ACT promises candidate believes in climate change while implementing policies that deny climate change (PS ACT also wants assault riflers back thanks)



Seymour says ACT MP no longer believes climate change a hoax

ACT leader David Seymour is adamant one of his senior MPs no longer believes climate change is a hoax or that people who think the planet is warming are “nut jobs”.

Seymour insists Mark Cameron does not believe many of the things he used to regularly tweet about, shortly before entering Parliament.

Cameron, a dairy farmer turned politician, is one of ACT’s top MPs, ranked at number seven on the list for this year’s election.

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Seymour wasn’t keen to talk about Cameron’s controversial Twitter takes from shortly before he joined ACT, like that climate change is a farce, and that only nut jobs believe the planet is warming.

…ok, firstly, last decade ACT claimed “New Zealand is not warming. There is no warming trend since 1970, and the slight warming trend since 1950 is not statistically significant.”If it were to warm moderately, we would likely benefit in terms of land-based production, human health and reduced heating bills,“, so Cameron being a denier isn’t exactly surprising right?

Secondly, what’s the point defending a climate denier when ACTs environmental policies are effectively in denial that there’s any problem in the first place?

While ACT are hosing down another lunatic candidate, their policy manages to match the lunacy with this wee gem…

…wait, what new hell is this?

ACT are going to allow that machine gun used by the white supremacist terrorist to be back in NZ????????????????????????




Fellow NuZilinders.

The European NuZilinders

Pakeha of all shades




Brothers and Sisters.

The crackheads, the critics, the cynics, and all my heroes at the methadone clinics.

I appreciate we have a few laughs and a few guffaws over politics, but let’s all agree universally, whatever the fucking problem is, more guns are not the fucking solution!

ACT will allow the very machine gun that white supremacist terrorist used to maim and butcher, that weapon should never be on this land again, it is stained with dishonour by his despicable actions. To revel in that weapon is a sickness and it is deplorable that ACT would be so craven to the Gun Rights Fetishist Glee Club to give them such a hideous go

The level with which the Gun Rights Fetishist Glee Club have weaselled into the heart of ACT is dangerous to our society and democracy.

The solution is never more guns FFS.

This is ugly and sinful policy from ACT.

So we have spite policy from ACT and a Tax cut for Landlords funded by taking from 2 year olds, Public transport and Climate Change funds?

Fuck is New Zealand in for a grim morning if these wide eyed ideologues get their hands on the levers of power.

You may believe your vote doesn’t mean anything, but in this election it really fucking does!

This is Darth Vader and his Dancing Stormtroopers taking over the Kindergarten level over reaction

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    • At least you can debate people who don’t believe in climate warming like ACT and Natz, it’s harder when Labour and Greens virtue signal about climate change being our nuclear free moment, but actually make it worse and they had the 50% majority.

      Climate virtue signallers that do nothing are harder to respect, than climate deniers. Although it is a close call.

    • Yep, Labour is afflicted by inaction, like the others. But far more serious is the inability of politics to grasp that humans live in and with nature, an ecological relationship, not the collective apex-of-the pyramid kind of arrogance that legitimizes environmental disrespect. Deforestation, monoculture agriculture, degregation of fresh water, the wreaking of ancient ecosystems through the daming of rivers, and oh, big time extraction and consumption of fossil fuels. Collectively, we’re all to blame because in the most part we allow it to happen. Often willingly. Progress, eh. Endless growth, eh. But more often by just being complacent, by accepting the status quo, by not DEMANDING change. Voting for the status quo will never result in transformative change. Virtue signaling? The cry of the powerless or the vacuous words and contrary actions of the masses? Bottom line, we collectively reap what we collectively sow. And on all environmental fronts that doesnt look good for future generations. You have to he absent to think we, us humans, can keep doing the same without consequences. Given their political history, the Greens should know better but they seem to have lost their way.

  1. The assault weapon reverse is for Charlton Heston’s live child Nicole McKee so she “can put food on the table”. Apparently the pigs and goats wear body armour these days

  2. If we had an entrenched gun culture like the US I would advocate queer people and racial minorities arm up for self defence, since we don’t I think it’s better we keep that toothpaste in the tube

    • Tarrant was from OZ and Samsudeen was from Sri Lanka, both seemed to be enabled by a hopelessly woke NZ government run immigration and justice system to attack others here. Neither killers and maimers were native NZer’s.

      Both had opposing world views on who should be targeted for violence, the link seems to be NZ’s police and security services are too woke to notice people who come to NZ with a harm agenda or possibly worse, knowing that they are going to harm others and keep them here with woke lawyers and systems, instead of deporting them ASAP.

      Blood is on many peoples hands, when people from the gun club were reporting Tarrant and police failed to check properly why someone would want to have so many guns after just coming into NZ and Samsudeen told the courts he was determined to kill some infidels here!

      Instead of taking these murderers and threats seriously in the future to stop it – government seemed to have doubled down on woke instead, pretty much welcoming anybody into NZ that have a lot of problems and questionable motives or here illegally with few to zero prospects determined to stay at all costs if they don’t get their way. Hence we see axe public attacks, child murders and increasing homicides and violence that apparently are just because of better policing! Sarcasm.

      We how even have student murderers who murder in Canada somehow pulling the wool over the Canadian eyes to get him released to China, then low and behold his conviction is downgraded in China and he and his family turn up for refugee status in NZ under a false name/passport.

      Kiwis love paying taxes to ensure that these criminal types get protected status on their say so (and army of free legal aid) free housing, free education and free everything in NZ while NZ citizens told to work harder, pay more taxes and let more convicted murderers, wannabe murderers (Samsudeen) and entitled freeloaders into NZ!

      Constant mockery of justice in NZ!

      But it’s the criminals that are the victims, not the victims in woke world!

  3. No one is seriously doing anything about climate change. Carbon credits are a joke. Reducing our carbon emissions to some old level is a joke. Everyone is walking around clothed in polymers, drinking coffee and flying Air NZ.
    We are fighting inflation by slowing down our economy and at the same time looking nervously over our shoulder worried that the Chinese economy is turning to crap.
    Meanwhile our political leaders are trawling thru everyone’s social media posts to see what dumb things our aspiring new leaders said long ago.
    The only party to really offer a coherent platform looking forward is TPM and most of that is based on tino rangatiratanga.
    Act want to tear down everything and repay their wealthy donors. (Although personally I would like to own an assault rifle)
    National hope to fool the squeezed middle that $250 a week is going to magically appear in their banks the day after the election while they move to repay their wealthy donors.
    Labour have nothing positive to defend and nothing transformative to offer so it will be a cheap negative campaign from them.
    And fuck the Greens, because Marama doesn’t like my kind,and fuck the mad ghost of Winston Peters, because I don’t like his kind.
    So I will be voting TPM, the only party to offer meaningful tax reform and all my children are tangata whenua and if I could I would vote for the mad white headed Trump because I like chaos and I do want to see the end of the world.

    • The ETS is a great way to collect tax and to drive behaviour.
      It is what you do with this tax that differentiates the left from the right.

      I live in an area where more than 70% of my waste charges constitutes tax. I have a suspicion that this is not isolated to the Nelson Tasman area. How does those on low incomes “avoid” this tax. This is not a progressive tax!!!

      Collecting tax is one thing, distributing that tax is another.

    • The brown boy’s portrayed on them must have brought out Pope+Punctilious+II’s ‘cultural marxism’/racist rage ….

      eh dickhead?

    • Blah blah, law abiding citizens. It’s funny because Nicole McKee’s argument against a register was that people “she knew” would start hiding guns rather than register them!! So not law abiding then?

      • Oh don’t be a fool Wheel.
        There’s the facts of the matter – it’s still very easy to have a legally registered large calibre semi-automatic rifle. I know three people who still legally own one for pest control, and there’s no issue. Those law-abiding citizens who had them before the ban, have generally hung onto them legally.
        What the ban did, was send those who resented the ban into the grey, or sent these firearms onto the black market.
        You think a register is going to be filled out by the Gangs?
        No, all is does is cause resentment in the community and sends people into the grey.

        • The register should be strictly user pays. One can’t have it both ways.
          Be law abiding and then allowed not to pay for that privilege.

          • User pays and optional. If you don’t want to use the “service”, you shouldn’t have to pay. After all, you don’t need to register or have a licence to own a firearm, but apparently those are required for public safety. Or should it be if these are required for public safety, then the public bears the costs for their “safety”, not those forced to comply?

            • My comment was sort of tongue in cheek.
              If a register will keep us safe then I am all for it. While I am not convinced I support the initiative in principle.
              I do not feel any sympathy for “law abiding” gun owners selling their guns to every Tom Dick and Harry…. If a gun register will put some of these “law” abiding people in prison or keep guns out of the hands of Tom, Dick and Harry that is OK with me.

              • Unfortunately the Police aren’t joking about their user pays system that will see compliance costs skyrocket. The Police Minister put it off until after the election, as it would confirm our fears & sent our votes elsewhere. Hopefully this will be scrapped by the new Government.

        • Yes Simon Templer ,,, large caliber semi-auto rifles are still legal ….. Military style LARGE MAGAZINE rifles are not…..

          Which makes one wonder what ACT and their wannabe Rambo one man army types are wanking on about.

          P.s Deer cullers, when AoNz used to employ and utilise them culled hundreds of thousands of Deer ,,, with bolt action rifles.

          Military style fetish types have something way different than pest control going on in their heads….

          They would also be less than 0.5% of the voting public …. if that.

          • The deer cullers were not controlling the deer population with bolt action rifles, the deer numbers were expanding exponentially despite the culling. What stopped it was the commercialisation of deer, with the introduction of the helicopter cowboys catching or shooting deer for profit in the 70’s. The deer cullers were not able to control the population. Oddly the same thing is happening now, biodiversity guys from my local Regional Council have shown me photographs of over 200 red deer running wild on the DOC/farmland boundaries. Our ecology and biodiversity is getting destroyed but many people (city people in particular) have no idea of the damage being done.

            • Legendary hunter and deer culler Rex Forrester wrote differently in his books Ben Waimata ,,,, Although deer numbers exploded during world war II when the hunters were sent off to shoot at Germans, Italians and Japanese …..

              Between 1932 and 1954 at least 1.4 million and possibly as many as 3 million deer were killed.

              Government culling and commercial hunting dramatically reduced deer populations especially in the South Island, where it is estimated they fell to 5–15% of their numbers in the 1930s….. I think this percentage drop are referenced to the 1970’s and do miss out the live capture of deer, which as Ben said contributed a lot.

              The present surge in Deer and pest numbers is more due to Covid lockdowns and no hunting tourists than any ban on military style weapons.

              As simom templer noted ,,,, large caliber semi-auyo’s are still legal and available .

              ‘Needing’ military style large magazine weapons for hunting is ACT crap…..

        • No I don’t think gang members will fill out forms. That’s a redundant argument.

          I do think it would be harder for a gun on a register to be sold to unlicensed individual. Pre register what would have stopped that?

      • The main arguments against the registry are; firstly it’s a complete waste of hundreds of millions of dollars that could be spent targeting real criminals, using real (illegal, with ground off serial numbers) guns to commit real crimes. The registry will solve no crimes and make no one safer, anyone saying otherwise is lying (see Chris Cahill). Secondly, data breaches will provide a shopping list to criminals, endangering firearms owners who have done the right thing and registered their firearms. The Police have failed to keep our data safe in the past and will do so in the future. So basically millions are wasted and no one is safer. Are you feeling safe?

        This is Labour on gun crime…

        • What? Are you trying to equate changes in legislation with these incidents? The register hadn’t even started so what’s the link one way or another? Go back a bit further then if you are going to compare regulatory environments. . How did David Gray get his firearms with which he used to shoot up Aramoana? Is that situation ok with you?

    • So now we know. @ Pope+Punctilious+II and @ Rat in a cage are the same ‘thing’.
      seymour’s a psychopathic nut. Big Vampire Daddy Douglas will be proud, and relieved that he has a servile smithers-like character like seymour to do its bidding from beyond the crypt.

      • CB, Douglas has come out against modern ACT. Saying ACT is just for the rich, whereas he was about fairness. How it is when the freemarket comes from those in the Labour tradition. Seymour’s close advisor is Prebble, Seymour responded with ‘I hope you enjoy your retirement’. Even via Prebble the people’s tradition must seep into Seymour.

        Your fiery and funny shots would be brilliant on Twitter. I don’t have a high opinion of the commenters here.

    • ” So now we know. That @ Pope+Punctilious+II and @ Rat in a cage are the same ‘thing’.
      seymour’s a psychopathic nut. Big Vampire Daddy Douglas will be proud, and relieved that he has a servile smithers-like character like seymour to do its bidding from beyond the crypt. ”
      Yeah! What countryboy writes! Go countryboy! I’ve met him! He has a huge appendage and an awesome car and he’s handsome too! We love you countryboy!

  4. So now that labour have lost the 2023 election….

    Will the new government sack the kids in the asylum and send them all off on a OE to the Russian Front to get some life skills that they’re severely lacking in.
    They can all sell their houses they bought during the housing bubble because they’re all the most highly educated dumbest fucks eva for rock bottom prices. After all, you know, the houses are not worth the price they paid for with the Bazooka money.

    Whoever ‘believes’ that a labour government can ever be returned to government too should be sent to the Russian Front.

    Other than that. How long will it be before Willis rolls Luxon and, or Winston pulls the plug, then another election follows?

  5. Meanwhile Labour axe $236 million from the climate change ministry and don’t bother telling the Minister!

    Perhaps Labour don’t believe in climate change either? Or maybe they’re finally realising that taxing the crap of the population for something that going to happen anyway doesn’t put food on the table or pay the bills?

  6. As you describe the Left has a clear way to power. Just talking truth.

    Dentistry for under 30-somethings, not so much.

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