Kiwis are so easily manipulated the wealthy are tricking them into voting National/ACT and starting an undeclared class war against Renters


Since 2021, the 1%, the Billionaire Class and the Mega rich have poured $12million in donations into ACT and National.

Rich people don’t donate that kind of money for your or my welfare Comrades!

An orgy of Crony Capitalism and privatisation is about to hit us…

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…the rich, wealthy from a rigged capitalism they benefit from, are buying this election and you are being manipulated by culture wars into ignoring the class war in front of your eyes!

Dr Bryce Edwards is devastating in his critique of the money powering Right wing politics…

Scrutiny of political donations is always important, of course, regardless of who’s in government. But given the sheer quantum of the donations that are currently going to National, extra vigilance about the influence of this big money is required. Potential conflicts of interest need to be identified and highlighted in order to avoid some of these large donations resulting in private gains for the already-wealthy.

…this on top of the policies that will allow Landlords more rights to terminate a tenancy at will alongside the possible removal of foreign buyers bans amounts to a class war that is eclipsed by the Culture war nonsense!

There is a class war happening but culture war issues like Toxic Trans debates, garden variety bigotry and anti-mandate revenge fantasies are hiding it.

Kiwis are so easily manipulated, the wealthy are tricking them into voting National/ACT because of ‘co-governance’.


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  1. Co-governance is just one of many reasons. But I recall pre 2017, Labour were outraged and were going to clear up the murkiness of donations and declarations especially around conflicts of interest…until it suited them and Michael Wood et al and then they did nothing. They are all out to manipulate us, the Greens especially just for other reasons.

    • Really? So when people are surveyed and they say it’s cost of living you say it’s not. That’s the laughable thing. People think NACT will reduce the cost of living? In reality we are already on the other side of the CPI increases. No doubt they will claim that’s there doing some how. In reality things will still be f’ing expensive, it’s just the rate of increase that’s slowing

    • Not that simple, Brom. It’s a few other things, like the erosion of democracy, ceding sovereignty to the UNO and its ilk, attacks on freedom of speech, bastardisation of education, unhealthy health service, dearth of places to call home, most or all of which Labour and the Nats are equally guilty of fumbling, and the Greens too lost in space to be concerned about.

    • So you’re willing to:
      (1) prevent our next generation from ever being able to afford a home, and barely be able to rent one
      (2) to allow wholesale unregulated fleecing of Kiwis by banks, supermarkets, insurance co.’s etc
      (3) allow a bought-&-paid-for 4th estate pump pure propaganda 24/7 to convince us how good big business is
      (4) wind back all incremental improvements in our environmental & climate laws and allow anyone with $$ to trash our environment
      (5) see wages and salaries put on permanent hold and watch whatever rights workers still have be dissolved
      (6) allow 2 years of hard earned life in retirement be stolen away from those forced to work another 2 years to attain superannuation
      (7) have our what’s left of our public services destroyed & privatised where only those with $$ can hope for services we once took for granted
      Sweet Baby Cheeses.

      • Well said.
        People who vote Natz or Act are not so well endowed with the grey matter!
        The more so if they’re not among the top 10% of earners!

        • You do not need to be too smart to read the newspaper or listen to the news to know we are in a mess financially and physically no law and order inflation ripe and a host of other problems created in the last 6 years of miss rule . Covid was a hit but National had GFC and earthquakes so no period is without its problems. Vote National if you sis like ACT so much .

          • And how does voting in a neoliberal party to replace another neoliberal party help when it’s failed neoliberal ideology that’s got us in this situation in the first place?!!!!

            Or are you simply tribal right, no thinking required?

            • In one Jase. If you want to understand how the Trevor’s of this world are so manipulated, read Joe Pageants.” Deer Hunting with Jesus” he nails it and describes the poor Trevors and how they are influenced

          • Trevor. Few read the newspapers nowadays, and mainly the brain dead listen to radios for news.

            Radio NZ’s Lucy Xia reports today on the immigration scams previously addressed by this site, referring to this country as Aotearoa, with our ‘New Zealand ‘ nomenclature totally omitted.

            This will be policy, RNZ policy, implementing change which they have no right to be doing. They should be reporting, or commenting, but not manipulating, and even this could be another sneaky wee diversionary tactic, like the blown-up transgender scenarios. I suggest that its best not to under-estimate the cunning of the divide-and-rule power brokers.

    • You can’t stand seeing someone else being unlifting to the point you’re willing to vote for a party that will make everyone worse off including you lmao

  2. No amount of rich-list donations would swing the election if it wasn’t for the incompetence of the government.

    Opposition’s don’t win elections – governments lose them.

  3. NZ’s wealthy are worried over the long-term prognosis of New Zealand. On the current trajectory we will become a second world banana republic with similar economic and social conditions on par with countries in South America.

    The sheeple have little, if any understanding of how bad the country is trending until it hits them on a hospital visit, a random act of violence or their children’s academic ability.

    • So who was in government when the uneducated youth committing crimes now were growing up? The entertainment industry (TV, Games, Phones, etc.) is probably more to blame for the lack of academic ability in young people & it is the 10% who control most of that.

        • You are illiterate Bob and you clearly are pathetic with math.

          6 year olds doing ram raids? Golly gosh that’s astounding Bob.

        • 15 to 22 year olds committing crimes now spent most of their life under the Key English disaster, still your lack of basic arithmetic skills will come in handy when National try to sell their tax package. While I don’t know what their ideas are it will be most generous to high income levels.

    • My last visit to Starship was no different than it was a number of years back. Clearly it’s easy to generalise. That said we obviously have long term issues from years of underfunding and planning just like every other f’ing amenity or type of infrastructure.

      There’s “sheepie” like you Frank that imply our problems are all domestic and it’s all shits and giggles in places like Australia yet their interest rates are going up, defaults are up, and cost of living is increasing. They have shortages too but they can pay more because oh that’s right they tax people and have CGT etc. Who would have thought.

      • NZ does tax capital gains on houses.
        Most would call that a Capital Gains Tax, except for NZ politicians as they are all cowards so called it something prettier.

    • lol – the wealthy are going to get the same wake up call as everybody else. The fossil fueled energy boom is over. it’s steady state from here – if we’re lucky. ostentatious behaviour and hoarding will be a thing of the past or the perview of warlords. NZ should tool up and be prepared to use them.

  4. I find the leftist blocks capitulation, funding and mainstreaming of woke identity politics just as disturbing as the rights bribery and shitfuckery to ACT and National.

  5. Yes Frank the tank, the trends are all bad, in so many key areas. That’s why we would rather put trust in cronyism, even if it means some of the cronies get very rich.

  6. The housing market is cooked. It’s a non-issue as it won’t change.

    Only a hopeful fool would base their vote on housing policy.

  7. Kiwis are so easily manipulated the political class are tricking them into voting and starting an undeclared class war against voters.

    • Then don’t fucking moan and groan about politics then BWAV….you don’t deserve to be listened to, just ignored.

    • Don,t vote means that they have won…. and business globalisation of NZ will explode over us making it impossible for small NZ business to compete and turn our people into serfs.

      • Go ahead. Tick the wee box for your favourite pollie in the 3 yr popularity contest and then moan and groan while you’re being ignored and not listened to.

        Voting doesn’t give you more of a right than someone who doesn’t.

        You really think you make a difference or that the political class care ?

        Fuck off you idiot is what they think once they got your vote…

  8. Let’s face it with every election with these parties it’s always

    “ these aren’t the droids you’re looking for……he can go about his business….move along”

  9. As long as the westminster system of governance and justice is based on an adversarial format , we’re losing and the political class with their corporate overlords have already won.

    Lawyers arguing in court, politicians arguing in parliament. 200 years of that shit and things are only getting worse.

    Time for a change of system cos changing governments makes no difference.

  10. Nash, Ardern, Labour, Gun Control NZ & Martyn have forced me to vote for ACT. Time to reap your rewards.

    • “forced”, eh? You’ve been “forced” to sell out your fellow New Zealanders?
      That’ll learn ’em, won’t it?

      But don’t be surprised if actions such as yours result in thousands of others being forced – in the *true* meaning of the word – to take action, because they are struggling to survive in a neoliberal hellhole.
      Then people like you will be reaping *your* rewards.

    • Rat sums exactly what the ACT party is full of…large wealthy entitled rats that should be caged for public safety.

  11. It all started at the GFC and then 14 years of 0% interest rates and then the world shat it pants when it was time to pay the piper.

    It gets worse. Inflation is forever and the cost of living inflation is too. Those few that own all that debt want it paid. They also own governments all around the world. The Trickle Up is a thing for decades to come.

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