Waatea News Column: Maori Party + Labour Party + Green Party must work together to defeat the political right for the good of the people


With the National Party Tax launch, it is very clear now to New Zealand what kind of country National wants us to be.
Over Covid, Labour decided to look after everyone and leave no one behind.

National’s tax policy leaves the many behind.

What National are promising is a $250 per fortnight tax cut to rich landlords that will be funded by taking money from Early Childhood Education budgets for 2 year olds, literally robbing Climate Change funds and amputating Public Transport for young people.

To take money from our poorest and give it to our richest is so nakedly venal, especially when you consider the millions being donated to National by the Real Estate Industry.

Oh, and National will give their landlord friends the right to kick tenants out for no reason.

The brutality of what the Political Right are pushing for this year is a meaner society, a colder, less generous, malicious system who cares about the wealthy beyond all else.

It is the very opposite of what I believe this country truly stands for.

We are not nasty mean spirited people, we have bigger hearts than this and decent folk recoil at the self serving nature of National’s tax policy.

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The Māori Party, Labour and Greens must work together to defeat the threat of what the political right will do to this country, put aside all the legitimate valid arguments that National’s math simply doesn’t stack up, put aside the crony capitalism donation links, just focus on the morality of taking from the poor to insulate the rich?

That isn’t who we have become. We are not that spiteful!

There are certainly pockets of our people who have been burnt and made bitter by Covid because we sacrificed unequally in an unequal society, but their pain can’t eclipse the better angels of our nature.

I believe we are a better people than the National Party political strategists think we are.

Now is the time for Labour, Māori Party and Greens to work together to overcome what will be the most far right Government since Roger Douglas.
First published on Waatea News.


  1. Martyn – Again , correct…but, Labour and the Greens are deeply unpopular in many, many parts of NZ, including some of their strong holds as well.

  2. Woke identity politics in our educational institutions, workplaces and government is not going away with these 3 in power it will only accelerate.

      • Irrelevant. They are more important for the majority of middle-class voters (which is most of the voting base). Pandering to woke issues, as opposed to issues of poverty, is the problem. Pandering to woke anything is a rapidly losing position, so if the left want to win this election they need to distance themsleves from an issue that appeals to maybe 1% of the voting public.

  3. L&G’s.Now there’s a combo that together will never again be elected to government again.

    Paying $0.50 at the TAB

  4. ” Now is the time for Labour, Māori Party and Greens to work together to overcome what will be the most far right Government since Roger Douglas ”

    They couldn’t do that when they were in government in what is looking like their final term after a huge endorsement three years ago. In opposition their numbers will be small and the irony is that NACT is unlikely to have this kind of majority in the house but will use the mandate such as it is to enforce their agenda over the next three years.

    If the government falls at the general election it will be the first time since 1990 that a sitting government was ousted after two terms.

    Its conceivable that like the last time the Nasties will dominate the next three terms of government such is the dismal failure of LINO and the Greens.

    But I digress.

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