7pm-8.30pm Tuesday live-streamed and simulcast Freeview 200 – Taxpayers’ Union Ilam Election debate hosted by The Working Group


Folks, we are now into our season of live debates around NZ as part of our attempt at providing more democracy this election.

On Tuesday at 7pm we will be coming live from Misceo Cafe + Bar, 251 Clyde Rd, Bryndwr, Ilam, Christchurch.

Raf Manji – TOP

Mike Davidson – Greens

Sarah Pallett– Labour

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Hamish Campbell – National 

We will open the debate with unique electorate polling from Curia!

Issues debated will be:

Issue 1: Cost of living & economy 

Issue 2: Housing & public services

Issue 3: Crime & extremism 

Register your attendance here.

It’s $10 on the door or watch live for free on Facebook, YouTube, JuiceTV.live, The Daily Blogor Juice TV Channel 200 Freeview and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & YouTube 

That’s 7 live debates across NZ with unique polling live-streamed and simulcast on prime-time TV.

NO other news network is even close to doing what we are attempting this election, and all done without one red cent from NZ on Air!

It will be politics done differently.


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