GUEST BLOG: Ben Morgan – Russians barely holding on but Ukraine may not be fighting smart!


Leaked United States intelligence assessments of the land campaign were report by the Washington Post last week. The article’s assessment of the Ukrainian offensive makes grim reading, bluntly stating that “The U.S. intelligence community assesses that Ukraine’s counteroffensive will fail to reach the key southeastern city of Melitopol” and providing good insight into what may be going on behind the scenes in the Ukrainian military.   The article’s key conclusion being that Ukraine will fail to reach the coast and sever the Crimean Land Bridge, on objective that most commentators pick is Ukraine’s goal this summer.  

The Washington Post article is a sober analysis of the situation and the information provided is likely to be accurate. In my opinion the article’s information is interesting because it may provide insight into difficulties within Ukraine’s military command. A key focus of the leaked information is that Ukraine is not following advice provided by its United States and NATO advisors.  Reporting that supports comments made by Professor Michael Clarke, ex-director of the Royal United Services Institute two weeks ago while being interviewed on Times Radio.  Professor Clarke commented that he had heard that within the Ukrainian military there is growing concern about using modern NATO tactics instead of the older Soviet style tactics that many senior officers are more familiar with.  

The Washington Post article says that Ukraine was advised by its American and British advisors to concentrate its full resources on one axis of advance in order to achieve an ‘over match’ at that point on the frontline so Russian defences could be overwhelmed and broken through allowing Ukrainian attacking forces to pour into the weakly defended areas behind the frontline and make large territorial gains. However, according to the Washington Post’s sources the Ukrainians are not operating in this ‘Manoeuverist’ manner and instead after taking heavy casualties early in the offensive decided to try and reduce their losses by using an ‘attritional’ approach; or blasting Russian positions to pieces with artillery then advancing in small bounds.  The Washington Post quotes anonymous sources as saying “Joint war games conducted by the U.S., British and Ukrainian militaries anticipated such losses but envisioned Kyiv accepting the casualties as the cost of piercing through Russia’s main defensive line, said U.S. and Western officials.”  Later in the week General Mark Miley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff acknowledged this analysis and was clear that since Ukraine is bearing the cost of the casualties can choose how to fight.  The Washington Post reporting that “U.S. officials said the Pentagon recommended multiple times that Ukraine concentrate a large mass of forces on a single breakthrough point. Though Ukraine opted for a different strategy, officials said it was Kyiv’s call to make given the profound sacrifice Ukrainian troops were making on the battlefield.” 

It is an interesting article and explains why the Ukrainian offensive is moving slowly, the attackers using tactics that they know and understand well rather than those recommended by their American and British advisors.  And; it is not necessarily a bad way to fight because the Ukrainians are still making progress whilst husbanding lives and equipment. This week, for instance we are seeing progress on both southern axes of advance:

  • Ukraine’s advance from near Orikhiv towards Tokmak; and perhaps further toward Melitopol. 
  • The Velyka Novosilka salient.

On the first axis, driving south from near Orikhiv towards Melitopol, Ukrainian forces pushed forwards about two and a half kilometres on a frontage of about 14km this week.  A not insignificant advance, considering that it is into the teeth of fierce Russian resistance. Ukraine is likely to take the village of Robtyne soon. This village is tactically important because it sits on a ridgeline, astride the T0408 motorway that is the main route to Tokmak.  The motorway providing a route for supplies and logistic support to reinforce Ukraine’s next movement. Russia’s next heavily fortified line is about seven kilometres south of Robotyne and is likely to be the next objective. 

On this axis there are also reports of Ukraine’s elite 82nd Air Assault Brigade coming into action. This unit is well-trained and equipped with NATO weapons including British Challenger tanks and is part of Ukraine’s reserve. The 82nd Air Assault Brigade’s deployment into the area around Robotyne is a significant commitment that indicates either Ukraine is confident and getting this formation into position for an exploitation operation when the village falls; or more likely that opposition is heavy and the formation with its powerful Challenger tanks is being deployed to try and maintain the initiative.  

Ukraine has also made progress further east, near the Velyka Novosilka salient, as predicted after capturing Staromaiorske Ukrainian forces veered left and captured the village of Urozhaine about two kilometres to the east.  Since then, Ukrainian forces have kept up constant pressure on the Russians advancing about four kilometres on a frontage of about nine kilometres this week.  Ukraine’s next steps in this area are likely to be either:

  • Crossing the Makri Yaly River and taking the small village of Zavitne Bazhannia, two kilometres directly south of Urozhaine and Staromaiorske; or
  • Bypassing Zavitne Bazhannia, flanking it to the east or west and then attacking Staromlynivka; or 
  • Ukraine may go east to capture Kermenchyk, roughly eight kilometres east of Urozhaine and sitting on high ground from which and attack could bypass Staromlynivka entirely.  Possibly re-engaging with Russia’s defence lines at Heorhiivka, opening the possibility of a push to towards Mariupol. Although, dynamic manoeuvre of this nature seems inconsistent with the tactics reported in the Washington Post. 

Across the remainder of the campaign there is little to report, Russian attacks continue to be repelled in the north-east along the Svatove-Kremina Line.  Near Bakhmut, the frontlines remained static even after heavy fighting and Ukraine’s crossing on the Dnipro River near Kozacki Laheri has been destroyed by Russia. The key areas in the land campaign at this stage are the two southern axes and if Ukraine is fighting the way the Washington Post reports then it is unlikely that we will see rapid advances in the next few days.

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But does that mean that the offensive is a failure?

Not at all, at least tactically. The Ukrainians are fighting in a smart way that saves lives and preserves equipment. It also provides an opportunity to learn new tactics and integrate new equipment in relatively low-cost engagements while they attrit Russian forces.  Recent public source analysis showed that in the artillery battle Ukraine is knocking out more than five Russian guns for every one they lose.  Reporting from both Russian and Ukrainian sources indicates that in the south, Ukraine enjoys a significant counter battery radar (radars for locating enemy artillery) advantage, information that tallies with the reported ratio of artillery losses.  Ukraine is slowly but surely, stretching and starving Russian forces.  A point confirmed by General Milley in his comments this week when he said that “The Russians are in pretty rough shape” and “They’ve suffered a huge amount of casualties. Their morale is not great.”  

The third part of the strategy, ‘striking’ Russian forces is the element in question. Based on the information the Washington Post reported, instead of seeing one large and powerful strike, we should expect to see many small strikes slowly; but surely reducing Russia’s combat power.   This strategy will not gain ground quickly or bring massive success but it will produce results.  The Washington Post’s article stating that even though Ukraine may not reach Melitopol, United States officials estimated that “Ukraine’s forces, which are pushing toward Melitopol from the town of Robotyne more than 50 miles away, will remain several miles outside of the city, U.S. officials said. U.S., Western and Ukrainian government officials interviewed for this report spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive military operations.”  An interesting assessment, Ukraine may not reach Melitopol but if it gets within artillery range of the city, the offensive will still achieve a massive impact because it can shell the city cutting the major rail lines that carry supplies from Melitopol across occupied Zaporizhia.  It also confirms Russian forces are faltering, they are not invincible and Ukraine’s operations are having an effect. 

However, as we discussed last week timing is everything in war, and Ukraine’s timetable is set by external conditions. Specifically, how long the United States and NATO are politically willing to finance the war.  In my opinion, Ukraine desperately needs to turn tactical initiative into strategic advantage and its current tactics are not delivering this objective.  

Strategically Russia is in trouble, the economy is collapsing and a new mobilisation has been signalled that will further demonstrate to ordinary Russians that their country is in trouble.  However, Putin will be aiming to hold on. That his ‘will’ and the Russian people’s ability to persevere will outlast the United States and NATO’s willingness to fund Ukraine forcing negotiations and if he can hold Luhansk, Donetsk and the Crimean Land Bridge, he can claim victory.  Russia will also be well positioned to bide their time and wait for the next opportunity to attack, an unacceptable situation for Ukraine. 

Putin’s greatest fear is probably Ukrainian armoured battlegroups tearing around behind the lines of trenches, mines and Dragon’s Teeth creating mayhem and uncertainty.   If this happens, he cannot wait, instead he will need to get his army out of their trenches very quickly and into moving combat; a daunting prospect for the Russian army.  So, if Ukraine ‘penny packets’ its resources and limits its attacks he is winning, his army able to soak the attacks up and take time to readjust and strengthen its positions. 

In summary we return to the link between tactics on the battlefield and strategy, and at this time the tactics that the Washington Post says Ukraine is using are reducing casualties but are not producing the results required to convince Russia to reassess its plan; or to maintain the support of electors in the United States and NATO countries.  Hopefully, Ukrainian politicians and commanders are reaching the same conclusion and still have enough of a reserve available to concentrate a large force and achieve a breakthrough.  If not, we are looking at a longer and more drawn-out war. 


Ben Morgan is a bored Gen Xer and TDBs military blogger


    • As opposed to? With the people of Russia finally feeling the war has come “home” due to the drone strikes in Moscow, the Putin dead cat may not bounce much either.

      I suggest a view of the young people’s thoughts, in Moscow, on the 1420 you tube channel that the Putin dead cat may not be far from being buried. Even pro Russian war bloggers, commentators and elites are getting uneasy at the constant attacks on Russian soil proper. Kerch bridge again hit, the main naval base at Novorossiysk attacked, Soltsy-2 airbase strike destroys a TU22, etc. All these targets are well inside Russia and now targeted by fairly limited drone activity. There is growing unease in Russia. They know that any Russian nuclear strike will result in Moscow and St Petersburg disappearing under a mushroom cloud.

      Perhaps the best reminder to the Russian people was the drone hit on the exhibition centre whilst Russia was hosting an expo on how good Russian arms are.

      • I’m beginning to think Gerrit gets a hard-on every time he talks about nuking Moscow/Russia,,,, and mushroom clouds are the trigger to make him come.

        Try Viagra instead Gerrit…….

        More seriously, his faith/hope in Ukraines pin prick drone attacks on Russia turning the war and threatening Putin ,,,,, is actually MORE deluded than Hitlers faith/hope about German V2’s acheiving anything ,,, when they were going down in defeat.

        Europeans like Gerrit/NATO/Hitler ,,,, make the Russians more determined and resolved,,,,

        They have a history of dealing to and defeating and those types of Nasty Brats…. with whatever it takes.

    • Ben’s reports on the war in Ukraine have proven to be accurate and balanced.
      He will keep providing them, for as long as Ukraine keeps fighting to expel the invader.
      Asking Ben to ‘give up’ is like asking Ukraine to give up.
      Something that will never happen as long as one invader is in their country.

  1. I think the Ukraine military leaders are mostly doing the right thing.

    I suspect the armchair critics in the Washinton Post and the Pentagon aren’t taking into account the fact that Ukraine does not have the full suite of weapons that the US has, so has to husband its resources far more carefully than would the US military. Ukraine faces miles deep mine fields and Russian air superiority so focusing on just one axis of attack would allow the Russians to concentrate their forces against them.

    As Sun Tzu said: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”.

    So, Ukraine is steadily destroying the invaders’ ability to defend their positions and they will strike decisively only when Russia cannot any longer mount an effective artillery barrage through lack of guns, ammo, fuel or men.

  2. I wrote at the (failed) start of this offensive that Ukraines Usa/NATO masters were asking their proxy to fight under conditions that NATO could not and would not attempt,,, that is to go on the attack without air superiority let alone without even parity….. and I was just stating the bloody obvious.

    “”If General Zaluzhnyi was a NATO general, he would have to refuse the order to take (up) the counter,(attack)” Dan Rice—a West Point graduate who served as a former special adviser to Zaluzhnyi before taking up the post of president of the American University Kyiv—told Newsweek.” …..

    ….. “You can’t win this without superior artillery and superior airpower to go on the offensive,” Rice added. “Nobody should really be shocked by this.”

    Running out of modern Artillery Ammo, which was the reason given for sending old discontinued non-guided land rooting/civilian killing cluster munitions to Ukraine ,,,, ie “Asked why he was providing the cluster munitions now, Biden told reporters it was because the effort to defend against Russia had “run out of ammunition”.,,,,, makes Ukraine’s claims of winning artillery battles/having superiority, about as credible as their earlier ‘heroes of snake Island/ghost of Kiev’ lies and war Propaganda nonsense.

    Most of the Ukraine soldiers who have had their lives ended or limbs blown off, following orders which display WWI levels of contempt rather than care for their lives, never even get to see let alone shoot at the Russians they are attacking….. in this disastrous blood-soaked offensive.

    Once more, American and British advisors are giving Ukraine battle plans that they themselves would never attempt or follow ,,, perhaps that is why they think Ukraine is not fighting smart?.

    Basically the death, dismemberment and slaughter which goes under the euphemism of ‘attrition’,,,,,, is causing catastrophic and unsustainable losses for Ukraine ,,, versus painful and grief causing, but manageable and replaceable losses for Russia.

    Which is worse,, being called stupid or cowardly ,,, rather than the truth of actually being ‘throw away expendable’

    p.s ,,, A growing majority of Germans and French are seeing see through their Neocon/NATO leaders lies …. USA & NATO responsible for Ukraine war, German & French public say in poll

    p.p.s ,,,, Watch the above video from the beginning if you want to see what a nationalist racist that Navalny dog turd is ,,,, the western leaders and press champion that shit-stain ,,, ‘European Garden’ variety support I suppose…. shoot those bloody Muslims like Navalny shows us.

    • I guess the Ukrainians better just roll over and let Russian imperialism succeed? What would we in New Zealand do if an imperial power (say China as an example) invaded New Zealand? Just roll over and let them take over the farm? Or would we fight them with sticks and stones if that is the only armaments we have?

      I know what I would do (gather sticks and stones) and I guess you would just acquiesce, appease and do as the imperial master says? Take the Chinese passport (if offered) and work in slave labour camps to grow the food the Chinese (example only remember) need to feed their people in newly acquired Siberia?

      Luckily the Dutch and Danish are sending 42 F16 after training the pilots (6 months) to at least match Russian air power.

      • Yep and there’s “Reds under the bed” and Chinks under the sink, Meanwhile Gerrit happily supports his Imperial slave masters the US by buying US goods to support the war machine. Late breaking news for Gerrit and Pat, we are already colonial slaves to the US system.

        • I would fight the USA with the sticks and stones as much as the Chinese if they invaded New Zealand. Problem is I dont know if I could trust you or his awakeness * to do the same.

          Would you stand shoulder to shoulder on the barricades with patriots like this Tauiwi?

          I doubt it somehow. You would be more a Chamberlain and accommodate an appeasement.

      • If a NZ govt was overthrown by a foreign power putsch who installed their own regime who institutionalized “Angloophobia” and persecuted Australians, Anglos and their supporters, and shelled the people of the provinces who opposed this, and who – with the backing of said foreign power – refused to even give federal autonomy to these people pursuing their liberty, and who instead massed armed neo-nationalist forces at their borders… I’d want Australia to “invade” and protect our people too. Actually, a damn sight faster tan 9 years o attempted diplomacy, too.

        • Big if. The problem with your scenario is the ‘foreign putsch’ never happened. Ordinary Ukrainians reclaimed their country from the Donbas robber barons.

          • Did you ‘get a degree’ in fiction Ovod? ,,,

            The Ukrainian fascist storm-troopers battalions of Azov, Right Sektor, C14 (14 words) and the multitude of other neo-nazi wankers from anywhere and everywhere ,,,, never reclaimed/defeated/ethnically cleansed Donbass.

            They were defeated in their aims to do so……

            The local inhabitants/residents and citizens state how they will never leave or surrender at 5.18 onwards in this video.

            Ovod/Pat natO Dea etc think they are sub-humans ,,,, especially Pat.

            ,,,, Never affording them the praise they heap on the bad-intentioned western Ukrainian invaders.

            Basically they hate those people
            hate those people
            hate those people

            They are Racists against ethnic Russians.

            • Ho, Ho where did you get all of this ‘history’ from Awakesky? From the gangsters that are currently ruling the Donbas? Most of this stuff is concocted with a small element of truth – like all conspiracy theories.

      • 42 planes without trained men to fly them ,,,, Luck of the damned.


        “New Zealand observers were left more than astonished yesterday when news reports revealed that the Tiong family, owners of Rimbunan Hijau, now diversified into a massive conglomerate, have emerged as the second biggest landowner in that country with a massive 77,686 hectares in their name………..
        Significantly, the other three also of the four largest landowners in the country are also foreign loggers”

        “the number of dollar-millionaires residing in China totaled 6.2 million individuals”

        Gerrits alleged concerns about AoNz being ‘taken over/invaded’ have one short term action he/we can take ,,, do not vote for National/Act ,,, as they are enablers for the international class of rich people,, wherever they are from ,,, to buy us out and take us over.

        Gerrits talk of a Chinese military invasion is NATO paranoia hogwash.


        Regarding all the ‘pro-Ukraine/pro-NATO’ cheerleaders ,,,, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again ,,, If they were kidnapped/press-ganged ( like the 70% of Ukraine men who were conned into voting for ‘peace deal Zelensky) ,,,, If Gerrit/Andrew/JKT etc were forced onto a Ukraine bound aircraft, where they would be sent to the front-lines to fight and die ,,,, But if they also had the power to stop the fighting with concessions given to Russia,,,,, then the whole mob of pro-Ukraine war tossers would opt for a peace deal.

        The whole lot of them are pro Ukraine/NATO war ,,,, as long as some other suckers do the dyeing and being maimed.

        Thats a simple fact about these pro-war blood muppets ,,,,


        As for stopping the war in the real world ,,,, then the “Westerners” simply need to fuck off and go home ,,,, The Western fascist infused Ukrainians backed by the West, need to get the fuck out of what was Eastern Ukraine,,,, they are not wanted and they started and are the cause of this war.

        They have been killing those in what was Eastern Ukraine since 2014 when this war began.

    • The Vietnamese defeated the US without “air superiority”.

      The Afghans defeated the Soviet Union, and the Americans, without ‘air superiority”.

      Air superiority does not win wars.

      Going back to military basics. Calvary don’t win wars – infantry win wars.

      Air force is the modern equivalent of calvary. Planes and missiles can not hold territory, only infantry can do that.

      That the Ukrainians don’t have air superiority doesn’t mean that they won’t win the war.

      Be Asleepsky, what grounds could you possibly have, that suggest to you, that Ukraine won’t defeat the Russian Federation?

      As the aggressor hated by a whole people, Russia’s continued presence in Ukraine is untenable.

      Don’t believe me?

      Read what a Russian general has to say;

  3. A question for those on here who support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and decry their attempts to defend themselves – if Russian occupation is in fact so desirable why are the Ukrainians so stridently opposing it and also why is the Ukraine receiving so much support from their Eastern European neighbours who have themselves been on the receiving end of Russian (or Soviet) occupation within living memory?

    • Decades of neo-nationalist/Russophobic nation-building in the West of Ukraine. US money and soft power has also split the country between leaning Europe and leaning Russia, as proven in the election results up to the Ukrainian 2014 nationalist coup. Russia then took its first step in securing territory of Russian speakers – and its naval base, from a now institutionally hostile neighbour, fuelled by US arms, $$ and promises. The neo-nationalists then took umbrage at the who russophile east declaring independence from their violent ethnic cleansing regime, and would not accept federal autonomy and Russia’s security concerns with them being a neutral link to Europe. They continued to militarsise, shell and slaughter their own people who held off without Russian support until they massed hundreds of thousands ready to go into the Donbass. Seeing its interests were not being heeded and that war was inevitable, Russia rushed in first and has established control.
      Note the only disruption to Russian operations is where Ukrainan territory meets the Russian line of cntrol. Because there there is no guerilla resistance and sabotage in the Donbass. They see Russia as liberators. The Russians see all these civilians and the conscripted as unwitting or unwilling tools of US designs loudly proclaimed all this century.

    • Well, a little background will help your question, James. I’ll start with 2014, when the then Ukrainian Govt was overthrown in a US aided coup that then led to a US-picked puppet running Ukraine, who not surprisingly, was hostile to Russia. This then led to a civil war with the Donbass region, a largely Russian speaking region of Ukraine rebelling against the new coup govt. Very quickly, from 2014 – early 2022, a couple of failed peace agreements came and went and a shyt ton of anti Russian policies came into being. Then, just a week or so before Russia invaded, a huge over 100,000 Ukrainian troop build up formed near the Donbass border invoking calls from the Donbass authorities for Russian help, and thus we now have this war, or as the West loves to call it, an invasion or occupation and so on. So, that’s a starter for ten. But this all explains one key misnomer – Russia has zero interest in occupying Ukraine. Its objectives are clear, peace and equality for Russians living within Ukraine and a peaceful Ukraine, meaning, now days, a denazified, demilitarized, NATO-less Ukraine. Of course, the big elephant in the room is the fact that the USA basically runs the Ukrainian Govt, and the actions of its neighbors are also largely influenced by the US also, granted Poland has always believed that a large chunk of Ukraine should be theirs anyway, but that is another tale.

      In short, this whole unfortunate affair was prodded into action by the USA, for what reasons, one can only guess, but the people in Ukraine are being used. This is tragic. And we, we are being woefully misinformed, as far as I am concerned.

  4. Yes F, PhuD would be hopeless at Cluedo, but he might luck in here. After all absolutely everybody had a motive to get Prigozhin. Putin obviously, Shoigu even more so. Everyone in Kiev. The CIA for many reasons. And that’s just the start. Popular guy

    • Ha ha! I thought I would get the inevitable reaction from the Putinist conspiracy theorists who believe all Kremlin propaganda literally. It reminds me of previous assassinations in Russian history – that Lenin was careful to dissociate himself from the killing of Nicholas II and his family but we knew who gave the order. Similarly the assassination of Kirov in Leningrad – Stalin’s reaction was very similar to Putin’s today. The question is motive. Lenin, Stalin and Putin all had sufficient motive to order the killings. If Putin didn’t do this then his control over the country is so weak that he couldn’t prevent the assassination of Prigozhin but Putin too is a dead man walking. Steve Rosenberg’s thoughts on the matter are very pertinent- that Putin would never forgive betrayal.

  5. Every imperialist overseas expansion starts off as a commercial and financial enterprise. The British Empire penetration of India was begun as a commercial enterprise by the East India company.
    The Russian Federation penetration of Africa was begun by the Wagner Corporation.
    When the East India company became a military power independent of British power, in a power struggle with the East India Company, the British state wrested the role of ruling India away from the East India company for the British Empire.
    We are witnessing the same process developing with Russian imperialism, where the Russian Federation Empire will take over direct control of Wagner corporation operations in Africa.'s,are%20a%20nation%20of%20laws!%E2%80%9D

    The most popular star of Russian state television, Vladimir Solovyov, likewise did his best to divert the focus from the most likely beneficiary of the incident—even going so far as to claim that Putin had nothing to gain from Prigozhin’s demise…..

    Although he conceded that Prigozhin’s “march on Moscow” was indeed a “stab in the back” of the Russian president, the host brushed off any possibility of a revenge killing,…

    …. He alleged that NATO countries benefit from Prigozhin’s demise “to a colossal degree,” because they want to undermine Russia’s military capabilities in Africa.

        • Pat natO Dea should crawl back to ‘The Standard’ ,,,, racist NATO flakes and bull-shitters like himself usually are welcomed with open arms and given a free run there.

          So go get back to Lyn Pretenders neocon ‘new labour’ Neo-lib sewer where you truly belong propaganda Pat.

          Why did they run you out of that swamp again?,,, whatever it was apologize and go to your natural spiritual home.

          I’m banned for life there, but wouldn’t post again in his ‘rape opportunistic’ machine, unless Lyn donated $50,000 to rape crisis which might give that dishonest sleaze a wake-up call.

          Pat natO Dea denies the murder of Donbass children by Ukraine Nazis from 2014 onwards,, which should actually make him a soul brother to Russophobe Lyn Pretender ……

          Debate that Pat …. :0

  6. Russian Neo-Nazi leader linked to war crimes committed in Ukraine in 2014 and 2015 has been arrested in Finland.

    Yan Petrovsky

    …According to the reports, Petrovsky is wanted in Ukraine on suspicion of committing war crimes in the eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk in 2014-2015. The Russian Embassy in Helsinki said it had been informed about “detention of a Russian national at Kyiv’s request.”

    Neo-nazis groups are found in many countries, including Russia and Ukraine.
    Neo-nazis commonly hold transgressive displays of offensive fascist regalia.
    Neo-nazis often sport racist and fascist tattoos most commonly the swastika and Nazi War Eagle, but also the Confederate flag and KKK symbolism of the slave owning southern states of America.
    A common feature of Neo-Nazi groups is extreme (ultra) nationalism and national chauvinism directed directed against minorities and foreigners.
    Not surprisingly, neo-nazis make a fetish of war.

    Both sides of the war in Ukraine have absorbed ultra nationalist, (neo-nazi), para-military groups into their army. The Russian Federation, from Vladimir Putin down, have played up Russia’s brutal imperial past which has attracted the Far Right para-military ultra nationalist gangs in Russia to support the war against Ukraine.
    Paradoxically, the presence of Neo-Nazi gangs in Ukraine absorbed into the Ukraine armed forces, (principally the Azov Battalion) has a been promoted by the Kremlin as their reason for invading Ukraine.

    Ukraine is seeking Petrovsky’s extradition to Ukraine to be put on trial for war crimes.

    However Petrovsky may yet escape justice.

    The Far Right armed group that Petrovsky led in Ukraine has gone on strike, refusing to fight, until the Russian government agree to repatriate Petrovsky to Russia. Possibly in a prisoner exchange.

    Watch this space.

  7. Wagner’s role as a Russia’s imperialist looter in Africa is made clear by President Putin.

    “He was a talented person, a talented businessman — he worked not only in our country and worked with results, but also abroad in Africa, in particular. He was involved in oil, gas, precious metals and stones there.” Vladimir Putin


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