mathew Hooton was calling bs on Nationals tax announcement. He’s a National tragic but clearly not so blind as to defend the indefensible

    • They create a response and this allows the CTU to explain that a lot of New Zealanders were polled saying they thought Luxon was out of touch with their issues – not having to pay either rent or mortgage.

      Thus of course the risk he did not realise the consequences of allowing landlords to remove them from their rentals more easily or make it harder to get a wage increase by taking way the Fair Pay Award – by which they might hope to earn enough to aspire to the security of home ownership.

  1. We know the numbers.
    But we aren’t going to show the numbers.
    Says it all really.
    Complete contempt to New Zealanders.

  2. Good to see the CTU up on its hind legs for once.

    NActFirst are not going to piss around with slashing workers rights and achievements. COVID grumpiness is no reason what so ever to not vote, let alone vote Natzo.

    The filth brigade Act and Nats are going to go so low as canning newly free prescriptions, dropping and freezing min wage and half price bus fares (Community Connect) for young and disabled! I mean really, get your shit together working class people and identify the main enemy in this General Election. Hint: it is not Labour/Green/TPM.

  3. Look at the personal attacks Jacinda and her family even her baby daughter had to put up with. “ pretty little communist comes to mind”. There are some terrible things said on Luxon’s page, he doesn’t take them down. Why do the National party think they have the god given right to say and do what they like then cry when they get a bit of truth thrown at them. They all made fun of Jacinda for her kindness approach . Luxon is and are not special beings ( they have proven that with their tax policy). Labour certainly ain’t perfect but hey the alternative would be catastrophic for NZ in tough economic times. Many of the squeezed middle will lose their jobs under the nats and will graduate to bottom feeders quick smart , so be careful what you wish for.

    • Yes, agree with you Queeny when Bishop was asked about his attack ads (of which there are many) he put online about Hipkins, firstly he was very vague and then he said he puts a lot of stuff online. He (Bishop) is like a light switch when he doesn’t like what he hears and he is a fucken hypocrite.

  4. I agree Bomber on Luxon, I am not a fan but I doubt any other group could get hold of the front page. And although Labour has likened it to the TPU and says ithese types of ads are business as usual. It should be noted that whilst those at the TPU are definitely right wing, they dont take money from or giive money to the National Party (AFAI can make out) nor agree to work with them.

    So although I think its fair enough, they should focus on policy and not people and it is an orchestrated attack ad under the auspices of the Labour party.

    Yes TPU does the same but Its usually about policy, not people and their links (if any) are not so obvious.

    Luxon is fair game but lets call it what it is “An Attack Ad’ by the Labour Party.

  5. True, Luxon is a obsequious mong going for promotion, learnng te reo and box ticking to be with the in crowd, but Labour and their helpers have to put something out, their record is certainly not going to be one!

    • This indeed is the big problem that Labour has created for itself. “Not as crap as National” isn’t exactly an inspirational reason to vote for them is it?

  6. How hypocritical is Chris Bishop, they run attack ads all the time…even when Adern didn’t, its about time Labour bit back. Whenever National had a scandal labour were instructed by the PM not to comment and just say it is a matter for the Nat party to sort. The Nats certainly didn’t have the same class and took every opportunity to kick the person and the Party at every opportunity.

  7. Time for Hipkins to take off the hush puppies and put on the steel caps.
    The way Bishop and co are bleating is quite…encouraging.

  8. Unfortunately the unions just like their Labour mates are as woke as fuck and spend way too much time on identity politics.
    The PSA was front and centre with PSA branding on their hi viz and megaphones at Albert Park and they certainly wernt on the side of women or free speech.
    My membership was cancelled the same day.

    • Can you or someone else tell me what are the attacking sentences in these attack ads. The left are called woke at every opportunity, now its like the pot calling the kettle black. If ( god forbid) Luxon is PM will he be only answering certain written questions because he can’t take the heat or answer the questions , and he won’t be able to answer deeply enough other questions. If this was not so concerning it would be funny. Our country is at risk because of this charlatan and his motley crew with a finance minister who can’t add up.

  9. True in one sense, Luxon is a Company man, & NZ is his company and any company he is in charge of must make a profit.

    But despite all that and even if half of what the advert sais is true. ..

    I am still so disappointed with Labour s deception and lies and miss management and total lack of talent.. that I can’t bring myself to vote for them this time

  10. Is anyone else disturbed by the genetic lineage in looks tying muldoon, collins and now luxon very closely together?

  11. ” If the Left vote, the Left win ”

    NOW the CTU roll into action !

    If only this government had delivered addressing the problems before the cost of living maelstrom that is burning so many and treated it like its the emergency COVID was then they would be in contention for a third term to lock in the gins they got majority support for three years ago. They have let a once in a lifetime MMP majority slip away.

    If the Nasties win its not because the CTU have finally fought back but because LINO have been so dismal when they could have stepped up and used their response to a covid emergency and did the same with the current crises we are faced with.

    Kwis would have stuck by Hipkins and his team if he had done the same.

    • Luxon gave up a $3 million a year job to try and become PM .He does not need to fiddle with tax
      levels to make an extra dollar for himself. National work on the basis anyone can spend their money on what they want not what the government thinks you want .

  12. Will The Taxpayers Union give the Free Speech Union permission to say the CTU has as much right to (paid free speech) as any other trade union and the business sponsors of National and ACT.

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