The Working Group Election Special Surprise Guest with PM Chris Hipkins, Matthew Hooton, Taxpayers’ Union and Damien Grant



TONIGHT: The Working Group Election Special Surprise Guest. You’ll never believe who will join us on the show tonight.


Issue 1 – The Economy this Election

Issue 2 – Crime Fear vs counterproductive social policy

Issue 3 – The Damage a far right National/ACT Government propped up by antiVaxx NZ First could cause Aotearoa

7.30pm tonight – it’s Politics done unlike anywhere else.

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  1. Remember Fred Dagg and the Trevors?
    Here’s John Clarke in a different role. Quite good. Check it out because there’s ‘many a true word is spoken in jest’.
    ‘How does the financial system work’
    “An easy to understand video of how the financial system works”

  2. ” Issue 3 – The Damage a far right National/ACT Government propped up by antiVaxx NZ First could cause Aotearoa ”
    The damage that’s already been done to AO/NZ was done by National then worsened when National scripted then excreted ACT in the form of roger douglas and derek quigly to hide past crimes and that was nearly forty years ago.
    NZ First was also an MMP / National Party initiative to normalise an abnormality in the form of a mafia-like gang who were taking billions of dollars of farmer earned money once their product sped past the farm gate while on its way to our markets off-shore. Aye Boys?
    And really, that, is what this, is all about.
    What we really, really need is a full-on and very Public Royal Commission of Inquiry to dig up the very dirty dirt that’s layered down between the paddocks and wool sheds of here and the gang-headquarter mansions of the leafy suburbs in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.
    I have a great book here titled ‘Industries of New Zealand’. It’s a beaut. Farmers? You’d love it.
    It clearly shows where your money went, and is still going to this day. The book graphically illustrates where your money’s been going and of who manipulated our primary industry prices to squeeze as much money out of our UK, EU and USA trading partners as possible. Until, of course, they got bored with that, started the EEC then told us to fuck off.

  3. Yes, but banks create money out of thin by giviing credit to a borrower and in double entry bookkeeping posts an asset in their ledgers. You deposit to the bank remains money they owe you. Have you ever seen your money loaned out to any old borrower? They create money which is cancelled out of existence when the loan is repaid.

  4. Prefect,, they had a run, while, back Now, full charge, how you goin, serious care on the line, money,, dont let them sink you into.

  5. Chris Hipkins knows his refusal to tax the uber rich and the Aussie banks and his stubbourn refusal against all advice not to give proper cost of living GST tax relief has cost him.
    No reflection on ‘The Working Group’ but Christopher Hipkins weak mea culpa cameo appearance is the drowning act of a desperate man who has realised that his ‘son of Roger Douglas trickle down theory philosophy, has lost him the Left.

  6. Must watch infotainment.
    If National had integrity they’d give Damien Grant a gong for his stout defense of liberalism. Oh that’s right they are almost as statist as Labour, and don’t seem very vocal in defending classic liberalism, freedom of speech, capitalism, individual rights, small government.

  7. interesting on the youth tik tok closing rant.. totally on the money – right wing anarcho-capitalists – lol – thank god most of them will grow up and realize that Conservatives aren’t it.


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